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									Registration form          (please detach and send)                    How to Register

I would like to stay in a                                              Registration
                                 Registration     Registration after
                                before 15th Jan       15th Jan
                                                                       Please register by using the attached form,
                                                                       returning it by fax, post or e-mail. And please
   Double room en suite         £ 295.00             £ 330.00
                                                                       include a non-returnable registration fee of £25.00
   Double room, shared bath £ 255.00                 £ 290.00         in order for your registration to be processed. This
   Single room en suite         £ 410.00             £ 455.00         sum will be deducted from the total conference fee.
                                                                       The total conference fee should reach us one week
   Single room, shared bath     £ 345.00             £ 385.00
                                                                       before the beginning of the conference. Please
   Without accommodation        £ 150.00             £ 170.00         note that the fees are higher if you register after
                                                                       15 January. The number of participants is limited
 In case single rooms / rooms with bathroom                           and we try to keep a balance between members of              37th International Students’
  are not available,                                                   the three faith groups. Therefore please register as
                                                                                                                                Conference for Dialogue between
       I agree to a different category of                             soon as possible. Confirmation of registration will
                                                                       be sent out after 15 January.                          Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe
       please get back to me
                                                                       Registration and administrative enquiries:
  Reduced, in dormitory
                                 £ 150.00            £ 170.00         Irit Burkeman, Leo Baeck College
  (cf. conditions) *
                                                                       80 East End Road, London, N3 2SY
  Reduced, no
 accommodation (cf.               £ 90.00            £ 105.00         Phone: +44 (0)208 349 5605                                  15th – 21st March 2010
  conditions) *                                                        Fax: +44 (0)208 349 5619
 I am aware that the JCM is sponsored by various
organisations and is dependent on donations.                           Venue:                                                      Power and Authority
Therefore I would like to enable others to participate                 Centre for Mission and Leadership Studies
                                                                       Missionsstrasse 9,
by sending a donation of £________. I will receive a
                                                                       D- 42285 Wuppertal
                                                                                                                                 in Religious Traditions
receipt for this amount automatically.
                                                                       Phone: +49 (0) 202 – 89004 810
 I do not agree to my address being included in the                   EMail:
list of participants.
 I have read and accept the conditions of                             Cancellation fee:
registration.                                                                    th                          st
                                                                       Up to 15 January, £25.00; after 1 March, 50%
Other things that are important for my registration, e.g.              and after March 15 , 80% of conference fee.
dietary requirements:                                                  If you come from outside of the EU, please ensure
                                                                       you have a valid visa and travel insurance.
                                                                       Please make your Euro cheque payable to:
Date / Signature:                                                      VEM, KD-Bank eG Duisburg, BLZ 350 601 90
                                                                       Account no. 1 010 972 058
                                                                       IBAN: DE 90 350 601 901 010 972 058
                                                                       Reference: JCM 1830-124 / Your Name
                                                                       Sterling Cheques to be made payable to:
                                                                       Leo Baeck College (address above)
Conference outline                                       Conditions                                                       Registration form        (please detach and send)

Power and authority in religious traditions              Fees:                                                            I hereby register for the
In today’s society, there is an increasing demand        Includes room, board and conference fee
                                                                                                                          37th JCM Conference
for responsible partners from the religious traditions
in addressing contemporary problems. Within the                                               before 15th   after 15th    15th – 21st March 2010
                                                         Accommodation                           Jan.          Jan.
traditions themselves, there are issues of authority
and power. How do these questions affect the             Double room en suite                  £ 295.00 £ 330.00          Name:
religious individual faced with such internal and        Double room, shared bath              £ 255.00 £ 290.00
external challenges? Who has authority and why?          Single room en suite                  £ 410.00 £ 455.00          First name:
What is the relationship between this authority and
the power of religious office? These are the             Single room, shared bath              £ 345.00 £ 385.00
questions that the 37 Jewish Christian Muslim            Without accommodation                 £ 150.00 £ 170.00          Address:
Students’ Conference is going to explore.                Reduced / dormitory*                  £ 150.00 £ 170.00
                                                         Reduced/no accommodation*             £ 90.00 £ 105.00
                                                                                                                          Post Code/ City:
The conference enables the encounter between the
                                                         *reduced rates are available only for students, the unemployed
three Abrahamic religions in an unusually open and       and people with no / very low income.                            Phone:
direct way.
                                                         Arrival on Monday: until 6.00 pm                                 E-Mail:
The programme includes a range of opportunities          Departure on Sunday: from 3.00 pm
for interpersonal exchange, creative groups and
                                                         Discount:                                                        Date of Birth:
lectures which throw light on the guiding theme
from      the    three    different   perspectives.      Members of the Bendorfer Forum für Ökumenische
Encountering, experiencing and getting to know the       Begegnung und Interreligiösen Dialog e.V. are eligible           Religion:
three religions will be facilitated, for example,        for a 10% discount on the respective fees.
through celebrating worship in the different                                                                                  Male            Female
traditions. The background and liturgical elements       Donations:
will be explained in an understandable way.              If you would like to enable someone else to
                                                                                                                          Profession/ Field of Study:
                                                         participate in the conference, we would be most
Target groups include students and their teachers,       grateful for any donations. We can provide you with
as well as all those interested in, and actively         a tax-deductible donation receipt.
committed to, dialogue between the three religions.                                                                       I heard about the conference from:
                                                         Financial support:
The languages used during the conference will be         The Conference “Jews, Christians and Muslims –
German and English.                                      Partners in Dialogue” receives financial support                 I know people who could also be interested in this
                                                         from the co-operation partners, as well as from                  conference. Please send an invitation to:
Planning team:
J: Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet, London;                The Federal Ministry of the Interior of the
Irit Burkeman, London; Rabbi Judith Rosen-Berry,             Federal Republic of Germany and
C: Stefan Hartmann, Odernheim; Matthias Börner,              The Protestant Adult Education in Rhineland
Wuppertal; Juliane Mihan, Berlin                             (eeb)
M: Dr. Jabal Buaben, Birmingham; Sabri Wilhelm
Hoffmann, Rheine; Halima Krausen, Hamburg.

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