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					The following assignment for a Portfolio Choice Aspect Personal Health 6.6 is from the book, The 7 Habits of
Highly Effective Teens, by Sean Covey. Read and discuss the following in the Planning 10 classroom.


Your emotional bank account either builds or destroys your self esteem. If your emotional account isn’t
balanced, then you end up with symptoms of a Poor Emotional Bank Account (PEBA). Like any bank
account, if you take out more money than you have, you deplete your resources and will be in trouble the next
time you need to write a cheque or use your ATM machine. If you take too much out of your emotional bank
account, you may deplete your emotional or physical self, so when stress happens, there is nothing in your
bank to help you through and you may end up sick, injured, or depressed.

Break into small groups and discuss the following deposits and withdrawals. Share some of the deposits and
withdrawals you experience in your own life. Come up with 3 new ones to add to each list below. Share with
the whole class.

        EBA DEPOSITS                                       EBA WITHDRAWALS

        Keep promises to yourself                          Break personal promises
        Do small acts of kindness                          Keep to yourself
        Be gentle with yourself                            Beat yourself up
        Be honest                                          Be dishonest
        Renew yourself                                     Wear yourself out
        Use your talents                                   Neglect your talents

If you are taking out too many withdrawals, you may create some of the following symptoms for yourself.
Discuss these in a small group, add 3 more and share with the class.

Possible Symptoms of a Poor EBA

You cave in to peer pressure easily.
You wrestle with feelings of depression and inferiority.
You’re overly concerned about what others think about you.
You act arrogant to help hide your feelings of insecurities.
You self-destruct by getting into drugs, vandalism, gangs, or alcohol.
You get jealous easily, especially when someone close to you succeeds.

If your Emotional Bank Account is low, don’t be discouraged because you can start making deposits today.
See the list of 6 key deposits above (EBA DEPOSITS). You may have some of your own to add to this list.

On the other hand, if you have more deposits, or even a balanced EBA, then you will have symptoms of a
Healthy EBA. To keep adding to your Emotional Bank Account will allow you to keep balanced so when
stress happens in your life, you will have the resources (deposits) to deal with it in a positive healthy way.
In small groups, discuss the following symptoms and add 3 more to share with the class.

Possible Symptoms of a Healthy EBA

You stand up for yourself and resist peer pressure.
You’re not overly concerned about being popular.
You see life as a generally positive experience.
You trust yourself.
You are goal driven.
You are happy for the successes of others.
                                EMOTIONAL BANK ACCOUNT ASSIGNMENT
                                 FOR CHOICE ASPECT 6.6 (Personal Health)

1. List 2 promises you need to keep to yourself or to others over the next week. This is an EBA deposit.

2. Decide on 3 acts of kindness you can do for 3 different people in the next week. Write them down and
decide which day you are going to do them. As life often happens, you may do an act of kindness
spontaneously, so use this as one of your 3 acts. These are 3 EBA deposits.

3. Write down 2-3 situations involving you in the past that you still feel regret, or guilt over. Instead of beating
yourself up (EBA withdrawals), which never solves anything and is completely self-indulgent, think of ways
you can let these situations go. (i.e. I was young and didn’t do it on purpose, or didn’t understand the
consequences or hurt it might have caused that person. Now I do and I can learn not to do it again, so I am
going to forgive myself and let it go, or I could go and discuss the situation with the person/people involved
and apologize, and then let it go.


                                  EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES.

4. Write down 3 ways that you can be more honest with others and yourself. Make sure one of them is about
being honest with yourself. Do people really see who you really are, or do you tend to “fake it” to belong?
What1(2? 3? ) thing(s) could you do to be more honest with yourself? with others? This is an EBA deposit.

5. Think of a place/space that you can go to be alone to get away from the craziness/noise to relax or just
have a good cry. Briefly describe this place and why you choose it for your alone time. Everyone needs their
own space to renew themselves and make another EBA deposit.
Write down 3 things you can do this week to renew yourself. (i.e. Some kind of exercise that you do alone,
playing an instrument, reading a good book, soaking in a tub with candles around, writing in your journal,
painting, etc.)

6. Write down a talent you have now. (ie. Helping people, art, sports, writing, oral storytelling, woodworking,
cooking, metal work, photography, drama, musical abilities, good at academics, etc.)
 Explain why having this talent, and using it, contributes to your confidence and self-esteem. This is an EBA
Explain another talent you might like to pursue in the future and explain how you will get started on using this
        (i.e. I skateboard, ski, mountain bike, dance, etc. and I would like to pursue
        a new talent of i.e. painting, writing, reading, swimming, cooking, etc.)

(Doing #1-6 will give you 4/5 for this Choice Aspect 6.6)

7. Record your own personal list of EBA deposits and EBA withdrawals and reflect in a paragraph how this
affects your emotional health/success now, and how it may affect your emotional health/success in the future.
(It could be positive or negative). Reflect in a paragraph what you can do from now on to keep your emotional
health positive and balanced. (i.e. Use my talent(s) more, renew myself more often than I am now, show
more acts of kindness, etc.)