Scientific Writing in Software Engineering and by elq38566


									     Scientific Writing in
  Software Engineering and
Experimental Computer Science

                      Yossi Gil
   Writing papers / theses is a skill. It can be learned! (not
    sure it can be taught…)
   Objectives:
    –   Tools of the trade: LaTeX, BibTeX, etc.
    –   The structure of a paper
    –   The scientific sentence and paragraph
    –   Auxiliary components: tables, figures, theorems, definitions,
   Background:
    –   M.Sc. Program in computer science
    –   Interest in software engineering and related topics
Topics Covered
1. TeX, LaTeX and BibTex. Tools of the trade, and tricks of the gurus.
2. Elementary typography, fonts and simple checklists
3. Bibliography and references to bibliography
4. The Elements of style by White and Strunk, the Elements of Grammar
5. The sentence structure
6. Paragraph structure
7. Acknowledgements
8. Informative tables and figures
9. Formulae, definitions and theorems
10. Section structure and paper outline
11. The Introduction
12. Abstract and title.
13. Conclusions and future research.
14. Reviewing papers

   Assignments
   Lecture notes
   Must attend 75% of all lectures

   An account in SSDL
   MikTeX / WinEdt installation

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