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make every lesson a voyage of discovery


make every lesson a voyage of discovery

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									make every lesson a voyage
of discovery.
Expect a 6 year old to respond to the same software as a 16 year old? We don’t. Our unique
Activprimary software has been designed with teachers especially for the 3 to 12 age group
- and matched to their curricula.
Giant on-screen snakessss and ladders make for more enthusiastic young add-ers, as do
random rolling dice... hide and reveal... colours... sounds... coins... on-screen rulers...
Or sail down the Amazon... play word games with poets... create a potion... measure the
angles on the Pyramids... all in one morning... with an older class.
But fun is also highly functional. Thousands of teacher-designed tools, images, and
flipcharts help you bring lessons to life as never before - with all your resources in every
subject to hand, at the touch of a button. Along with email, internet, video, audio...
On-screen menus that are (literally) child’s play let even the least confident users create
and find what they want. And save it, tweak it, re-use it or share it just as easily.
Teachers asked for a sound recorder to add pre-recorded sounds to their images, or to
record and play back the voices of their class. So we added one. They talk. We listen.
And, of course, everything is operated by our unique mouse pen - following the advice of
experts who believe children’s writing is best developed by using a pen from a young age.
It’s already won widespread support - including the World Didac Award in 2004 and 2006.
Or in the words of one 10 year old enthusiast, ‘If you got rid of it,
I’d want you fired.’ (Thank you, Connor.)

mulTi-award winning sofTware for inTeracTive whiTeboards.
compleTe wiTh                                          (for boTh pc and mac)

Clear, simple interface For all ages. No need to be an expert to start with, but you’ll soon become one.
Curriculum resource bank Flipcharts, images, diagrams, annotations, backgrounds, sounds , Flash activities & tools.
Clock Analogue or digital, to help children learn to tell the time, or to act as a timer.
Rolling dice Generate random numbers for numeracy or to give an exciting start to activities.
Embedded links Full, immediate integration with other multimedia sources: sound, video, web...
Sound recorder Record & play back spontaneous verbal responses from children or teacher notes.
Video recorder Create digital videos of children’s projects or activities.
Camera snapshot Capture any image from cds, the web or a digital camera.
Floating toolbar Moves up & down the screen for children to reach. Works with third party software.
Publishing capabilities Create interactive multimedia by applying properties, restrictors and actions to any object
Flipchart builder Create lessons quickly, includes templates to help with lesson design.
Free extras Support, user forum and resource downloads from
Online training and professional development available at

choose from
Flipchart builder activities extension pack With more templates and ideas for lesson design.
Additional content from market leading publishers.
Enhanced lesson starters and question templates with our voting solution.
Full training courses from getting started through to professionally recognised accreditations.
Curriculum specific training courses Literacy... numeracy... primary curriculum...

and add
Our Activ range of products are designed to work easily with each other, in a package to suit you...
Activboard Our market leading, full function interactive whiteboard provides 100% mouse functionality.
Available in 64" and 78" versions as well as the latest 95" widescreen format.
Activslate All the power of the Activboard in your hand. Interact with the Activboard with our A5 wire-free
‘mini-board’, small enough and tough enough to pass around the class or have one per desk.
Activhub Enables you to use your slate or vote with a computer, even if you don’t have an Activboard, or if
you have, dare we say it, another make of interactive whiteboard.
Learner Response Family Incorporating Activote, the most popular handheld learner response technology in
Europe, offering instant assessment across the whole class. Also Activexpression which allows students to
‘text’ to an interactive whiteboard using words, phrases or numbers. All with our superior wire-free technology.
Activtablet Acts just like a small Activboard. The best way to prepare lessons wherever you are, or for drawing,
designing or tracing where you need to use a pen.
Activpanel A 15" LCD mini - board. Attach it to your PC and projector and view exactly what's on your
screen. Ideal for lecture halls and large classrooms.

Tech spec
Windows min spec: Windows 2000/XP Professional or Home Edition. Intel PII 233MHz (or equivalent), 64Mb RAM, SVGA
High Colour Graphics (800 x 600) at 16 bit), CD ROM drive, available USB port. 100Mb free hard disc space for your typical
install of Activprimary application or 1.5Gb for a complete install (including all additional software and resources).
MAC min spec: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher. G4 466 MHz processor or higher or any Intel Mac, 256MB RAM 32 MB VRAM or
higher, monitor resolution 1024 x 768 or higher, CD ROM available USB port. 400mb disk space required for complete install.

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