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									                                                                                       Music Library Association
                                                                                                      79th Annual Meeting
                                                                                                      March 21–24, 2010
Register online at                         San Diego, California

                                                REGISTRATION FORM
NAME (as it should appear on your name tag)
Conference Registration
Early registration (includes banquet) postmarked on or before December 31, 2009
                            MLA Members/Affiliates                                          $210.00
                            MLA Members in first 3 years of professional service            $175.00
                            Non-Members                                                     $300.00
Regular registration (includes banquet) up to February 17, 2010, or on site
                            MLA Members/Affiliates                                          $340.00
                            Non-Members                                                     $430.00
Student registration
                            Student registration (includes banquet)                         $110.00
Single-day registration
                            Monday, March 22, 2010                                          $145.00
                            Tuesday, March 23, 2010                                         $145.00
                            Wednesday, March 24, 2010 (does not include banquet)            $145.00

                                                                               Registration TOTAL

Banquet         (PLEASE NOTE: If no banquet selection is made, CHEF’S CHOICE will be ordered for you.)
       Please select meal options below. If you will not be attending the banquet please select “Not Attending Banquet.”
       Indicate the number of additional meals and menu choices if more than one meal is purchased.

My choice:             Breast of Chicken (Chef's Choice)         Use the drop-down on the left, or check the boxes below:

                            Oven-roasted                  Roasted-poblano sweet-         Hickory-smoked             Not attending
                            chicken                       corn ravioli                   wild salmon

Additional Banquet Tickets
Quantity Banquet Ticket                                          Price                            Additional Banquet Total
            Select one or indicate your choice                   $90.00 per banquet ticket
            Select one or indicate your choice                   $90.00 per banquet ticket
                                                                 Banquet TOTAL

Tours      (see descriptions at the LAC site)
Quantity     Tour                                         Price                           Tour Total
             Balboa Park Attractions Shuttle              $23.00 per ticket
             Scenic San Diego by Land and Sea             $42.00 per ticket
             Coronado Walking Tour                        $45.00 per ticket

                                                          Tours TOTAL
Service Information
      The following information will help improve our service to you at this year’s meeting and assist in conference
      planning. Please check all of the appropriate lines below:
           I require accommodation as covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
           This is my first MLA national convention. (Consider attending the New Members’ Forum! --see the program for
           I have special dietary requirements which are listed below:
                      Vincent H. Duckles Fund                                       Michael Ochs/Notes Endowment Fund
                      Dena Epstein Fund                                             Lenore Coral / RILM Fund
                      Kevin A. Freeman Fund                                         MLA Fund
                      Walter Gerboth Fund                                           Unrestricted Contribution

                      I would like my contribution to be deposited: in a socially responsible fund.
                                                                    in honor of:
                                                                    in memory of:

                                                                                                         Donations Total $
      Please summarize totals from each category:
      Registration Total
      Banquet Total
      Tours Total
      Concert Total
      Donations Total

      Name:                                                                                           Phone:
      Address:                                                                                        Fax:


      Payment Options:
            Check/Money Order (enclosed)                    VISA                   MasterCard                American Express

      Please make checks payable to the Music Library Association in US funds drawn on a US bank.
      Check Number:                   Check Date:
      Credit card payments require the completion of all the fields below. Missing information could delay processing.
      Card Number:                    Expiration date:

      Signature: _________________________________________________ Phone Number:

      Please return payment and registration form to the following address before February 17, 2010:
                                             Music Library Association Business Office
                                                    8551 Research Way, Suite 180
                                                        Middleton, WI 53562
                                           E-mail: FAX: 608-831-8200

      You may register online at:

     Questions about payment can be directed to the Business Office at or 608-836-5825
    REFUND POLICY: Registration fees will be refunded only in emergency situations and with the approval of the Convention
                      Manager. Refunds will be issued after the Convention. Refunds will not be given for unused banquet tickets.

                                                            MLA FEIN: 52-6056338

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