School In The Park - 4th Grade Student Writing by ffp14899


									                School In The Park - 4th Grade Writing Opportunities
JrTheatre ROT#1                           Reflected Student    Graphic
  CA Goldrush       Prompts/Materials      Understandings     Organizers
               You’re the understudy in a play and the     Remember to:                                         Pre-Vocabulary
               director has approached you to go on        • include a beginning, a middle, and an end;         Vocabulary
  Personal     tonight. Now it’s midnight. Make an         • use details; and                                   Arch Diagram
  Narrative    entry into your personal journal            • use correct grammar, spelling,                     Branching Diagrams
               describing your feelings and the events     punctuation, and capitalization                      Central Idea Graph
               of the evening.                                                                                  Classification
                                                           ASSESSMENT RUBRIC
               • Read the story on the following pages.    Remember to:                                         Cycle Graph
               You may mark the story or make notes.       • show your understanding of the story,              Descriptive Writing
 Response to   After you read, follow the directions to    • give examples from the story, and                  Matrix Diagram
 Literature    write an essay.                             • use correct grammar, spelling,                     Web Diagram
               ONCE STORY IS SELECTED, MAKE                punctuation, and capitalization
               PROMPT MORE PRECISE
                                                           ASSESSMENT RUBRIC
               • View a photograph or picture. Using       Remember to:
               the imagination, create a story about       • create and describe the characters
               what you see describing the characters      • create and describe the situation
               and the situation.                          • use correct grammar, spelling,
                                                           punctuation, and capitalization
               Read the article on theatre history.        Remember to:
               Using information from the article, write   • state the main ideas of the article;
 Information   a report on the history of theatre.
                                                           • identify the most important details that support
                                                                  the main ideas;
     Reports                                                      •use your own words in writing the summary;
                        ONCE HISTORY ARTICLE IS
                        SELECTED, MAKE PROMPT MORE                •use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation,
                        PRECISE                                   capitalization.
                                                                  ASSESSMENT RUBRIC                              To Do/Find:
                        Read a scene from a play. After you       Remember to:
                        read, write a summary of what you have    • describe the characters                      Theatre Story
  Summary of            read. Describe the characters and plot.   • describe the situation                       Photograph
    Reading             ONCE SCENE IS SELECTED, MAKE              • use examples from the scene                  History Article
                        PROMPT MORE PRECISE                       • use correct grammar, spelling,               Scene from a play
                                                                  punctuation, and capitalization
                                                                  ASSESSMENT RUBRIC
NOTE: If you want to use resources from the museum, please contact the museum educator

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