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					                     AP French language Syllabus

Course Overview
   Primary text:

      Sur le vif ( 3rd edition) Hannelore Jarausch, Clare Tufts
      Primary workbook: Sur le vif (3rd edition), Hannelore Jarausch, Clare Tufts
      Une fois pour toutes (2nd edition)(Une revision grammaticale) Hale Sturges II,
       Linda Cregg Nielsen, Henry L. Herbst

   Additional resources:
    AP French (2nd edition) Richard Ladd, Colette Girard
    French Verbs review and practice – David Stillman, Ronni Gordon
    French-English/English-French dictionary (Harper-Collins-Robert or Larousse
     recommended, size compact or concise)
    Sur le vif Companion Website: http://slv.heinle.com/

General course information and Objectives:
The primary objective of AP French Language is to enable students to communicate in
oral and written French in both formal and informal situations, while gaining a further
appreciation of Francophone cultures. By the end of the second semester, students should
be able to exercise the following skills:
•       Listening: understand and interpret the main ideas of increasingly longer
stretches of speech with different accents, utilize context clues to piece together non-
comprehended information.
•       Speaking: initiate a general conversation by means of asking questions;
paraphrase what somebody else has said; begin to sustain conversation by utilizing
effective communicative strategies; use increasingly precise vocabulary words; describe
things and people; narrate experiences or events in various tense and mood; exchange
opinions on cultural topics.
•       Reading: read a variety of authentic materials.
•       Writing: provide written responses to assigned questions; increase precision in
the expression of ideas; describe or narrate ideas in extended informal writing; prepare a
composition with a clear organization of topic sentences.
•       Culture: gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for French peoples and
Course planner: (subject to change)

Time frame:        Class work                             Assessments
Week 1              Syllabus et introduction                 Subscribe to a
                    Discuss the practice Strategies in         French
                      order to develop reading and              magazine or
                      listening comprehension, writing          make a list of
                      and speaking skills.                      French
                                                                Websites which
                      Song: Les champs Elysées                 listening and
                                                                reading skills
                                                              Learn to keep a
                                                                journal in
Weeks 2, 3, & 4    Prelude: Le français dans le monde         Speaking:
                   +                                            picture story
                   Chapitre 1 – Les études                      and discussions
                   Verb review: payer, s’ennuier                related to the
                   Present de l’Indicatif                       topics SLV
                   Infinitives                                Composition 1
                                                              Fill-ins
                   Listening: GPN Extra- French               Dictée
                   Episodes 1&2                               Reading: Le
                                                                petit Prince
Weeks 5, 6, & 7    Chapitre 1 – Les études
                   Imperatives                               Picture story &
                   Faire causatif                             Discussions
                                                             Composition 2
                                                             Fill-ins
                                                             Dictée
                                                             Reading: Le petit

                   Film: Les Choristes                    Write a summary of
                   Synopse; historical overview           the movie and Answer
                                                          to questions following
                                                          the movie preparing
                                                          for a discussion
Weeks 8, 9 & 10    Chapitre 2 - Les jeunes                 Picture story,
                   Verb review: décrire, s’asseior            questions, &
                   Descriptive adjectives                     Discussions (SLV)
                      Comparative and Superlative of              Composition 3
                      adjectives                                  Fill-ins (AP)
                      Interrogatives                              Reading: Le petit
                      Tout; C’est vs. Il est                       Prince
                                                                  Dictée
                                                                  Lessening
                      Listening: GPN Extra- French                 rejoinders(AP)
                      Episodes 3&4

Weeks 11, 12, 13,     Chapitre 3 – Les immigrés                   Picture story,
&14                   Verb review: accueillir, mourir              questions, &
                      Passé Composé                                Discussions (SLV)
                      Imperfect                                   Compositions 4&5
                      Passé compose vs. Imparfait                 Fill-ins (AP)
                      Pluperfect                                  Reading: Le petit
                      Past Infinitive                              Prince
                      Le mot juste: manquer à, render,            Dictée
                      partir, sortir, quitter                     Lessening
                      Listening: GPN Extra- French                 rejoinders (AP)
                      Episodes 5&6
                      Speaking: Poem: Déjeuner du
Weeks 15              Interlude 1 “Je crois que ça ne va pas          Song: La vie en
                      être possible”                                   Rose
                                                                    Poem: Prévert
Weeks 16, 17,18,&19   Chapitre 4 – En route                       Picture story,
                      Verb review: conduire, mettre                questions, &
                      Articles                                     Discussions (SLV)
                      Object pronouns, y, and, en                 Compositions 6&7
                      Order of pronouns                           Fill-ins (AP)
                      Disjunctive pronouns                        Reading: Le petit
                      Le mot juste: se moquer de                   Prince
                      Listening: GPN Extra- French                Dictée
                      Episodes 7&8                                Lessening
                                                                   rejoinders (AP)

Week 21               Révision                                    Review packet
                      Midterm exam - AP French
                      Language Exam 2003
                      End of the first semester

Weeks 22, 23 & 24     Chapitre 5 – Les voyages                    Picture story,
                      Verb review: verbs in – ger; prendre;        questions, &
                      découvrir                                    Discussions (SLV)
                      Prepositions with geographical names        Composition 7
                     Future tense and Conditional forms       Fill-in (AP)
                     Future perfect and past conditional      Reading: AP texts
                     If- clauses                              Dictée
                     Passé Simple and Passé antérieur         Lessening
                     Listening: GPN Extra- French              dialogues (AP)
                     Episodes 9&10
Weeks 25, 26, & 27   Chapitre 6 – Ciné et télé                Picture story,
                     Verb review: préférer, projeter           questions, &
                     Negative expressions                      Discussions (SLV)
                     Relative pronouns                        Composition 8
                     Le mot juste: il s’agit de               Fill-ins (AP)
                                                              Reading: French
                     Listening: GPN Extra- French              Magazines
                     Episodes 10&11                           Dictée
                                                              Lessening dialogues

Week 28, 29, & 30    Interlude 2 “France Télécom”             Picture story,
                     Poem de Jacques Prévert                   questions, &
                     Chapitre 7 – Traditions                   Discussions (SLV)
                     Verb review: croire                      Composition 9
                     What is subjunctive?                     Fill-in (AP)
                     Formation of the subjunctive             Reading: French
                     Usage of Subjunctive                      Magazine
                                                              Dictée
                     Listening: Clementine Episode 1&2        Lessening
                     Champs-Elysées                            dialogues (AP)

Week 31 & 32         Chapitre 8 - En famille                  Picture story,
                     Verb review: vivre, venir                 questions, &
                     Adverbs                                   Discussions (SLV)
                     Comparison of adverbs                    Composition 2
                     Demonstrative pronouns                   Fill-in (AP)
                     Le mot juste: plaire à                   Reading: Le petit
                     Listening: Clementine Episode 2&3        Dictée
                     Champs-Elysées                           Lessening
                                                               dialogues (AP)

Week 33 & 34         Chapitre 9 – Sans frontiers              Picture story,
                     Verb review: vaincre, convaincre          questions, &
                     What is function?                         Discussions (SLV)
                     Requesting information                   Composition 2
                     Hypothesizing                            Fill-in (AP)
                         Describing                                 Reading: Le petit
                         Expression of opinion or reaction           Prince
                         Disagreeing                                Dictée
                         Narrating                                  Lessening
                         Listening: Clementine Episode 4&5           dialogues (AP)
Week 35                  Révision                                       Review packet
                         AP French Language Exam
                         For the rest of the school year Weeks
                         37 and 38 students watch the movie:

                         Uranius (un film de Claude Berri)       Write a summary of
                         and do some projects related to the     the movie and Answer
                         movie.                                  to questions following
                                                                 the movie preparing
                                                                 for a discussion

FINAL GRADE COMPOSITION:                                             Grades:
In class-Oral/Written Participation             40%                   90% - 100%         A
Homework                                        35%                    80% - 89%         B
Chapter tests                                   15%                   70% - 79%          C
Final Examination:                              10%                    >60%              F

Course Guidelines for participation:
Because the goal of this course is to allow you to communicate in French, we will speak
French bell to bell. To enhance listening comprehension I will communicate with you
during class and out of class in French including while I explain French grammar. To
enhance your speaking skills, I expect you to communicate with your classmates and
with me ONLY in French. If you speak English (even by “accident”), I will subtract
points from your participation points and warn you. Speaking only in French can be
challenging but it is so much fun and at the end of each class you will be noticing
improvement of your ability to express yourself in French.

Practice Strategies:

Listening comprehension:
Students will listen to French songs at school and at home. They will try to write down he
words they hear and look up. French music is also available on the Internet. Lyrics of the
songs of Céline Dion, Adamo, Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf and Dalida are available
online. Spending ten minutes a day listening to French songs trying to understand will
definitely improve students listening skills. In this course students will listen to some of
the released AP Listening Rejoinders and Dialogues available. French Films are also very
helpful listening tools and are widely available in video stores. While listening students
can’t expect to understand every single word but the general meaning.

Reading comprehension:
Students will be able to read a variety of reading materials. Reading newspaper and
magazine articles will help them to develop rich vocabulary.
They will also read literary texts to gain an understanding of different registers of
language such as formal/informal, colloquial, and literary/familial.
Reading novels, short stories in their original form will help students acquire a better
understanding of the French culture. Students will be encouraged to guess the meaning of
the words they don’t understand in the context and use a dictionary only for verification.

Writing skills:
Students will write a composition in French approximately every two weeks. They will
be encouraged to show precision and variety in the choice of vocabulary and verb tenses
and never to translate from English. Pear-editing and self-editing will be practiced, along
with varied group activities as “musical chairs”, describe an object, create a poem, write
post cards to each other and always brainstorm to respond to a topic with as many ideas
as possible.
Students will first try to understand various topics given at the AP exam previous years,
working with partners in order to translate them. Then they will organize their ideas,
vocabulary and work on the grammar and syntax. The ultimate goal will be to build
fluency and ease of expression.

Students should be motivated to use the language whenever possible: in class, with
friends who take French, if possible with native speakers.
They will memorize poems, to improve their pronunciation, and intonation.
Various pronunciation exercises will be done every day in class.
It is important for the students to understand that learning any language is an on-going
process that requires continual study and practice and Mistakes are a normal part of the
learning process and students should expect to self-correct or to be corrected. Active
participation is required to learn and students will be given points based on participation.

Web Sites:

Listen to a daily news summary on France Info.
For the news from Canada, read Matinternet.
Check the weather today at Meteo France. (French/English)
http://www.paris-menus.com/: When you’re in Paris, go to this site to help you decide
where to eat! You will find descriptions of various restaurants, as well as menus from
many of them.
http://www.sncf.fr/index.htm: The train is one of the most convenient ways to travel
through France. At the official site of the French rail service, called the SNCF, you get
train schedules, make your reservations and purchase tickets for everything from local
trains to the TGV.
http://quotidien.nouvelobs.com/: The web site for the daily newspaper Le Nouvel
Observateur, allows you to read today’s edition.
http://www.allocine.fr/: Le Web des spectateurs du cinéma provides information about
films, locations, and time.
http://www.immersion-francaise.com/: This web site offers to facilitate French study
abroad through immersion programs. Its programs include staying with a local family and
either working on a farm or attending a specially designed group program for a limited
http://www.routard.com/: A very "hippie," disorganized web site that offers help to
people traveling all over the world who have specific needs, budgets, and life styles. It
offers guide books, leaders, charter travel, and a forum for discussing trips.
http://sports.francetv.fr/: This home page of the French TV sports channel (France 3)
provides updates on all current sporting events.