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       Last Minute Gift & Tree Trimming Ideas at Lock 3’s Chriskindl Market
There are only a few shopping days left before Christmas! Avoid the mall crowds and find one-of-a-kind
items at Lock 3 Park’s Chriskindl Market, the largest seasonal Christmas Market between New York
and Chicago. Featuring twelve cottages housed by vendors from Akron sister-city of Chemnitz,
Germany, the Chriskindl Market offers unique items such as wooden toys, glass ornaments, candles and
ceramics not found anywhere else in the area, along with a unique shopping experience sure to get
anyone in the holiday spirit.

In addition to gifts, the Market offers some distinctive items to decorate the home or tree for the
holidays–from handmade tablecloths and wooden arches to nutcrackers and blown glass ornaments that
can be customized on the spot with the hand painted name of your choice. A full list of vendors and
items available for purchase is below.

Hungry from shopping? Check out the Hutzenstub. Sure to beat the fare at any mall food court, this
large heated area adjacent to the Chriskindl Market cottages offers a full menu of authentic German
food. From soups and potato pancakes to the signature bratwurst and sauerkraut, items can be purchased
to eat-in or to-go. The full Hutzenstub menu is listed below as well.

The Chriskindl Market and Hutzenstub, along with Lock 3’s ice skating rink–the largest season skating
rink in Ohio–is open Monday, December 18 through Saturday, December 23 from 11 am to 9 pm and
Sunday, December 24 from 11 am to 6 pm.


                                              -Chriskindl Market cont’d-

Chriskindl Market Items & Vendors
    Item                                                          Vendor
    Erzgebirge Stollen (oval shaped cake seasoned with raisins,   Erzgebirge Bakery Ltd., Annaberg
    almonds and spices)                                           Monika Trux
    Candles and decorations                                       Harmony Ltd.
                                                                  Kirstin Leppich
    Pottery                                                       Steuernagel’s Pottery
                                                                  Sabine Steuernagel
                                                                  Anja Beer
    Erzgebirge arts and crafts                                    Udo Müller’s Workshop
                                                                  Udo Müller
                                                                  Christin Fischer
    Glass balls and ornaments                                     Hausdörfer’s Glass Manufacture
                                                                  Mario Hausdörfer
                                                                  Astrid Hausdörfer
                                                                  Astrid Seyfarth
    Roasted nuts                                                  Tommy’s Specialities
    Chocolate covered fruit                                       Thomas Brieger
    Gingerbread hearts                                            Anett Brieger
    Tablecloths, tassels, trimmings and Plauen lace               OPEW Ltd.
                                                                  Karolin Tottewitz
    Christmas textiles, napkins, gifts                            Brändl Home Textiles
                                                                  Christian Wetzel
    Wooden arts & crafts                                          Lenk & Son Ltd.
                                                                  Claudio Lenk
                                                                  Christin Hofmann
                                                                  Monique Grämer
                                                                  Mike Dietze
    Wooden toys                                                   ILGGRO Ltd.
    Everything handmade from wood                                 Daniel Zink
                                                                  Matthias Kopp
                                                                  Tobias Schaub
    Christmas tree decoration handmade from straw                 IMEXTA
    Illuminated ceramic houses                                    Romy Kunze

Hutzenstub Menu
Soups / One-pot-meals                                                 •   French fries
   • Sweet-sour lentil soup with bacon & onion                        •   Potato pancakes (served with sauerkraut or
   • Potato soup "Erzgebirge style" with                                  apple sauce)
   • Vegetable soup                                               Desserts:
                                                                     • Quark pancakes (served with blueberries)
Main Dishes                                                          • Slices of Stollen
   • Bratwurst
   • Saxon roast pork                                             Beverages:
   • Frankfurters                                                    • Cold drinks
                                                                     • German beer
Side dishes:                                                         • Coffee, hot chocolate
   • Sauerkraut                                                      • Gluehwein (German mulled wine)
   • Potato dumplings
   • Fried potatoes


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