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Indicted for Murder . . . An Orange County Grand Jury indicted Casey Anthony on seven counts on October 14, 2008. Right up at the top of the list was murder in the first degree. While I am very pleased with their decision, we now have to wait for justice for little Caylee to finally be served. I thought we could take an informal vote on the issue at hand, assuming that Casey is indeed found guilty of the murder of her daughter Caylee. All you have to do to vote is click on this link and in the subject line type either FRY if you want to see Casey executed or ROT if you want her locked up in prison for the rest of her life. I will update the results as necessary, so check back to this site every so often. You may also continue to follow this story with the links below. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

When Will This Madness Stop . . . Unless you have been living under a rock since the middle of July 2008, I am sure you have read and probably seen the story of this poor little girl, Caylee Anthony, who has been missing in Orlando, FL. On the surface, this is really just another case of a missing child and the unusual circumstances surrounding her disappearance. Or is it? If one steps back and views the entire landscape and examines the cast of characters that are party to this tragedy, a larger, more disturbing portrait is revealed. This site was created to not only be used as a one-stop site for future developments on this story, but also to examine what the real tragedy is and the what the penalties should be. It is time to stop the madness.

The Victim . . . Caylee Marie Anthony, not even three years old when she was last seen in the company of her mother. This image and many more like them will be forever in my mind because, like many of you, I have not only children, but grandchildren as well. How a parent could possibly intentionally harm someone so young and innocent is astounding. I know, it happens everyday all around the world and in even more bizarre and grotesque circumstances than these, but it doesn't stop the pain in my heart for little Caylee Marie Anthony.

The Criminal . . . What a picture of pure trash. Described by her own mother as a lying sociopath and not to be trusted, this high school dropout sleazed around and eventually became pregnant with Caylee. She did not want the child since it would interfere with her lifestyle, but with no job and no money, her mother and father insisted she move in with them and they would help her raise Caylee. Once she made the decision to relieve herself of Caylee she played hide and seek with her parents as to her daughters whereabouts for almost a month. While not busy lying to Mom & Dad, Casey spent all of her free time partying and staying at her boyfriend's house. When it was finally discovered that she herself had not seen Caylee for over a month, the river of lies turned into a flood. The investigators in the case have said from day one that Casey Anthony has not been of any help to them and has repeatedly lied to them at every turn. Casey's own story is that her baby sitter has taken Caylee and Casey does not know where she is. Everybody that believes that one raise your hand. What a lying bitch.

The Legal Bullshit . . . As Nancy Grace on CNN would say "let's unleash the lawyers" only in this case this guy would not be on the discussion panel. His name is Jose Baez, but it really should be Jose Bozo. This guy is his own cartoon show. Every press statement he gives makes me thankful he does not represent me. He reminds me of the old George Carlin joke; Somewhere out there is the worlds worst attorney and someone out there has an appointment with him.

The Accomplices . . . What a pair these two are. First we have Cindy Anthony, the grandmother and medical worker, who upon calling 911 and saying " it smells like there has been a damn dead body in the trunk" has a new version of what happened to Caylee with each new day. Next we have George Anthony, the grandfather and former policeman, who should stay off of television because everything that comes out of his mouth makes it hard to believe that he could have been in law enforcement. Then we have Lee Anthony. He reminds me of one of those shifty characters always in the background, but ends up being a key part to the mystery. It has now become more and more apparent with each day that they know what happened. Obviously the family does not want to now also lose their daughter, but they would also like to stay out of jail as well themselves. This is either a family of very skilled liars or they are all in total denial of what really happened. Shows you the apple never falls far from the tree.

The Equalizer . . . Thank God that this crime occurred in the State of Florida, a state that not only believes in the death penalty, but is also not shy about applying it to women as well as men. Although the wait for execution is long, eventually justice is served. Casey at least will have a friend; there is currently one other female sitting on Death Row. Women in prison hate people who kill their children. They would save taxpayers a lot of money.

Epilogue . . . As I said in the beginning, it is time to stop the madness. But how do we do it? What happened here did not just happen overnight. This tragedy has been in the works for a long time. What happened to Caylee Marie Anthony was sadly the last link in a chain that was destined to break right from the start. The players outlined above all share in what has happened. You put two people together who raise a daughter like Casey, give her whatever she wants, let her lie and steal from you and allow it to go on for over twenty years. Then add in an unwanted pregnancy by Casey that the parents are insistent of bringing into this world and it ups the ante. Now the parents are in a position of dictating to their daughter every move she makes. Obviously Casey resents this sudden, overbearing authority and the rest is history. Could this story have had a different ending? Yes. Somewhere, not too long ago, the train that society ran on fell off of the tracks. People used to be held accountable for their own actions. Now you have an army of "experts" at every court case making excuse after excuse why the accused should not be found guilty. Change is possible, but the solutions are not easily obtained. The starting point to untangle this mess is at the voting booth. The politicians and judges that are elected are the ones, over time, that have built this rats nest. Let them know when election time rolls around that you and others like you are sick and tired of seeing criminals either go free or receive a greatly reduced sentence. Let them know that if a crime calls for a twenty-five year sentence, it doesn't mean let them out in ten years. Let them know if your state allows for the death penalty, apply it and apply it swiftly. Why should the taxpayers keep an animal alive on Death Row for years? The time is now to return back to our roots in the criminal justice system. If one is going to commit a crime then be prepared to do the time. Change seems to be a popular buzz word in this election year. Let us all make a concerted effort to elect the people to office that have a track record of being tough on crime and criminals. Yes, we can change this, but it is going to take an effort on everyone's part. Tell them we are “mad as hell” and we are not going to take this anymore.

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