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									Resident Forum                              .1245
AMA-RPS Takes Stand on Maternal-Fetal Conflict
AMA-RPS Supports Increased Hospital Security

Letters                  .1247
                                                                                                   EDITORIAL BOARD
The Debt and the Cash Flow of Residents:
                                                                                                   Kenneth A. Arndt, MD, Boston, Mass
   I. The Grim Present S. S Berman, B. J. Bohlmann. J. W. Marshall, E. J. Stanford, J Loehr,
                                                                                                   Byron J. Bailey, MD, Gatveston, Tex
        T. B.   Corkery, L. S. Binder, J. Hernried, P. Hernried                                    Robert J. Blendon, ScD, Boston, Mass
   II. And Now for the Future: The End of HEAL? T. L. Waiden, Jr                                   James E. Dalen, MD, Tucson, Ariz
                                                                                                   Lois DeBakey, PhD. Houston, Tex
                                                                                                   R. Gordon Douglas, Jr, MD, New York, NY
Medical Revolution in Minnesota: A History of the University                                       Ronald G. Evens, MD, St Louis, Mo
of Minnesota Medical School L G Wilson, R. L. Numbers                                              William H. Foege, MD, Atlanta, Ga
                                                                                                   Renee C. Fox, PhD, Philadelphia, Pa
Prescribing Psychologists T              Menendez, M K. Evans                                      Daniel X. Freedman, MD, Los Angeles, Calif
                                                                                                   Vincent A. Fulginiti, MD, New Orleans, La
Diet and New Lesions of the Coronary Arteries                                                      Morton F. Goldberg, MD, Baltimore, Md
    Simopoulos, M. R. Goldstein, D. H. Blankenhorn
A. P.                                                                                              Marilyn Heins, MD, Tucson, Ariz
                                                                                                   King K. Holmes, MD, PhD, Seattle, Wash
Immigrant Attitudes Toward the Physician R                   Anderson A M Kraut                    Robert J. Joynt, MD, PhD, Rochester, NY
                                                                                                   Gordon K. MacLeod, MD, Pittsburgh, Pa
                                                                                                   William W. McLendon, MD, Chapel Hill, NC
JAMA 100 Years Ago                                     .1300                                       Arno G. Motulsky, MD, Seattle, Wash
                                                                                                   Claude H. Organ, Jr, MD, Oakland, Calif
                                                                                                   Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD, Washington, DC
Rheumatism, and Its Treatment by Turkish Baths.                                                    Robert E. Rakel, MD, Houston, Tex
                                                                                                   David J. Shulkin, MD, Philadelphia, Pa
                                                                                                   Thomas P. Stossel, MD, Boston, Mass
                                                                                                   Anne Colston Wentz, MD, Chicago, III
Domestic Abstracts.1301
                                                                                                   INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE

The Cover.1309                                                                                     Prof Luigi   Aliegra, JAMA-ltaiy
                                                                                                   Dr Michèle Deker, JAMA-France
Edward Hicks, The Cornell Farm M T. Southgate, Chicago, III
                                                                                                   Yuichiro Goto, MD JAMA-Japan
                                                                                                   Dr J. K. Jain, JAMA-lndia
                                                                                                   Prof Dr Med Max Just, JAMA-Switzertand
Photo/Essay             .1315                                                                      Prof Dr Ivan Lambió, JAMA-Yugoslavia
                                                                                                   Yong Kak Lee, MD, FACS JAMA-South Korea
                                                                                                   Dr Mehmet Pekus, JAMA-Turkey
Porphyria Cutánea Tarda in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Patients                          Azam Soorma, MBBS, JAMA-Pakistan
P. R. Cohen, S. M. Suarez, V. A. DeLeo
                                                                                                   Prof David Todd, JAMA-Southeast Asia
                                                                                                   Dr Zhang Hongkal, JAMA-People's Republic of China
                                                                                                   Dr Pierre-Francois Unger, JAMA-Switzerland
Questions and Answers.1319
                                                                                                   AMA Officers
Fat Embolism Syndrome W A Phillips                                                                 President: C. John Tupper, MD*
                                                                                                   President-Elect : John J. Ring, MD*
Treatment of Spasmodic              Dysphonia R. H. Miller                                         Immediate Past President: Alan R. Nelson, MD
Autologous Blood Donation for TURP Patients T. L                  Simon                            Secretary-Treasurer: Jerald R. Schenken, MD*
                                                                                                   Speaker, House of Delegates: John L. Clowe, MD
                                                                                                   Vice-Speaker, House of Delegates: Daniel H. Johnson, Jr, MD
Books .1329                                                                                        AMA Trustees
                                                                                                   Lonnie R, Bristow, MD*; Rufus K.    Broadaway, MD; Mary       Ann
Glare and Contrast Sensitivity for Clinicians (Nadler. Miller, Nadler, eds) Reviewed by R. Feist                MD (Resident); Nancy W. Dickey, MD; Palma E.
                                                                                                   Formica, MD; William E. Jacott, MD; Audrey J. Ludwig (Student);
Purchasing Power in Health (Berghold) Reviewed by D. J. Shulkin                                    Robert E.McAfee, MD* (Vice-Chairman); Joseph T Painter, MD*
Neurology and General Medicine (Aminoff) Reviewed by M. Victor                                     (Chairman), Thomas R. Reardon, MD; Raymond Scalettar, MD*;
                                                                                                   Jerald R. Schenken, MD*(Secretary); P. John Seward, MD; Frank
Coronary Care for the House Officer (Rich, ed) Reviewed by R. F. Smith                             B. Walker, MD
                                                                                                    Executive Committee
Parenting Your Premature Baby (Jason, van der Meer) Reviewed by P. B. Yellin
Books Received                                                                                     Executive Vice President: James S. Todd, MD
                                                                                                   Deputy Executive Vice President: Kenneth E. Monroe
                                                                                                   Senior Vice President: Larry E. Joyce
A Piece of My Mind .1340                                                                           Vice President, Publishing: John T. Baker
                                                                                                   Vice President, Scientific Information: George D. Lundberg,
Paper Patients                                                                                     MD
                                                                                                   Director, Publication Production and Printing Division:
                                                                                                   Norman D.  Richey
                                                                                                   Director, Advertising Sales and Promotion Services
Poetry and Medicine.1342                                                                           Division: Dennis Joseph Dennehy
                                                                                                   Director, Circulation-Fulfillment Division: Lee A. Parent
                                                                                                   Director, Advertising Communications: Thomas J. Carroll

Obituary Listing.1343                                                                              Director, Advertising Services: Raymond Christian

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