Standardized Patient Interview (15%) This assignment will provide the opportunity for each student to
interview a standardized patient, and complete a self-assessment of the interview. Each interview will be
videotaped. The mark for this will be based on the written plan, the actual interview, the self-assessment, the
standardized patient’s comments and the written case summary.

This is an information gathering exercise but there will be important opportunities to provide the patient
information in response to her concerns. If this situation arises, you will also be marked on the accuracy and
relevance of this information you provide the patient.

Please keep in mind, this is not intended to be a counselling session. You do not have to counsel the patient
on the drug but you may need to respond to questions or concerns as part of the interview process.

The interview exercise is just part of the complete patient interaction. In practice, you would use the
information gathered in the interview to plan your counselling session. Counselling on the filled prescription,
resolution of any drug related problems and monitoring would all be part of the care you would subsequently

Students will sign up (individually) for a video-taping time posted on the bulletin board. A standardized
patient will role play the patient. From the Discharge Summary the condition is known ahead of time so
that a ‘Written Plan’ can be generated.

The written plan is due at your designated video-taping time. Please make two copies of your written
plan. Hand one in to the instructor and keep the other so that you can assess how closely you actually
followed it.

Students will NOT be able to refer to any notes during the role playing session. They may however make
short notes during the interview. Students may bring in the discharge summary and a blank piece of

Each role playing session should be designed not to exceed 15 minutes.

                            Standardized Patient Videotaping Assignment

        Mrs. Glenda Harris, one of your patients in your community pharmacy, was discharged from hospital
        this morning and the hospital pharmacist has sent over a discharge summary. The purpose of the
        interview is to update/develop a care plan for your client, following her discharge from hospital.
        Discharge summary and pharmacy profile below.
                                PHARMACY DISCHARGE SUMMARY

To: U of A Drugs                 Phone - 448-7988          Fax - 448-7969
From: Hospital Pharmacy          Phone –448-7777           Fax – 448-8888

Patient Name: Glenda Harris DOB – Jan. 15, 1950
Address: 12345- 88 Ave.          Phone – 455-6123
Attending physician: Dr. G. Ellis

Drug Allergies – none known

Admitting Diagnosis/ Chief complaint: agonizing pain originating from her back. Metastatic spread of
breast cancer. Bone scan indicated lumbar area involvement.

Other conditions: Diagnosed 5 years ago with breast cancer. Had been symptom free following

Date of admission: 5 days ago Date of Discharge – this morning

Meds on admission: no medications on a regular basis

Meds on discharge: MS Contin 30 mg po q 12 h X 60

Follow up required/ existing medication issues: ongoing pain control

Monitoring suggestions:

Additional notes;
Patient not counselled about medications prior to discharge.

U of A Drugs Pharmacy Profile

Ranitidine 150 mg po bid X 6 mo. Started Sept. 1999
Ampicillin 250 po qid X 10 days Started Oct. 12, 2001
Use the following template to prepare the Written Plan. Make 2 copies and be prepared to hand in
one copy at the time of videotaping.


Student Name: _______________________________

Mark: ________/20

Based on the discharge summary, respond to the following questions.
Value - 4
1. The discharge summary provides limited information about the patient and her condition. What
    information do you plan to clarify?

Value: 4
2. How do you propose to conduct this interview in a patient-centred manner?

Value: 4
3. What non-drug advice to you plan to offer?

Value: 4
4. Identify plans for monitoring the outcomes of the recommendations and for follow-up.

Value: 4
5.Based on the discharge summary, what potential or actual DRP’s can you identify?
Patient Feedback Form for Standardized Patient                  Name ____________

Value: 10 marks                                                 Mark __________/20


1.     I understand how the pharmacist can help me with my medications.
         4     completely             Comments:
         3     a lot
         2     a little
         1     not at all

2.     I feel the pharmacist cared about me as a person.
          4      very much             Comments:
          3      a fair amount
          2      a little
          1      not at all

3.     I felt comfortable sharing information with my pharmacist today.
          4     completely               Comments:
          3     a lot
          2     a little
          1     not at all

4.     How well did the pharmacist understand your feelings?
        4    completely               Comments:
        3    a lot
        2    a little
        1    not at all

5. Overall, I would want to come back to this pharmacist to continue my care.

         4     yes, definitely         Comments:
         3     yes
         2     maybe
         1     unlikely

Marking Scale :

Outstanding interaction – 18 –20
Above average interaction – 15-17
Average interaction– 12 – 14
Needs some improvement - 9-11
Needs a great deal of improvement - <9
Value: _____/20                                          Name _____________________


4 marks
1. Were you successful in building a collaborative relationship with the patient?   What contributed to, or
   hindered, that success?

4 marks
2. What do you think are realistic expectations of the pharmacist from the patient’s perspective?

4 marks
3. Identify one communication skill from your videotaped interview that you would like to do differently,
   why and how you might do it differently.

4 marks
4. One thing I learned from the videotape that I did not know about myself:

4 marks
5. One way in which I have IMPROVED from previous patient interviews is:
Written Summary of the Consultation:

Value: 20 marks

1. Patient’s perspective of illness/feelings about health and patient’s chief concern/goals (4 marks)

2. Summary of actual/potential drug related problems identified in interview (8 marks)

3. Pharmacologic recommendations (2 marks)

4. Non-drug recommendations (2 marks)

5. Monitoring Plan:
      a. Efficacy (2 marks)

        b. Toxicity (2 marks)

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