2nd Quarter Sketchbook Homework Assignments - DOC by rqk10421


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Sketchbooks assignments are due each Monday at the beginning of
 Eight weeks to complete seven sketches at home or during class when in class
assignments are completed. All sketches must be original. Remember to use the
Principles and Elements of Design. Use shading techniques to show tonal values. Pay
close attention to details; textures, shadows, perspective, and background. Plan layout of
each assignment, measure space, look at the examples in the sketchbook album.
Be creative; take risks with your art. Refer to the sketchbook rubric.
YOUR BEST WORK!! Ask questions.
#1 October 20- October 24, 2008 (Due: October 27th)
Design your own Bookmark, the measurements need to be at least 3inches wide and 7
inches in length, you may increase the size. Be creative; take risks with your artwork.
Add a quote or message, hype a book you have read. Take a look at the examples in the
sketchbook album. Use color pencils, fine pens, or markers.
#2 October 27- October 31, 2008 (Due: November 3rd)
Design your own 4x6 Postcard, using graphite or fine line black ink. Use the entire
space for your original composition. Remember to experiment with different shading
techniques to represent textures and value.
#3 November 3, – November 7, 2008 (Due: November 10th)
Design your own toy, draw the three basic perspective views of your toy design. Title
your design and list it’s features. Add color pencil, shading to give your design depth and
#4 November 10- November 14, 2008 (Due: November 17th)
Design your own 8x10 Poster, Take notes on Designing the Perfect poster: properties of
posters and poster tips. (To follow soon)
#5 November 17 - November 21, 2008 (Due: November 24th)
Design your own cartoon character (s) Sketch your created cartoon character (s) three
times showing different emotional expressions. Choose from: happy, sad, shocked,
angry, content, tired, curious, and inspired. Make sure your character(s) is not floating,
unless it has wings or fins. Read comics for ideas; check out books at the library.
Thanksgiving break no homework: November 24- November 28, 2008
#6 December 1 - December 5, 2008 (Due: December 8th)
Design your own comic strip at least 3 frames or more. Using the above
character (s) create a story, sketch a few thumbnail ideas, and add captions to each frame.
Make your comic strip at least 3x8 in size.
#7 December 8 - December 12, 2008 (Due: December 15th)
Design your own 4.5x4.5 CD cover, you may decide to create a fold thus adding extra
drawing space. Be sure to title your artwork. See examples in the sketchbook album.
Extra points will be awarded if you complete with a jewel case.
Sketch Books will be collected for a semester review, DUE Monday,
December 15, 2008

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