7th Grade Social Studies Class Syllabus

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					                                                          7th Grade Social Studies Class Syllabus
                                                                  World History and Geography
                                                                                       Sean M. McCabe
                        Phone: 410-758-0883 ext. 220 Email: mccabes@qacps.k12.md.us
Webpage: http://www.qacps.k12.md.us/cms/teachers/mccabes/newsite/homepage/homepage.htm

Course Description:
Who said history was just his story? The truth is history is actually our stories… stories of facts,
people, places, events, developments, struggles, changes, growth, accomplishments,
perseverance, brilliance, conflict, unity, risings, and fallings…all of which make up our history.

This year in Social Studies we will be studying Ancient World History using a textbook entitled
World: Adventure in Time and Place. During each unit we will be building skills in the following
areas: history, geography, citizenship, study and research skills, thinking skills, reading and
writing skills.

            7th Grade World History will include the following units:
                 Review of Maps and Globes/The Five Themes of
                 Ancient Rome
                 Ancient Arabia
                 Ancient America/Empires and Cultures of Americas
                 Cultures in Medieval Europe/Renaissance
                 European Expansion
Materials Needed for Class
    A three ring binder (1/2”-1”) with loose-leaf paper, three dividers
    Pencils for everyday use/Pens (blue or black ink only)
    Class Syllabus (will be given to students)
    Highlighter/colored pencils or crayons (no markers)/ruler

Social Studies Notebook (Binder)
    All students are required to keep their Class Syllabus/class rules in the front of their
    All students are required to keep an updated Progress Report in their binder. As graded
        assignments are returned, students will record their grades on this progress report
    All students are required to keep classroom handouts, tests, quizzes, assignments and
        dated notes in their binders.

                                                                               Grading policy is on the back
                             Parental Confirmation of Syllabus Review
                              Student Name_______________________
     Please read with your child, sign and place in the front of their social studies notebook by 9/5/08
Parent Signature ____________________________________________
Phone Numbers Home _____________________                       Work _____________________
Parent Email Address _______________________________________________________

Student Signature __________________________________
Grading Policy
Each marking period grades will be determined using a combination of the following
assessments. These assessments are weighted and parents can keep an update of their student’s
grades on the internet using “Parent Connect.” Call the school guidance for information about
“Parent Connect.”

          Tests (Summative Assessments) & Quizzes (Formative Assessments)
           *Tests will be given at the end of each unit/chapter. These will be announced one
           week in advance. Study guides are posted on my website prior to the test and should
           be used in conjunction with the study guide found at the end of each chapter.
           *Quizzes will be given throughout the chapter. They can be announced or
           *All tests/quizzes will be kept in the classroom, but their grades will be reported on
           the progress report on the second page of the Social Studies Notebook.
          Homework/Classwork
           *Students will not have homework every night. When homework is assigned, the
           following guidelines are followed:
                -All homework assignments are due the day after they are assigned, unless
                otherwise noted.
                -Homework should be neat and may be done on a computer.
          Projects – (May be Formative or Summative depending on the project)
           *Projects will be assigned during each unit/chapter. The projects will be assigned
           either independently/team/or pairs. Students will be given specific directions,
           rubrics, and due dates for each project.
          Attendance/Class Participation/Behavior
           *Attendance Policy:
           -Students are responsible for all missed work.
           -If a student is out for one or two days, please pick up assignments when you return
           to class. It is the students’ responsibility to seek out these assignments.
           -Students are expected to make up their work in the same amount of time that was
           given to other students.
           -When a student returns to class, it is their responsibility to hand in any outstanding
           -When students are absent the day of a test, they must see me for a make-up
          Percentages
           All grades will be calculated, then entered into Parent Connect on a percentage basis
           and report card grades will be determined as follows:

               Summative Assessments 40% (minimum of 3 per quarter)
               Formative Assessments 60% (minimum of 9 per quarter)

                                        90%-100%                 A
                                        80%-89%                  B
                                        70%-79%                  C
                                        60%-69%                  D
                                        59% and below E

    I look forward to working with both you and your child to ensure a successful year.


                                                                                  Sean McCabe

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