Write down the three most important things to you

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					Write down the three
most important things
 to you in the world
Introduce yourself to someone in the
  room that you do not know. Spend
   five minutes getting to know them.
    You may ask questions about the
  items on your list but you may not
 answer questions on these topics.
 You must be vague in response and
        try to change the subject.
      (Taken from UMSL Safe Zone Program)
Safe Zone Mission
             Our mission, in
             accordance with
          Southwestern Illinois
            College’s mission
        statement, is to promote
        education, acceptance,
        and confidential support
          of gender and sexual
                Safe Zone Goals
Our goals are to:
• 1) Promote acceptance and respect for people who are gay, lesbian,
  transgender, intersex and/or cross-dressers.
• 2) Provide a safe, confidential, and supportive environment for all
  members of the college family.
• Safe Zone is a program which identifies faculty and staff who will
  provide empathy, acceptance, support and resources for gay, lesbian,
  bisexual, transgender, cross-dressing, and intersex students. The
  Safe Zone symbol which you will display in your work space will
  convey to students and colleagues that you are a person who will be
  understanding, supportive and trustworthy. Students will know that
  they can come to you for help, advice, or just to talk to someone in
  confidence who is supportive and accepting. This symbol also means
  that biased and offensive actions and comments will be addressed in
  an educational and informative manner. Colleagues and students
  have a right to an opinion. However, if someone is perpetuating
  myths or misinformation about gender and sexual diversity, you will
  inform them of more accurate information in a respectful manner.
Safe Zone Syllabus Statement
     I am a member of the Safe Zone
 Program: Allies for Gender and Sexual
 Diversity. This means that I promise to
provide confidential support for members
 of the college community who are gay,
lesbian, transgender, intersex, or cross-
 dressing. I am available to listen if you
wish to talk or to refer you to appropriate
       resources in the community.
                 Illinois State Law
• On January 21, 2005, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich signed an
  amendment to the Illinois Human Rights Act that will prohibit
  discrimination on the basis of an individual's sexual
  orientation. Effective January 1, 2006, the amended
  Act specifically prohibits sexual orientation
  discrimination in employment, housing, public
  accommodation and certain financial transactions.
  Sexual orientation is defined as an individual's "actual
  or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality,
  bisexuality, or gender-related identity, whether or not
  traditionally associated with the person's designated
  sex at birth." The Illinois Department of Human Rights is
  vested with enforcement authority under the amended Act.
   Components of Safe Zone
Four hours of training
Exposure to terminology and symbols
Door sticker
  Defining Sex and Sexuality
Sexual Orientation
• Sex
  – Chromosomes (XX, XY, XXX, XXY, XYY, X0)
  – Hormones
        •   Female—the default sex
        •   Testosterone at six weeks
        •   Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
        •   Dominican Republican Syndrome
        •   Androgen Insensitivity
        •   Hypospadia

        How many sexes are there? Intersex
•   Masculine
•   Feminine
•   Androgynous (Intergender)
•   Transgender
•   Transsexual
•   Cross Dresser
           Sexual Orientation
•   Heterosexual
•   Homosexual
•   Bisexual
•   Asexual
•   Pansexual
   Heterosexist Questionnaire
• What are our assumptions?
• Why do we care what someone’s sexual
  identity is?
Heterosexual Privilege