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					        The name o f Kermit E. Hale was placed in nomination.

    There being no further nominations, Mr. Hale was reappointed as a
member o f the Board o f Zoning Appeals by the following vote:
      FOR MR. HALE: Council Members Dowe, Lea, Mason, Trinkle, and Mayor
Harris............................................................................................................ 5.

(Council Members Fitzpatrick and Wishneff were absent.)

       The City Clerk was instructed t o advertise the vacancy created by the
ineligibility o f Benjamin S. Motley t o serve another term as a member o f the
Board o f Zoning Appeals.

      HOUSING: The Council requested that the City Attorney prepare the
appropriate measure revising the City Code to remove the powers o f the Fair
Housing Board t o hear and adjudicate fair housing complaints, with the Board
continuing to be in existence, with its primary function being education.

      At 4:55 p.m., the Mayor declared the Council meeting in recess t o be
reconvened on Thursday, September 20, 2007, for a joint meeting with the
Roanoke County Board o f S~~pervisors the Western Virginia Water Authority,
at the Regional Water Pollution Control Plant, 1502 Brownlee Avenue, S. E.,
Roanoke, Virginia.                                                                                                      I
     At 9:05 a.m., on Thursday, ~eptember20, 2007, the recessed meeting
was called t o order, with Vice-Mayor David B. Trinltle presiding.

Gwendolyn W. Mason and Vice-Mayor David B. Trinkle-------------------------------------

     ABSENT: Alfred T. Dowe, Jr., Beverly T. Fitzpatrick, Jr., Brian J. Wishneff
and Mayor C. Nelson Harris............................................................................ 4.

         The Vice-Mayor advised that a quorum did not exist.

and Chairman Michael W. Altizer.................................................................... 2.

         ABSENT: Joseph B. Church, Joseph P. McNamara, and Michael A. Wray---3.

Marc S. Fink, Elmer C. Hodge and Chairman Donald L. Davis .......................... 4.

         ABSENT: Richard E. Huff, II, Robert C. Lawson, Jr., and H. Odell Minnix---3.                                   I
           Representing the City of Roanoke: Darlene L. Burcham, City Manager;
    William M. Hackworth, City Attorney; Jesse A. Hall, Director o f Finance; and
    Sheila N. Hartman, Deputy City Clerk.

          Representing Roanoke County: Elmer C. Hodge, County Administrator;
    Dan O'Donnell, Assistant County Administrator; ~a'ul    M. Mahoney, County
    Attorney; and Brenda Holton, Deputy Clerk to the Board.

         Representing the Western Virginia Water Authority: Gary Robertson,
    Executive Director, Water Operations; Mike McEvoy,. ~xecutiv'e Director,
    Wastewater Services; and Jean Thurman, Secretary.

           Chairman Davis welcomed everyone t o the joint meeting and
    acknowledged the presence o f Draper Aden from the Town o f Blacksburg,

    Overview Of Previous Twelve Months' Operations

             ,Water Operations and Capital Projects

          Gary Robertson, Executive Director, Water Operations, gave a summary of

I   the Authority's previous 12 month water operations and capital projects, and he
    highlighted the water treatment           improvements, water distribution
    improvements, metering/biIIing/monitoring and water supply.

    (See handout on file in the City Clerk's Office.)

          Dr. Cutler stated that he believed the Members o f City Council and the
    County Board o f Supervisors were aware that a previous water supply plan
    mentioned interconnecting the Spring Hollow and Carvins. Cove Reservoirs. He
    asked for an update on whether this i s still a part of the plan and, if so, when it
    might be accomplished; whereupon, Mr. Robertson responded that one of the
    comments in the 2002 Plan was t o work more regiona.lly, which was
    accomplished by the City o f Roanoke and Roanoke County with the formation of
    the Western Virginia Water Authority. He added that there have been other
    regional initiatives, including working closely with the City of Salem and the
    Town o f Vinton for emergency connections.

           Mr. Robertson further stated that the 2002 Plan dealt with Spring Hollow
    and Carvins Cove, suggesting that the two reservoirs needed t o be operated by
    one entity, which was accomplished. Furthermore, it was suggested that in the
    future, consideration be given t o a direct connection between Spring Hollow
    and Carvins Cove Reservoirs, which suggestion was considered from a finished
    water supply and also from a raw water supply. He commented that over tlie
past 18 months, the Authority addressed the finished water supply by
completing the north transmission line from Spring Hollow to Loch Haven/Belle
Haven as stated in the County's Long Range Plan; and another extension that
needed to be completed goes from the Loch Haven-Belle Haven area directly t o
Carvins Cove or to the larger lines on Plantation Road, a two-mile extension that
is in the Authority's Long Range Plan. He remarked that a raw water pipeline
from the Spring Hollow Pump Station directly to the Carvins Cove Reservoir was
suggested when there is additional water in the river, whereby raw water could
be pumped t o Carvins Cove, if needed, adding that this i s a $20 t o $30 million
project that i s still in the Authority's Long Range Plan.

      Mr. Robertson explained that before the raw water pipeline would be
considered, wells in the Garden City area that have a capacity of four million
gallons per day would be treated because this would be more cost effective;
and the 2002 Plan also mentioned that Smith Mountain Lake would be the
Authority's next water supply, which remains in the Authority's Long Range
Plan, and the use of Smith Mountain Lake as a water supply is probably in the
20-to-40-year horizon.

       Dr. Cutler inquired if the American Electric Power (AEP) re-licensing
process makes provision for the Authority's use of said water; whereupon, Mr.
Robertson responded in the affirmative, noting that AEP is currently going
through the re-licensing process for the Smith Mountain Project through the
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and that the Authority has been actively
participating in the re-licensing process as well as Franklin County, Bedford
County and Pittsylvania County.
        Council Member Mason asked for clarification of the billing system as it
relates to t l i e estimated bill and the actual bill and whether or not the customer
i s obligated to pay the estimated bill; whereupon, Mr. Robertson responded
that the customer is obligated to pay the estimated bill, but if the customer
feels the estimate is incorrect, an evaluation of the bill should be requested
from the billing office. He pointed out that the meters are read every two
months, one month's bill is based on an actual reading and the next month's i s
an estimate based on prior usage; and if the estimate i s in line with past usage,
the customer i s expected to pay the estimated bill as any other bill.

    Mr. McEvoy added that the estimate is based on previous usage, noting that
when the meter i s read one month and the bill i s for two months, the estimated
bill is essentially a prepay of the second month period; and if the estimate is
low, the bill at the end of the two-month period will be higher. If the estimate is
high, the bill will be lower.

         Wastewater Services and Capital Projects
           Mr. McEvoy gave a summary o f the Authority's previous 12 month
    wastewater services and capital projects, highlighting Water Pollution Control
    Plant improvements, the Special Order by Consent, rate increases directed by
    the Special Order by Consent, wastewater collection system improvements and
    construction of the Mudlick Creek Interceptor Project.

            Board Chairman Altizer asked if jurisdictions served by the Regional
    Water Poll~~tion   Control Plant were implementing inflow and infiltration
     restrictions such as those implemented by the City of Roanoke and Roanoke
     County; whereupon, Mr. McEvoy responded that the Authority has three partner
    jurisdictions in the Regional Water Pollution Control Plant -Botetourt County,
    Town of Vinton and City of Salem, whereby Botetourt County is currently not
     under a Consent Order inasmuch as their system is new and has very low
     peaking factors during high rain events. He stated that the Town o f Vinton has
     been working under a Consent Order since 2004; the Town have installed a
     number o f interceptors and have replaced some pump stations; and the City of
    Salem signed a Consent Order approximately a year after the Authority and are
     looking at doing something sirr~ilar o the Authority's home inspections.

            Mr. McEvoy explained that home inspections involve partnering with the
    real estate community t o address contributions of rainwater from homes
    through down spouts and sump pumps; there are a number o f locations in the
    City o f Roanoke and Roanoke County where downspouts are tied into the sewer,
    sending runoff from roofs into the sewer line; and likewise, when groundwater
    comes into basement, sump pumps send the water into the sewer line, even
    though the sewer lines are not equipped t o handle these situations. He further
    stated that these problems and the effect on rates were explained t o the real
    estate community; an agreement was reached that when a house is placed on
    the market, the real estate agent would call the Authority's inspectors to come
    out and determine if downspouts are connected t o the sewer line or if there i s a
    sump pump, where the discharge is going. He noted that if a problem is found,
    it becomes a defect that the seller and the buyer have t o negotiation as any
    other defect, such as a roof or electrical defect; and follow-up i s completed at
    the end of six months by Authority inspectors. He added that the Home
    Inspection Program was modeled after a program that the County had in place
    before the Authority's formation and has been successful.

          .   Regional Initiatives

          Mr. Robertson gave a summary o f the past 1 2 month regional initiatives,
    highlighting adoption o f Regional Water and Sewer Standards, Contract Water
    and Sewer Operations for Fincastle, Regional Cooperation Initiatives and U. S.
    220 Water Line Extension.

I   (See document on file in the City Clerk's Office.)
       Mr. Robertson stated that when the Authority was formed, the goal was
for the Authority to be regional; a name was selected that promoted
regionalism and the concepts were regional; and progress is being made
toward regionalism and the belief is that this progress will continue in the

Status Of Rate Equalization Plan

        Mr. McEvoy stated that when the Authority was formed, a six-year rate
equalization plan was agreed upon; and at the end o f the six year period, the
City and the County would have the same rates. He added that with the
adoption o f the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget, year four o f those rates was also
adopted. He stated that in the City o f Roanoke the average water bill is
currently $1 6.70 per month. January 1 , 2008, the average water bill will be
$1 8.25; Roanoke County has,seen reductions in water rates for the past three
years. 2008 will be the last year that a reduction in rates will be reflected in the
County under the six year equalization plan; and currently, the average water
bill in Roanoke County is $20.1 0.

       He further stated that $20.00 will be the equalized rate; the average
Virginia water bill is $21.39; both City and County residents are currently under
the state average; and the Authority Board has asked that the Authority's rates
be kept at least 5% below the state average. He noted that benchmark would be
$20.32, and by combining ,the current Authority average, the average would be
$1 8.40.

       Mr. Robertson stated that City customers' wastewater bills currently
average $1 8.75; the adopted average effective January 1, 2008 would be
$21.25; and in the County, the current average wastewater bill is $21.25. He
stated that January 1, 2008, the average wastewater bill would be $23.00; the
Virginia average is currently $25.87; the Board's benchmark would be $24.58;
and the Authority average after January 1 will be $20.00, putting the Authority
at least 5% below the state average in both water and wastewater. He remarked
that it is anticipated that in the year 2010, the water equalized rate will be
$20.00 the sewer equalized rate will be $28.50.

      There being no further comments, Chairman Davis declared the Western
Virginia Water Authority Board of Directors in recess until the 12:OO noon for its
regular board meeting.
I        There being no further business, Board Chairman Altizer declared the
    Roanoke County Board o f Supervisors' meeting adjourned.

         There being no further business, the Vice-Mayor declared the recessed
    Council meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.



                                                            C. Nelson Harris
    City Clerk                                              Mayor