Wheelchair taxi complaints-2003-2009

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					Handicab Van and Accessible Taxicab Complaints                                                                       Handicab Vans-700 Board No.s
2003- 2008                                                                                                      Accessible Taxicabs-800 Board No.s

Complaint_File_No Complaint_Date Remarks                                                                        Board_No     Company
TIM0103-003       1/3/2003       driver didn't properly secure pax in vehicle. faulty strap.                      706    Dependable Dispatch

SEN0124-020         1/24/2003        driver didn't know where destination was. driver wouldn't listen to pax;      827            Duffy's
                                     driver rude

GIL0206-037         2/6/2003         driver took 5 pax to Perimeter Air;claimed he had auth for 7 pax              801            Spring

WOO0321-076         3/21/2003        driver was swerving into lane of on-coming traffic                            818           Blueline

ALL0403-081         4/3/2003         dispute between drivers of board numbers 811 & 318                            811          Rapid Taxi

CAM0407-082         4/7/2003         pax banged head on roof; driver didn't ask if pax was ok                      812            Spring

THE0602-125         6/2/2003         harassed pax for not taking first cab in line up                              818           Blueline

GUL0616-134         6/16/2003        going 70 km/h in residential; went thru stop sign at 40 km/h                  809            Unicity

GAU0627-147         6/27/2003        driver was reluctant to take wheelchair pax. didn't pull out ramp, help       809            Unicity
                                     pax or strap in pax; extremely rude
SIN0821-190         8/21/2003        driver took 5 pax                                                             804          Yellow Taxi

WIL0825-193         8/25/2003        didn't have proper ramp; gas guage didn't work. verhicle ran out of gas       718         Handi-Helper
                                     on the way to Morden, MB

MAR1007-226         10/7/2003        as driver restrained pax, belt snapped pax's foot pedal                       804          Yellow Taxi

MAR1007-227         10/7/2003        didn't use ramps; broke weld on right front wheel of wheelchair               823            Spring

ALL0128-029         1/28/2004        driver littered in front of comp's house                                      832            Spring

PAR0311-073         3/10/2004        driver unloaded wheelchair pax w/out ramp. brake light on;door ajar           829            Spring
                                     light on;ride is noisy.

BUR0402-092         4/2/2004         driver smoking;driver flashed middle finger at comp;816 had pax               816       Holy Care Transit

BEA0510-107         5/10/2004        vans are not using their 4-way flasher                                        836            Unicity

SCO0622-147         6/22/2004        driver didn't pay attention to pax's concerns; rude. door flung open          812            Spring
                                     while driving; filthy interior
MCD1201-217         11/26/2004       comp saw driver & pax smoking in cab                                          817            Spring

05-0020             1/25/2005        driver yelled at pax "shut up you f*cking b*tch"; would not take desired      809            Unicity

05-0094             5/2/2005         driver was on cell phone during entire trip                                   811          Rapid Taxi

05-0113             5/24/2005        when pax got into vehicle, meter was already at $7. After pax                 829            Spring
                                     questioned driver about meter, driver left pax.
05-0122             6/3/2005         driver was constantly talking on cell phone                                   805            Spring

05-0146             7/7/2005         driver arrived 15 minutes late; driver took extra time to strap pax in;       716       Holy Care Transit
                                     driver took pax to Women's pavillion instead of Misericordia Hospital

05-0176             8/16/2005        Wheelchair not strapped into vehicle properly; nothing strapped from          703     Dependable Dispatch
                                     chair to floor

05-0185             8/26/2005        Grandmother asked Driver if she had enough money. Driver laughed              826            Duffy's
                                     at Grandmother for being blind
05-0253             12/15/2005       Driver got upset at customer after passenger raised concern. Usually          811          Rapid Taxi
                                     $5.50 and driver charged $7.00. Driver was on cell phone the whole
Handicab Van and Accessible Taxicab Complaints                                                                  Handicab Vans-700 Board No.s
2003- 2008                                                                                                 Accessible Taxicabs-800 Board No.s

06-0084        6/26/2006    Driver turned meter on too early; pax is paraplegic; driver took money            832            Spring
                            out of pax pouch. Driver took 2 $20 and threw back $5. Fare was
                            $15.50. Pax went infront of cab and driver ran into his wheelchair.

06-0137        10/6/2006    Straps in the vehicle did not restrain wheelchair. Pax flipped over; has          811          Rapid Taxi
                            2 bruises on his leg. Driver swore at son (11years old) f*ck off

06-0153        10/31/2006   Driver arguing about dif. companies; trying to make a living; pax was             832            Spring
                            offended because she had her kids in the car; pax is native and felt he
                            insulted her

06-0170        12/1/2006    Complaintant works for an emergency crew; comp parked in 1st stall                829            Spring
                            driver became erate and verbally abusive. Driver is caretaker of
05-0261        12/30/2006   Complaintant wanted to drive around taxi; couldn't go around; got out             812            Spring
                            of vehicle and asked driver to move; driver drove forward and hit her

07-0026        2/5/2007     Asked for 20.00 up front, only came to 7.50, driver drove away                    826            Duffy's

07-0062        5/23/2007    Driver did not strap passenger in properly. driver put passenger in               717     Silver Bullet Dispatch
                            sideways not forward.
07-0070        6/11/2007    Wheelchair van picking up pax at airport                                          705         Handi-Helper

08-0089        3/20/2008    Driver only strapped down the 2 back wheels of wheelchair                         820            Spring

08-0096        3/31/2008    Driver asked for flat rate of $60 because pax had luggage; trip was               838          Co-Up Taxi
08-0121        4/21/2008    Driver didn't help with luggage; driver insisted on pax sit in front; Driver      814           Blueline
                            slammed door on right hand; stitches on middle finger;
07-0069        6/11/2008    Van picked up 1 child and 3 adults at airport                                     702        Belle's Express

08-0174        7/7/2008     Dirty van; Door handles had black marks; pax didn't want to touch it.             827            Duffy's

08-0201        8/8/2008     Driver wanted to charfe $65 for trip because they had a large futon box           802          Yellow Taxi

08-0215        9/2/2008     driver charge $6; normally $3                                                     711     Silver Bullet Dispatch

08-0227        9/15/2008    Vehicle operating while out of service                                            814           Blueline

08-0232        9/23/2008    Driver took fare of complainant                                                   705         Handi-Helper

08-0234        9/26/2008    General complaint re: Spring Taxis, only one break light; spring vans             805            Spring
                            are generally dirty. Spring Drivers speed especially wheelchair vans;
                            divers take the long way to make more $$
08-0236        9/26/2008    Vehicle o/s; no camera papers received by TCB; operating while o/s                827            Duffy's

08-0252        10/8/2008    Driver ran into a a City of Winnipeg truck. Driver charged with a DUI             815            Spring
                            while operating Taxi 815.
08-0249        10/22/2008   Driver was eratic; pax exiting van, driver took off; door closedl hand            819            Spring
                            b/m badly bruised

                            Total Handi-Cab Van Complaints=9 (700 series numbers)
                             Total Accessible Taxi Complaints=39 (800 series numbers)
Handicab Van and Accessible Taxicab Complaints        Handicab Vans-700 Board No.s
2003- 2008                                       Accessible Taxicabs-800 Board No.s


Handicab Van and Accessible Taxicab Complaints        Handicab Vans-700 Board No.s
2003- 2008                                       Accessible Taxicabs-800 Board No.s

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