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By Adrienne Cobb
Publications & Reference Librarian
                                                                                               INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
Many South Texas College of Law students think of the first floor of the Fred
Parks Law Library as the Ultra Quiet Floor, and flock down there to study in one of
its many carrels and study rooms. What many of them may not have noticed is                    The First Floor: The           1
that the first floor also houses a wealth of legal resources for legal researchers to
take advantage of such as government documents, legislative history, and his-                  Fred Parks Law Li-
torical copies of primary legal resources.                                                     brary’s Not So Hidden
Recently the library has added to two of the collections available in the first floor
microfiche section that many legal researchers find quite useful: Fifth Circuit                Library Staff News             2
Court of Appeals Records and Briefs and the U.S. Supreme Court Records and
Briefs. The Fred Parks Library has extended it’s coverage of the Fifth Circuit Court                                          2
of Appeals Records and Briefs to include cases going all the way back to 1891.                 Thanks to Our Do-
The only other library to go back that far is the Tarlton Library at the University of         nors
Texas. This makes us the only local library to hold this comprehensive a collec-                                              3
tion. The library has also added Records and Briefs for the U.S. Supreme Court                 A Fred Parks Library
going all the way back to 1898. As one might imagine, both collections are so                  Legal Resource: Hein
large that they are printed in microfiche which allows us to store them in our li-             Online
brary without taking up too much space.

Both the 5th Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court records and briefs compliment the
current microfiche collection, which already contains a lot of useful materials.
Many students performing federal legislative history may already be familiar with
the CIS and Serials Set microfiche. The microfiche collection also contains older
versions of Vernon’s Annotated Civil Statues and Codes, as well as the Session
Laws for all the other states, older copies of the Congressional Record, Code of
Federal Regulations, Federal Register, several journals, and various government

Any patron needing help with the microfiche readers located on the first floor can
ask one of the reference librarians or Peter Wong, located in room 1015 right
next to the microfiche readers.
                                                                                               Footnotes Editor
Also located on the first floor is the Government Documents collection, which
contains materials published by the United States government. You can find                     Adrienne Cobb
                                                                       (Continued on page 2)

The Legal Researcher’s Newsletter
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                          FIRST FLOOR                       CONTINUED….

                          these materials in the compact shelving located to your right upon exiting the
                          stairwell. Unlike most of the Fred Parks Library, these materials are organized
                          according to the Su Doc number, which is a classification system used by the Gov-
                          ernment Printing Office. For a better understanding of this classification system
                          you can go to this website:

                          These compact shelves not only contain current government publications, but also
                          historical copies of the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, and Federal
                          Rules. Another important point to remember about federal materials is that the
                          Code of Federal Regulations, both the historical and current volumes are all lo-
                          cated on the first floor.

                          Also included in the compact shelving are historical hard copies of the State
                          Codes for all 50 States. The Texas History Section is actually located in the free
                          standing shelves beside the stairwell.

                          This article does not include an exhaustive list of all the materials available on the
                          first floor of the library. However it does give you a glimpse of what the Govern-
                          ment Documents and microfiche collections have to offer. If you would like to
                          learn more about how to find and use the materials you can always ask a refer-
                          ence librarian (located on the 2nd floor of the library) for help. You can also ac-
                          cess STELLA, our online catalog to learn more about the dates of coverage for
                          each material:
 Please remember not to
    leave your laptop     Library Staff News
   computers or other
                          Heather Waltman, Catalog and Reference Librarian, celebrated her five-year anniversary
   personal belongings    at the South Texas College of Law on September 5th.
    unsupervised and
                          Veronica Hernandez, Patron Services Assistant, celebrated her five-year anniversary at
        unlocked.         the South Texas College of Law on September 4th.

                          Eddie Yarbrough has been promoted to Executive Assistant. Her former title was Adminis-
                          trative Assistant.

                          Jessica Alexander, arranged a reading and discussion by Professor Steiner of his book at
                          the Brazos Bookstore on November 11, 2007 from 4-5:30 p.m.

                          Thanks to Our Donors
                          Arnold & Porter LLP                        The Honorable C. Raymon Judice
                          The Honorable Charles F. Baird             Wanda Morrow
                          Fullbright and Jaworski                    James A Passamano
                          John Mark Jackson                          Mike Ratliff
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 A Fred Parks Library Legal Resource:
 Hein Online
 By Adrienne Cobb
 Publications & Reference Librarian

 Hein Online is one of the most popular databases available to members of the
 South Texas College of Law and visitors to the Fred Parks Library. This is most
 likely due to the variety of resources it offers in PDF.

 Hein Online is well known for it’s law journal library which houses most American
 law reviews and many international law journals. One of the benefits to using
 Hein Online versus other resources such as Westlaw and Lexis is that whereas
 other databases provide limited coverage going back only twenty or thirty years,
 Hein provides full text access to most of its law reviews dating back to the very
 first volume, which occasionally dates back to the 18th century. One important
 fact to keep in mind is that most of the journal listings in Hein will not include the
 most recent year of publication.

 Members of the South Texas College of Law community can access Hein from any
 computer via the Stanley portal. They can click on the library tab, then scroll to
 the Library Databases Channel. Users can also access Hein Online through the
 Fred Parks Law Library Homepage in the database listings: However, this link will only provide
 access on computers located in the Fred Parks Law Library.                                     Call the
                                                                                          Computer Help Desk
 Other materials available in Hein Online are:
                                                                                           at 713.646.2985
 • The Code of Federal Regulations (1938-1984)
 • English Reports, Full Reprint (1220-1865)
 • European Center for Minority Issues
 • Federal Register Library (Complete Through May 2007)
 • Foreign & International Law Resources Database
 • Legal Classics
 • Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (Editions 1-8)
 • Philip C. Jessup Library
 • Session Laws (State, Federal, Australia, and Canada)
 • Treaties and Agreements Library
 • U.S. Attorney General Opinions
 • U.S. Congressional Documents
 • U.S. Federal Legislative History Library
 • U.S. Presidential Library
 • U.S. Statutes at Large (1789-2005)
 • U.S. Supreme Court Library (Complete Coverage for Opinions)
 • World Trials

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