Cluster A by malj


									Cluster A. Mechanical Performance and Fracture (Convenor: Ravindra GETTU)
     Technical Committee 201-TRC Textile reinforced concrete (Wolfgang BRAMESHUBER)
     Technical Committee 208-HFC High performance fibre reinforced cementitious composites (Prof. Victor C. LI)
     Technical Committee 212-ACD Acoustic emission and related NDE techniques for crack detection and damage
        evaluation in concrete (Masayasu OHTSU)
     Technical Committee PFS Physical Aspects of Fracture Scaling (Jan G. M. van MIER)

Cluster B. Materials Characterization, Properties Evaluation and Processing (Convenor: Konstantin KOVLER)
     Technical Committee 189-NEC Non-destructive evaluation of the 'covercrete' (concrete cover) (Roberto J.
     Technical Committee 195-DTD Recommendation for test methods for autogenous deformation and thermal
        dilation of early age concrete (Tor Arne HAMMER)
     Technical Committee 196-ICC Internal curing of concretes (Konstantin KOVLER)
     Technical Committee 209-RFC Rheology of cement based materials such as fresh concrete (Ólafur WALLEVIK)
     Technical Committee PRE Progress of recycling in the built environment (Enric VÁZQUEZ)
     Technical Committee SFC Sonic methods for quality control of fresh cementitious materials (HW. REINHARDT)

Cluster C. Design and Service Life (Convenor: Carmen ANDRADE)
     Technical Committee 190-SBJ Service life prediction of sealed building and construction joints (Andreas T.
     Technical Committee 200-HTC Mechanical concrete properties at high temperature - Modelling and applications
        (Ulrich SCHNEIDER)
     Technical Committee 202-RWD Use of concrete in radioactive waste disposal facilities (Dan J. NAUS)
     Technical Committee MAI Model assisted integral service life prediction of steel reinforced concrete structures
        with respect to corrosion induced damage (Carmen ANDRADE)
     Technical Committee OFS Optical fiber sensors for civil engineering applications (Christopher LEUNG)

Cluster D. Durability and Deterioration Mechanisms (Convenor: Jason WEISS)
     Technical Committee 193-RLS Bonded cement-based material overlays for the repair, the lining or the
        strengthening of slabs or pavements (Benoît BISSONNETTE)
     Technical Committee 205-DSC Durability of Self-Compacting Concrete (Geert DE SCHUTTER)
     Technical Committee 211-PAE Performance of cement-based materials in aggressive aqueous environments
        (Mark G. ALEXANDER)
     Technical Committee ACS Alkali Aggregate Reaction in Concrete Structures: Performance Testing and
        Appraisal (Philip NIXON)
     Technical Committee CCD Concrete cracking and its relation to durability: Integrating material properties with
        structural performance (Jason WEISS)
     Technical Committee FLM Modelling of life time of concrete under different types of frost and de-icing salt attack
        (Max J. SETZER)
     Technical Committee SHC Self-healing phenomena in cement-based materials (Erik SCHLANGEN)

Cluster E. Special Construction Materials and Components (Convenor: Luigia BINDA)
     Technical Committee 194-TDP Application of Titanium dioxide photocatalysis to construction materials
        (Yoshihiko OHAMA)
     Technical Committee 197-NCM Nanotechnology in construction materials (Peter J. M. BARTOS)
     Technical Committee 203-RHM Repair mortars for historic masonry (Caspar J.W.P. GROOT)
     Technical Committee 206-ATB Advanced testing and characterization of bituminous materials (Manfred N.
     Technical Committee 207-INR Interpretation of NDT results and assessment of RC structures (Denys
     Technical Committee 210-CAP Cracking in asphalt pavements (André A. A. MOLENAAR)
     Technical Committee AST In-situ assessment of structural timber (Bohumil KASAL)
     Technical Committee FRP FRP-concrete bond in structural strengthening and rehabilitation (N. BANTHIA)
     Technical Committee SAM Strategies for the assessment of historic masonry structures with NDT (Luigia

Multi-Thematic Technical Committees
     Technical Committee EAC Educational Activity Committee (Ole Mejlhede JENSEN)
Joint Committees
     JCSS The Joint Committee on Structural Safety (Ton Vrouwenvelder)

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