AP Calculus 12 Biography Assignment by pmn13200


									                   AP Calculus 12 Biography Assignment

You are to pick a famous mathematician from history and present a
biography on him (or her) to your classmates. You are allowed to work in
groups of up to three members and your presentation should be roughly
10-15 minutes long.

Some possible candidates (there are others):

Isaac Newton
Carl Friedrich Gauss
Gottfried Leibniz
Joseph Fourier
Pierre de Fermat
Leonhard Euler
Euclid of Alexandria

*Wikipedia has a good list if none of these names interest you!

In your presentation you should touch on the details of the
Mathematician’s life (when they lived, where they lived, etc) and on at
least one amazing discovery that they are responsible for (the more the
better!) Feel free to dazzle us with Mathematical formulas, etc. during
your presentation. You will have access to both powerpoint and the
internet during your presentation so you may want to find a website
dedicated to your individual to show the class. The presentation will be
given a mark for completion (it’s not like this is English class!) but you will
also need to hand in with your group a two-page (1.5 spaced) report on
your chosen mathematician that includes the key points of your
presentation. Please feel free to include pictures, famous quotes,
formulas, mathematical symbols and calculations in your report. Please
cite your sources for your report informally in an attached bibliography.

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