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					                         The Village Crier                                                         Volume 2, Issue 3
                       Newsletter of East Campus Village                                              Nov 2005
               Rooker Hall Becomes Official!                                                      Inside this issue
On Thursday, October 20th, the building you used to know simply as 1513 was offi-             Rooker Hall                 1
cially renamed John W. “Jack” Rooker Residence Hall. The building is named for Jack           Becomes Official
Rooker, who graduated from UGA in 1960 with a Bachelors degree in Business Ad-
ministration. Rooker is chief executive officer of John W. Rooker and Associates Inc.         Save Your Energy           1
and Southern Bonded Warehouse Co. and is responsible for more than 25 million
square feet of warehouse space around the Atlanta area, including the Yokohama Tire           Not Returning?              1
facility in the Barrow Industrial Park. He is also executive director of the UGA Real
Estate Foundation, which was essential in providing the funding for the East Campus           Riddle Me This...           1
                                                                                              Important Information      1
Also newly renamed is the Cindy Rooker Fireside Lounge, dedicated to Jack Rooker’s            Fun Fact                    1
wife. Mrs. Rooker graduated from UGA with a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood
Education and is noted for her numerous philanthropic endeavors including her work            Community Board             2
in developing the UGA equestrian team.
                                                                                              Piece of Cake!              2
                Save Your Energy!                                Not Returning?               What’s Happening?           2

As the days get shorter and nights get cooler, there are        Not coming back to ECV        Quick Snacks                2
some great ways for you to help conserve energy and             or UGA for the Spring
                                                                                              Inspirational Corner        2
                                                                Semester? Please make
                                                                sure to cancel your hous-
•    Keep your thermostat around 72 degrees so it               ing contract by December
                                                                1st. Contact the Housing
                                                                                                Riddle Me This...
     avoids kicking on during the day.
•    When washing clothes in the laundry room, always           Assignments Office at
     use cold water.                                            542-1421 for more infor-     The first ECV resident to reply
•    Turn off all lights in the apartment when leaving.         mation. Remember, it’s       with the right answer to the
                                                                your responsibility to re-   riddle will receive a wonderful
•    When brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing
                                                                port your status to Hous-    ECV prize.
     dishes, avoid keeping the water running consis-
     tently and only turn it off and on when needed.            ing.
                                                                                             What English word can have 4
                                                                                              of it’s 5 letters removed and
           Important Information—Holiday Decorations                                              still retain it’s original
    As the end of the semester approaches, students begin to think about decorating
    their rooms to reflect their holiday spirit. The ECV staff wants to remind you of the    Contact
    decoration policies located in your 2005-2006 Community Guide. Remember that             with your answer.
    no live trees are permitted in ECV. Also, any artificial trees made of aluminum or
    metal may not be wired with tree lights. Avoid decorating your doors and windows         Last month’s answer—ENT.
    with items that are flammable (such as fake spider-webs) or will deface the property
    during removal. Finally, leaves, grass, straw and other natural flammable items          Congrats to last month’s
    may not be placed in resident apartments.                                                winner—Syreeta Barlow!

    November Fun Fact—Food Superstitions
    November brings with it Thanksgiving, which is known for lots of feasting. But did you know that many of the
    foods we use to put together Thanksgiving celebrations have superstitions associated with them? For instance, the
    ancient Egyptians thought onions kept evil spirits away. They placed their hands on an onion whenever they made a
    promise or took an oath. Europeans sprinkled mustard seed on the tops of their houses to keep vampires away.
    Finally, in Japan, beans are scattered in dark corners and entranceways of houses to drive out evil spirits.

    East Campus Village 24-hour Community Desk   706-542-1780                                   The Village Crier     Page 1
          Community Board Corner                                                      What’s
The East Campus Village Community Board is up and running and we
want to hear from you! We are currently hard at work on several initia-
tives and we want to get some feedback concerning our ideas. Below is a       Graduate School Information Day
list of ideas we are developing:                                              Thursday, November 3, 2005
                                                                              10am-2pm; Georgia Hall—Tate Center
• The creation of an ECV game room. We are deciding on two items to
                                                                              Interested in furthering your education
     place in the game room and we’ve narrowed our choices down to a
                                                                              after graduation? Find out all about
     pool table, ping-pong table, air hockey table and foosball table.
                                                                              the application process and educa-
• We are looking into the possibility of adding another crosswalk be-         tional opportunities here at UGA.
     tween ECV and Ramsey. This crosswalk would be located near               Sponsored by the Career Center
     Rooker Hall (where you already see the grass worn down).
• Anyone up for a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament? This is just one of the          Habitat for Humanity’s 6th Annual
     program ideas we have for the rest of the semester.                      Turkey Trot
                                                                              Saturday, November 5, 2005
What do you think of these ideas? Anything else you’d like to see us work     8:30am; Stegeman Coliseum
on? Just email us at and we’ll discuss the issue!              Raise your heart rate while raising
                                                                              money for Habitat for Humanity’s 10th
                                                                              house. Five kilometers around UGA’s
                      Piece of Cake!                                          campus in the Fall—who could ask for
                                                                              anything more? Entry forms are avail-
The Cake Doctor is coming to ECV! As a part of Alumni Visions, Anne           able at the ECV Front Desk. Group
Byrn, author of The Cake Mix Doctor and The Chocolate Cake Mix Doctor,        rates are available.
will be on hand to talk about her career path and maybe even give a few       Sponsored by Habitat for Humanity
cake making tips. Ms. Byrn will be presenting on Friday, November
11th from 12:00pm to 1:30pm in the Fireside Lounge. You are en-               T.O.P. Dawg: Conflict Resolution
couraged to bring your lunch and hear the fascinating story of how this       Tuesday, November 8, 2005
amazing woman came to be known as The Cake Doctor.                            4:30-5:30pm; ECV Fireside Lounge
                                                                              Do you have someone in your organi-
Ms. Byrn graduated from UGA and moved on to become a food editor at           zation or at your job that you just can’t
the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Tennessean. She has won              get along with? Come learn some
awards on the national level and is the author of several books, including    strategies to help solve the conflict and
Cooking in the New South and Food Gifts for All Seasons. Ms. Byrn cur-        learn how to work together to achieve
rently lives in Nashville with her family.                                    more.
                                                                              Sponsored by Leadership Programs

                                                                              Dawgs After Dark: Winter Wonder-
                       Quick Snacks                                           land
                                                                              Friday, November 11, 2005
                                                                              10:00pm-2:00am; Tate Center
                                                                              Stay up all night and enjoy Jason’s
                                                                              Deli as well as the classic Build-A-
9 oz. chocolate wafer cookies          4 oz. milk chocolate candy melts
                                                                              Bear. Also, make your own snow globe
                                                                              and get a manicure or pedicure in the
Use a serrated knife to carefully cut 18 of the cookies into quarters. Save
remaining cookies for another use. For each bat, place 2 cookie quarters
                                                                              Sponsored by University Union
1/4” apart on waxed paper. Repeat with remaining quarters. Melt candy
melts. Drop about 1/2 teaspoon of melted candy at center of each bat,
                                                                              University Theatre Presents: Noises
connecting cookies. Use a toothpick to smooth melted candy into a uni-
form circle. Cool completely before removing from waxed paper.
                                                                              Thursday, November 17, 2005
                                                                              8:00pm; Fine Arts Theatre
                                                                              (additional dates—11/18, 11/30, 12/1)
                Inspirational Corner                                          University Theatre brings one of the
                                                                              longest-running plays from Broadway
You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you        and London’s West End to Athens.
                   stop laughing. - Michael Pritchard                         Take a look at this wacky comedy of
                                                                              errors! $12; $10 for students.
Submitted by Syreeta Barlow. Send your favorite inspirational quote to        Sponsored by the Department of Thea- and it may be used in future newsletters.                     tre and Film Studies

East Campus Village 24-hour Community Desk   706-542-1780                               The Village Crier   Page 2

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