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									115th Annual Meeting of Church of Our Saviour
              January 31, 2010
              Warrant for the Annual Meeting of the Parish Church of Our Saviour

             A corporation duly organized by law and chartered on October 20, 1894

                             The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Plymouth, ss.

To Julie Siderwicz


In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are hereby requested to notify
and warn all persons of the Church of Our Saviour in the Parish of Middleborough,
qualified to vote in the affairs of said Parish, to meet in the Church of Our Saviour of
Middleborough in said County, on Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 9:00 AM, for the purpose
of acting on the following articles to wit:

Article I         To hear the Annual Report of any officer or committee of said Parish
                  and to act thereon.

Article II        To choose all necessary officers of the Parish and also the proper
                  number of delegates to the Diocesan Convention and their
                  alternates; and also the proper number of delegates to represent the said
                  Parish at the meeting of the Episcopal Region #5.

Article III      To transact such other business as may be done legally at the Annual
                 Meeting of the Parish.

And by these presents, you are hereby further requested to post an attested copy of this
Warrant on the principal door of the Parish Church of Our Saviour, in the Parish of
Middleborough in the County aforesaid, seven days at least before the time of said meeting.


Given under my hand in the Town of Middleborough in said County, on the 24th
Day of January in the year of our Lord 2010.

A True Copy


  Julie Siderwicz______                                      Randy King____
Clerk                                                       Senior Warden
                                      Sr. Warden’s Report

Looking back on 2009, the second of my elected three years as Senior Warden, I am humbled by
the good work that I see being done by God’s people here at Church of Our Saviour.

As you may recall, at the beginning of this past year, the Vestry made a decision to pass a deficit
budget, which involved some difficult and concerning discussions and decisions. Unfortunately
the status of the budget did not get better over the course of the year leading into 2010. I would
like to commend the Vestry though for following through and exhausting every avenue, and for
the support everyone has shown in working throughout the year, with this deficit budget. We
have been further challenged with the strain on the economy, increases (and adjustments) on our
diocesan assessment, our utility bills, and the unfortunate loss of some long standing
parishioners, but I am faithful that with God’s blessings and the guidance of our Treasurer, we
will see our way through all of this.

We’ve continued to have challenges with our aging facilities, but we have been fortunate to have
people step up to keep equipment running and to make repairs as needed. I cannot thank our
Junior Warden, Wally Kling, enough for leading the way in this area, along with the many
volunteers who have lent their time and talent in so many areas. I look forward to seeing further
improvements in the upcoming year.

I had the opportunity as a delegate to represent Church of Our Saviour at the Diocesan
Convention in Boston. It was great to see the rest of the Episcopal Church community in
Massachusetts work together. Having had that experience, visiting with and listening to people
from around the diocese, I have to say that COS in many ways is leading the way in the diocese,
and all of you help to make that happen, from ECW to Men’s group, to Outreach to Stewardship,
to Worship to Christian Formation. The way we support mission work, locally and distant; the
way we draw together to support and help those within our community during times of loss,
times of sickness, and times of need; the way we support our youth, not only our own but those
around our community, like Bishop Ruocco House, it goes on and on. I can’t even name
everything that goes on around here. These are the kinds of things that need to continue to
happen in order to transform the Church, and I believe we are on the right path to do just that.

In closing, I want to say I believe we are truly blessed here at Church of Our Saviour with a
wonderful and dedicated staff, led by our rector, Father Dave. They have made my job a little
easier, as have all of you. Thank you for your support. I ask that you continue to support our
rector, staff, and lay leadership, as we continue to do God’s work and continue to work together
to serve our community and help one another, serving Christ.

Respectfully Submitted,

Randy J. King
Senior Warden
                                    Junior Wardens Report

         2009 was a busy year. The church’s slate roof was repaired and this will hopefully solve
the leak problems over the organ and in the Sacristy. All ceiling fans in the church were
replaced. The organ had a major overhaul and a motion light was installed on the west side of the
church. The broken stained glass in the Parish House library was repaired. New energy efficient
light fixtures were installed wherever possible. We have a new family in the Guild House. The
asbestos in the basement was removed and a new city waterline was installed. Also, the
bathroom in this building was repainted. The Nearly New had a major furnace repair and a new
exterior in the front entrance.

       Some goals for 2010: 1. Repair and paint stucco on the church.
                            2. Paint the trim on Guild House and garage
                            3. Replace rotten picket fence between Parish House and
                                Guild House.
                            4. Split heating system in Guild House.
                            5. Replace or improve single pain stained glass windows in
                                Library with energy efficient ones
                            6. Have an assessment of conditions and needs of all

        Many thanks to all who helped me day after day Fr. Dave, Fran, Ron, The Properties
Girls and Guys. Many thanks also to our Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for cleaning our grounds.

Respectfully Submitted,
Wally Kling, Junior Warden

                             Director of Music and Choir Report

The choirs at Church of Our Saviour have once again had a very busy year. The dedicated
members of the Chancel Choir continued to enhance our 10 am Sunday Service each week. On
the Family Sunday, the first Sunday of the month, the Treble Choir joined the Chancel Choir and
they sang the Anthem on each of those Sundays.

In addition to singing each Sunday, September – June, the Chancel Choir also sang for the mid-
week services of Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Ascension Day. As has
been the tradition at Church of Our Saviour, sang at both the 8 am and 10 am Services on Easter
Sunday. Last May, the Choir also sang for the Deanery Conformation Service which was held at
COS on Saturday, May 8th 2009.

After a much deserved hiatus over the summer months, both Choirs resumed rehearsals in
September. Both Choirs continue to bless us with their music at the 10 am Sunday Service.

Special thanks to all the members of both Choirs for their dedicated service. Choir rehearsals are
held on most Wednesdays from September – June. The Treble Choir rehearses from 6:45-7:15
pm and is open to children ages 5 years old and up. The Chancel Choir rehearses from 7:30-8:30
pm and is open to parishioners, 9th Grade – Adult. New members are always welcome.

Let us continue to “Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord”
Beth Anne Young
Music Director and Organist
                                 CHRISTIAN FORMATION

The Church of Our Saviour Christian formation is presently utilizing the lectionary based
material from Living The Good News. During special seasons such as Thanksgiving, Christmas,
Valentines and Easter, the students work on special community assistance projects and lessons
enforcing the life and times of our Saviour, Christ The Lord. The lessons at all levels follow and
reinforce our weekly church service. Junior high and high school students actively interact in
classroom discussions.

Nursery care is provided at Christian formation during the 10 am. service. Preschool Children
through grade two attend the 10 am. Students in grades three through six meet in the lower level
of the parish hall, while the junior high and High school students meet in the Washburn library.
At approximately 10:30 am., a crucifer arrives from the church and leads the students from
grades three through High School to the church for the remainder of the service. This allows the
students to receive Holy Communion.

On the first Sunday of the month, the Christian formation procedure changes. Nursery care is
provided as usual. The preschool through grade two classes attend chapel service at 10 am. At
approximately 10:30 am., a crucifer will come from the church and lead the first and second
grade students to the church for the remainder of the service. Grades three through high school
attend the church service in its entirety with no classes.

Unfortunately, due to the forces of nature, the annual Christmas pageant did not take place this
year. Other events/programs in which the students have participated I this year include a
Halloween party, making ornaments for a Christmas, community outreach program, decorating
bags for Valentine’s Day for senior citizen gifts, Easter egg hunt and closing exercises on a
yearly basis.

Much appreciation to our substitute teaching staff and parishioners who play an important part in
the Christian formation program year after year. Without their generous giving of their time and
expertise, the Christian education process would not be able to maintain consistency in the
classroom on a weekly basis. They are an integral part of this program.

Thank you from the entire Christian formation staff to the Men’s Group for providing cookouts
for the opening and closing of the Christian school year. Through their hard work, the entire
parish is able to gather in fellowship to celebrate these important events.

Through hard work and unrelenting dedication by the Christian formation teaching staff, a
quality Christian education is provided to students of this parish .

The Christian formation teaching staff for the 2009-2010 educational year is as follows:

Chapel                                       Wayne B. Besegai

Musical Accompaniment                        Linda Kirschner

Nursery                                      Kelly King,
                                             Rita Besegai
Preschool/Kindergarten                      Laurie Rantz

Grade 1                                     Laura Stagliola

Grade 2                                     Wanda Brides Hayes

Grade 3 & 4                                 Cindy Charette

Grades 5 & 6                                Lauren Maquillan

Jr. High/High School                        Kevin Lynn, Randy King

                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                            Wayne B. Besegai, Superintendent

                                     Worship Committee

The COS Worship Committee consists of 6 members currently:
Fr. David Milam – Rector
Beth Anne Young - Director of Music
Bryan Young - Acolyte Parent Advisor
Martha Edwards - Altar Guild Representative
Frances Costa – Laity Representative
Betty Wainwright – Vestry Liaison

The Worship Committee meets quarterly throughout the year to help plan liturgy and select
music for Sunday services. We explore alternative types of liturgy and brainstorm ideas on how
to further enhance our services at COS. The Saturday evening service has been well attended
and will continue. Unfortunately, attendance at the weekly Wednesday 9:30 A.M. service did
not support continuing the service and it has been discontinued.

We have implemented several changes/additions to our services.
  1. The first Sunday of the month families provide bread for Eucharist.
  2. The first Sunday of the month there is a children’s sermon (only).
  3. We’ve increased our number of Healing Ministers for the 3rd Sunday of the      month
  4. We now have a Healing Minister available at the 8 AM service as well as at the 10 AM
  5. On the 3rd Sunday of the month we now use Litany of Healing at both services for the
      Prayers of the People.
  6. We have increased our number of Eucharistic Visitors; we now provide Home
      Communion for 6 persons/ or families. (There were 7 but one person has passed away.)

We welcome ideas and/or comments with regard to the new forms of worship we have
implemented. If you have any suggestions for us on how we may better serve you, please share
them with any committee member.
Since I have only been with this committee for less than a year I still have a great deal to learn. I
am most impressed with the committee for their dedication and love for COS. At each meeting
there is hectic chaos and a flurry of ideas to be shared. It is truly amazing to me how each
individual links into a process that eventually produces a polished and appropriately beautiful
array of services for the following 3 months. While Fr. Dave is ultimately responsible for the
content of these services; it is vitally important that all the committees contribute valuable
information to the process.

I look forward to this next year and hope to be able to learn more about this process and
contribute helpful suggestions. So much work goes into the “behind the scenes” committees of
COS. I treasure this experience as part of my quest to better serve God.

Respectfully Submitted,
Betty Wainwright, Vestry Liaison

                                   St. Margaret’s Altar Guild

St. Margaret’s Altar Guild has completed a rather active year in service to God and to the Parish.
The dedicated members of the guild prepare the altar and sanctuary for each service, cleaning
and caring for the hangings, vestments and linens. Members also attend and offer special services
at baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and funerals.

This past summer we were able to have both candelabras of the main altar re-brassed, thanks to
special funding approved by the Vestry.

The Guild wishes to thank members of the Parish for their generous contributions of altar
flowers and Memorial Candles throughout the year. Parishioners are encouraged to honor loved
ones and to recognize special occasions in this meaningful way.
St. Margaret’s Altar Guild sadly saw the passing of two valuable and dedicated members this
past year: Agnes Merluzzo and Linda Kerwin. May the faithfully departed, through the mercy of
God, rest in peace.

We, as members of St. Margaret’s Altar Guild, look back on the past year’s service with
satisfaction as we prepare to continue to serve the Parish and our Lord in the upcoming year.

In God’s love,
Martha Edwards
Linda Kirschner

Co-Directresses, St. Margaret’s Altar Guild

                                           Acolyte Report
        This past liturgical year has been great with the help from the acolytes every Sunday!
Currently there are 18 active acolytes who serve at the 10 o’clock services and we have had
many new, young parishioners join this year. Being an acolyte is an important responsibility to
help Fr. Dave prepare the Table for Communion and we encourage anyone is 5th grade or older
to participate. Our best service so far has been Epiphany with the Louisiana King Cake. We
shared this service with 2 other priests from Middleboro and although we played it by ear,
everything went smoothly.
        The system for acolyte scheduling for each Sunday consists of one crucifer and a
combination of two novice and experienced torch bearers. Due to a fairly large group of kids, we
have an even amount to make sure no one serves two weeks in a row or more than once in a
month. We are a welcoming group of kids who enjoy being behind the scenes of each service
and each acolyte has a special purpose and reason for volunteering. A good thing to note is that
training is very simple and you’ll catch on in no time at all. An addition to Church of Our Savior
made 3 years ago was the replacement of wax candles with oil candles, which makes lighting
much easier.

        As master acolyte, I would like to thank the current acolytes for being committed to each
service and making everything run effortlessly. I have enjoyed being an acolyte for almost 7
years now because it makes me feel closer to God, I’m able to teach the new members the ropes,
and there is always something going on that keeps you on your toes! I hope the schedules are to
everyone’s satisfaction and if there are any problems please feel free to contact me or our
Acolyte Parent, Mr. Bryan Young.

        One last thing I would like to add: this will be my last year as an acolyte and acolyte
master for I will be heading off to college in the fall. I will be looking for a replacement soon, so
if an experienced acolyte is interested, please approach me on the matter.

Thank you,
Laura Stagliola, Master Acolyte

                                           ECW Report

New officers were elected in June 09. They are Sandy Choate-Barry Capistron Co-
chairs; Frances Costa Secretary; Linda Kirschner Chaplain; Pattie Stagliola Treasurer.

In August, the Kitchen Committee (June, Julie, Ruth, Pattie, and Barry) gave Barry the go ahead
to choose counter tops and have them installed. They look great and are easy to keep clean. The
wooden cutting board was removed and a corian top was placed on top of the counter near the

In October, we coordinated the collation for Bishop Cederholm. We also provided nourishment
for 2 Diocesan run programs.

The annual Craft Fair was organized by us, with great participation from the men and youth of
the parish. We netted $2400. We are rethinking the timing of the fair for next year. Six
Thanksgiving baskets were put together with the help of the Altar Guild. We were able to give
out grocery cards through the generosity of the Morrissey family.

Beginning in October, we've been hosting a "pot luck" supper every 3rd Sat of the month. You
should come and partake of the awesome choices in foods, desserts and drink provided by all
who come. Friends are always welcomed.

Our meetings are on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Come join in the fellowship and share your
Time and Talent with us in our ministry to Church of Our Saviour.

Respectfully Submitted,
Barry Capistron and Sandy Choate
                                       Nearly New Shop

The Nearly New Shop is run by a small number of dedicated persons. In addition to providing
financial assistance to the Church, we collected donations for our Hunger Fund and used these
monies to provide food for families at Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as support to a local
food pantry. The Nearly New Shop’s profits were down for the second consecutive year.

We provide a community service helping families find new and “nearly new” merchandise at
low costs and at the same time provide monies for the consignor. The year 2009 marks our 44th
year of service to the community. We would like to take this opportunity to extend a special
thanks to all who volunteered their time this year at the shop.

In the fall of 2009, the shop’s furnace needed to be replaced at a cost of $2,700.00 which
severely affected our profits.

We are in constant need of volunteers for Thursdays when the shop is open. If you are able to
help out, please contact one of the Chairpersons or the Church Office.

Julie Siderwicz, Co-Chairperson
Jeanne Turney, Co-Chairperson
Patricia Stagliola, Treasurer

                              PRAYER CHAIN REPORT – 2010

        The Prayer Chain is comprised of a small group of people within the Parish who
graciously and willingly devote a part of their day to pray for individuals who are named on a
special list at the rear of the church prepared for this ministry.

       Anyone desiring special prayer requests may simply write the name on the list or contact
myself or the church office to do so.

        I would like to thank the members of the prayer chain for their continued participation
and support. I would also like to appeal for new members to the “links”
In the chain as we begin a New Year.

       Natalie Atkins
       Chair Person
                                     Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee continues to work toward the realization if its mission as formulated: to
serve and support those in need with and outside the parish community. As a committee, we
formulated goals and activities for 2009, which we successfully accomplished.

The Shepherd Ministry continues to be a tradition we have been maintaining with our two annual
“stock the freezer” events. These events take place usually in October and May of each year.
This year donations have been lower than in the past, but we hope to revitalize this program with
“group cooking” events.

The Elijah Basket is a visible sign of the committee’s work. The basket can be found at entrance
to the church. It takes in weekly donations of paper goods, food, toiletries and other needed
products to be donated to local food banks.

In February 2009, the “Have a Heart for seniors” campaign worked to bring valentine greeting to
our elderly in the community. The Committee called for an ingathering of items suited for
seniors such as toiletries, low sodium foods and smaller portion sized ready-made meals to suit
smaller households. Students from the church school decorated colorful greeting on gift bags,
which were then filled with the collected items. These gift bags were distributed to the
Middleborough Council of Aging.

The 2009 Annual Christmas Outreach Project was focused on our Parish family and community.
Three COS families were provided with gifts, gifts cards, groceries and meals from Christ
Church in Swansea. In turn, COS provided three families from Christ Church with the like. This
was a quite a successful project with many generous donations from each church.

The Outreach Committee has planned for several new projects to kick off 2010. We are
introducing new programs such as Spare Change Program, Collection of Aluminum Tabs for
Kidney Dialysis Centers, and a Lenten Outreach project. During the upcoming year we hope to
start having a prayer shawl project. We look forward to 2010 and welcome new ideas from all

Through all of these ingathering events, COS has shown incredible generosity and love of their
family. We, the members of the Committee are proud to serve a Parish so willing to come to the
aid of those in need. We all thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Siderwicz

Committee Members: Lisa Buckley, Barry Capistron, Rhonda Gardner, Ursula Hill, Judy
Manton, and June Perkins
                                   Communication Committee
In 2009 the Communication Committee worked to publicize the activities and “Mission” of
Church of Our Saviour. The Middleboro community was informed of our activities thru our
website as well as thru several articles in the Middleboro Gazette. This year at our Christmas
Faire we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Roger Haber from the local radio station WVBF 1530
AM. The broadcast was live from the parish house the morning during the fair.

The communication committee strives to find innovative ways to spread the word of God and
invite and inspire the continued growth of Church of our Saviour. We are always open to
suggestions and ideas from the congregation, and new members are always welcome. The
members of this committee wish to sincerely thank Mr. Craig DiGiorgi for his commitment to
our website and continued service as website administrator.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy A. Lee

                                      Parish Historian’s Report

The responsibilities of the Parish Historian encompass both preserving and sharing materials
documenting the life and activities of the parish. In some ways the preservation of materials is the most
essential function, so that anyone who wishes to consult them in the future will be able to do so. The
work of the past year shows, however, just how interconnected the two functions are: sharing stories and
materials is often the key to getting more!

My article for the March/April Banner on the needlepoint kneelers at the communion rail prompted
contributions of futher information from Annette Delano, Joanne Benshoff and others, which I presented
in a follow-up in May/June and an article on the Lady Chapel (Sept/Oct). Parishioners have also been of
tremendous help in identifying people in old photos which I displayed at the November third-Saturday
potluck sponsored by the ECW. Some of our historic photos also made an appearance as part of a slide
show at Diocesan Convention this November.

The complex relationship of money and slavery with faith and community in the history of the Episcopal
Church in New England was a theme of this year’s annual Parish Historians’ Meeting, which I attended
on April 25 at Christ Church, Quincy. We were urged to explore these issues in the history of our
individual parishes. Our first rector, William Bayard Hale, in fact published a remarkable series of
lectures dealing with money, labor and faith, which will be the focus of my articles for the Banner over
the next several months.

Welcome additions to the archives this year have come from Cheryl Copeland (articles and documents
from her research on our church building and first rector), from Father Bruce and Joanne Benshoff
(documents and photographs relating to their decades in the parish), and from other parishioners as well.
If you have old copies of directories, newsletters, programs, calendars etc. I’d love to see them. There
may be a gap in our collection they can help to fill.

Laura Stagliola responded enthusiastically to my call in last year’s annual report for someone to explore
the Middleborough Public Library’s index of the Middleborough Gazette for articles about Church of Our
Saviour. She has made a list of several dozen articles which we hope to read and share in the future.
Laura also joined me in representing Church of Our Saviour at the “Heritage Festival” sponsored by the
Middleborough Historical Society at the Town Hall on November 14. We had a nice table with prints of
old photos, books and leaflets, as well as several of the large, mounted posters illustrating our church’s
architectural history that were originally created for Ethan Anthony’s lecture in 2007 and are now
displayed in Benshoff Hall. Many visitors to the festival stopped and shared memories of their
connections or interactions with the church over the years. We are an important part of this community!
Because the history of our parish and of the wider community are so closely intertwined it may be
possible at some point to apply for a grant to help with the digitizing of some of our records. The labor-
intensive process of scanning and cataloging is key to promoting the long-term survival and availability
of our precious photos and documents.

Can you help us obtain a fireproof storage cabinet? Our current fireproof filing cabinet does not have
room for everything that deserves to be in it and some items do not fit efficiently into the file-size
drawers. An increase in protected storage space would be tremendously helpful. Thanks to all for your
continuing encouragement and contributions to the preservation and celebration of our church’s history.

Respectfully submitted,

Gretchen Umholtz
Parish Historian

                                 Vestry Nominating Committee
On Sunday January 10, 210, the nominating committee met to discuss who should be nominated
for the openings on the Vestry. Representatives of all committees were asked to attend the
meeting. Committee members discussed the requisites for the positions and discussed the
characteristics of the nominees.

The following is the current Vestry:
Executive Committee                        Position                      Elected
Randy King                                 Senior Warden                 2007 (1 year remaining)
Wally Kling                                Junior Warden                 2007 (1 year remaining)
Barry Capistron                            Treasurer                     Elected each year – no limit
Jeanne Turney                              Clerk                         Elected each year – no limit
Vestry                                     Elected                       Serve Through
Lisa Buckley                               2007                          2009 (position ended)
Mary Granfield                             2007                          2009 (position ended)
Nancy Lee                                  2007                          2009 (position ended)
Joseph Morrissey                           2008                          2010 (one year remaining)
Thomas Brown                               2008                          2010
David Ferchen                              2008                          2010
Sandra Choate                              2008                          2010
Linda “Sim” Bullard                        2009                          2011
Ursula Hill                                2009                          2011
Betty Wainwright                           2009                          2011
Slate for Re-Election:
Randy King - Senior Warden (1 year term with one remaining)
Wally Kling – Junior Warden (1 year term with one remaining)
Barry Capistron – Treasurer (unlimited term to be elected yearly)
Julie Siderwicz – Clerk (unlimited term to be elected yearly)
Election to Vestry (3 year term)
Three persons are needed to fill outgoing Vestry Positions. Two persons have responded “yes” to
the Nomination Committee. There will be a call for nominations from the floor. According to our
By Laws if no nominations come forward Vestry members who are due to rotate off must stay on
Vestry until their positions are filled. Names currently put forward by the Committee are

Mr. Joseph Balliro                      (3 year term)
Richard Govoni                          (3 year term)

Call for Nominations from the floor

Deanery and Convention Delegates
Randy King and Kevin Lynn – Convention Delegation
Tom Brown – Deanery Delegate
There are no Alternate Convention Delegates that have stepped forward at this time.

Thank you to the off going members of Vestry: Lisa Buckley, Mary Granfield, and Nancy Lee.

Sincerely Submitted,
Communications Committee

Committee Members: Wayne Besegai, Lisa Buckley, Martha Edwards, Mary Granfield (chair),
Nancy Lee, Randy King, Rev. David Milam, Ruth Milam, and Beth Anne Young

Qualifications for Vestry Service are as follows:
    Nominee must be 18 years of age or older

      A Confirmed or Received communicant in the Episcopal Church for at least 1 year
          - a person who has been regular in attendance and communion but is not confirmed
             or received must agree to attend the Inquirers’ Class and be confirmed/received at
             the earliest Deanery Confirmation Service.

    A pledging member who is committed to proportional giving and is willing to work
    toward the goal of tithing.

      Regular at worship

    Prepared to attend all monthly and called Vestry meetings unless prevented by illness,
    work, travel or family circumstances

      Prepared to attend an annul Vestry Retreat (to be announced)

      Supportive of all parish activities

   Willing to serve after fully understanding the demand on time involved in membership on the

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