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									4th Annual Conference on

Growth, New Developments, Opportunities and Challenges
April 26-27, 2010, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

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   Notching up over 15 million mobile subscribers a month, growth in the Indian telecom sector continues unabated. Given the moderate penetration levels at
   present (less than 50 per cent), the continual decline in tariffs and handset prices as well as the intense competition in the sector, with over 10 operators
   aggressively targeting consumers, subscriber growth is expected to continue, if not accelerate.

   This exponential growth has triggered a similar expansion in the telecom infrastructure space, with the number of towers doubling over the past two years. In
   fact, telecom infrastructure has assumed the status of an independent industry during the past few years and passive infrastructure sharing has evolved to become
   a standard industry practice today.

   With new operators expediting network rollouts and existing operators expanding network coverage in the semi-urban and rural regions (which will lead to the
   next level of growth), the demand for towers will continue to be strong, thereby translating into a huge opportunity for tower companies. In addition, new towers
   will be required to support emerging technologies such as 3G and Wi-Max.

   Driven by the success of the first phase of the shared mobile infrastructure scheme, the government has now announced the second phase, which envisages the
   installation of an additional 11,000 towers in the rural areas.

   While tower companies had chalked out aggressive rollout plans to cater to the demand for towers, the escalating number of towers has led to stand-off situa-
   tions between city administrations and tower companies. Moreover, smaller tower companies are increasingly finding it difficult to hold their own in the face of
   stiff competition from larger rivals and are considering mergers or sellouts. Consequently, consolidation in the tower industry (which has witnessed operators
   spinning off their tower portfolios, the entry of several large global players and independent operators expanding their operations) has picked up pace over the
   past year and has led to lower tower valuations.

   Against the backdrop of many tower businesses selling their stake or planning to raise money through IPOs, and in an attempt to reduce the number of tower
   sites, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is planning to draft a national policy on setting up telecom towers.

   Meanwhile, the next frontier for growth is active infrastructure sharing. Although the telecom ministry had recommended sharing of active infrastructure
   (antennas, feeder cables, Node B, RAN and transmission systems) in April 2008, it has yet to gain traction. There have, so far, been only a few instances where
   new operators have tied up with existing operators to share transmission systems and fibre backbone.

   Going forward, as established operators battle reduced margins and ready themselves for the launch 3G and Wi-Max services, and new entrants launch opera-
   tions, active infrastructure sharing will gain momentum. However, operators will have to contend with key issues such as loss of competitive differentiation and
   erosion of control as well as compatibility in sharing equipment designed for different frequencies and sourced from multiple vendors.

   In addition, in the passive infrastructure space, energy management will assume greater significance with the future mobile subscriber growth being heavily
   dependant on off-grid populations. Passive infrastructure providers will have to deploy energy efficient equipment and alternative energy sources. The passive
   infrastructure business model may also evolve as tower companies consider diversifying into the active infrastructure and infrastructure management segment.

   Infrastructure sharing business models will evolve and mature over the next few years. With advantages such as sizeable reductions in opex and capex, accelerated
   network rollout and reduced time to market, infrastructure sharing represents a compelling business case for telecom operators as they target the next level of growth.

   The mission of this conference is to examine the progress and growth in the Indian telecom infrastructure segment and provide a platform for discussing the key
   developments, opportunities and challenges in this segment. Specifically, the conference will seek to answer questions such as:
         -   What are the key trends in the telecom infrastructure space?
         -   How has this industry evolved over the past few years?
         -   What is the operator perspective on infrastructure sharing?
         -   What is the industry perspective?
         -   What are the key regulatory issues and concerns? How are these being addressed?
         -   What are the key opportunities in active infrastructure sharing? What are the challenges associated with it?
         -   How is the passive infrastructure industry likely to evolve?
         -   What is the status of infrastructure development in the rural areas? What are the key initiatives and programmes in these regions?
         -   What have been the key learnings from the experience so far?
         -   What are the economics of infrastructure sharing?
         -   What are the new opportunities for investment?
         -   How will network sharing evolve with the launch of 3G and Wi-Max services?
         -   What are the energy challenges? How are these being addressed?
         -   What role are renewable energy options expected to play in this segment?
         -   What are likely to be the new infrastructure sharing business models?
         -   What are the best practices in infrastructure management?

To register: Call +91 11 46038152, 9811661997, email: conferencecell@indiainfrastructure.com, or visit us at www.indiainfrastructure.com
April 26-27, 2010, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

   The two-day conference will have at least 11 sessions: Key Trends, Market Outlook: Analyst Viewpoint, Government Perspective on Rural Telecom Infrastructure,
   Industry Perspective, Operator Perspective, Regulatory Issues and Concerns, Network Sharing with 3G and Wi-Max, Managing Energy Costs, Role of Renewable
   Energy, New Business Models, and Best Practices in Infrastructure Management.

   Most of the sessions will be split into two parts. The first part will feature presentations by leading expert/s. The second part will be devoted to Q&A and floor
   discussions. A few sessions will be purely interactive, featuring panel discussions and Q&A.

   The conference will feature points of view of all the key stakeholders including policy-makers, operators, infrastructure providers and regulators.

   Target Audience

   The conference is targeted at:

              - Existing telecom operators                                                         - Policy-makers and regulators
              - New telecom operators                                                              - Legal and management consultants
              - Infrastructure service providers                                                   - Civil contractors
              - Infrastructure developers                                                          - Industry analysts
              - Technology providers                                                               - Financial institutions
              - Telecom equipment manufacturers                                                    - Other investors
              - Infrastructure equipment manufacturers                                             - Supporting infrastructure companies, Etc.


   The conference is being organised by India Infrastructure Publishing, a company dedicated to providing information on the infrastructure sectors through
   magazines, newsletters, reports and conferences.

   The company publishes tele.net (a magazine for service providers and large enterprise customers) and Indian Infrastructure (a magazine devoted to infra-
   structure policy and finance). It also publishes Telecom News, a weekly newsletter.

  Delegate Fee

   The delegate fee is Rs 20,000 for one, Rs 35,000 for two, Rs 50,000 for three and Rs 65,000 for four. There is also a 20 per cent "early bird” discount for those
   registering before April 6, 2010.

                                                           Participants at previous conferences
  The speakers in our previous conferences on "Telecom Infrastructure in India" have included top industry figures such as Kuldeep Goyal (CMD, BSNL), Manoj Kohli (President & CEO,
  Bharti Airtel), Anil Kumar Sardana (Managing Director, Tata Teleservices Limited), Ajay Bhattacharya (Administrator, USO Fund), Amit Sharma (Executive Vice-President and President,
  Asia, ATC Tower Company ), Prakash Ranjalkar (Director & COO, GTL Infrastructure), T.K. Basu (President and CEO, India Telecom Infra Limited), Prem Pradeep (CEO, Bharti Infratel),
  B. Ramanand (COO, Wireless-TT Info Services), A.K. Sharma (CEO, National Information Technologies), V.K. Sethi (COO, XCEL Telecom), and A.D. Singh (COO, Tower Vision).

  The participating organisations have included Accord Communication, Acme Telepower, Ador Powertron, Airserco, Amara Raja Batteries, Angel Broking, Archon Engicon, Aster,
  Associated Power Structures, ATC Tower Company, AUSPI, AMG Infocom, Bain & Company, Bharti Airtel, Bharti Infratel, Bell Teleservices, Blue Star, Boston Consulting Group,
  BPL Telecom, Brics Securities, BSNL, BT Composites, ByCell Telecommunication, C&S Electric, ConnectM, Cummins, Delta Energy Systems, Dishnet Wireless, DSP Merrill Lynch,
  Eaton Power, Edelweiss Securities, Emerson Network Power, Enam Securities, E&Y, Ercon Prefabs, Essar Telecom, Ericsson, Exide, Frost & Sullivan, Ganges Internationale, GE,
  General Atlantic, Genesys International, Global Towers, GNB Technologies, Goldman Sachs, GTL, Harmer & Simmons PSS (India), Hayat Communications, HBL Power Systems,
  HFCL, Hitachi, Holostik, ICICI Bank, IDBI, Idea Cellular, IDFC, IMI Software, IMIL, India Telecom Infra, Indus Towers, Juniper Networks, Kala Gensets, KEC International, Kirloskar
  Oil Engines, KPMG, Lambda Group, Lineage Power, Linksoft Group, Luminous Power Technologies, Mack Telecom, Macquarie, Mahindra & Mahindra, Microtex, Motorola, Moser
  Baer, MTNL, NEC, Nokia Siemens, NU Tek, Odyssey Advanced Telematics Systems, Power Engineering, Power Grid, Powertech Automation, PwC, Quippo, RailTel, Ramboll,
  Reliance Communications, Richfield Engineering, Rosenberger Electronic, Salasar Techno Engineering, Satec, SBI Caps, Shapoorji Pallonji, SM Telesys, Solux, Spanco
  Telesystems, Spice Communications, SSKI, Su-Kam, Supreme & Co, Tata Communications, Tata Teleservices, TCI Telenet Solutions, Temasek, Teracom, Tower Vision, Transcend
  Infrastructure, U-Foam, Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes, USO Fund, UTStarcom, Vanu, Vij Engineers, Vrinda Nano, WTTIL, XCEL Telecom, Zeppelin Mobile Systems, etc.

To register: Call +91 11 46038152, 9811661997, email: conferencecell@indiainfrastructure.com, or visit us at www.indiainfrastructure.com
                                                     4th Annual Conference on

                Growth, New Developments, Opportunities and Challenges
                                   April 26-27, 2010, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi
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  Registration Fee

Delegates              One           Two               Three                Four
INR                  20,000         35,000             50,000               65,000
USD                     450            800              1,150                1,500
   There is a 20 per cent “early bird” discount for those registering before April 6, 2010.
   Registration will be confirmed on receipt of the payment.

Abira Ghosal, Conference Cell, India Infrastructure Publishing Pvt. Ltd.,
B-17, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016. Tel: +91-11-46038152, 41034615, 9811661997
Fax: +91-11-26531196, 46038149. E-mail: conferencecell@indiainfrastructure.com

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