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					Leading experts to
provide 2020 vision
The two-and-a-half day program for               public defence services, both in the US           who will join the international speakers at
the International Policing Toward                and internationally, with the strategic           the conference.
2020 conference has been finalised.               management of public and non-profit
                                                                                                   Commissioner Keelty said the conference
Among a high-powered line-up of                  institutions. His research across these
                                                                                                   themes, as outlined in the following
experts is futurist Watts Wacker                 disciplines gives these disciplines gives
                                                                                                   program, will enable delegates to receive
who will encourage participants to               him a unique insight which will benefit
                                                                                                   fresh perspectives and experiences on key
expand their horizons as they look               participants at the conference’s social
                                                                                                   global issues which will impact on crime in
ahead to 2020 to prepare to confront             agenda session.
                                                                                                   the future.
the complex world of interconnected              Professor Amitav Acharya holds the
challenges they are likely to find there.                                                           “Questions to be explored include: What
                                                 Chair of Global Governance and directs
                                                                                                   will international policing look like in
Watts Wacker’s versatility and vision has        the Governance Research Centre at
                                                                                                   2020? How will international society
already helped corporations around the           the University of Bristol in the United
                                                                                                   evolve? What major challenges will
globe to navigate the sea of change in           Kingdom. Professor Acharya’s work
                                                                                                   communities face? How will technological
the new millennium. Author, lecturer,            bridges the academic and the popular.
                                                                                                   and environmental changes shape the way
influential business thinker and futurist,        He is widely published on governance
                                                                                                   people live and work and how will all of
Watts Wacker will be guest speaker at the        and global security issues with a
                                                                                                   these developments impact on crime and
conference Gala Dinner to be held in the         particular focus on Asia and regional             national security?” he said.
Great Hall of Parliament House.                  security. Professor Acharya will address
                                                 the International Governance session at           Proudly hosted by the AFP, this high-level
The International Policing Toward 2020                                                             conference will provide strategic insights
                                                 the conference.
conference’s first session, guided by                                                               into the future of a more interconnected
                                                 Australian of the year 2007 Tim                   world where global societies will be faced
Dr Sohail Inayatullah, Fellow of the World
                                                 Flannery, a leading thinker on the                with new challenges in seeking to maintain
Futures Studies Federation, will look at the
                                                 environment well-known for his                    order, prevent and detect crime and
revolutionary times ahead. Dr Inayatullah
                                                 best-selling books predicting the future          enforce laws.
has examined globalisation and world
                                                 impact on the planet of the actions we
systems, the future of politics, the Internet,                                                     Up to 500 delegates from around the
                                                 take today, will contribute to the session
education and a host of other subjects                                                             world, including senior officials from law
                                                 on environment change. University
across continents and through hundreds                                                             enforcement, government, academic
                                                 of Melbourne’s Dr Annabelle Duncan
of publications and presentations in many                                                          and private organisations are expected to
                                                 will make a presentation on issues and
languages.                                                                                         attend the conference.
                                                 advances in biotechnology in the Science
Harvard University’s Professor Chris Stone       Futures session. Professor Flannery and           Note: AFP members wishing to attend the
brings together a focus on institutional         Dr Duncan are among several prominent             conference should contact their National
reform of police, prosecution, and               Australian scientists and other experts           Managers as the first step

                                      EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION HAS BEEN EXTENDED
                                                   International Policing Toward 2020

                                                   Conference 19–20 November 2007

                                                    The Hyatt Hotel Canberra–Australia

                                    Visit for more information or to register

                                                                                             Platypus Magazine | Edition 96, September 2007   21

DAY ONE: 19 NOVEMBER 2007                               Dr Coral Bell AO                             THE SCIENCE FUTURES
                                                        (Visiting Fellow) Strategic and Defence
                                                        Studies Centre                              Biotechnology is fast turning science
                                                        Australian National University              fiction into reality. We may be on a path
                                                        Professor Kim Rubenstein                    where what it means to be human
Ms Ellen Fanning
                                                        Director, Centre for International and      changes. At the very least biotechnology
Media personality and current affairs                    Public Law                                  developments are creating a wealth of
journalist                                              Australian National University              future opportunities which will impact on
                                                                                                    societies around the world. What might
                                                          POWER OF THE DIGITAL AGE                  be the impacts on crime and policing?
                                                                                                    And what should we be doing now to try
We live in revolutionary times where                                                                and prepare?
the pace of change in spheres such as                   Information and communication
                                                        technologies are revolutionising not only   Dr Annabelle Duncan
science and technology, economics,
                                                        the way people live, work and interact      Deputy Director and Chief Operating
politics and the environment is
                                                        but their very identity. We consider some   Officer
unparalleled in history. Here we take
                                                        key dimensions of the digital age and its   Bio21 Molecular Science and
a journey into some of the possible
                                                        implications for international policing     Biotechnology Institute
futures these revolutions might deliver
and provide a context for considering                   including the converging realities of the   University of Melbourne – Australia
international policing as it moves toward               cyber and real worlds, changing global
                                                                                                    Dr James Robertson
2020.                                                   information business paradigms and
                                                                                                    National Manager, Forensics and
                                                        leading edge policing strategies.
Dr Sohail Inayatullah                                                                               Technical Services
                                                        Dr Michael Dixon                            Australian Federal Police
Fellow of the World Futures Studies
                                                        Managing Partner, Public Sector Asia
                                                        Pacific                                       NETWORKING COCKTAILS
 INTERNATIONAL GOVERNANCE                               IBM Global Business Services

                                                        Mr Stephen E. Arnold                        Lavender Courtyard
The nature of the international system,                 President, Arnold Information Technology
                                                                                                    The Hyatt Hotel Canberra
including its governance, is changing.                  United States of America
Will the uni-polar world persist? How
                                                        Mr Jim Gamble
might the roles of the state and non-state
                                                        Chief Executive, Child Exploitation &
actors evolve? In what ways might the
                                                        Online Protection Centre
international legal system develop? And
                                                        United Kingdom
what might this mean for the roles and
reach of policing?

Professor Amitav Acharya
Director, Governance Research Centre
Department of Politics
University of Bristol – United Kingdom

  22         Platypus Magazine | Edition 96, September 2007

DAY TWO: 20 NOVEMBER 2007                        Sir David Veness QPM                              Ms Karen Curtis

 ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE                            Under Secretary General for Safety and            Commissioner
                                                 Security                                          Australian Privacy Commission
                                                 United Nations
There is little doubt that the 21st century                                                        Professor Chris Stone
will see a prolonged period of global            Major General Mick Slater                         Practice of Criminal Justice
warming. The impacts for society will be         Head of Personnel Executive                       Harvard University – United States of
profound, posing fundamental challenges          Australian Defence Force                          America
around international and human security
                                                 Panel Discussion                                   GALA DINNER
and how societies live. But what are the
characteristics of these impacts and             MASS MIGRATION & HUMAN SECURITY

what might be the connections with, and
                                                                                                   Great Hall, Parliament House
implications for, international policing?
                                                 Mass migration in the 21st century and            Guest Speaker: Mr Watts Wacker
Professor Tim Flannery (Australian of the        its meanings for human security will              Chief Executive Officer, First Matter LLC
Year 2007)                                       be shaped by many powerful factors
Adjunct Professor – Division of                  including natural resource scarcity, severe
                                                                                                   DAY THREE: 21 NOVEMBER 2007
Environment & Life Sciences                      weather patterns, civil disturbance and
Macquarie University – Australia                 increasing urbanisation. How important
                                                                                                    BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER
                                                 might this area be? And what will it
Professor Alan Dupont
                                                 demand of policing’s international
Michael Hintze Chair of International
                                                 systems and interactions?                         Dr Sohail Inayatullah explores future-
                                                                                                   oriented organisations.
Director, Centre for International Security      Dr Keith Suter
Studies                                          Media Commentator                                 Panel discussion: a facilitated conversation
University of Sydney – Australia                                                                   bringing together and synthesising
                                                 Panel Discussion
                                                                                                   insights from the previous two days and
Mr Chris Abbott                                  THE SOCIAL AGENDA                                 their implications for international policing
Programme Coordinator and Researcher
                                                                                                   toward 2020.
Oxford Research Group – United Kingdom
                                                 An overview of the big social trends               CONFERENCE CLOSURE
                                                 expected in communities around the
                                                 world. Particular attention will be paid
                                                 to the question of security and privacy.          Commissioner Mick Keelty APM
The issue of weak states, in which one
                                                 Can we have both – or is it a zero sum            Australian Federal Police
third of the world’s poor reside is complex.
We examine some aspects of traditional
security solutions, their future applicability   Mr Bernard Salt
and how policing might develop as part of        Author and Media Commentator
the international response.

                                                                                            Platypus Magazine | Edition 96, September 2007   23

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