Things (DOC) by wandik12


									O: Why is it when it comes to ‘Oguri-san’ you wrote only 3 sentences?
T: Eh?
O: In your tomagoto!
T: Oh! Eh because I couldn’t think anything else to write.
O: Hm…
T: Are you mad because I wrote about you in only 3 sentences?
O: Actually you wrote only 1 sentence about me. The other 2 you wrote about the toys and the kids! It’s
not fair.
T: (laugh)
O: Seriously you should write more. I’m your husband you see.
T: Eh?? I thought we already got divorce? Since you have a new girl now.
O: Once a wife is always a wife! Why do you think I'm still keeping in touch with you and dating you at the
T: (laugh)
O: I’m serious here.
T: Stop it. Or I’ll tell your girl about this (laugh)
O: She knows very well about us. Maa I met you first. Or are you afraid if you wrote more in your jweb
about me and our date, someone else will get jealous?
T: Eh? What do you mean?
O: Your another half.
T: My another half?
O: Hm…
T: (laugh)
O: I still regret I didn’t meet you earlier before him. Is he special?
T: (laugh) Are you ok? Are you stress with work or something? I have free time tonight let’s meet.
O: Are you asking me for another date?
T: It’s not ‘another’ date. You were the one who ask me to go to the toy store!
O: Oh that one was a date? Why at the end I didn’t get any kiss?
T: ……..
O: Ok I’m going to finish with the radio show at 3am. I’ll meet you then?
T: ..........
O: Ok see you then. I love you, Toma.
O: Oi I’m still waiting for your reply.
T: Yeah I love you too, husband.
O: Yes finally I see the ‘husband’ word again. Chuuu~

credit : myeapple's journal

nah .. sun_jun & vony@toma .... yang rukun ya !!!
entah kenapa .. . rasanya tret ini jadi makin rame gara2 kalian berdua ... ayo ... ayo ...

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