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					                     2007 Late Model Rules
 1.   Any stock appearing body that will meet National Late Model Sportsman rules.
 2.   Minimum wheel base 103”. 1” tolerance
 3.   Weight 2450 after the race with driver.
 4.   All Extra weight must be bolted on, any loose weight, ie. Not bolted down
      securely, in drivers cockpit will result in forfeit.

 1. Stock appearing after market accepted. May be made of steel, aluminum or
 2. No Wedge style bodies. No roof mounted spoilers or wings.
 3. Nose and roof must match body style. MD3 nose is legal.
 4. Floor boards and fire wall must cover the drivers area and be constructed to
    provide maximum safety.
 5. Drivers seat must remain in same general area as the general design.
 6. Windshield screen or bars are mandatory.
 7. Neatly painted numbers at least 18” high are required on each side of the car and
 8. No fins or raised lips of any king permitted anywhere the entire length of car.
 9. Spoiler and body maximum 72” wide.

                     ROOFS AND ROOF SUPPORTS
1.    Must be stock appearing and mounted level.
2.    45” minimum height from ground.
3.    Must be mounted parallel to body and near center of car.
4.    Minimum material 41” long by 46” wide. Maximum material 45” long by 54”
5.    No lip on rear of roof.
6.    Fiberglass Roofs OK
7.    Any sun shields (4” maximum must be able to hinge for easy exiting.
8.    Front roof supports can be no more or less that 2” wide by 24” long.

                     FRONT FENDERS AND HOOD
 1. Must be level and flat from left to right side of car.
 2. Fenders cannot gain height from rear to front of car.
 3. No Part of fenders or hood can be below outside body line.

 1. Interior may be dropped to the middle of the car no more than 3” below the top of
    The doors and must be at least 12: below roll cage.
 2. Interior must gradually taper up to the quarter panel height and be level for 32”
    from the rear of the quarter panel.
 3. Interior must be fastened flush at the top of the doors and quarter panels, and may
    Taper gradually towards the center of the car, not crating a lip effect, with a
    minimum of 8” taper (See diagram)

 1. Fabricated tubual cars are legal
 2. Full racing roll cage mandatory. 1 ½” OD x .090 steel tubing minimum,

                          FRONT SUSPENSION
 1.    May use tubular A arms.
 1.    May use tubular type spindle.
 2.    May use screw jacks.
 3.    Rack and pinion legal
 4.    Sway bar OK
 5.    One shock mounted in any position per side.
 6.    No remote reservoir shocks.
 7.    No single or double adjustable shocks.

                               REAR SUSPENSION
1.    Rear end may be located in any position.
2.    May run leaf springs. May run coil springs. May run 3 Bar/4Bar or combination
      leafs of coils (Minimum coil springs diameter 2.5”) – Spring rod or rubber snubber
      bars OK
3.    1 working shock per wheel except left rear. Left rear may have 2 working shocks 1
      spring ONLY.
4.    Brake floaters o.k. floater suspension of any type.
5.    One (1) mechanical traction device allowed. Must be mounted to of rear end, and
      must be attached at both ends, 24” maximum length.
6.    No reese bars. No lift bars of any kind.
7.    No fifth coil arms
8.    1 90/10 steel or aluminum bodied shock – OK

                               ENGINE LOCATION
  1. 6 ½” back to #1 plug from the center of upper A frame mount on left side or 25
½” from the center of the left
      side A Frame mount to the rear engine plate + or – ½”.

     1. Engines in car must match manufacturer of body used. Example: Ford
          Thunderbird must run Ford Engines: Camero must use GM Engines: Dodge
          Intrepid must run Mopar Engines.
     2.   Chevrolet 350 cubic inch + .060.
          Ford 351 cubic inch + .060
          Mopar 360 cubic inch + .030
     3.   Cast iron blocks only. Factory (ie. FM, Ford, Mopar) production or performance
           cast iron blocks ONLY! No lightening of any blocks allowed! No after market
           blocks allowed.
     4.   Must have stock oiling system. No dry sump systems. Ford Engines allowed to
          run single stage belt driven pump.
     5.   May have straps on stock main caps. After market steel caps-straight bolt or
          angel slayed caps OK.
     6.   No overside valve lifter holes
     7.   Oil Coolers – OK
     8.   Accu sump OK – Pressurized accu sumps OK

1.   Crank must be factory stock stroke.
2.   Stock stroke for engines used 3.48” Chevy, 3.50” Ford, & 3.58” Mopar.
3.   Balancing OK
4.   Cross Drilling OK
5.   No knife edge or wings cranks.
6.   Any after market forged steel or cast production type crank stock stroke fro engine
     used. No Billets. Minimum rod pin standard diameter 2.00 inch.
7.   Crank weight 48 lbs. minimum Chevy engine. 54 pound Ford, & 50 Pound Mopar.

                             CONNECTING RODS
1.    Any forged steel sportsman connection rod with the following dimensions: 7/16
       rod bolt, 5.7” Chevy, &6” Ford & Mopar.
2.   May polish beams
3.   May use after market rod bolts.
4.   No Billeit Rods – No Carillo Rods.
5.   No profiling of rods, no cnc maching of center of beam, no removing of
     manufacture name and rod size.
6.   Eagle H-Beam rods permitted. Eagle H-Beam is the ONLY H. Beam rod Permited.

1. Any flat top piston.

                        ENGINE BALANCING
1. Engine balancing is permitted.

                      HARMONIC BALANCER
1. Any harmonic balancer.
2. Balancer may be pinned.
1. Chevy, OEM, or Performance cast iron heads ONLY. NO aftermarket Heads of any
2. Ford 351 OEM factory stock
3. Mopar 360 OEM factory stock
4. Milling heads accepted.
5. 5. Three (3) to multi angle valve job permitted.
6. Maximum intake valve size 2.02 No titanium valves
7. Maximum exhaust valve size 1.65 No titanium vales.
8. May use any size valve springs, valve retainer, oversize valve stem, lash caps, any
    steel push rod, screw in studs, guide plates, stud girdle, any stud mount roller
    rockers (Mopar shaft mount rockers OK). Stud must go thru center of rockers’s -
    Chevy and Fords’s
9. No porting, polishing, gasket matching, coating on inside of head runners. No short
    side radiusing. Must be able to see and feel the defined raised lip of original bowl in
    the cylinder head, in all areas of the bowl. All bowl work must remain concentric
    with the valve guide. No machined or grinding work more that .650” below the 45
    degree valve seat. No undercutting or back cutting valve seat. Any work done
    more than .650 will be deemed port work NOT part of the valve job. Any
    completely smooth blends of the bowl on the short side,(even though you can see
    where the cutter stops) will be considered short siding, again must be able to see
    and feel the defined raised lip of the original bowl.
10. No altered or ground off casting numbers.
11. Chevy Vortec head casting No. 13554290 – 10125320-12552520-13555690-
    10239906- 062.
12. Total intake head runner volume not to exceed 173CC. Exhaust volume not to
    exceed 64CC – 491 head intake 159CC exhaust – 60CC.
13. The Chevy Phase 2 cast iron bow tie head (new style) part no. 1013492 casting no.
    140110034-184c.c. intake runner volume -2:02 intake. 1.65 exhaust.
14. New Chevy Vortec/Bowtie Head part #25534351OK. Max. intake runner volume
    186cc, Max. exhaust runner volume 69cc.

                                 INTAKE MANIFOLD
1.   Any cast iron or aluminum
2.   No porting or polishing or gasket matching.
3.   May run one (1) inch spacer.
4.   Turtle OK not altered.
5.   Total adapter not to exceed 1” total.
6.   Directional spacers O.K. total carburetor spacer height 1”.
7.   All Intakes must be from recognized name brand intake manufacturer, ex.
     Edelbrock, Brodix, Holley, Weiand, and MUST have manufacturer’s name and part
     number intact and unaltered. NO import manifolds allowed.

                                    CAM SHAFT
1. Any flat tappet cam.
2. Stock diameter lifters only to OEM of engine. NO ceramic foot lifters allowed, all
   lifters must have a magnetic base.
3. No roller cams or lifters.
4. Cast iron only camshaft. NO billet cams.

1. One (1) dual line, single pump 3310 Holly. Vacuum sec.
2. May remove choke butterfly.
3. May drill idle holes in primary butterflies. There should be NO half, or flat throttle
   shafts in the primary side of the carburetor’s base plates.
     1. The primary throttle shaft, with a 172 butterfly should be a minimum of
         of .1868” thick.
      2. The secondary round shaft, with a 172 butterfly should be minimum of .1868”
      3. The secondary half, or flat shaft with a 172 butterfly should be a minimum of
           .1228 thick.
     Note: Checked with go-no-go gauges.
4. May install secondary jet metering plate. Billet Metering plate and base plate
    allowed, base plate must remain stock Holley throttle bores, and above throttle
    shaft toleranced (see line 3).
5. May not remove choke horn.
6. No porting or polishing.
7. Ford type 735c.f.m. OK
8. Single pump only. No rear nozzle.
9. Four corner idle OK secondary throttle screw OK
10. Carbs checked with GO-NO-GO Gauges.
11. Stock inside diameter booster 3310 Holley.

                              FUEL PUMP AND FUEL CELL
1. Stock mount only
2. No electric or belt driven fuel pump.
3. Steel case on fuel cell recommended.

1. Any battery operated.
2. No crank trigger ignition.3. No Mag’s.
3. NO Electronic Traction Control Devices!! MSD in association with the NLMS are
    working together, to eliminate electronic traction control. MSD is currently
    developing a new ignition box that blocks traction control, and has the capability to
    be checked via computer to make sure there is NO traction control, and that the
   ignition box is working according to MSD specifications, and has not been tampered
5. The VSP reserves the right to inspect MSD boxes at any time, and the right to
   hold winnings and impound MSD boxes to be sent to MSD for inspection. MSD
   (Autotronic Controls Corp.) has agreed to work with the VPS to prevent to use
   Electronic Traction Control (ETC). If at any time an ETC is found it will be
   Confiscated by the VPS and SEVERE penalties will levied against the infracting
   Team found to be using ETC.

1. Must be close to stock position.

1. Must have operating starter.

                     DRIVE TRAIN CLUTCH
1. Any operating clutch.

1. May be stock type with forward and reverse gears.
2. Any automatic transmission OK
3. Any quick change transmission, Bert or Brinn OK. No direct drives or in-out

                              REAR END
1. Any stock type rear end.
2. Quick change accepted.

1. Must be four wheel operating at all times.
2. No carbon fiber – no aluminum rotors
3. No Billiet hubs.

1. Maximum 14 inch aluminum wheels. Bead Locks OK

                       FORD ENGINE GUIDE LINES
In an effort to solidify the Ford engine rules, the following Ford part numbers will give
Ford racers a direction to build a winning engine combination.

1. “Sportsman” M-6049-N351 Cylinder head is allowed. M-6049-N352 head allowed.
2. The cylinder head must be “unported”. No grinding, port matching, or pocket
   porting allowed. Must be able to see and feel the defined raised lip of original bowl
   in the cylinder head, in all areas of the bowl. All bowl work must remain
   concentric with the valve guide. NO machined or grinding work more that .650”
   below the 45 degree valve seat. No undercutting or back cutting valve seat. Any
   work done more than .650” will be deemed port work NOT part of the valve job.
   Any completely smooth blends of the bowl on the short side, (even though you can
   see where the cutter stops) will be considered short siding, again must be able to
   see and feel the defined raised lip of the original bowl.
3. N351 head Max. intake runner volume 195cc. N352 head max. intake runner
   volume 188cc, Max. exhaust runner volume 69cc. NO tolerance.
4. Stud mount rockers only, stud must go thru center of rocker. No shaft mount

1. M-6010-D351 is the preferred block because of the cost. Although any cast iron
   block will be allowed. M-6010-M351 and M-6010-N351 are acceptable blocks.
   N351 Block is preferred, as it will cost the racer the least amount of money on
   machine work.

1. Any cast or forged steel (no billets) crankshaft that has a stock stroke (3.5) and has
   a 54 pound minimum weight will be allowed. No knife edge or winged cranks.
2. Ford part #M6303=G351 is a good place to start. The M-6303-H351 crankshaft is
    to lite.

                             OIL PUMP
1. An external, belt driven pump will be allowed. Single stage.

1. Any forged “I Beam” sportsman style rod. Maximum rod length will be 6.00”. No
   billet rod, no profiled rods. Minimum crankshaft rod pin diameter is 2.0” norminal.
2. Any flat top piston. Any aluminum intake, no porting, polishing or gasket
3. Any flat tappet cam – no billet cams. Stock diameter lifters.

   Same rule as Chevy engine.

                                  FUEL PUMP
   Same rule as Chevy engine.

                                  GEAR DRIVE

   These Ford engine rules are designed to keep the playing field level. If any changes
   Are needed a newsletter will be mailed to all race teams.

                              GENERAL AND SAFETY

                               FIRE EXTINGUISHER
1. Must be within reach of driver.. Must be mounted properly No taping to roll bars.
2. On board fire system recommended.

1. Must be securely mounted.

1. No mirrors.

1. Racing seat mandatory (aluminum recommended)

                                 SEAT BELTS
1. Must have (3) point quick release type seat and shoulder harness at least 3” wide.
2. No belts over 3 years old.
3. Hutchins Device or a similar type head and neck restraint system strongly

                                 DODGE MOTOR RULES
1.   360 Mopar production cast iron blocks permitted also permitted is the Mopar
     performance cast iron “A” engine block or R3 block part number P4876792AB (59
     degree valve tappet) or P4876672AB (48 degree valve tapet) is a good starting
     point. These are the Only performance blocks permitted. All casting numbers
     must be unaltered and visible.
2.   Block may ONLY have a maximum cylinder bore of 4.030”.
3.   Wet sump oil system ONLY, NO dry sumps.
4.   Mopar performance crankshaft part #P5007253A accepted, 3.58” stroke, 50 pound
     minimum weight, and 2/100” minimum rod pin diameter. No knife edgeing or
     lightening, or winging of crankshaft.
5.   Balancing permited.

                                  CONNECTING RODS
1.   Any forged steel sportsman rod, 6” maximum length, 7/16 rod bolts permitted.
2.   No Billet rods, or Carilla Rods.
3.   May polish beams. No profiling, or cnc machining of center of beams.
4.   Manufacturer’s Name and Rod size must remain on rod.

     Any flat top piston pemitted.

                       HARMONIC BALANCER
     Any harmonic balancer permitted, and balancer may be pinned.

                                CYLINDER HEADS
1. Mopar W2 cast iron cylinder head permitted part number P5249769 (59 degree
   block) 180CC max in take runner volume. P5007445AB should be 196cc on intake
   runner NO tolerance, 64cc minimum on combustion chamber. NO VARIANCE.
2. 2.02” maximum intake valve diameter, and 1.60” maximum exhaust valve diameter.
   No titanium valves, steel or stainless steel valves ONLY. 11/32” minimum valve
   Stem diameter. Multi angle valve job permitted.
3. No porting, polishing, gasket matching, or expoxying of runners. No short side
   radiousing. Must be able to see and feel the defined. Raised lip of original bowl in
   the cylinder head, in all areas of the bowl. All bowl work must remain concentric
   with the valve guide. NO machined or grinding work more than .650” below the 45
   degree valve seat. NO undercutting orback cutting valve seat. Any work done more
  than .650” will be deemed port work NOT part of the valve job. Any completely
  smooth blends of the bowl on the short side, (even though you can see where the
  cutter stops) will be considered short siding, again must be able to see and feel the
  defined raised lip on the original bowl.

4. May use any diameter valve spring. Any valve retainer, 11/32 minimum valve stem
   diameter. Any steel push rod. Steel valve keepers ONLY. Mopar may run shaft
   mounted rocker system.

                                 CAMSHAFT & LIFTERS
1.   Any flat tappet hydraulic or mechanical camshaft permitted.
2.   Stock diameter lifters Only .904” diameter.
3.   Cast sticks ONLY, NO Billet sticks.
4.   No roller camshafts or lifters permitted.
5.   No roller cam bearings.

                                 TIMING GEARS
1. Timing chain or gear drives ONLY.
2. No belt drives allowed.

                                 INTAKE MANIFORD
1. Any cast iron or aluminum intake manifold permitted.
2. No porting, polishing, gasket matching, or expoxying of runners or plenum of
3. May run 1” spacer, directional or non directional ok. Total of spacer or adapter not
   to exceed 1”

     NLMS Carb rule applies.

                                      FUEL PUMP
1. Stock mount fuel pumps ONLY.
2. No electric or belt driven fuel pumps.
                                    RULE BOOK
The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly
Conduct racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such
Events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in
These events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO
REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are
In no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the
Specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not
Alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED


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