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					November 8, 2009                                                      WATERFORD CONGREGATION
                          1990 Crescent Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48327                                                        248-673-1331
                   Editor, Dixie Scofield, 586-757-0185 or

                 Well, November is here and with it comes elections, raking leaves, deer hunting, Veteran’s
            Day, deer hunting, Thanksgiving and of course deer hunting. The wind is crisp and there is hint
            of snow in the air, gardens are cleared, the soil is overturned making it ready for next year’s
                 Veteran’s Day (Armistice Day) a holiday that has been lost since I was a kid. “11….11….11”
Do any of you remember what this means? I can assure you it has nothing to do with deer hunting as some
people believe. Anyone over fifty should remember, but the first “11” stands for November, the eleventh
month, the second “11” stands for the eleventh day of that month and finally the third “11” stands for the
eleventh hour, 11am. That was the official implementation of a “cease fire” that ultimately led to the end to
World War I. The war that was to end all wars! History has shown that this didn’t happen. Take the time to
thank a veteran for sacrificing their tomorrows so we can enjoy our todays. To all our vet’s, many thanks
and may God continue to bless you.
     I am reading a new book, but I know many of you have read it. The book is titled The Shack and is
written by William Young. I am finding it very thought provoking as it delves into the troubled life of Mack
(Mackenzie). The questions being asked are those very questions that confront many of us each day. If
God exists, why do bad things happen to good people? If God exists, why does he allow so much “pain” to
be felt by His children (You and I)? These are tough tough questions and I’m not going to pretend that I can
answer them. I am finding it fascinating that God is telling us that He is here always. He is with us
individually during good and bad times. We just have to trust in Him! Reach out to Him ! Often our thoughts
are very limited. They’re limited by how we were brought up, by our geographic location, by our education
and by our fear. These limits force artificial boundaries on how we perceive events and how we judge
people. This self-centeredness can lead us to the wrong conclusions. How we overcome this phenomenon
may prove to be worthwhile. It may offer us a chance for a richer and fuller life in the future. A study group
may be very helpful into a much deeper understanding.
     What are you the most thankful for? Is it your children? …. Your wife or husband? …. Your Parents?
…. Your Church? …. Your Health? For next month’s newsletter, write about whatever or whomever you
are the most thankful and why. Then give it to Dixie so she can publish it in December’s Newsletter. It could
be just one line, one paragraph or one page, just tell us about it.
     Blessed to be on the journey together…
                                Rick Brownlee, Associate Pastor, 248-563-5549,

     The top graph on the right shows the preliminary status of the 2009 Local
Operating Fund on October 31, 2009. This indicates a surplus of $388 for the year.
Income for October from offerings was $3,571 with expenses of $2,638. However
because we had a negative balance at the end of September, our year to date
surplus is $388. These figures do not include World Church Investment Pool
dividends for July, August, September, or October – or Savings interest for October
as these have not been posted or received yet. Also not included are free will
offerings made at the Women’s Breakfast. While we had a much better response
in October, we are still a long way from covering that dreaded insurance bill which I
have been assured is on it’s way. We will also have some expense in November
for a water system inspection and testing required by the township, which should
hopefully be minimal. Thank you for your increased offerings in October. We need
to keep it going. Please make the local operating fund a priority as you share your
Disciples Generous Response.
     The Building Fund continues to fare well for the year with envelope contributions
at the end of October at $6,104 for the year. The Building Committee is in the pro-
cess of planning projects for 2010. Some of the projects may actually be mainten-
ance items covered by the operating fund. The next large project being considered
is the parking lot which will likely need to be covered by the Building Fund. Your continued support of the
Building Fund will help provide funds for such a project.
     The Cents Bank for September received $74.26 which was sent on to Detroit Hope for their Building
Improvement Project. The Cents Bank for October received $70.64 which will go to Lighthouse to help
them provide food for Thanksgiving for the clients that they serve. November Cents will be shared between
Thanksgiving food and Christmas projects for Lighthouse.
     If you have any questions concerning financial matters of the church or congregation, or would like to
receive offering envelopes, please feel free to contact me at any time at church or at the e-mail address or
phone numbers below.
                         Rick Herr, Financial Officer, 248-663-9621 or 248-421-9616,
October Teen Night
     On October 24th the teens had a pumpkin carving game night. In attendance were: Austin Villeneuve,
Brenton Villeneuve, Kristen Herr, Dylan Herr, Raquel Villella, Jeremy Slupinski, Isaiah Hernandez, Lucas
Hernandez, and Jon Werth plus Mr. Darek, Mr. Mike and Mrs. Brenda. We started the evening off with 12
pumpkins, 9 young cosmetic surgeons and several sharp tools. After the guts flew, nine pumpkins had a
brave new look and Mrs. Brenda baked the pumpkin seeds. Sloppy Joes were served for dinner and then
the games began. We played Scattergories, UNO and Pictionary. It was a really fun night for all who were
there. To see pictures of the event, go to the new Waterford Youth web site,
and click the Jr & Sr High link.

November Teen Activity
      On November 8th, after church, the teens will be taking part in “Operation Christmas Child” where we
will be filling shoe boxes with stuff for kids around the world who are not as fortunate as us. The teens are
asked to bring $10 and after church we will make a trip to Walmart or Meijers to buy the goodies then back
to the church to pack and wrap. For more details go to the Waterford Youth web site mentioned above.

December Teen Night
      Saturday, December 5th, we will be holding a youth (6th to 12th grades) movie night from 4:00 to 8:30
p.m. Tacos will be served for dinner. Invite your friends and we’ll have some fun. More details on the
Youth web site.
                                                      Mike Slupinski, 586-214-4704, or
Teen Praise, November 22, 2009
      If you’re in 6th through 12th grade, come and join us for your next teen worship. We’ll start upstairs at
10:30 am and will share our good news and charitable giving with the congregation. If you haven’t joined us
yet, that’s okay, you and your friends are always welcome. If you have attended in the past and took your
folders home, please remember to bring them back. Also, remember to pray for those on our prayer list.
Hope to see you, and remember to bring a friend!
                                                 Donna Albrecht, 810-599-4157, or
Saturday “Knights” Eastside
      This month’s activity will be on November 14th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the Boys and Girls club of
Auburn Hills. The gym will be open and board games will be available – or bring your favorite to share. We
will have the run of the club which means access to basketball, pool tables, etc. Come and spend time with
your friends. Donations will be accepted to help with costs of using the facility and you must have a
permission form on file. For more information, please contact Missy or Pam.
                                              Missy Roberts, 248-691-1077 or Pam Hernandez, 248-249-4157
Senior High Weekend
      Journey House Campus Ministries presents the annual Senior High Weekend on November 13 – 15.
High school juniors and seniors, come and enjoy a weekend set aside just for you at Journey House.
Experience Journey House Campus Ministries, 1628 E. Grand River Ave., East Lansing, MI 48823, and get
a taste of life at Michigan State University. Take a campus tour and spend a weekend in fellowship with old
friends while meeting new ones!
      The cost for the entire weekend is only $40, which includes meals and entertainment on campus.
Please download the registration form at We can’t wait to see you there.
      Contact us with any questions at or 517-337-1845
      Rehearsals have begun for the Children’s Christmas Worship. We will be presenting Christmas
Presence this year on Sunday, December 13, during the 10:30 service. We need EVERYONE!!! We need
singers, actors, shepherds, angels, instrument players, stage hands, etc, etc. We will be practicing during
church for the next several weeks. Please come and be a part of this “present “ to the congregation. See
Cozette Slupinski, Allison Curtis or Donna Albrecht if you have questions or if you need a ride to church.
                                                         Allison Curtis, 248-360-3971 or

     Our annual Christmas activity for children (toddlers through 6th grade) will be held December 5 from
10:00am until noon. Children will have a fun filled morning experiencing a variety of activities focusing on
the reason for the holiday season. We may even get a visit from a very special “ho-Ho” man before lunch.
If you have any questions or are free to help, please contact me.
                                                    Heather Schott, 248-588-8268 or

CHRISTMAS – MIXED CHOIR – December 13, 2009
     Practices will begin for a full mixed choir (SATB) on Sunday, November 15. There is a quartet also
practicing for a different service, so you’ll have time to grab a snack, but please join us by the piano as soon
as the quartet is finished. I’ll try to make it a 20 minute or less practice. The choir song is short and sweet
and will be sung with a children’s choir during their Christmas worship on December 13. Additional
practices will be held on Nov. 22, 29, Dec. 6 and 13. Questions or comments, see me.
                                                  Donna Albrecht, 810- 599- 4157 or

Adult Sunday School Class begins the study of the book of Hebrews November 8th. Please join us as we
explore this interesting and inspiring book of the Bible.
Senior High
     As part of our discussion on how we could make the world a better place, the senior high class
prepared care packages for the military. We also plan to share with the college students who are away. If
you have knowledge of military personnel or college students, please share their addresses with us.
     On Saturday, November 21, we will be joining others at Lighthouse to assemble the Thanksgiving
baskets from 9 am to noon. We welcome anyone who would like to come along to help. We’ll have lunch
together too.
                                                                                 Allison Curtis, 248-360-3971
Junior Class
     Our grade 3, 4 and 5 students have been learning about Old Testament stories this year. We talked
about the Creation Story and learned about Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
We shared our play dough creations as centerpieces for snack time that morning. We talked about Noah
and the Ark he built and used a flannel graph to illustrate the story. We learned about the Tower of Babel, a
ziggurat built with the new technology of fired bricks, and that God gave the people different languages and
told them to spread out on the land. That week we experimented with working together building towers
without being able to speak to each other.
     When we started the story of Abraham and his family, we looked at maps to get an idea of his travels.
We learned about the promise God made to Abraham and about Abraham’s faithfulness. We learned about
his son, Ishmael, and then his son, Isaac.
     We reviewed our stories and characters by playing some games the next week. I was pleased at how
well the students could re-tell the stories and help those who had missed some of the lessons. Then we
followed the story of Isaac as he married Rebekah and had twins, Jacob and Esau. After Jacob tricked
Esau out of his birthright and blessing he left to find a wife. He went to the town of his uncle, Laban, a man
who like to outwit people as much as Jacob. We will continue learning about Jacob’s family and their
adventures in the coming weeks.
     We are excited about the kids who have come to class and would love to see more kids. This is an
especially exciting time to come because we are also getting ready for our Children’s Christmas Worship
which will be on December 13th. Different kids will be sharing in different ways in preparation for, and during
this wonderful service.
               Cozette Slupinski, 586-214-4854, and Emily Watkins, 248-420-5884, Junior Class teachers

Primary Class
     The Primary Sunday School Class (Kindergarten thru’ 2nd grade) has been focusing on Old Testament
stories this fall. We have learned about Creation, Noah’s Ark, Baby Moses, Joseph and the Coat of Many
Colors and Daniel and the Lion’s Den so far. Each week we also learn what lesson God has in the story for
our lives today.
     Painting with watercolors seems to be a favorite activity but we have also made books, acted out the
stories and done some cutting, coloring and gluing. Each week I am reminded of the importance of sharing
these Bible stories with our children. It’s a joy to come and teach each Sunday. If you have any children or
grandchildren in this age group, we invite you to bring them at 9:30 each week to be part of our learning.
                                                                            Nancy Villeneuve, 248-922-9633

                                           Happy Birthday
      2 – Aloma Robinson                 13 – Morgan Gardella                  24 – Katelyn Werth
          Kristie Nitz                   14 – James Outzs                      28 – Janet Basinger
      3 – Megan DeHetre                  15 – Jerry Hamel                      29 – Kathleen Thor
          Aidan Upham                    16 – Andy Jensen                         DECEMBER
      7 – Jo Anderegg                    17 – Greta Betz                        2 – Dylan Herr
          Giuliana Herrera                    Beth Bouverette                      Allyse Johnston
          Tim Werth                     18 – Timothy Gardella                   4 – Ronda Richie
      9 – Avery Outzs                          Tomas Herandez                        Kari Upham
          Claire Scofield               19 – Julie Genta                         6 – Joanne Dehetre
     12 – Kristen Betz                       Rachel Hammond                      7 – Angelina Yang
                                        22 – Seth Nitz

     We will be decorating our church sanctuary for the Christmas holidays on Sunday, November 29, after
choir practice. Please plan to join in the celebration of the beginning our Advent. Our theme is Ministry of
Angels. Besides making an angel ornament to hang on the tree, we are asking each family to bring one
Christmas ornament. They will be returned after the Christmas season.
     What does the Ministry of Angels mean to you? Come and explore with us the Ministry of Angels
during this Advent Season. Each week we will explore the encounters that people had with angels in the
time surrounding the birth of Jesus. The five part focus moment for the Sundays of Advent and Christmas
Eve tell the stories of the angel and Zechariah, the angel and Mary, the angel and Joseph, the angel and
the shepherds and the angel chorus. We will learn each week how to be messengers for Jesus as the
angels were.
                                                       Trudy Hamel, 248-666-9523 or dhamel9523
     “Glad Tidings, Great Joy!” Ladies please mark your calendars now for our Christmas Celebration to be
held Thursday, December 10th, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Don’t hesitate to invite your friends. More details to
follow! I’m sure you were truly blessed, as I was, by all the preparation and planning that Kathy Jarzynski
put into our October 31st Worship, “The Seasons of a Woman’s Life.” We were so inspired by the touching
ministry of Sheila Crouch and Ruth Ann Kelly’s singing of “Carry the Light”.
                                                 Jo Heitmeyer, 248-673-1989 or

      The Women of Waterford hosted a Breakfast on October 31st with Guest speaker, Sheila Crouch. I was
overwhelmed by the response for we had 68 women attend this event. Several women from our sister
congregations – Troy Oaks, Lake Orion, Riverview and Brighton – came in support along with many friends.
Sheila not only ministered to us regarding the different seasons of a woman’s life, she also made us laugh,
cry and have a better understanding of scripture. Sheila encouraged us as women of all ages to reach our
full potential. She challenged, enlightened, inspired and motivated us through her ministry and the talent
God has given her. Many different age groups were represented from 8 to 85 and the comments were
positive with the question, “when can she come back?”
      I would also like to thank Mike Slupinski who made our breakfast and his crew consisting of Jeremy
Slupinski, Tim and Jonny Werth, Andy Omans and Darrell Hammond. Not only did these gentlemen serve
68 women in a timely manner but also did all the cleanup. Thanks, guys, for a job well done.
      Dana and Gary Blumerich set up and decorated our tables. Trudy Hamel did a beautiful job with our
worship setting. Jo Heitmeyer, Jo Brownlee and Donna Foster were the greeters. Finally I’d like to thank
our pastor, Cynthia Omans, who encouraged me to go out in faith and pursue this endeavor. It was a
wonderful experience to worship together as Sisters in Christ.
                                                     Kathy Jarzynski, 248-652-6763 or

     The theme for Junior Church this year is “Fruits of the Spirit”. Children ages Kindergarten through 5th
grade will meet once a month to learn about these nine qualities listed in the Bible in Galatians 5:22-23.
Our first lesson was in October and we shared an apple snack and focused our learning on love. The next
Junior Church will be November 15th at 10:30. Come join us each month as we learn about the rest of the
Fruits of the Spirit: joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
                                            Jaime Werth, 248- 698-7607 and Nancy Villeneuve, 248-922-9633

    The October Red Cross Blood drive was another success. We collected 48 pints of blood and another
14 people tried but could not give. Thank you to Andy Omans for opening the building for the Red Cross,
Jo Anderegg, Dee & Roy Flexter and Jane Sutherland for being there most of the day. Thanks also to Rick
Herr for helping me clean up and my pie makers, Trudy Hamel, Dixie Scofield, Dee Flexter and Jane
Sutherland. Our next drive is December 7th – hope to see you there. We do make a difference.
                                                  Donna Foster, 248-421-3219 or

     Once again we will work with Lighthouse of Oakland County and adopt a family of seven people this
holiday season. I will be posting their wish list in the fellowship area in the next few weeks. Please
prayerfully consider what you are able to donate to this family this year. December 13th is the last day to
drop off your donated items at the church. I will be delivering the items to Lighthouse on December 14th. If
you have any questions, please contact me.
                                                     Jaime Werth, 248-698-7607 or

      Courtney Villeneuve participated in her high school band competition early in October and they had a
very good day – sweeping all the 1st place awards. Dylan Herr has earned almost all A+’s so far this school
year. Austin Villeneuve had a great time at his school camp canoeing, zipline, etc. Isaiah Hernandez is
playing football for his school and the team is doing well. Katelyn and Jon Werth celebrated “adoption
day” on Oct. 18th and shared their cake with the congregation.
      Alice Hammond visited on the phone with Rachel McKibben who celebrated her 103rd birthday the
27 of September. Rachel is doing well and sends her love to all. Cozette Slupinski got a long term para-
pro subbing job at her local elementary school the beginning of Oct. that will last until Thanksgiving (and
hopefully longer). She’s also subbing at the Nature Center some weekends. Harry Hammond is doing fine
after his second surgery and they’ll soon be headed to Texas to escape our Michigan winter. Clif Hamilton
is teaching as a teacher’s assistant in Philadelphia and will be closing on his house there soon.
      Brad Curtis made the Spartan hockey team and is the only freshman. He/they played against the
undefeated Davenport University team in Grand Rapids on Oct 30 – Spartans won in a very intense,
exciting game – that’s the good news. The bad news: Brad took a brutal hit toward the end of the game
and Glenn & Allison ended up in the emergency room with him until 3 a.m!. He’s not seriously injured but
very sore. Leigh Curtis is doing well at Disney World and should be home for Thanksgiving.
      Jane & John Sutherland celebrated their 8th anniversary in mid October. Rick & Jo Brownlee
celebrated their 25th anniversary with a get-away trip to Petosky.
      Work Day on the 18th resulted in finishing with the new ceiling tiles and getting the windows all washed.
Thanks to those who came out and helped.

 8 – Sun – after church – TEEN YOUTH buying and packing items for Operation Christmas Child
11 – Tue – VETERAN’S DAY – Remember those who have served & are serving our country
            CANCELLED – Planning meeting for Dec. Worship services
13 to 15 – JOURNEY HOUSE SR HIGH WEEKEND at Michigan State University
14 – Sat – 7:00 pm – SATURDAY “KNIGHTS” EASTSIDE at Boys & Girls Club, Auburn Hills
15 – Sun – 9:30am – SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES
          10:30am – WORSHIP SERVICE – Theme “Provoke One Another to Love”
                          Mike Upham, Presiding Jerry Utt, Speaking
                     JUNIOR CHURCH
          12:15pm – MIXED CHOIR PRACTICE
18 – Wed – 7:30pm – PRIESTHOOD MEETING
21 – Sat – 9:00am – SENIOR HIGHS pack Thanksgiving Baskets at Lighthouse, join them
22 – Sun – 9:30am – SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES
           10:30am – WORSHIP SERVICE – Theme “Alpha & Omega”
                          Nancy Villeneuve, Presiding   Anita Meyers, Speaking
                      TEEN PRAISE
          12:15pm – MIXED CHOIR PRACTICE
29 – Sun – 9:30am – SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES
           10:30am – WORSHIP SERVICE – Theme “ Redemption is Near”
                          Trudy Hamel, Presiding    Jo Heitmeyer, Speaking
           12:15pm – MIXED CHOIR PRACTICE
           12:30pm – HANGING OF THE GREENS
            4:00pm – TEEN MOVIE & TACO NIGHT
 6 – Sun – 9:30am – SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES for youth
                     PRAYER AND SHARE SERVICE
          10:30am – COMMUNION WORSHIP – Theme “Prepare the Way”
                          Kathy Sisson, Presiding Mike Slupinski, Speaking
          12:15pm – MIXED CHOIR PRACTICE
 7 – Mon – 1- 7pm – RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE
13 – Sun – 9:30am – SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES
          10:30pm – CHILDREN’S WORSHIP PROGRAM
NEW CONGREGATION DIRECTORIES are now ready. Be sure and see Cozette Slupinski to get yours.
PUBLICATION of the next newsletter will be December 6th. Please have information to me by Wednesday
evening, December 2. Thank you all. Dixie Scofield, 586-757-0185 or

                                    WATERFORD CONGREGATION
                                        VISION STATEMENT
                      To be recognized as a Christ centered, compassionate people.
                                         MISSION STATEMENT
             To provide the members of our congregations with the teachings of Jesus Christ
                     And enable them to take these teachings into the community.


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