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Helsinki, 22 July 2008

The bulk pre-registration functionality is now available in REACH-IT. It allows
companies to submit pre-registration files for substances listed in EINECS.
Companies may take preparatory steps outside the REACH-IT system and submit the
files in an XML format specified by ECHA. Full compliance with the specified format is
essential for all submitted bulk files to ensure their correct processing in the REACH-
IT system.

The new functionality was launched today and it will allow companies pre-registering
substances to submit a file covering up to 500 substances listed in EINECS (Note: for
substances not in EINECS the REACH-IT online pre-registration must be used). The upper
limit of 500 is to allow efficient processing of the submitted files in the REACH-IT system. It
will also keep the files easy to manage for the companies submitting them.

Companies carrying out pre-registrations can submit several files by using the bulk
submission functionality. Practical guidance how to submit a bulk pre-registration is available
in the new “Data Submission Manual 6: Submission of Bulk Pre-registrations”. The manual
can be accessed via the link below.

The XML format for submission of pre-registration files specified by ECHA
Data Submission Manual 6: Submission of Bulk Pre-registrations
General information on pre-registration:
General information on REACH-IT:

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