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					“ELI helped me to gain access to a
complete new set of educational
opportunities. Each class meeting was
an excellent opportunity to practice
the language that I was trying to
master. Definitely, ELI will always be a
lifelong learning experience.”

David, Colombia

“As a foreign student, studying in the
ELI at Lakeland College improved my
English a lot ... They helped us to
adapt into a different culture and to
develop a good English foundation for
the academic classes. We all had fun
together and the time we shared is
unforgettable. Each day in the ELI
here was a new adventure for me and
I did study for pleasure.”

Leslie, Taiwan

                                            For more information:
                                               Lakeland College
                                                 P.O. Box 359
                                           Sheboygan, WI 53082 USA
                                             Phone: (920) 565-1378
                                              Fax: (920) 565-1206
                                            E-mail: eli@lakeland.edu   English
                                           Website: www.lakeland.edu
English Language Institute
The Program
      The ELI is an intensive English program for international students who want
to study at American colleges or universities. The mission of the ELI is to prepare
these students to be successful in American academic study. If your TOEFL score is
not high enough for you to enter an academic program - or if you have no TOEFL
score - you can come to the ELI to improve your English skills.
      At the beginning of the semester, you will be placed in the best ELI level based
on your English skills. You will have at least sixteen hours of classroom English each
week with qualified instructors. You will study reading, writing, speaking, listening,
                                             grammar, and TOEFL skills. Your ELI
                                             classes will carry college credit that
                                             counts toward graduation.
                                                   At the end of the semester, your progress will be measured based on five criteria
                                             (ELI grades, teacher recommendations, timed writing, interview, and TOEFL score).
                                             This will determine whether you advance in the ELI, begin to bridge to academic
                                             programs, or begin academic study full time.
                                                   The number of semesters you study in the ELI depends on your initial English
                                             proficiency and the amount of effort you put into studying. Most beginning and
                                             intermediate students need two semesters of intensive English study before taking
                                             academic classes, while high-intermediate and advanced students usually need only
                                             one semester.
Campus Life
       Lakeland College is located on a small, safe, rural campus in eastern Wisconsin near Lake Michigan.            International
students are a valued part of the Lakeland community, and students from many
countries live on campus. ELI students have conversation partners and host families
who help them practice English and share American culture with them. In addition,
ELI students live in college residence halls and take part in a wide variety of campus
activities like sports, music groups, and student organizations.
Benefits of Lakeland College
       Lakeland's small size means that you will get extra attention, support, and
flexibility as you study English and work towards academic study. The ELI students
and teachers form a close group, working hard together and learning from each other.
The campus and surrounding community offer continual opportunities for you to
improve your English as you make friends with American and international students.
You will enjoy being part of the Lakeland College community!