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									                                                                Affiliated Organizations
Affiliated Organizations

                           These nonprofit groups work in partnership with JCC           Virginia Legacy Soccer Club
                           Parks and Recreation to provide recreational services         The club offers a year round youth development pro-
                           to County and area residents.                                 gram (ages 2-10), a premier travel team program (ages
                                                                                         10-18) and the Premier Development Team which
                           American Legion Post 39                                       plays in the professional league structure of the United
                           Summer baseball program for high school age boys.             Soccer Leagues. Contact
                           Contact:                         or visit
                           American Legion Post 1776                                     Williamsburg Aquatic Club (ages 6-18)
                           Summer baseball program for high school age boys.             WAC is a year round program which gives swimmers
                           Contact                         an opportunity to compete statewide and regionally.
                                                                                         For information, call 229-8662.
                           Colonial Capital Basketball Club (boys and
                           girls ages 9-16)                                              Williamsburg Area Bicyclists
                           This year round AAU/YBOA basketball program                   WAB has weekly bicycle trips offering four ride levels.
                           offers a fall/winter league and a summer league.              All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate.
                           Call 565-0758 or visit              Call 229-4907, visit or write
                           James City Youth Football and                                 to Williamsburg Area Bicyclists, P.O. Box 2222,
                           Cheerleading League (boys and girls ages 6-14)                Williamsburg, VA 23187-2222.
                           Provides youth football and cheerleading to local
                           area boys and girls. For more information, visit              Williamsburg Fencing Club (youth and adults)
                  or e-mail               The Club offers lessons and camps from beginning
                                                fencing to advanced techniques. Contact Joe Russell
                                                                                         at 254-5164 or
                           Neighborhood Basketball League (NBL)
                           (boys and girls ages 10-18)                                   Williamsburg Lacrosse Club
                           A Williamsburg/JCC Community Action Agency (CAA)              (boys ages 12-19 in grades 7-12)
                           program that provides a structured sports activity            This club competes at the junior varsity and varsity
                           with mentorship in developing self-esteem, self-              levels against state teams while adhering to Virginia
                           discipline, leadership and sportsmanship as well              High School League guidelines for participation and
                           as offering encouragement to excel academically.              eligibility. Visit
                           Season runs March-June. Contact CAA at 229-3316.
                                                                                         Williamsburg Warriors Lacrosse Club
                           StageLights (girls and boys ages 6-13)                        (boys and girls ages 7-18)
                           StageLights, Williamsburg’s theatre for children, intro-      Practices are held locally. Contact Brian Erwin at
                           duces youth to the techniques of acting, voice, dance or visit
                           and stagecraft while increasing their appreciation of
                           the Theatre. Call 229-ACTS or visit   Williamsburg Youth Baseball League, Inc.
                                                                                         (ages 5-17)
                           Team Flash Track and Field                                    Local provider of T-ball, baseball and Buddy Ball.
                           (boys and girls ages 6-18)                                    Buddy Ball is designed for children and young adults,
                           Local track and field team offering running, throwing         ages 5-20, with special needs who are not able to
                           and jumping events. Practices are held from mid-              participate in the established Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth
                           March through mid-June. Call Ellen Womeldorf at               Leagues. For information, e-mail williamsburgbaseball
                           240-3713, e-mail or visit     or visit
                                                                                         Williamsburg Youth Football and
                           Toano Storm, Inc. (boys and girls)                            Cheerleading League (boys and girls ages 6-14)
                           AAU basketball program offers teams for various ages.         Provides youth football and cheerleading. For informa-
                           Call John Perkins at                      tion, e-mail or visit
                           Winter/Spring 2010                       James City County Parks and Recreation

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