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									Report of the Chairman of the Parish                       PARISH PRIEST’S REPORT
Pastoral Council for 2004 – 2005                   My report begins with a summary of all the
    It seems only yesterday that I was writing a   material improvements which have been
report.    There may or may not be global          taking place in the church and the Upper
warming but time is definitely speeding up!        Room. Firstly, you will have noticed that work
All the activities of the Parish are reported      has been going on in the Quiet Room. The plan
below and together with the financial report       is to turn this into the Reconciliation Room
give a comprehensive picture of our state of       and for the present Reconciliation Room in the
affairs.                                           Canterbury Chapel to become the Quiet Room
    There have been many highlights of the         (as it was originally, I believe). Why, you may
past year.      The usual ones should not be       well ask, the change? The reason is twofold:
overlooked.      The wonderful and uplifting       the church has, as far as possible, to be
Holy Week Triduum which gives the whole            disabled-friendly, and the church has to
parish the opportunity to come together (as        conform, as far as possible, to the provisions of
opposed to the separate Masses that we go to       the Child and Vulnerable Persons Protection
over the weekend), as well as the wonderful        Act.
Feast of the Translation of St Thomas of           A couple of years ago a small group of
Canterbury which we celebrate by Solemn            parishioners did a walkabout in the church
High Mass in the Cathedral in early July,          trying to fathom ways of making the
spring to mind. Who could not be moved as          Reconciliation Room in the Canterbury Chapel
we finished by singing the Salve Regina on the     disabled and vulnerable person/child-friendly.
very spot where there was the tomb of our          It would have been possible, but the presence
patron Saint?                                      of several ramps for wheelchairs (which would
    But the most significant was meeting the       have involved the permanent removal of a
new Archbishop.       He was installed on the      considerable number of benches) would have
Feast of the Immaculate Conception,                been horrendously expensive. There the matter
December 8th, 2003.       It was not until late    rested until, one morning, I had one of my rare
summer that he was able to come and see            brainwaves: change the Quiet Room into the
members of the Deaneries of the Diocese.           Reconciliation Room and vice versa. It wasn’t
After a meeting with the Priests of Ashford        quite a simple as that, of course. There was a
(North and South), Faversham, Herne Bay,           9-inch thick concrete floor to remove in the
Hersden, Whitstable and Canterbury, we had a       Quiet Room! I still haven’t worked out what
superb buffet supper in the Presbytery, here in    the point of it was. That dusty operation has
this Parish, and then repaired to the Upper        been done and a new carpet put down. Sound-
Room with the Bishop and the lay members.          proof glass (I hope it is, anyway) has replaced
No other priest was present. It was a relaxed      the old glass, and it won’t be too long before
informal occasion (Archbishop Kevin even           our new Reconciliation Room is in use.
removed his shoes) as he went round the room       Likewise, there is a small amount of work to
asking each of us about any concerns that we       be done in the present Reconciliation Room to
had or issues or would like to see addressed.      turn it into a Quiet Room – things like a
He took copious notes of what we all said and      loudspeaker and a new carpet. The cost of all
at about 8.30pm, we went down to the church        this is significantly lower that the first set of
where we were joined by the priests for            options. It’s been a messy time in the church,
Vespers, a very prayerful conclusion to a truly    but once all the work is complete I shall call in
uplifting evening.     As we left and talked       a firm of industrial cleaners to give the
among ourselves we were all of the opinion         building a good going-over from top to toe.
that the Archdiocese of Southwark is in very       Meanwhile, a toilet for the disabled is being
capable hands for many years.                      installed off the Upper Room, and the
    There have been a few structural changes to    kitchenette is having a make-over with new
the Reconciliation Room and there is now a         units and decent plumbing. Just before
Chair Lift to the Upper Room and access to the     Christmas we were lucky enough to receive a
Church is now (or soon to be) disabled friendly    grant of £5,000 from the National Lottery
as per legal requirements.      But there have     people which enabled us to install a chair-lift
been no dogmatic or theological changes!           to the Upper Room. So, all in all, there’s been
Deo gratias!                                       a lot going on on the material front. I shall be
                                                   happy when all the work is complete because
         Chris Bull – Chairman PPC((               we have done our bit to make the church and
                                                   the meeting room disabled-friendly and
isH                                                child/vulnerable adult-friendly.
It’s all too easy, of course, to judge the success   certainly the most demanding and the most
or otherwise of the past year in purely material     rewarding of all ministries.
terms. That would be a mistake. I am happy to                    Canon Michael Bunce
report that I have a team of dedicated and hard-                Catholic Prison Chaplain
working clergy supporting me. Nor must I
forget to mention our Seminarian, Sean                  FIRST COMMUNION PROGRAMME
O’Connor, who is doing his Extended Pastoral                     & RECONCILIATION
Placement (EPP) here in Canterbury. They all,        30 children will be making their First Holy
in their own way, bring their considerable gifts     Communion in May. The format of their
and talents to the real task of the Church: the      preparation has changed little over the years
building up of God’s Kingdom. In thanking            (why re-invent the wheel every time?). The
them, I must not forget to thank all the many        emphasis is on parental participation in the
people in the parish whose help and ministry I       instruction of the children, and I have to say
value greatly.                                       that the parents’ involvement helps them as
Finally, talking of the clergy, I am pleased to      well to grow in faith.
say that Father Sylvester will be with us once       I am blessed with a small team of dedicated
again in July and August. I had an e-mail from       and highly committed catechists who take the
him just before Christmas. He announced              children in four classes whilst I endeavour to
telegraphically the startling news that he was       explain, in ‘grown-up language’ what the
no longer teaching in his diocesan seminary          children are being taught and how they can
but that he was running a parish ‘in the jungle’     help their children with the work they are
– his very words! I’ve no idea what’s going on,      asked to do at home. This format works well,
but I am sure that all will be revealed when he      and is certainly a vast improvement on the way
visits us over the summer months.                    things were done several decades ago.
              Canon Michael Bunce                    One final word, please don’t forget to keep the
                   Parish Priest                     children and their parents in your prayers.
                                                                  Canon Michael Bunce
           CANTERBURY PRISON                                 Catechetical Team Co-ordinator
This ‘forgotten’ ministry in the parish is
probably one of the most important ones. I’ve                     CONFIRMATION
been ‘doing’ the prison now for 14 years, and I          On Sunday, 23rd May, 2004, Bishop John
have to say that I’ve never tired of it. The men     Hine confirmed twenty young people of our
‘inside’ are often the most vulnerable and           parish. It was a wonderful occasion and a
needy. Many people ‘outside’ either ignore           cause for great celebration, not just for those
their existence or, I regret to say, think of them   being confirmed and their relatives, but also
in terms which I couldn’t possibly print. Of         for the whole parish.
course, when they’re together on the landings            The confirmation classes started rather
or out on the Astroturf behind the wings             inauspiciously in January: the first meeting had
there’s a lot of macho behaviour. But when           to be cancelled because of the snow and bad
one sees them on their own, their vulnerability      weather! But after this little local difficulty,
is striking. To have a grown man, heavily            everything went well, with classes being held
tattooed, break down in tears is a bit unnerving     on a regular basis in the Upper Room. I am
at first, but then that’s the job – to support, to   pleased to be able to say that all those
encourage, to enable the growth of self-worth,       attending the meetings contributed to the
to ‘be there’.                                       classes and much fun was had by all taking
Despite adverse comments in the press,               part. A special fun and learning day was held
Canterbury Prison by and large does an               in the Hall as part of the conformation
extremely good job as a training prison, given       programme and afterwards we went to Pizza
the fact that the building is over 200 years old     Hut for a meal. I was particularly impressed
and the training facilities are limited on           and proud when one of the Pizza Hut staff
account of lack of space to develop them. I          came over to me and commented that our
have nothing but admiration for the sheer            group was one of the best behaved that they
professionalism of most of the staff, both           had had in a long time.
officers and tutors. The prison is another               I want to take this opportunity to thank the
world, and this hits me every time I walk            three catechists who really did all the work of
through the double gates to get into the place.      Liz Collins, Caroline Kukla and Maria
It has its own language, customs and dynamic.        Saulnier could not have been held. They not
I know that my two Catholic Chaplain’s               only encouraged and gave inspiration during
Assistants in the prison would agree with me         the classes but also gave up a lot of their own
when I say that the Prison Ministry is almost        time to prepare things for those being
confirmed.     I wish to express my deepest          although numbers are few, appreciation has
thanks to them.                                      been expressed for this opportunity.         One
   The next confirmation at St Thomas’ will          visitor, would regularly time her visit, in order
be on Sunday, 25th September, 2005, and will         to bring her elderly mother to the service. In
be celebrated by Archbishop Kevin McDonald.          addition, to pray and worship together as a
The classes for this confirmation started at the     team, forms an important and strengthening
beginning of February.                               part of this ministry.
            Father Philip Seed                           Visiting the wards is usually undertaken in
                                                     pairs.     We do not cover every ward each
   KENT & CANTERBURY HOSPTIAL                        week, but try to visit each ward on a regular
    As with last year, I want to begin this report   basis.
by expressing my thanks to Felicity Foreman              As the only Catholic lay members of the
who helps to organise the rota for our               Chaplaincy Team, our priority is to take the
Eucharistic Ministers visiting the hospital.         Sacrament to known Catholic patients, most of
And, once again, I also wish to express my           whom receive this on the ward, on a one to one
thanks to Deacon David Avery, David Heap             basis. Fr Philip Seed kindly visits patients
and Jean Pegg, who regularly visit the hospital      referred to him, by patient request.         Our
to bring communion to the sick on Sunday and         Chaplaincy work then extends to include all
other days. Also I wish to thank Ruth and            patients who wish to be visited, sometimes
Peter Harrison, who helped so much in the past       staff.      Often, all that is needed is the
with visiting the hospital.                          opportunity to talk to someone who is willing
    As I mentioned in my last report the Kent        to listen. Visitors, for many reasons, can be
and Canterbury has undergone major changes           few and far between. As many of the patients
during the last year. This has resulted in a         are long-stay, there is the opportunity for
number of departments being moved either to          building up relationships.
the William Harvey, Ashford, or to QEQM,                 The role of Chaplain’s Assistant may sound
Margate.      This has led to a change in the        daunting, but St Martins is a welcoming place,
nature of chaplaincy work, as the number of          and the staff welcome and encourage the visits.
people staying in the hospital for long periods      Training, support and fellowship is available to
of time seems to have been reduced and more          members of the Chaplaincy Team, should
people are there for just a few days.                anyone in the parish, feel that God may be
    The major problem with chaplaincy work in        calling them to share in this ministry, then
hospitals is still the simple fact that we are not   please speak to Fr Philip Seed.
allowed to ask if any Catholics have been                    Judith Roser & Jean Johnson
admitted. Unless we are told that someone
has been admitted there is no way for us to                            11am CHOIR
know that Catholics are in hospital requiring           As one of the less ‘hidden’ groups within
the sacraments. Please do let us know at the         the parish, I could say, ‘If you seek our
presbytery if you or someone you know is             monument then listen!’ But there is more to
going into the hospital.                             us than singing on Sundays. We have, I think,
                Father Philip Seed                   sung at every Sunday 11am Mass since my last
                                                     report, occasionally as a ‘skeleton staff’ of
         ST MARTIN’S HOSPITAL                        cantor and organist, sometimes led by
   St Martin’s Hospital is a unit made up of 8       Margaret Butchers at the zither, sometimes
wards, (110 beds), which provides in-patient         with a full choir of four parts, even several
care and treatment for people with mental            people singing each part! Always, though,
health needs. A wide range of age groups are         singing music which serves the liturgy and
covered, from 18 to 65+ years. It includes a         adds to its beauty.
rehabilitation unit, day-care facilities, and also      Probably the highlight of 2004 was our trip
a secure unit, for patients with more complex        to Copenhagen as guests of the choir of the
health problems. The chaplaincy team at St           Sacred Heart Church. You might remember
Martins is ecumenical, under the leadership of       the Danish choir’s visit to Canterbury in 2001,
the Rev Peter Richmond. Our own Chaplain             they sang a concert of sacred music in the
from St Thomas’ is Fr Philip Seed.                   church and joined us for the 11am Mass. This
   As Chaplain’s Assistants, we aim to visit         was the ‘return match’. For several weeks
the hospital each week on Wednesday                  beforehand we brushed up our Gregorian chant
afternoon. Over the past year, it has been our       and learnth to sing the Ordinary of the Mass,
practice to commence with a short service of         plus several hymns, in Danish. Preparation
Holy Communion, in the hospital chapel.              duly made, we flew out from Stanstead early
Patients and staff are welcome to attend, and        one Thursday morning in June, for a long
weekend of music, sightseeing, large meals,         of the 9.30 and 6.00 Music groups to sing our
Danish beer and much socialising.            Our    way through the Triduum. We also sang St
Danish hosts had arranged some special events       Thomas’ vespers in the Cathedral on 29th
for us, notably the visit ‘behind the scenes’ at    December, and, with the 6.00pm Music Group,
the Danish Royal Library where we were              the Mass of the Translation of St Thomas in
shown original music manuscripts of Carl            the Cathedral on 7 July. On July 6 we sang
Neilsen, probably Denmark’s most famous             with     St   Dunstan’s    Choir     at    the
composer. We also spent a day at Dronborg,          Commemoration Service for St Thomas More;
Hamlet’s castle at Elsinore. On our final day       in December they joined us at Solemn Vespers
we were in church by 8.30am to sing Mass in         for the Martyrdom of St Thomas of
Danish and then in Latin, presided over by the      Canterbury.      We hope to continue this
retired Jesuit bishop of Copenhagen. At both        partnership.
of these Masses we sang ‘Ecce Panis                    I would like to close by thanking all the
Angelorum’, a motet written for both choirs by      members of the choir for their support and
Helen Nattrass, a Danish (and World) premier!       commitment, especially since this is a tricky
At the post-Mass breakfast in the parish hall       time for me and my family, and thanking the
we also sang Tallis’ ‘If ye love me’ to the         clergy and Sean O’Connor for their kind words
assembled parish. It was a great weekend, if        and constructive comments.
exhausting, keeping the relationship between        Ann Blackett Moynihan/Choir Director, 11am
our two choirs alive and growing. We’d all          Choir.
like to thank Helen Nattrass for organising the
weekend and preparing th music with us.                           PRAYER GROUP
    That weekend we left John Kearney and               The Prayer Group meets for one hour at
Roberta Johnson in charge at 11am, as cantor        2.15pm on Wednesdays in the Upper Room.
and organist respectively. John has joined the      Each meeting consists of a time of
choir since the last report, bringing his           spontaneous      praise    and     thanksgiving,
extensive musical and conducting experience.        reflection on a passage of scripture, a period of
We’ve also been joined by students Kirsten,         silence and listening to the Lord, a decade of
Ilaria and Maria from Christ Church and Kent        the Rosary and general intercessions.
Institute of Art and Design who are very            Individual prayer for healing is also available.
welcome additions to the women’s line. For              The group is part of the Catholic
more than a year, Tony Cassidy rejoined us as       Charismatic Renewal Movement. Its aim is to
organist and occasional bass before going back      help members become open to the gifts of the
to his teaching work in the Philippines earlier     Holy Spirit, and to develop a personal
this year. Leaving us, at least for a while, are    relationship with Jesus as Lord.
Mary de Wolf and Marjery Craig, both of                 Last summer the group presented ‘This
whom have served St Thomas’ Choir for many          Promise is for You’ – a series of enjoyable
years and are already missed. I would like to       talks on video, by Catholic speakers, on
thank them both for their voices and their          ‘Baptism in the Spirit’. They plan to repeat
prayerful support.       However, nobody ever       this in 2005 and hope many parishioners will
really leaves the choir: you just move from         want to attend.
‘regular’ to ‘occasional’ and even ‘associate’          In February, they joined with the
and you still get invited to the parties!           Whitstable prayer group in organizing the
Roberta Johnson has come in to play organ and       annual Day of Renewal at the Franciscan
violin from time to time, Aldwyth Garside to        Study Centre.
sing and Rosemary Yea to play the organ at                        Deacon David Avery
the Cathedral Vespers and we thank them all
very much; they are appreciated.                           SPECIAL MINISTERS OF THE
    We’ve continued to expand our musical                            EUCHARIST
repertoire, from the very recent, including            This is the official designation of those non-
Helen’s motets and psalms, to the very old:         ordained persons who have been
medieval carols and early polyphony. It’s a         commissioned by the Archbishop to assist the
bit of an art, feeding such a range of music into   clergy in the ministering of Holy Communion.
the liturgy in an appropriate way, but the          In previous reports they have been referred to
feedback we receive seems to indicate that it       as ‘Special Ministers of the Eucharist’.
works.                                                  There are 61 such ministers authorised to
    Most recently we sang Helen’s ‘Ecce Panis       assist in St Thomas’s parish. They help with
Angelorum’ and Night Prayer of the Church to        commission at all Sunday and week-day
close the recent 12-hour Exposition of the          Masses, where there are not sufficient clergy
Blessed Sacrament and joined with members           officiating.
   However, an important part of their                The chair lift to the Upper Room has been a
ministry is taking Communion to those who         great help to our less mobile members and we
are sick at home or in hospital. In this way,     are also very grateful for all the new facilities
parishioners who are unable to get to Mass are    provided for us in the ‘Upper Region’. Our
reminded that they are still valued members of    thanks to all those involved in the project.
our community.                                       We do thank Canon, the Priests of the
   Each year, on the solemnity of Corpus          Parish, and all the parishioners for their help
Christi, the ministers publicly renew their       and support throughout the year and we look
commitment for a further 12 months.               forward to preparing for our 55th Anniversary
             Deacon David Avery                   in 2006.
                                                            Mary Reynolds – President
                      (UCM)                                CHILDREN’S LITURGY
    This year has been another busy one for the       A Swiss professor said that children think
UCM members.           When writing last year’s   in concrete ways, so our ministry is perhaps to
report, we were busy preparing for our            make God’s Word concrete, visible, touchable.
Ecumenical Services. The guest speaker was        But we should all be open to God’s Word
Mrs Byers; the chairperson of the League of       touching us, grabbing us in everyday things;
Friends for the Kent and Canterbury Hospital.     that, surely, is why Jesus gives us signs of
We played host to 65 guests from the various      water, oil and touching; bread and wine and
churches in the city.                             sharing.     In his hands – in our hands as
    We have had a variety of guest speakers       Christians – these everyday things are the keys
both spiritual and secular, and taken part in     of the Kingdom.         When the children are
various social events in our parish as well as    leading 9.30am Mass we see how gestures and
responding to invitations to join other faith     drama can express this.
communities in the city.                              In the Upper Room we use signs too: the
    Members enjoyed an informative visit to       light of a candle, water, colour, coins, seeds:
Goodneston Park in the autumn. We pushed          whatever the Gospel of the day calls for.
out the New Year with an Epiphany lunch at        Sometimes another story may underline the
the FISC when 50 members and friends were         one about Jesus. The children too bring their
able to enjoy a very tasty meal and good          own wisdom to the unfolding of the Word.
company.                                          Leaders, like parents, must learn to listen to
    On the first Sunday of Lent the members       them, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
gathered in force to lead The Stations of the         This Easter time our children have shared
Cross. Still on a spiritual note we had an        the Passover Meal, gathered round their priest;
afternoon reflection on the Holy Spirit led by    they have watched, candles burning as a sign,
Greta McHugh.                                     with Christ on Good Friday, they have seen the
    At the end of this month we will be having    sign of the empty tomb, represented in our
a recruitment drive (week end of 21/22 May),      church in a concrete way. This Easter, and all
when the recruitment officer for the Diocese      through their lives, they have lived in God’s
will be speaking at all Masses. The following     love, made concrete in their families, and we
day, Monday 23rd, we will be having a ‘Come       hope, their parish and school. We trust we are
to Tea’ afternoon with a guest speaker,           supplementing the love that parents pour out
Barbara Markham, who will talk about music        on their children.
related to Our Lady. She will also have music         Now, perhaps it is time to ask you parents
tapes to illustrate her talk.                     to help us! It would be a real blessing to have
    At the end of May we will be making our       a few extra helpers at both 9.30 and 11.00
annual pilgrimage to Aylesford, having already    Mass. You would be asked to help or lead
filled the coach, the overflow will travel by     once a month or six weeks. Some informal
car.                                              training would be offered, and from time to
    On Tuesday, 21st June, we will be having      time we arrange for someone to come and help
our annual Ecumenical Service. This year we       us reflect on our work. Please do approach
have invited the Fund Raising Officer for         one of the team, and if one of us approaches
Demelza House Children’s Hospice.                 you, don’t run away and hide!
    Hopefully, in July, we will end the year          A new pope can set up a new team, or
with a Summer Buffett and then take a rest        confirm his ministers in their office. Is this a
before embarking on planning for a very           moment to reflect on this part of our rather
special year – the 55th Anniversary of the        more humble parish ministry? No-one ought
Canterbury Foundation.                            to cling onto any responsibility for ever, and
                                                  we have some admirable people in the team,
and elsewhere in the parish, who could lead         in a way that the classroom does not permit
our mission to children in ways as yet              and a Sunday homily is not designed to do. I
unexplored. And the Canon would no doubt            even got a round of applause from Year 11
find work for idle hands!                           after my assembly on the Resurrection!
    I hope the paragraph above doesn’t inspire
all the children’s liturgy leaders to resign at        Mr Wicker as Headmaster said that I was
once! This is a ministry that leads us gently       welcome at anytime and did not need an invite,
towards a wondering humility. Reflecting on         he has been true to his word and I am very
the Readings, praying through actions and           grateful. My first meeting with him was after
gestures, or through art, listening to children     Mass in Saint Thomas’ and it is similar with
and their parents; these experiences bring          many of the Teachers who live their faith both
home the truth that in so many ways Our Lord        in coming to Mass, going on pilgrimage with
is pouring out his love on us, all the time. If a   HCPT, supporting the L’Arche community or
man (or woman) is tired of Children’s Liturgy,      assisting in our sacramental programmes.
(s) he is tired of Life! Many thanks to all our        Looking at the future I hope we continue to
team members and to you children who                support and nourish our Catholic schools and
support us so generously.                           that someone will come forward to regularly
       Maurice Billingsley – Team Leader            visit the school to support the work of the
                                                    Teachers and the clergy.
           THE PARISH SCHOOLS                               Sean O’Connor (Seminarian)
                   St Anselm’s
    The Catholic School faces different                       ST THOMAS’ SCHOOL
challenges to those when I was at school in the        It was all change this year at St Thomas’
late seventies. Whereas the school could be         school. In September we welcomed the new
assured that most were practising and that          headmaster, Dominic McBride, and also in
‘religious education’ was more clarification of     September       Karen      Dean    took     over
what was learnt in the home than                    responsibility for maintaining the parish/school
evangelisation and catechesis; this is no longer    links. Special thanks must go to Bill Kelly,
an appropriate model for a Secondary school         the retiring headmaster, for his work in the
wishing to have an integrated Catholic ethos.       past and Clare Hoile for her work in the past
I am happy to write that St Anselm’s gives the      with the parish.
student every opportunity to contemplate the           The parish has continued to close links with
face of Christ. On a regular basis this is          the school during the past year. Fr Philip tries
through the weekly Mass on a Friday planned         to visit the school every Wednesday morning
by individual classes, facilitated by Jo            and manages during the course of a term to see
Ferguson and ably supported by the music            every class at least once.
department. Particularly heartening is the             Once again a special attempt has been made
celebration of the key moments of our               throughout the year too help the pupils
Liturgical year. The Advent service was superb      understand that St Thomas’ church is not just a
and the Stations of the Cross service very          building but also their home. Nearly every
moving for Lent, as it used images, music and       year group has visited the church. The pupils
story that could speak to all. Ann Donnelly         are encouraged to wander around the church
holds all these things together supported by a      and to ask questions about what they have
very talented cast.                                 seen. And what is especially pleasing is that
    I am lucky enough to witness the sterling       as people come into the church to pray whilst
efforts of Teachers in class and regret that they   the children are there, they are happy and
were not around when I was at School. I have        pleased to see the pupils of our school in the
experienced superb missionary work in the           parish church.
classroom       combined      with   a     robust                Father Philip Seed
advancement of the Catholic faith, we should
be proud. Particularly impressive is the                     SCRIPTURE GROUPS
challenge to attitudes in our society that see         The Scripture Group continues, although
some groups as either a problem or as less than     now smaller in numbers. The members still
us.                                                 gain much from reflecting on the Sunday Mass
    I have had the privilege of being year 9        readings which has led to a deeper
chaplain and this has allowed me to run a few       understanding of the relationship between the
assemblies, which I have greatly enjoyed. I         Old and New Testaments. Our insight has
hope the students enjoy my combination of           developed with the help of explanatory
DVD, Powerpoint and South East London wit.          material and the valuable personal insights
It is a great opportunity to proclaim the Gospel    from the group members who are very
supportive of each others needs.  New              to heavenly things. Barbara spoke about the
members are always welcome.                        effect that music has in our life especially
Co-ordinators: Jean Pegg 01227-453856,             when applied to devotion to Our Lady. One
Fran Connellan 01227-760994.                       only has to hear a beautiful ‘Ave Maria’ to feel
                                                   immediately uplifted. In this way Our Lady
             CHURCH CARERS                         uses music as a means to draw us closer to her
    Referring back to my last annual report, the   Son.
church carers now number 6; an improvement              Barbara then illustrated her talk with
on last year’s total of only 4 very overworked     examples of music from different cultures and
people. The present carers are Joan Crosland,      started off with a Hebrew song called Gili,
Jean Pegg, Miriam Mehlin, Carolyn Morrison,        Meod from the book of the prophet Zechariah
Catherine Ferguson-Green and myself. The           who forecast the coming of Our Lord through
duties are shared out as follows:-                 his mother. In the song she is referred to as a
Joan Crosland – Dusts the church, cleans the       daughter of Zion and daughter of Jerusalem.
toilet and the porches. Also cleans the stairs.         Barbara then went on to play songs from
Jean Pegg – Cleans much of the brassware in        other countries and other languages, all
the church and helps with the dusting.             extolling Our Lady’s virtues, songs from
Miriam Mehlin – Cleans the chalices.               Zululand, traditional plain-chant hymns by
Carolyn – Cleans the candelabra and prepares       way of contrast.
them for exposition each week.                          The talk concluded with another Hebrew
Cathy – Keeps the votive candle stands clean       song called ‘Roni Roni Bat Zion’, which
and well-stocked with candles.                     translated means ‘Rejoice Daughter of Zion’.
Barbara – Mainly does the laundry and any          This title of Our Lady is based on another
sewing but also does the odd cleaning or repair    quotation, this time from the book of the
job as needed.                                     prophet Zefaniah. It is a rousing hymn of
Sacristy – Fortunately, Tina has had some help     triumph in anticipation of Our Lady who is to
recently since Sean O’Connor has been with us      be the mother of the Messiah. It proved to be
but this situation will end in June when he        a joyful and toe-tapping ending to a very
returns to the seminary. Tina urgently needs a     interesting talk which was much enjoyed by
trainee to share the sacristan duties and who      all.
also could step in during an emergency.            Tea and coffee were then served and our
Surely there is someone out there who would        Chairman, the Rev Stanley Evans, led the
love to train for this important and vital job?    saying of the Angelus and the closing prayers.
It would suit a person who has recently retired    The Meeting was held in the Upper Room of
from full-time employment.                         St Thomas’ Church, Canterbury, on 5th July,
Linen – I am still sewing away at the church       2004. The speaker was Mrs Anne Charlotte
linen and my total to date is now 169 items.       Misgeld. Theme: Journey from Sweden to
At this rate I think I may have to take on         Rome, a convert’s story.
another church! As for the weekly laundry, I            Mrs Misgeld travelled from Stockholm to
am only tackling the smaller items (about 50       tell us her story. Christianity was brought to
per week). Mrs Billingsley has kindly offered      Sweden in 1008 by missionaries from
to launder the larger altar cloths as these are    Canterbury. Anscar started a Christian parish
getting to be a bit too much for me (old age       in an island off the mainland where there had
creeping on!). The altar cloths don’t need to      previously been heathen activity.           The
be washed every week and can be changed            Cistercians and the Dominicans helped greatly
now and again.                                     to establish Christianity. St Brigid of Sweden
Summary - I must thank all my fellow workers       was outstanding.       The monastery that she
who faithfully carry out their duties week after   founded for both men and women was based
week.                                              on Irish monasticism. With the arrival of the
               Barbara Markham                     Reformation in the 16th century, the culture
                                                   declined although the people had protested
THE ECUMENICAL SOCIETY OF THE                      vigorously. The King become the Head of the
BLESSED VIRGIN MARY                                Church with drastic consequences. However,
    The meeting was held in the Upper Room         the Bible was translated and the vernacular
of St Thomas’ Church, Canterbury, on 14th          was introduced soon afterwards.
June, 2004. There were 20 people present,               In the 17th and 18th centuries a reforming
including the speaker, Miss Barbara Markham.       Christian group fought in vain for the
Theme: How to promote devotion to Our Lady         restoration of the Roman Catholic Church.
through music.      The meeting started with       That was the time when Queen Christina
silent prayer. Music raises the heart and soul     abdicated and went into exile.
    Finally, schools and libraries were            Wye in Ontario, Canada. At that time there
introduced.        When people were getting        were no roads in the area and access to the
married they were questioned about their           village prospered and by 1649, there was a
knowledge of the Church.           Although the    flourishing Christian community living there.
revivalists continued to work hard they were       Unfortunately, 1649 also saw the complete
not allowed to have their own church service.      collapse of all the missionaries work when the
Everyone had to belong to the Church of            village was threatened by the Iroquois, a very
Sweden.       Roman Catholics were not even        aggressive Indian tribe who had already
allowed to be employed by the state.          In   terrorised and destroyed every other mission
churches, the sermon was the most important        station in the area. Rather than see Ste Marie
part of the service.                               mission being used as a shelter and stronghold
    In 1951 the law of Christian freedom was       of the Iroguois, the Jesuits burnt it to the
passed.      In 1958 women were allowed to         ground and that seemed to be the end of the
become priests. Today, the Church in Sweden        story.     During this traumatic time eight of
is separated from the state. The separation has    their members suffered martyrdom and were
brought greater freedom.           The Swedish     later canonised as saints. In 1844 the Jesuits
Church is now less against other faiths and it     returned to Canada and tried to locate the site
has less antagonism against the Roman              of Ste-Marie which, over the period of 200
Catholics. World events are reflected in the       years, had almost disappeared. Excavations
composition of most of the Roman Catholic          were begun in 1907 and an archaeological
Swedish parishes in the composition of most        study of the site began in 1941. In 1947 a
of the Roman Catholic Swedish parishes which       start was made in reconstructing the village of
include many ethnic groups.         A Carmelite    Ste-Marie but it was not until 1954 that the
Swedish monk is now a Bishop in one diocese.       grave of Fr John de Brebeuf was found. In
However, the Roman Catholic Church in              1925 the first Mass was offered at Ste-Marie
Sweden depends a lot on support from               for almost 300 years and across the road at the
overseas but it is growing fast.                   Martyrs Shrine, a church, rectory and inn were
    Anne Charlotte’s father was a minister in      built and opened in 1926. Pilgrimages came
the church of Sweden. She was only 18 years        in increasing numbers during the next five
old when he died. She said that his devotion,      years and in 1930 seven martyrs were
kindness, and compassion were outstanding.         canonised.         The meeting closed with
He never forced religion on his children.          refreshments.
Anne Charlotte recalled that all of her            The Meeting was held in the Upper Room of
immediate predecessors had been interested in      St Thomas’ Church, Canterbury, on 4th
religion. Her mother, who played the organ,        October, 2004. The speaker was Mrs Leslie
had a simple and sincere faith and was a very      Smith. St Therese of Lisieux. The meeting
convinced Lutheran.                                opened with a prayer. Leslie then gave an
    When Anne Charlotte converted to Roman         excellent talk about St Therese who entered
Catholicism, her family, many of whom have         Carmel in 1888 at the tender age of only 15
since become Roman Catholics, began to             years. It was almost as if she knew that her
converse about religion.        She was finally    life was to be very short because she died in
inspired to start a Christian ecumenical school    1897 when she was just 24 years old.         St
where she is Head and very popular. All the        Therese is mostly remembered for her promise
school pray together at the weekly assemblies      that she would spend her heaven doing ood
when important religious events are recalled       upon earth. She came from an incredibly holy
and explained, if necessary.        Two similar    family and both her parents were recently
schools have recently opened in Sweden.            beatified.    Her sister Pauline is also to be
    Tea followed with a long and interesting       beatified soon.      Their mother died when
discussion and the Rev Stanley Evans thanked       Therese was only four and Pauline was chosen
Anne Charlotte for her inspiring talk.             to be the substitute mother of the family.
    The meeting was held in the Upper Room         During her young life, Therese often suffered
of St Thomas’ Church, Canterbury, on 20th          from headaches and tremblings but was cured
September, 2004.                                   by prayers to Our Lady.        This illness was
The speaker was Miss Barbara Markham.              probably psychosomatic. She also suffered
Theme: Mission de la Sainte-Marie, Ontario.        from scruples and was very over-sensitive.
The Rev Stanley Evans opened the meeting           As four of her brothers and sisters had died in
with a prayer. Barbara gave an interesting         infancy, Therese became the baby of the
talk about the Jesuit Mission to the Huron         family and was treated as such. When she
Indians in the 17th century (1639-1649). The       was 14 years old she asked permission to enter
missionaries built a little village by the River   Carmel and even went to Rome to see the Pope
about it. Eventually, she obtained permission     Mary and Christ loses His primacy and the
at the age of 15. Her great desire was to pray    Church is relegated to a do-gooders club.
for priests.                                         The Church had gradually established the
    The effect of her entry into Carmel proved    supreme role of Mary. Mary was not only
disastrous to her father who, as a result,        sinless but free from original sin as well. The
developed psychological problems at the loss      highest dignity of any created being was to be
of his ‘little flower’ as he called her. During   the Mother of God.          The Feast of the
her life in Carmel, Therese pushed for daily      Immaculate Conception was celebrated in the
communion. This was not the custom at that        Church hundreds of years before the official
time so, in this, she was well ahead of her       proclamation.
time.       Therese was asked to write her            Down the ages the great Marian doctrines
autobiography which we now know as the            have been proclaimed.          The Immaculate
Story of a Soul and which became a best seller.   Conception was proclaimed on 8th December,
She was good to everyone, even those who          1854.      Finally, Mary can be said to be Co-
were most difficult. She believed that God        Redemptrix and Co-Mediator.          There is a
loved everyone as if they were the only one for   strong movement in the Church to have this
him to love. She was canonised in 1925.           dogma officially proclaimed.
    In 1927 she was made joint patron saint of        The meeting closed with a recitation of Our
the missions with St Francis Xavier. In 1944      Lady’s Litany, followed by tea and coffee.
she was made joint secondary patron saint of           Sister Margaret Mary O’Grady, L.S.U.
France with Joan of Arc. After a cup of tea
and a chat, Fr Stanley Evans closed the              KENT COUNCIL OF CHRISTIANS &
meeting in prayer.                                                    JEWS
    The meeting was held in the Upper Room           Thursday, 7th October, 2004, in St Peter’s
of St Thomas’ Church, Canterbury, on 6th          Methodist Church Hall. Talk by Joy Sharman
December, 2004.           The speaker was Mr      and Sian Pettman. Theme – A Taste of Fair
Christopher Bull. Theme: The Immaculate           Trade.     The meeting started with prayer.
Conception of Our Lady.             The meeting   There was a display of charts showing the 18
opened with the Lord’s prayer. Chris began        underdeveloped countries that are involved in
his talk with the question: Why did God decide    Fair Trade, with samples of their products,
to create? Further, why did He create man?        which are available in Tescos and in the other
The only possible answer is goodness, infinite    big stores.     The aim of Fair Trade and
goodness. God is perfect but we do not like       Traidcraft was explained to fight poverty
perfection.       It makes us uncomfortable.      through trade and to be aware of unjust
Why? God’s creation is perfect. This is the       practices. The development of Canterbury, as
nature of God.            The nature of man       a Fair Trade Centre, was highlighted.       It
comprehends reality through his senses. God       includes the Canterbury Council, the
cannot be known in this way. Although we          Universities of all the city parishes and
can use reason to help us come to an              involvement in the movement is growing. Of
awareness of God we could never deduce that       the 40 people who were present, half of them
He was Three Persons in One Nature. If God        were students who were very interested. The
revealed Himself fully to man, man would          meeting ended with tea.
automatically love Him and his freedom to         Thursday, 18th November, 2004, in St Peter’s
would be impaired. So God hides Himself.          Methodist Church Hall, 7.30pm.        Talk by
But the plan to become a member of the            Sally Day. Theme: Representations of the
human race was at the centre of creation.         Holocaust on Film. The meeting started with
    The risk God took in His creation was free    prayer. Sally gave a most interesting talk on
will. It meant His creatures were at liberty to   the Holocaust which seemed to have been an
love Him or not. In the beginning of creation     incredible event. She also answered several
Christ was there in His humanity. That means      questions. The meeting ended with tea.
that Our Blessed Lady was there too. Christ       Thursday, 3rd February, 2005, in the Quiet
chose to be born of a human mother. Why?          Senior Common Room, Keynes College of the
Because it was the most perfect way of            University of Kent, 7.30pm.      Talk by Dr
achieving it. As a result of our first parents’   David Flood. Theme – Church Music. David
Fall, Christ was to be a redeeming reconciler.    not only explained his subject well but also
The perfect solution was found: a member of       chanted and played selections of plain chant
the human race of equal status to God. Christ     and the Gelineau Psalms. Wednesday, 27th
and Mary are the second Adam and Eve. The         April, 2004, in the Parish Room, St Peter’s
deeper we understand the role of Mary, the        C/E Parish Church. Talk by the Rev Dr John
deeper we understand Christ.           Downplay
Arnold.     Theme, ‘The Miracle’ by Boris          gradually over the accounting year. Traidcraft
Pasternak.                                         has its own bank account with Lloyds TSB: as
Sunday, 12th June, 2005. A visit to the Jewish     a ‘charity account’, no charges are levied.
Museum, Albert Street, Camden Town,                    In the year March, 2004 – April, 2005, the
London (by coach), 9.00am – 6.00pm.                total turnover was £3417. Payments for goods
    Sister Margaret Mary O’Grady, L.S.U            totalled £2768. The balance in the account at
                                                   the end of February, including a cash ‘float’,
              JUSTICE & PEACE                      was £793. These figures are an improvement
   One arm of Justice and Peace includes the       on last year’s and include various donations
parish members of St Thomas who faithfully         from generous supporters. A cheque for £600
promote Traidcraft.                                was sent, as is customary, to Cafod. Having
   The second arm includes St Anselm’s             discussed our donation with Cafod, it was
School, who are involved in the city’s Fair        decided to specify that the money be given to
Trade, which is growing rapidly.                   support the urgent humanitarian relief work in
   Carolyn Morrison is the member of the           Sudan. A balance of £150+ is retained to
parish, who, in future, will represent the         enable ongoing trading.
parish, at the Justice and Peace meetings of the   Acknowledgements:
diocese, with the present group. New recruits      Traidcraft functions with the support of a
are welcome.                                       number of people: Canon Bunce provides
     Sister Margaret Mary O’Grady, L.S.U.          storage space in the Presbytery, the Caretaker
                                                   and Parish shop handle deliveries and a small
                  CANDIFA                          but dedicated team runs the sales at various
   There are eleven inter faith groups in this     Masses.      We could always do with more
society.       The meetings held, in the           volunteers. I would like to express my thanks
Environment Centre during the past year            to all the above and encourage anyone with a
included:     July 14th, speaker Mrs Nicky         few minutes per month to spare to join a very
Younosi, Theme: ‘A practising Muslim in a          worthwhile enterprise.
non-Muslim environment’.       September 8th,                      Tony O’Sullivan
speaker Mr Antony Copley, theme ‘Hindu
influences’.    November 10th, speaker Mr          16th CANTERBURY (ST THOMAS’)
Sidney Shipton, theme ‘Can Muslims,                SCOUT GROUP
Christians and Jews speak to each other?’              The establishment of the new Explorer
January 12th, ‘Inter Faith Prayers for the         Scout Section (catering for the older Scouts
Tsunami Disaster’, in the Friends Meeting          from 15 to 18 years old), has been
House, Canterbury. March 9th, speaker, Hon         consolidated throughout the last year and we
Barney Leith, theme ‘The Inter Faith               now have a strong group of over a dozen
Movement’, also in the Friends Meeting             children involved. Although, technically, not
House.       May 11th, The Jubilee Debt            officially registered with the Group (it is a
Campaigners, theme ‘Make Poverty History’,         District organization), they operate from St
same venue, as nr 5.                               Thomas’ and are still very much the final stage
    Sister Margaret Mary O’Grady, L.S.U.           of Scouting within our Group. The numbers
                                                   of our Beavers (6-8 year olds), Cubs (8-10+
               TRAIDCRAFT                          year olds) and Scouts (10+15 year olds),
Overall picture                                    remain fairly constant which reflects well on
The regular sales after Masses on the first        the success of the Group and its Leaders. All
weekend of each month were maintained with         the Sections are now open to both boys and
the customary gap in Summer and, because of        girls although there are only a few girls in the
supply problems after Christmas, the January       two younger Sections.
sale was abandoned. Interest in the principle          Our pool of adult leaders has steadily
of Fair Trade, which underpins the whole           improved with the appointment of Chris, Ben
Traidcraft operation, has grown steadily           and Nick (Assistant Scout Leaders), Lisa
nationwide. This has been helped by large          (Assistant Beaver Scout Leader), and shortly
supermarkets and other retail outlets stocking a   Caroline (Assistant Cub Leader), together with
range of fairly-traded produce.       At Parish    Terry and Rachel (helpers) and the ongoing
level, the number of people visiting Traidcraft    extra help from our current students (Ben,
has grown slowly.                                  Katherine and Amanda). These latter three
The trading position.                              have continued their association with the
   Goods are ordered on a monthly basis,           Scouting movement whilst studying at
essentially we buy what we can afford, and the     Canterbury. In addition, the Explorers have a
relatively small profit margins build up           support rota to the individual Sections which
provides additional help and gives them extra       day for the children. The Scouts had their
experience towards DoE and similar awards.          own fun day at Ross Wood with the
If any of you have fond memories of Scouting        opportunity to do all manner of things which
and would like to assist, please let us know as     kept them busy and interested and learning
we are still looking for older leaders!             new skills. The end of the year is also the
    The spring is the start of the camping          time for some of the District events with a few
season and, this year, the Beavers experienced      of our youngsters entering the BMX
their first ever ‘sleepover’ staying overnight at   competition and another group of Cubs, Scouts
Ross Wood.          Using small ‘pop-up’ tents      and Explorers winning the annual fun
within the hall, they enjoyed a night away          swimming gala.
from home with lots of activities both in the           The Cubs took part in ‘Operation Christmas
evening and the following morning.          Well    Child’ where each person is asked to fill a shoe
done to Grey Beaver who made this possible          box with a range of simple presents suitable
with the help of Hilary, Pam and Tony. By           for either a boy or girl in various age ranges
the end of May, the Scouts had been on a hike       for distribution in eastern Europe.           This
and then had the Whitsun camp weekend               activity is organised by the Samaritans Purse
following which a group of six of their number      and is aimed at making a young child’s dream
went to the New Forest for the main part of the     come true to receive a present to open on
Chief Scout’s Challenge award.               The    Christmas day.           About 40 boxes were
Explorers were also at the Whitsun camp             assembled (children and Leaders) and we had a
where Mark had organised a full programme.          press call with a picture in the paper before the
The older Cubs had their turn at the District       boxes were collected for onward distribution.
Sixer Camp in early June.                           What better ways, on the approach to
    During June, most of the Beavers and Cubs       Christmas, than to take part in this very
had an excellent day out at the Scouting            worthwhile project.
Association site at Gilwell, Essex where the            The Christmas period started with the
day was based on a ‘medieval’ theme.                Advent Church Parade (one of the two yearly
Knights fought each other on horseback and          parades with the other in March). Christmas
the young people had plenty of opportunities        is a busy time with the Scout Post, our own
to go on bouncy castles, ropeways, grass            Group entertainment, a trip to the Marlowe for
toboggans and a host of other activities.           the panto, our own party night, bag packing at
These days are great fun but exhausting for the     Asda and the Scouts skiing trip to Chatham.
children (and the Leaders!) ensuring everyone       The Group’s entertainment was in the form of
slept on the coach home.                            a ‘Christingle Service’ slightly modified to
    The end of the month saw the Cubs riding        match our own needs. There was a delightful
bikes along the sea wall from Reculver to           moment when all the candles were lit and the
Minnis Bay and the Beavers spending an              lights were dimmed. This same evening, the
evening on the beach at Tankerton Slopes.           Group paid tribute to Pete Covill who had
July leads into the Summer holidays and the         retired from the Group at the AGM in October.
main Cub, Explorers and Scout camps of the          Pete had been involved with the Group for
year.      These were held at Barham at an          over 25 years as a Leader, then Akela and
excellent site with masses of wood and a very       subsequently as the Group Chairman.            His
helpful farmer.       The Cub theme was the         service to Scouting has also been recognised
‘Olympic Games’ with a suitable parade and,         by the District Association with the award of
of course, a whole series of fun games. The         the Medal of Merit for outstanding services to
Explorers had their own camp during the next        the Movement.
few days and the Scouts came at the weekend             Skiing for the Scouts and Explorers was
for a full week’s camp. The highlights for the      one of the best organised yet with quite a few
Scouts were sailing at Dover and a day in           of our children being able to be classified as
France at ‘Aqualud’ in Le Touquet. This was         ‘free skiers’ and able to use the main slope
a swimming pool/adventure area with a               without direct supervision. As many of the
difference and kept everyone fully occupied         parishioners know, the Scout Christmas post is
for most of the day with just a short period on     always successful and, this year, handled over
the beach before catching the coach back.           6000 items. We are always thankful to the
With cooking competitions, hikes and plenty         Church for supporting and promoting this
of games, what more could the young people          event.
want?                                                   Life is a little quieter after Christmas but it
    In the Autumn, the Beavers had a day at         has still been possible to have time at Ross
Wildwood and used the local bus service to get      Wood culminating in an Easter Egg hunt just
there! A very successful trip and an excellent      before the end of term. The Beavers were
invited to the Art College for one of their              Sean O’Connor (Seminarian)
meetings and the Scouts and Explorers took                     Father Philip Seed
part in the annual sponsored walk to Aylesford
during the half term.       The Beavers were             ST VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY
invited to the Art College for one of their                            (S.V.P.)
meetings and the Scouts and Explorers took             The Conference grew significantly this
part in the annual sponsored walk to Aylesford     year. An information weekend close to St
during the half term. This latter activity is      Vincent’s feast (27th September), attracted
quite an achievement with the youngsters           much interest in our work, and led to seven
covering a total distance of 34 miles spread       people joining as full members. Our capacity
over Friday night, Saturday and Sunday             to visit those in need has been considerably
morning.                                           enhanced. We’re now seeing some twenty
    With the start of the new term, the annual     people on a regular basis. We continue to
St George’s Day parade beckons where we            assist in more material ways, helping single
renew our promises as part of the Scouting         mums (and dads!), to buy things like washing
movement. This year is rather special for the      machines, school uniforms and fridges, always
Group as Pam and Tony (Akela and Skip) will        with a visit of course. We’ve also given our
be receiving the Silver Acorn Awards for very      support to someone suffering bereavement.
outstanding service to the Scouting movement.      We have been active in distributing Christmas
Both these Leaders have given their all to the     hampers and vouchers on behalf of the Lord
Group and just as much work with the District      Mayor’s and Canterbury Almshouse Trustees.
especially for Special Needs children and Tony         There are also our socials. The summer
for his role as Camp Warden up at the District     outing in September went to Aylesford Priory,
camp site in Ross Wood. Towards the end of         where we picnicked.       The Christmas Party
last year, Hilary, one of our assistant Cub        jollied along by musicians and monologuers
Leaders, was also awarded the Medal of Merit       from the parish, took place on 19th December
for her work with the County Training team.        in St Thomas’ Hall.
This shows overall recognition of the quality          Both events provided fun and enjoyment
of our Leaders and ensures we run an effective     for guests and conference members alike.
organization. It is this quality which makes           I can usually report on parishioners’ great
our Group as successful as it is but we must       generosity when it comes to fundraising. Our
always remember that we have considerable          door collections for the poor and needy of the
support from the Church and the backing of         parish demonstrates it every single month over
our parents. The challenge is there for all our    the past year. So did a ‘one-off’ appeal, the
young people and we hope that his is accepted      Tsunami Adopt-an-Orphan scheme, held,
and leads to the well rounded development of       courtesy of Canon Bunce, over the weekend of
our youngsters leading to the citizens of the      19th / 20th February.      The conference has
future.                                            supported a twin conference in India for some
      Alan Ross – Group Scout Leader               time.     The ‘Adopt-a-Twin’ appeal invited
                                                   individual parishioners to become personally
              ALTAR SERVERS                        involved in the work of the SVP, which a lot
    We have twenty five percent more servers       have done, magnificently.
than we had in September of 2004 and some of           I thank them, and all who have contributed
the existing ones have increased their             to the door collections. I also thank Canon
repertoire of Liturgical skills.                   Bunce, and the parish clergy, and Brenda and
    Only the 8 am Mass on a Sunday is without      John for their much appreciated support over
a parishioner as Server, the rest have very able   the year.
servers who serve the Liturgy well.                            Mark Bateson, President
    The highlights for me were the training of a
Thurifer for the 11.00 am Mass and the                              100 CLUB
coming together of servers from different                   Another successful year for the 100
Masses to serve the Triduum.                       Club in which all 100 numbers were ‘sold’
    A word must go to the parents as all support   early on in the year. Two monthly winners of
their children in serving by bringing them to      £20.00 have been drawn throughout the year
Mass and some even go as far as giving them        and four lucky members will win £250.00 each
feedback on how they served!                       in the Grand Draw on 9th May, at the A.G.M.
    For the future I hope that this group of                The 100 Club has been described as a
servers continue to grow and that adult servers    ‘bit of fun’ whereby the parish gains to the
join them to help with training and the big        sum of £1000.00, and parishioners and friends
liturgical occasions.                              may win a few extra £’s along the way. If you
want to continue to be part of the ‘fun’ its time         They don’t give it to each other.
to be thinking of renewing your membership                Similarly with the Host.          This is to
(or joining for the first time). Look for the             heighten the reverence.
membership form for 2005-06 in a                          John Renn objected to all these details.
forthcoming newsletter – fill it in, return it and        He felt the inner attitude was more
you could be lucky for the next year.                     important.
     Ron Arcari, 100 Club Organiser                  6.   Finance Committee’s Report.               Sue
                                                          Purbrick felt strongly that the finance
   MINUTES OF THE AGM HELD ON                             committee’s report should not be
       MONDAY, 9th May, 2005.                             accepted, as she felt there were
                                                          inaccuracies in it.            Rob McGillie
Mass was celebrated at 7pm. The meeting                   proposed that Sue should meet the Finance
then adjourned to the church hall and was                 Committee and express her objections to
reconvened at 7.45pm.                                     them.      Ron Arcari proposed a vote of
Present: Chris Bull (Chairman), Canon                     confidence in the finance committee.
Bunce, Father Philip Seed, Father George             7.   Parish Priest’s Report. Canon Bunce
Marsden, Deacon David Avery, members of                   took it that his written report had been
the Parish Pastoral Council and Parishioners.             read and asked if any clarifications were
1. Apologies for Absence were received                    needed.
     from Father Richard Bateman, Jean                     RCIA. It was noted the RCIA was in
     Johnson, Barbara Markham and Mike                    abeyance; however a good number of
     Garside.                                             converts were being instructed by the
2. To receive any other business.            Sue          Canon and by Fr Philip. The practical
     Purbrick wished to talk about the financial          instruction/initiation happens at Mass.
     committee’s report and implications                  However, the RCIA needs to be
     arising from it.                                     relaunched, so that those inquirers are
3. Minutes of the AGM held on 10th May,                   accepted by the community, which gives
     2004, were accepted as a true report.                support and prayer.
     Proposer: Brian Molloy.         Seconded:            Canon expressed how much he values the
     Jonathan Butchers.                                   ministry of the parish clergy: Fr George
4. Matters Arising. There were no matters                 with Masses and the Sacrament of
     arising from the minutes. Two matters                Reconciliation.       Fr Philip, who is his
     arose from the Annual Report.                        mainstay.      This ministry is very much
     Referring to her talk on St Therese of               appreciated, always cheerful, positive and
     Lisieux to the Ecumenical Society of the             willing, sometimes accident prone!
     Blessed Virgin Mary, Leslie Smith wished             Fr Richard is in America. Still working
     the sentence beginning: ‘The effect of her           two years after his operation, wanting to
     entry into Carmel…’ to be omitted.                   do as much as he can.
     Deacon David pointed out that his second             Deacon       David,      quiet   and     non-
     report     should     have  been      titled         confrontational,      giving     instructions,
‘Extraordinary Ministers of Communion’.                   visiting, officiating at cremations.
Greta McHugh challenged the ambiguity of the              Fr Sylvester is coming in July and August.
word ‘Communion’.                                         Frances Gerth is organising a concert in
5. The Chairman’s Report. Chris wished                    the church on 13th June to raise funds for
     to add that this year is the year of the             Fr Sylvester’s School.
     Eucharist and that every Saturday there              Sean O’Connor, our seminarian, visits St
     was Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament              Anselm’s School, the hospital, the prison
     from 11am – 11.30am. Sean O’Connor,                  and helps in the sacristy. Brian Molloy
     our Seminarian, leaves us in June, so in             proposed a vote of thanks to him. Canon
     July, August and September a Eucharistic             Bunce thanked all the parishioners.
     Minister will be needed to put the Host in      8.   Any Other Business. There was none.
     the Monstrance.                                 9.   Draw for 100 Club. Brenda was thanked
     The guidelines for Eucharist Ministers               for taking over from Hugh Sullivan. By
     have been clarified and Fr Philip Seed               last May there were only 80 members, but
     explained them.                                      Cyril Adam bought the remaining 20
     The Chalice should be purified only by the           tickets.
     priest or the deacon.                                A cheque for £1000 was given to Canon
     At the Communion the Chalice is given to             Bunce. The winners of the draw with
     the deacon first and then the priest gives           prizes of £250 were: number 63, Pat Gill,
     the extraordinary ministers the chalice.
    33, Peter Harrison, 58, Elizabeth Simpson,
    100 Teresa Woolmer.
10. The Closing Prayer was led by Fr Philip.
11. Refreshments were provided.

           Agenda for the A.G.M.
              on May, 2006.

1.  Opening Prayer (Mass at 7.00 p.m.)
2.  Apologies for absence
3.  To Receive Any Other Business (already
4. Minutes of the AGM held on 9th May
5. Matters Arising (not appearing on the
6. Chairman’s Report
7. Finance Committee’s Report
8. Parish Priest’s Report
9. Any Other Business
10. Draw for the 100 Club
11. Closing Prayer
12. Refreshments


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