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                    Don’t hide your nails – fight away that fungus!
Are you sick of trying to cover up your rotten nails? There’s no need to keep them hidden anymore thanks to
PhytoNail, a new pen shaped treatment, proven to kill nasty nail fungus. PhytoNail has an easy-to-use felt-
tip pen design, so there’s no mess! To clear up an infected nail, just apply PhytoNail twice per day for two
weeks, then once day until a healthy nail has re-grown.

Fungal Nail Infection (Onychomycosis) often causes thickened yellow nails that may separate from the nail
bed. PhytoNail will treat the infection and the invisible formula will be dry within one minute, making it easy,
quick and painless! You can also cover up the affected nails for special occasions – without waiting over a
year for the new nail to grow back first!

From a sample of 100, 000 people, it was found that 26% had a fungal nail infection and 65% of people
with diabetes had the infection. With so many diabetics affected by the disease, it’s important to have a
solution that will work every time, without any harsh medication or major cost. (Achilles Project 1997-98)

PhytoNail is the most effective treatment on the market and is a great alternative to treatments such as oral
anti-fungal prescription medication, which can be harmful. Prescription medication can produce possible side
effects that can cause damage to the heart liver and other organs

The Achilles Project 1997-98 study also showed 57% of active sports people have a nail fungus infection in
their toes. The fungus thrives in the dark, moist environment of training shoes. Sportspeople often pick up
fungus infections while walking barefoot in public wet areas such as public showers, saunas and swimming

Toenails can be very difficult to treat, but PhytoNail achieves greater nail penetration by using the patented
BioEqual carrier system and a powerful anti-fungal agent. By using the BioEqual carrier system, PhytoNail’s
active ingredients will kill 100% of the nail fungus, according to results following a 12 week study.

With over a quarter of the population affected this unpleasant infection, this easy to use treatment is discreet
and will fit into your handbag, so you can apply it anywhere and anytime without any mess! 1 PhytoNail
marker contains 300 standard applications.

High Res images are available upon request. PhytoNail is available for $79.95 at all good pharmacies
Australia-wide. For stockist details or more information please call 1300 79 09 78 or visit

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