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Credit Repair


About Your Credit Score                                 What You Owe:
                                                           How much you owe on accounts and the types of
What is a credit score?                                    accounts with balances
                                                           How much of your revolving credit lines you’ve

A credit score is a number between 340 and 850 that        used - looking for indications you are over-
lenders use to estimate risk. Borrowers with higher        extended.
credit scores are less likely to default on a loan.        Amounts you owe on installment loan accounts
Anything below 600 is considered bad credit, Fair is       vs. their original balances - to make sure you are
600 to 650, Good is 650 to 700. Anything above 700         you paying them down consistently
is considered excellent credit.
                                                           Number of zero balance accounts.

How are credit scores calculated?
                                                        Length of Credit History:
                                                           Total length of time tracked by your credit report
                                                                                                                Get Started on a new
Credit scores are generated by plugging the data
from your credit report into software that analyzes
                                                           Length of time since accounts were opened             beginning today.
it and cranks out a number. The three major credit         Time that’s passed since the last activity
reporting agencies don’t necessarily use the same          The longer your (good) history, the better your
scoring software, so don’t be surprised if you             scores
                                                                                                                    Ιncrease your credit score
discover that the credit scores they generate for you
are different. Lenders use the middle score of the      Why are credit scores sometimes called FICO                 Legally delete collections, late
three as your actual credit score or the number on                                                                  payments, repossessions,
which decisions are based.
                                                        The software used to calculate a great number of            court judgements
                                                        credit scores was created by Fair Isaac Corporation-
                                                                                                                    Add positive items to your
                                                            Call us today                                           credit report
                                                                      or sign up online
Which parts of a credit history are most
important?                                                            Services provided by
The pie chart above shows a breakdown of the
approximate value that each aspect of your credit
report adds to a credit score calculation. Use these                    816 Main Street
percentages as a guide:
                                                                       Lafayette IN 47901
Your Payment History Includes:                                       Office: 765-742-3400
   Number of accounts paid as agreed                                  Fax: 765-742-0330
   Negative public records or collections             
   Delinquent accounts                                                      REFERRED BY

     - total number of past due items
     - how long you’ve been past due                                                                              FREE CREDIT REPORT INCLUDED
Join us and take control of
your credit!                                        Proven Success                         Get Started
Better credit will improve every aspect of
your financial life.                                Through the help of professionals
                                                    and extensive research, we have        first name                last name
                                                    discovered the fastest and most
Services Provided...
                                                    importantly, the correct way to        current address
• Organize your credit file so when presented
 to a lender or landlord you look your best.        successfully remove negative
• Remove negative items from your credit            items from your credit report.
 report.                                                                                   city                        state            zip

• Successfully remove car repossessions, civil
 judgments, old credit cards, medical bills,
                                                    Payment Options
                                                                                           social security #
 utilities and accounts in collection.
• Repair your credit with ALL THREE credit
 agencies.                                          Our Credit Repair Services,                                                        state
                                                                                           drivers license #
• Correct your current address, put your            including all of the services listed
 previous addresses in the correct order
                                                    and our guarantee that we will
• Add positive items to your credit report so                                              email address
 when the negative items are removed you            improve your credit score:
 can start building your credit score.
• FREE CREDIT REPORT from each of the                     OPTION ONE                       phone number

                                                         $299                 00
 three credit agencies.
                                                                                                                PAYMENT METHOD

                                                                                                        check           visa       mastercard
Safe & Legal                                                  FULL YEAR OF CREDIT
The process we use is completely safe and legal                 REPAIR SERVICES
it is based on the guidelines and rules set forth
in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Based on this                                            credit/debit card #
                                                          OPTION TWO

act, we can legally request an investigation into
any item on your credit report every 30 days.                            00*       PER
                                                                                           valid thru           csc # (BACK OF CARD)
From the time the credit agency receives the
                                                              FULL YEAR OF CREDIT
first dispute, the company for which we are                                                               $299            $29 per month
                                                                REPAIR SERVICES                                           (ONE YEAR)
requesting an investigation has 30 days to
                                                              * $75 SETUP FEE REQUIRED
respond and prove that this item in question is
                                                       Call us today                       authorized signature                        date

                                                                                               I HERE BY AUTHORIZE CAPITAL OPTIONS INC TO
If they don’t respond, it’s automatically                                                    CHARGE MY CARD FOR CREDIT REPAIR SERVICES FOR
removed – it’s the law.                                                                                 THE AMOUNT STATED ABOVE

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