Software Tutorial for AVR Programming

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					Software Tutorial for AVR Programming

       Revision 1.0                        2009/07/11                          Initial Documentation


This tutorial will show how to download and install the required tools for AVR development and programming.

Download Required Files

   (1) Go to
   (2) Click on Download Now and the latest available WinAVR package will start to download.

Install WinAVR

   (1) Double-Click the downloaded file to start setup
   (2) Select Language:
(3) Select Next:

(4) Agree to License:
(5) Choose Install Location:

(6) Choose Components and click on Install: (It is recommended to leave at default)
(7) Software is being Installed:

(8) Click on Finish:
Tools Installed

The WinAVR package installs a range of tools used to develop and program avr microcontrollers. The three most
basic parts is:

    (1) The compiler, used to compile your human readable program into code the microcontroller will understand
    (2) Programmers Notepad, our development environment. You are not required to use this development
        environment since but it’s recommended for beginners.
    (3) AVR Dude, the programmer software which communicates with your avr programmer tool to program your
        avr microcontroller.


Programmers Notepad 
AVR Dude            
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