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          Specialized Programs                             Youth Advisory Council (grades 8-12)
                                                                                      Make a difference in your
Teens Toward Success (ages 12-17)                                                     community; apply now for
                            Leadership skills, career                                 the Youth Advisory Council.
                            development, communica-                                   Comprised of 15 very
                            tion skills and increased                                 motivated and driven
        toward              self esteem are just a few                                young leaders, the YAC
        success             benefits you’ll experience                                represents all area middle
                            by being a part of our Teens                              and high school students
                            Toward Success program.                                   and serves as a liaison
                            Volunteer to share your        between youth and local government. This is an
skills with school age and preschoolers in any of our      excellent chance to not only speak your mind, but
Rec Connect Camps or specialty classes or choose to        make changes and enhancements in your community.
volunteer your time in one of our community centers,       Past projects by the YAC include improvements to the
parks or select County departments. We’re looking for      transportation schedules to better fit youth’s needs,
outgoing, positive and hard working youth to assist us     volunteering and leading activities at special County
in serving the JCC community. This is an excellent         events, and administering a survey to assess
opportunity for you to meet new people and partici-        community needs. Applications are available at the
pate in trips and classes that will help develop you as    JCWCC, JRCC and Satellite Services Office in Toano
a professional. Acceptance and site placement are          or you can request one from your school guidance
based on availability of positions.                        department. If interested, send an application to:
                                                             Teen Program Coordinator
If interested, please write a letter explaining              5300 Palmer Lane, Suite 1A
   1) why you’re interested in volunteering                  Williamsburg, VA 23188
   2) your work experience                         
   3) your preferred work area, and
   4) why you’d be a good choice for this opportunity.     Success and Achievement through
                                                           Mentors (SAM):
Send or email: Teen Program Coordinator                    Youth are paired with a mentor who acts as a friend,
               5300 Palmer Lane, Suite 1A                  role-model, confidant, advocate and counselor.
               Williamsburg, VA 23188                      Mentors work one-one-one with the child, family,
                         schools and staff assisting youth to achieve
                                                           continued success. For more information, write:
                                                             Human Services Coordinator
                                                             5300 Palmer Lane, Suite 1A
                                                             Williamsburg, VA 23188

                                                                       Sign up for
  Youth Advisory Council members serve as mentors for            The Great Park Pursuit!
  community youth.                                                 Details on page 10.
                                                                                                                    11            James City County Parks and Recreation                   Winter/Spring 2010
                             Teen Trips                             Learn the basics about types of plants, types of
                                                                    soils, and what goes into designing the perfect
        A Night of Illusion (grades 6-12)                           flower garden. Please bring lunch.
        Get ready to cross the threshold of disbelief as the        Sat    3/27   10am-2pm     $25/$20 JCWCC 603080-A
        stars of the “Theatre of Illusion” dazzle you with their
        entertaining stage magic and breath-taking illusion.        Discover the Beauty Inside (girls grades 8-12)
        Travel with us to the Ferguson Center for the Arts in       Join us on an inspirational journey that will boost your
        Newport News to see this show of cutting edge               self-esteem, teach you to be a true leader and, most
        illusions and spectacular lighting and music.               importantly, show you how to believe in yourself!
        Experience their magic for yourself as the audience         This overnight experience will teach you how to
        participates in this powerful theatrical event.             handle pressure from your peers and the media,
        Sat   2/6     5-10pm        $45/$40 JCWCC 602020-A          how to maintain a healthy lifestyle without going
                                                                    overboard and how to grow stronger both physically
        Campus Tour Series (grades 9-12)                            and emotionally. Your journey will end with a ropes
        Join us for part five of our campus tour series – a visit   course at the Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center.
        to Harrisonburg, to tour James Madison University.          Curriculum components are from the Dove Self
        Travel with us to see this unique and beautiful campus      Esteem Program. Dinner, breakfast and lunch provided.
        in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. See academic         F, 5pm - Sat, 4pm 4/16-4/17 $125/$120 JCWCC 604090-A
        buildings, learn about college life and explore what the
        campus has to offer. Wear comfortable clothes and
        walking shoes. Fee includes transportation and lunch.
                                                                          Teen Spring Break Happenings
        Parents welcome.
        Sat   3/20    7am-5pm       $20/$15 JCWCC 603030-A          GOTCHA! You’re Out! (grades 6-12)
                                                                    Journey with us to Laser Rush in Newport News to
                                                                    hang out with your friends and play laser tag in a
        Ready, Take Aim (grades 6-12)
                                                                    4,700 square foot arena that features ancient ruins
        Take part in the fastest growing recreational activity in
                                                                    in a jungle maze. The classic games of tag and hide
        the world – paintball. Experience the thrill as you take
                                                                    and seek are combined with a high-tech twist! Score
        aim and play a fast-paced game that will challenge
                                                                    points by tagging your opponents’ sensors – don’t get
        you both physically and mentally. We’ll travel to the
                                                                    tagged, or you’ll be out! Bring either a lunch or money
        Swamp Fun Park in Gloucester where they have over
                                                                    for lunch at Patrick Henry Mall.
        20 acres of playing fields. No experience is necessary.
                                                                    T      4/6    8am-5pm      $35/$30 JCWCC 604060-A
        Prepare to have a blast!
        Sat   5/22    9am-2pm       $55/$50 JCWCC 605020-A
                                                                    To Infinity and Beyond (grades 6-12)
                                                                    Take flight to the Virginia Air and Space Museum
        Teen Leadership and Development                             in Hampton. Your imagination will soar as you launch
                                                                    a rocket, pilot a space shuttle, and come face-to-face
                                                                    with the Apollo Command Module and DC-9
        Red Cross Babysitting Course (ages 12+)
                                                                    Passenger jet. There are over 100 interactive exhibits
        This course covers all the basics of babysitting –
                                                                    that detail NASA’s historic achievements, many of
        childcare, fire and home safety, first aid plus learn how
                                                                    which occurred right here in Virginia. Bring a lunch.
        to set up your own business. At the completion of the
                                                                    W      4/7    8am-5pm      $35/$30 JCWCC 604060-B
        class, receive a babysitter’s textbook, babysitting
        certificate, and first aid kit. Bring a bagged lunch.
        Snacks provided.                                            Swing Away (grades 6-12)
        Sat   2/27    10am-2pm      $75/$70 JCWCC 602010-A
                                                                    Whether you like to swing a club or a bat, you’ll be
                                                                    able to experience both at Ranger Ricks – a premier
        Sat   5/1     10am-2pm      $75/$70 JCWCC 605010-A          golf driving range and batting cage right here in
                                                                    Williamsburg. Take your swing to see if you can beat
        Landscape Design 101 (grades 9-12)                          the rest. After that, we’ll travel to Prime Outlets to
        Have you ever thought about a career in landscaping         see what deals await. Bring either a lunch or money
        but then realized you didn’t know an annual from            for lunch.
        a perennial? Well if so, this may be the course for you.    Th     4/8    8am-5pm      $25/$20 JCWCC 604060-C
        Winter/Spring 2010                     James City County Parks and Recreation

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