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									Colorado State University, U.S. Department of
Agriculture and Teller County cooperating.
Extension programs are non-discriminating.

Teller County Extension Office
County Centennial Building
P.O. Box 368                                    FEBRUARY 2008
Cripple Creek, CO 80813
Fax: 686-7960                                          PROJECT SCHOLARSHIP
                                                One final reminder: February 15, 2008 at 5
                                                p.m. is the date for applications to be in the
                                                Extension office. If you need a form, please
         Gary Hall, Interim                     contact your club leader or the Extension Office
    Teller County Extension Director            immediately!

                                                A LETTER TO OUR 4-H LEADERS
                                                 Dear 4-H Leaders: Just a quick note this morning
                                                to hopefully awake interest in the Leader Council
             Terri Wagner
                                                and the importance of having the opportunity to
          4-H/Youth Coordinator
                                                be a part of the leadership role it takes in the
                                                guidance to the youth and growing them into
                                                leaders for tomorrow.

                                                We need each of you to be a part of Leader
                                                Council, so we can grow as a team and build our 4-
                                                H program into one that draws interest in all we
                                                do, for the better of our youth in giving them a
                                                fun and learning experience.
          INSIDE THIS ISSUE                     Leader Council has a spot for you as a leader and
          Page 2 Auction News                   I know we all have our own opinions in how to guide
          Page 2 Consumer Choices               4-Hers and give the quality of learning we would
          Page 2 Leaders needed                 like to see happen. We are all here to see that
          Page 3 Club Reports                   they get the experiences of a lifetime and the
          Page 3 Become a Fair Judge            skills they need for a healthy life.
          Page 4 Swine meetings
          Page 4 Horse Project meetings         So in saying that this A.M. I will be calling each of
          Page 4 Camp Eagle                     you to invite you to our next Leader Council. Our
          Page 4 Three Way split                meetings are the same as the Member Council,
          Page 5 Enrollment information         first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. Let’s
          Page 5 Deadlines, deadlines           work as a team and make things happen and not
          Page 5 Baxter Black says              just let things happen.

                                                Looking forward to a great year,
                                                Sincerely, Hildred Davis
  If you need any special accommodation(s) to                  15% of what the item brings will go into
     participate in any events listed in this          the auction operating expense fund;
  newsletter, please contact the Teller County                 10% of what the item brings will go to the
    Extension Office at 689-2552 at least 5            Foundation to be used for project scholarship and
     working days in advance of the event.             higher education scholarships.

                                                       ** Travel Fund – the newly established travel
            AUCTION NEWS
                                                       fund will assist the Wisconsin Exchange 4-H
Plans are underway for the 16th annual 4-H Auction     members with their trip costs. In order to
                                                       qualify to receive this assistance from the
Extravaganza. The Auction will be held on April
20th at the Ute Pass Cultural Center. This year        fund, the 4-H member must do the following:
we’re going to try doing the LIVE auction first.
                                                       1)      Obtain the auction donation valued at a
Tables for the silent auction will already be set up
                                                       minimum value of $20.00;
and people can place bids on those during the
                                                       2)      Help at the auction for a minimum of 3
silent auction. The LIVE auction will begin at 1:00
                                                       hours. There will be a sign up list.
p.m. and end around 2:00 p.m. at which time the
                                                       3)      Submit a completed “Request Form” to
silent auction will begin. The first table(s) will
                                                       the Teller County 4-H Foundation. Request
close 30 minutes later and regularly thereafter.
                                                       forms are available at the Extension office and
                                                       will be returned to the 4-H Foundation at PO
   ♦   New this year will be a chili cook-off.
                                                       Box 4124, Woodland Park CO 80866.
       Anyone can enter their favorite chili
       recipe. The community at large will be
                                                       Planning is still in progress and any ideas or
       invited to compete. Judges are being
                                                       suggestions are welcomed and can be given to any
       selected outside the 4-H community.
                                                       committee member or to the Extension office.
       Judging of the chili will begin at noon. A
                                                       Auction Committee members are: Gilda Dellinger,
       prize will be given to the 1st place winter.
                                                       Hildred Davis, Rick Ellsworth, Ida Bertram, Kathy
       Once the chili judging is complete the chili
                                                       Ankrum, Dee Schoendaller and Amy Peck.
       will be sold for $.50 a cup. If you know
       anyone who makes outstanding chili, invite
       them to enter our cook-off!!                                JOIN THE FUN!!

   ♦   There will not be any door prizes. The          Consumer Choice Team – ages 14-18. We will
       auction committee will be discriminating in     compete at June Conference in both
       the type of items placed in the auction and     Consumer Choices and Consumer Bowl. It’s
       reserve the right to place any unsuitable       easy to learn and a lot of fun. Call Ida for
       items in the city-wide garage sale in the       more information at 687-9804.
                                                            Looking for Project Leaders!!
   ♦   There will no longer be any “full profit”
       items, but the club or group will               The following Projects do not have a leader as yet.
       automatically get 50% of whatever that          If you can help or know someone with the skills to
       item brings. Chili sales proceeds will also     help in the following Projects, please call the
       be divided using the above guidelines.          Extension Office and share the name.

How the proceeds will be distributed has also been     Clothing- Beginning, Intermediate.
revised:                                               Sportfishing
        50% of what the item brings will go to the     Small Game, and Waterfowl
club or group who got the donation;                    Gardening
        25% of what the item brings will into the      County Projects: Writing, Soapmaking,
newly established “travel fund”**;                     Rocketry
BUT!! We do have the following Project leaders:      approved. Discussion was held about the stock
Beef: Julia Strait, Jamie Tingle                     show. Wreath money is still outstanding and if you
Goat: Kathy Ankrum, Dee Schoendaller, Amy Peck       have any wreath money get it to Jamie or Ruthie
Poultry: Amy Nieman, Susan Bernstetter               as soon as possible. Community service projects
Sheep: Amy Peck, Ruth Grainger                       were discussed. It was agreed that the club would
Swine: Julia Strait, Donna Monroe                    help the fire house on February 9 with whatever
Horse: Trevor Byron, Amy Hileman, Jamie Tingle       they needed. The annual Junior Leader lock in will
Dog: Pam Moore, Dee Schoendaller                     be February 22 at the Divide hall. We have to be
Woodworking: Will Adams                              there at 5:30. The benefit auction will be
Shooting Sports: Robert Tyler, Rick Grenfell,        discussed at the next meeting. The club agreed to
Richard Strait, Charlie Geer                         hold the Cloverbud Day camp on March 25 at the
Leadership: Hildred Davis, Ruth Grainger, Jamie      Divide hall. More camp counselors are needed for
Tingle                                               Camp Eagle – you must be 15 years old to be a
Leathercraft: Will Adams                             counselor.
Visual Arts: Alexi Alfieri                           Joy Segovia, Junior Leader secretary
Cake Decorating: Hildred Davis
DYD: Hildred Davis                                   The Rocky Mountain Club met on January 14,
Baking: Hildred Davis                                2008. We had a pet clinic at Divide Fire on
Photography: Lynda MacDonald, (Cheryl Jones –        January 12th. We had a bake sale and helped
contact only)                                        people with their animals. It was fun for everyone
Ceramics: Donna Monroe                               who came. Two members of our club completed
Cloverbud: Hildred Davis, Phyllis Schimpf, Junior    officer training on January 5th. Mrs. Decker and
Leaders                                              Mrs. Smith made 4H member cards for everyone
                                                     in our club. We discussed planting flowers at the
If your name is missing from this list, please       PPCC for a community service project. Project
don’t assume that I received your enrollment in      scholarships are to be turned in by the 15th of
that project. I use only current enrollment          February. We decided we would go ice skating as a
information – nothing from last year. So, if         club on Saturday January 26th. Our next meeting
you were a leader last year you must re-enroll       will be on February 11. Matthew Mayfield,
this year and list the projects of interest.         Reporter
If your name is on this list, you may be
assisting, or advising the project.                        FAIR JUDGE TRAINING
                                                     The Southern Region 4-H Agents will be hosting a
The Mountain Communities 4-H Club met at the         4-H Judges Training for Consumer Sciences and
Woodland Park Library on January 11th. Terri         General Projects.
Wagner attended our meeting. We discussed fun        The training will be Saturday, April 5th from 8:30
things to do like going to the Cave of the Winds,    a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on the campus of CSU-Pueblo.
the wolf Center, or Skate City on President’s Day.   Registration deadline is March 21, 2008 and there
Under new business we discussed the Project          will be a $25.00 registration fee that includes
Scholarships, Youth Fest, South Central District     lunch and handouts. Registration after March 21st
Retreat, Leader Council/ Leader training and the     or at the door will be $35.00. The general
Benefit Auction. We voted to change our meeting      sessions will cover judging e-records, filling out
place from the library so our next meeting will be   score sheets, Danish and American ribbon
February 8th at 4:30 at the Forest Service           systems, and judging multiple projects. There will
Building on Rampart Road.                            be specific break-out groups to cover judging:
Mountain Communities Reporter, Lyndsey Heffner       foods/ baking, shooting sports/ natural resources,
                                                     heritage arts, fashion revue, cake decorating, and
The Junior Leader Club meeting was held on           photography. Contact the Extension office for
January 16, 2008. The reports were given and         the brochure with a registration form.
              Swine Meetings                          Mark your calendars for March 24th. The
     with Leader Donna Monroe 719-479-4112            Mandatory Horse Safety Meeting will be that
                                                      evening at 5:30 at the PPCC.
Indoor meetings will be 1 to 1 ½ hours and will
be at the Florissant Fire House. Outdoor              The “Horse Fair Test” will be July 15th at the
meetings will be 1 ½ to 2 hours and will be at        Florissant Fire House at 6pm. This test is used as
the Teller County Fair Grounds. Remember,             a tie breaker for Fair events.
you must attend 2 indoor and 2 outdoor
meetings this year.
                                                                        Camp Eagle
              2/9 1:00pm – What to look for in
                                                      Camp Eagle is April 5th and 6th this year. I don’t
       a show pig
                                                      have an exact price of registration yet, but it
              3/8 1:00pm – Digestive System
                                                      should be around $75 for campers and $95 for
       and Nutrition
                                                      counselors. As soon as I know for sure, I will pass
              4/12 1:00pm – Breeds, Ear Notches
                                                      the information to your leaders. Registrations and
       & Meat Cuts
                                                      money are due March 14th by 5pm. I need at least
              5/10 12-2 – Fair Grounds –
                                                      30 kids enrolled to have this camp so please tell all
       Mandatory Weigh-in & Ear Tagging
                                                      our new members how much fun we have.
1st Outdoors Meeting - Moving & Sorting Exercise
                                                      A Camp Eagle Counselor meeting has been set
               5/24 1:00pm – Feed Conversion &
                                                      for Feb. 6th after the Council meeting. We
       Record Books
                                                      need to talk for about 30 minutes to set another
               6/14 1:00pm – Fair Grounds – 2nd
                                                      meeting date and time.
       Outdoors Meeting
                Showmanship & Penning Exercise
               6/28 1:00pm – Review of all              Teller County 4-H 3-Way Split
       materials & Record Books                                      Policy
               7/15 6-9 FFH Record Book signing
                                                      4-H strives to create strong leaders of our youth.
       and review for fair entries.
                                                      4-H achieves this by holding several leadership
               7/19 1:00pm – Fair Grounds –
                                                      development camps through out the year. We
       NOT an Outdoor Meeting
                                                      encourage all eligible members to attend the
                                                      conferences. Teller County 4-Hers are fortunate
Optional weigh-in to be ready for fair and question
                                                      to have a unique system to help offset the cost of
& answer session.
               8/9 1:00pm – Finish up Record          attending these camps and conferences.
       Books & Work Session for FFH for letting
        us use the building                           The 3-Way split involves payment of Camps and
                                                      Conferences by splitting the cost among the TC
If anyone wants to do a Swine demonstration at        Youth Council, the member’s club and themselves.
any of the indoor meetings, please call me ahead      If the 4-Her meets the requirements listed below,
of time so I can arrange time for you. Remember,      2/3 of the camp cost will be paid by the entities
you’re supposed to do a demonstration for each of     listed previously.
your projects.
                                                      Participation in certain state and county events is
        Horse Project Members                         limited to those members who are in good standing
                                                      with their club and county. This includes abiding
Indoor Horse Meetings are the 4th Monday of           by the 4-H Code of Conduct and Dress Code,
every Month. The meetings are held at the Pikes       meeting deadlines, attending a majority of club
Peak Community Center in Divide at 5:30 pm.           and project meetings and the following
Members enrolled in the Horseless Horse Project       requirements:
are also encouraged and welcome to attend.
• Exhibit each project taken at the Teller County
Fair                                                   Also, all members who want to attend camps and
• Give a Quality Demonstration on your project         conferences must have a completed and signed
• Participate in at least ½ of your club’s             code of conduct form and health registration on
community service projects                             file in the office. An immunization report is NOT
• Participate in all of your club’s fund raising       acceptable in place of a completed and signed
projects                                               registration form. The signed health form is
                                                       required in the event of a health or medical
Consequences of Violations of the Code of Conduct      emergency while the member is away from home.
may include, but are not limited to:                   If we do not have the required form on file the
• Loss of 3-Way split privileges                       member will not be able to attend the event.
• Immediate removal from 4-H events and
activities at the individual’s expense
• Restitution for any damages                           ANTHONY INGO MEMORIAL BEEF
• Removal from offices held in 4-H
• No involvement in the Fair
• Sanctions from participation in future 4-H
                                                       Colorado State Fair Grounds, April 26, 2008.
                                                       Please call Jackie Bottini at 719-240-0443 if you
• Forfeiture of financial awards or support
                                                       have questions or for more information.
The above Policy was adopted at last month’s
leader council meeting. This policy will be followed
by all of Teller County 4-H’s clubs and Council. If
you have questions about this new policy, please       According to Baxter Black:
give me a call.
                                                       FEBRUARY EVENTS OF NOTE
                                                       National Grapefruit month
  ENROLLMENT INFORMATION                               12th – Lincoln’s Birthday
                                                       14th - Valentine’s Day
                                                       18th – President’s day
Insurance will not cover someone who is not
                                                       22nd – Washington ’s Birthday
enrolled!! Please enroll if you are going to be in
                                                       24th – National Tortilla Chip Day
4-H as a leader!!
                                                       29th – Leap Day
Enrollment deadline for NEW members is March
                                                       MARCH EVENTS OF NOTE
7, 2008.
                                                       National Peanut Month
                                                       1st – National Pig Day
A REMINDER TO PARENTS AND                              2nd – Dr. Seuss’s Birthday
 MEMBERS ABOUT CAMPS AND                                th
                                                               Ground hog Day
                                                       9 – Employee Appreciation day
      CONFERENCES!!                                    15th – Ides of March day
                                                       17th – St. Patrick’s Day
All Camps and Conferences (and any paid event)
                                                       19th – Poultry Day
requires payment with the registration in the
                                                       23rd - Easter
Extension Office by the due date.

All payments must be in full – any refunds or
splits will be handled AFTER the event and AFTER
the requirements are met for refunds or splits!!

If you have a question about the requirements
please talk to your Club leader or Terri Wagner.
                                        4-H Events
     February 2008
     Sun          Mon        Tue        Wed              Thu           Fri             Sat

                                                                       1               2

      3            4         5     6                      7            8               9
                                   6 pm Jr. Ldrs
                                                                                  Swine Class
                                   7:00 p.m.
                                   County Council    3:00 p.m.    4:30 p.m.       1pm @ FFH
                                   FFH               Whispering   Mountain
                                   Leader Council    Aspens       Communities     Jr. Leaders
                                   Camp Eagle                                     Work Day at
                                   Counselor Mtg                                  FFH 2:30pm
                                   after Council

    10           11          12        13                14           15              16
3:30 p.m.
Hilltop      4:30 p.m.                                            Youth Fest      Youth Fest
             Rocky Mtn.                                           Begins

             6:30 p.m.

    17           18          19        20                21           22              23
             OFFICE                                               District
             5:30 p.m.
Youth Fest                                                        Registrations
Concludes    Horse Meeting
             Divide                                               Due

    24           25          26        27                28           29
                                   due to Terri W.
                                              4-H Events
     March 2008
      Sun               Mon           Tue           Wed              Thu            Fri                Sat

      2                  3            4              5                6             7                  8
                                               6 p.m. Jr. Ldrs                Project            Mandatory
3:30 p.m.                                      7:00 p.m.         3:00 p.m.    Add/Drop           Beef Weigh
Hilltop                                        County Council    Whispering   Deadline           in; 12-2 @
(temporary                                     FFH               Aspens                          FairGrounds
change)                                        Leader Council                 4:30 p.m.
                                                                              Communities        Swine Class
                                                                                                 1pm at FFH

      9                10            11            12                13            14                 15
                   4:30 p.m.                                                  Camp Eagle
                   Rocky Mtn.                                                 Registrations      District Retreat
                                                                              and money
                   6:30 p.m.                                                  Due
                   Pathfinders                                                District Retreat

     16                17            18            19                20            21                 22

District Retreat

     23                24            25            26                27            28                 29
                   5:30 p.m.      Cloverbud
                   Mandatory      Day Camp
                   Horse Safety
                   Mtg @ PPCC

     30                31                                                                          CAMP
                                                                                                  EAGLE in
                                                                                                  April this

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