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					Lancashire Building Schools for the Future Programme (BSF)
East Lancashire, United Kingdom

Provide better schools and create a local
skills legacy through employment
opportunities for school leavers

East Lancashire, UK

Commencement on site
August 2006

Completion year
September 2010

Catalyst Education (PFI project company
working in a Local Education Partnership
with Lancashire County Council)
                                                                                                   Picture: Shuttleworth Community College
Project partners
Architects: Capita, Ellis Williams and        Design Challenges and Innovation                photovoltaic cells and wind turbines to
Bradshaw Gass and Hope                                                                        generate electricity, ground source heat
                                              The county council was keen to see its          pumps and rainwater harvesting to reduce
Value                                         existing stock of secondary schooling in        water consumption. Together these
£250 million                                  East Lancashire redesigned to be daring         measures will ensure the schools are
                                              and different, but most of all, somewhere       among the most sustainable ever built in
Bovis Lend Lease role                         that would inspire pupils and contrast          Britain.
Two Stage Design & Build Lump Sum             dramatically with the schools they replaced.
                                                                                              In the first year of the skills legacy scheme,
Highlights                                    The result is a new generation of schools       20 new jobs were created for local school
    • Emphasis on sustainable, low            that are stylish and spacious. Three            leavers with companies building the new
         energy buildings                     architects, Capita Symonds, Ellis Williams      schools and some £30 million of contracts
                                              and Bradshaw, Gass and Hope are                 placed with local contractors, generating
     •    Local contractors play a key role   responsible for the designs, which have         new wealth and employment opportunities
          in construction                     earned enthusiastic praise from the local       in the area.
                                              community. Structurally, bold curving
     •    Jobs for local school leavers       stone-faced walls and sweeping rooflines        We are also providing mentoring to pupils
          create a skills legacy              set these schools apart from their ageing       in local schools, together with careers
                                              predecessors.                                   evenings where local businesses talk to
Lancashire County Council’s goal is to                                                        pupils about future employment
raise educational attainment by providing     Leadership in Sustainability                    opportunities.
better schools and to simultaneously create
a local skills legacy through employment      Sustainability plays a vital part in design     List of new schools
opportunities for school leavers with the     and construction, with three key aims, to:
contractors working on its new schools.                                                       Phase 1 (handed over in September 2008)
                                                  Minimise the energy consumed                Four schools at Burnley (sixth form college,
Fourteen schools are due to be built in and       Generate renewable energy on site           primary, nursery and primary special school
around Burnley and Nelson in the                  Provide sustainability data for teaching    provision on the Barden Lane Campus)
£250 million first wave of the county’s BSF       purposes.
program.                                                                                      Shuttleworth Community College
                                              At the heart of the schools and their
The BSF projects will be the largest single   sustainability policies are the latest          Two Pendle Vale schools (Pendle Vale
investment ever made in Burnley and           biomass boilers, fuelled by woodchips           College and Pendle Community High
Pendle’s education system.                    sourced from a local business set up            School).
                                              exclusively for that purpose. The company
Teachers, parents and pupils have all been    creates new jobs and new wealth for the         Phase 2
involved in the design and development        area and helps to ensure the schools are        Unity College
plans for the new schools which are                                                           Sir John Thursby Community College
                                              carbon neutral in operation.
intended to be new focal points for local                                                     Ridgewood Community High School
communities.                                  School buildings are positioned to provide      Marsden Heights Community College
                                              maximum exposure to natural light, with
                                              large windows to aid natural ventilation and    Phase 3
                                              help reduce the need for artificial lighting.   A further three schools with construction
                                              Other energy-saving measures include            beginning in 2010.

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