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									READ WRITE GOLD 8.1

What is Read Write Gold?
RWG is accessibility software which has been purchased by TAFE Tasmania for use by
students and staff on TAFE computers. When opened by the individual user, the program
displays as a toolbar which ‘floats’ on top of any Windows application, ready to provide
assistance when requested.

Major features of Read Write Gold
Major features of Read Write Gold are the READER (text reader), the PRONUNCIATION
You will need a set of headphones if you are using screen reading where other people may
be disturbed by the voice. You will need a headset with microphone for speech to text.
RWG also has several features to assist the user with writing and research tasks.
There is more about the features later, but first you will need to get access.

Getting access to RWG
You will find that RWG has been installed on many computers around TAFE, and if installed it
will be visible on the Start Menu or the desktop with an icon like this

It is simply a matter of clicking the icon and waiting while the program gets started. This may
take several minutes, so be patient.

Installing RWG 8.1
You may need to install Read Write Gold 8.1 on the computer you are using. This is how to
install it.
Open the Start Menu, and go to Application Installs. There is quite a long list, but look for
Read and Write Gold 81 Install link.
Click on the link and it should start to install. The process may take from 5 – 20 minutes.
If nothing happens, it is likely the program has already been installed on that computer. Look
for the link again on the desktop or on the Start Menu/All Programs.

Important note:
Be aware that when Read Write Gold is open on your computer it tends to slow down the

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This image shows the toolbar with icons for all available features displayed.

However you can choose to display (and use) only some features, and you also have some choices for customising the toolbar.
Your tool bar may look like this.

                                          The dropdown menu on each                                                Use the Texthelp dropdown
                                          feature provides more options,                                           menu to set your personal
                                          including Video Tours                                                    preferences.

                                                                                       This drop down menu lists all
                                                                                       the features not displayed on            Docking icon displayed – the
                                                                                       the toolbar.                             toolbar is docked at top or side of
                                                                                                                                screen. Click to release toolbar.
                                                                                                                                You can close RWG when the
                                                                                                                                toolbar has been undocked.
Notice that there are two styles of icon, and you can choose not to have words under each icon.
When you set your personal preferences for the toolbar, you will see icons for only those features that you have selected.

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New feature: Video Tours of RWG functions
You can find out all about the features of RWG8.1 and how to customise the toolbar by
watching and listening to the video tours. By clicking on the drop down arrow beside each of
the icons on the toolbar, you can open a video tour for that feature.

Customising the toolbar
It is suggested you select a limited number of features to begin with, and add features as you
find you have a need for them.

Go to the Texthelp icon           on the right of the toolbar, and open the dropdown menu.
The General Options dialog box allows you to select the features you wish to use.
You can also set hotkeys (quick keys or shortcuts) from this dialog box. At any time when you
are using RWGold and you wish to change available features, open this dialog box and make
the changes.

    Display tab                                                             Select other tabs
    is selected                                                             to set preferences
    by default                                                              in other options

                                                                          Scroll for more

Change the
appearance of
icons on
toolbar here

Suggested starting features
     Prediction
     Speak current
     Pause speech
     Stop speech
     Rewind speech
     Spelling
     Help
     Pronounce

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Customising the voice
Go to the dropdown menu beside the Play button.            and select Speech Options.
The dialogue box allows you to set your speech preferences, and to test your choices. Select
other tabs to set other preferences in the speech feature.

Read Write Gold provides two Australian voices, a male and a female. The other voices are
the Microsoft voices which are packaged with your Windows operating system.

Customised features
When you customise the toolbar, select the preferred voice and make other selections, RWG
keeps these settings attached to your login. Then in future, wherever you login on the TAFE
network, your settings will automatically be loaded when you start up RWG.

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Text reader
Text can be read by each word, sentence, paragraph or selected text. It can also be spoken
as it is typed. Choices of adjustable voices are available, and each can be adjusted for speed
and pitch. Reads documents such as Word and text files, and web pages.
Other features which apply to the text reader are:

Web Highlighting
Dual colour highlighting of words/sentences as the reader reads web pages.

Pronunciation Tutor
Opens in a separate small window. Breaks words into syllables allowing easy recognition of
syllables in a word. An onscreen moving mouth will assist in the development of more
accurate speech.

Speech to text (voice dictation)
Speech Input allows you to convert your speech to text. However you will need to train the
software to recognise your individual voice characteristics. A training sequence is included in
the software. Considerable time is needed to train the software, and the drawback is that
training files are stored on the C drive of the computer you are using. That means that you will
need to use the same computer each time for your training to be effective.

Writing assistance
Word Prediction
Reduce the time and increase accuracy when trying to form words and sentences. As the
user types a list of suggestions will appear in the Prediction Panel; phonetic based
suggestions are also available. RWGold Word Prediction learns the user’s style of writing and
predicts options for the word after a few letters have been typed.

Phonetic Spell Checker
Colour coded identification of errors helps the user to identify their mistakes.

Homophone support
To eliminate the confusion of "like sounding words" (homophones) the software provides
colour coding of the confusable words, and lists possible alternatives with audible definitions
and sample sentences.

Extensive Speaking Dictionary
Dictionary provides easier to understand definitions and has options allowing the user to
choose basic or advanced definitions of words.

Word Wizard
For when a user is just "lost for words", it takes them from the word they know to the word
they want.

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There is an inbuilt scanning tool (ABBYY Fine reader) for scanning to RWGold 8. Scan ANY
paper based document so it can be read by RWGold. Also possible to use it with a digital
camera. For example, you could take a picture of a poster while you are out, and then use
RWGold to read it aloud for you at home.
NB. Recommended use with USB or USB 2.0 connection to scanner.

Standard and Scientific Calculator
An onscreen speaking calculator providing all the main functions of a standard or scientific
calculator with audible audit trail and multiple display memory locations.

Daisy Reader
RWGold contains Daisy Reading technology to read Daisy Books. Daisy is Digital Accessible
Documents for people with a print disability – see

Speech Maker
Convert text to MP3, WMA or WAV files and listen to text "on the move" with portable digital
audio devices. Adjust the play back voice to suit individual needs.

Fact Folder
A study or research tool for organising thoughts and ideas. It allows users to capture text from
ANY application (including the Internet), classify it, attach pictures, bibliography information
and record its source. When research is complete convert facts to a text document at the click
of a button, download the text to a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), convert to HTML or turn
the text into a slide show - excellent for revision.

Fact Finder
A web search tool that can collect a selected word from ANY document or application and do
a quick web search to your nominated engine(s) and return the information you need instantly
without having to type in individual searches.

Fact Mapper
This feature offers you the ability to produce a visual representation of facts and ideas on
screen. This is particularly useful when brainstorming, revising and drafting work.

Screen Shot Reader
Reads aloud locked pdf documents.

Study tools
Includes highlighting and summarising tools.
The information about features has been summarised from the Spectronics website

Other websites for more information:

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