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					 Welcome To Bear and Bug - 2008 /2009                                          email:

This is our 20th catalogue we‟ve        The Bear and Bug team hope to do            On-line ordering facility, will soon make
published, in 12 years of trading.      our best to serve and support you           on-line ordering available to our customers.
From now onwards we shall               as efficiently as possible. We‟ve           The     web-site     is   currently    under
produce a new catalogue every two       always tried to give the best               construction. The reasons for on-line
years, this seems to be the norm        possible customer service and to            ordering so you the customer will be able to
nowadays.                               keep trying new ideas. We‟ve                place a fast and accurate order at any time.
                                        enjoyed working with all our                On-line product database featuring all the
You‟ll will find that this edition is   customers and look forward to               Bear and Bug trade catalogues (hardware,
bigger, with twice the amount of        many more years                             mount boards, mouldings and art products)
pages as to the previously                                                          Once the site is up and running we would
produced catalogues so it will take                                                 be keen to hear feedback and suggestions
you even longer to read. Sorry                                                      from everyone who users the site. Feel free
about that, but we hope you’ll          Chris Flanigan                              to contact us at: 021-5323376
enjoy it.                               Karen Flanigan
                                        Rowena Derby

                 Contacting Bear and Bug

Bear and Bug in Cape Town T: 021- 5323376 this is our
head office and main warehouse. From here, we dispatch
direct to your workshop or gallery throughout the South
Africa. We also handle sales to our customers in

We welcome your visit to our Trade Counter which has a
walk-around racks for framing hardware. We have
introduced our own range of mount boards, foam boards
and mouldings.                                                                       Showroom in our Cape Town Branch

The Directors of Bear and Bug c.c will be pleased to talk to you at any time
Chris Flanigan, Managing Director 021-5323376
Karen Flanigan, Resources Director 021-5323376
Rowena Derby, Product Specialist 021-5323376

Our premises is situated in Viking business place a new secure development. There is plenty parking right outside the showroom.
We are open from 09:00 17:00 Monday to Thursday
                   09:00 14:30 Friday
                   09:00 13:00 Last Saturday of the month ( Customers that can’t make it during the week )

Customers can phone if we need to open the shop outside the normal working hours, this is our commitment to
accommodate our valued customers. Our staff keep a small range of hardware with then incase of emergences…so yes it is
possible to get hardware after hours if you really need it to complete a job.
  Ordering – FAQ’s                                   Some of what’s new                   Contents

When & why do we charge                          Small range of mouldings
carriage Costs?                                  Coming soon our very own range of mountboards
                                                  (colourmount) and foam board / backing board
Upon     delivery within    the
Peninsula ( within the 50 km                     Parallel pens: Let you quickly rule lines on mount
radius) we are happy to deliver                   boards.
any orders of R200 or more for                   Bear and Bug: Art boxes and Easels.
free)                                            Rub and buff and Brush n‟ Leaf.
                                                 Large range of Flexi, Brad, Stapler guns manual,
This will be next day delivery.                   electric and air guns.
For any orders/ deliveries
outside of the 50km radius, we
                                                 New range of glue guns
use a very reliable and cost                     Art Deckle Paper tearing Tools and Stylus
effective courier service, which                 Large Selection of Prints (500)
is added to the invoice as a                     Selection of ready made stand backs
additional cost.                                 Cardboard corner protectors
                                                 Pasting service using state of the art glue machine
                                                  that bear and bug has invested in for framers that
                                                  don‟t have a vacuum press. We only use
                                                  conservation glue and a minimal charge for pasting
                                                  and board.
                                                 Framing courses Hobby + Professional
                                                 Guillotine blade sharpening service

                                   Books and CD for Framers

                 DO IT YOURSELF PICTURE                                   BASIC GUIDE TO MOUNT
                 FRAMING BOOK                                             DECORATION BOOK

                 Written by C. Kistler                                    Written by C. Kistler

                 64 page book                                             64 page book

                 M123A - DO IT YOURSELF                                   M123B - BASIC GUIDE TO
                 PICTURE FRAMING BOOK                                     MOUNT DECORATION BOOK

                 BASIC MOUNT CUTTING                                      COMPLETE GUIDE TO HOME
                 BOOK                                                     PICTURE FRAMING

                 Written by C. Kistler                                    Written by M. David

                 Newly revised and improved                               92 page book

                 64 page book                                             M123D - BASIC GUIDE TO
                                                                          MOUNT DECORATION BOOK
                 M123C - BASIC MOUNT
                 CUTTING BOOK
                                                                          NEW Logan 251: Mount board Magic

                                                                          Inspirational craft projects constructed
                 HOW TO CUT MOUNTS DVD                                    from mount board. Includes projects for
                                                                          the home, weddings, holidays and gifts.
                 Hosted by C. Kistler
                                                                           Authored by Eileen L. Hull. 72 pages in
                 M123E - HOW TO CUT                                       full color.
                 MOUNTS DVD
                                                                          M123F - Logan 251: Mount board

          Logan Home Framing Tools

                       Logan Pro Saw
Logan PROW-SAW         This new saw is specially designed for picture framing, It is
                       custom engineered top give precise 45 degree cuts. The saw
                                Cuts up to 75mm moulding
                                Precision guides for accurate cuts
                                Superfine 24 tpi saw blade for clean cuts
                                2 fast action secure hold claps
                                Integral measuring arm(900mm left and450mm right)
                                 with scaled fence
                                Also cuts metal ( but use a dedicated blade)

                       T109 - Logan Pro Saw
                       T077 - Spare Blades


                       Big 5kg disk, faceted with fine abrasive. Moulding cut on a
                       hand-mitre saw is placed in the guide and pushed against
                       the disc while it is being turned. This gives the faces a
                       smooth finish helping you create good corner joins. Takes
                       mouldings up to 60mm wide.
                       How much to sand ? on each end, make three pencil
                       marks across the face. Sand just enough to fade all the
                       marks. With 45 degrees guide and cleaning block.

                       T111 - Logan Precision Sander

                       Studio Joiner

                       This joints framers simply and accurately using underpinner
                       wedges. The quick adjust corner clamp takes moulding up to
                       60mm. The mitred mouldings are laid into this and ten it is
                       turned over and positioned carefully under the head of the
                       studio joiner. Any type of wedge of suitable length is placed on
                       the head and the handle pushed down to drive in the spacer is
                       provided for irregular profiles.

                       T108A - Logan Studio Joiner (6,25cm)
                       T108C – Logan joiner PLUS MODEL (8,75cm)
                       T108B - Clamp

                       Logan Pro-Joiner

                       This is a robustly constructed machine. Like the larger
                       professional models wedges are driven into the moulding from
                       the underside. Wedges are place individually onto a unique V
                       nail block and are held in place by patented alignment pins.
                       There are two of these blocks which can be adjusted using the
                       nail spacing gauge. This not only takes the guess work out of
                       deciding where the nails should be inserted but also means that
                       two wedges can be driven into the moulding at the same time.
                       The moulding is held in a secure clamp which is quickly
                       adjusted. The lever/press mechanism is fully adjustable to take
                       account of a wide variety of profile shape. The machine can be
                       used on moulding up to 60mm wide

                       T110 - Pro Joiner

Logan Home Framing Tools

    Fitting Tool

    A clever tool to gently but firmly insert brads, Framers points and
    Flexipoints into wood mouldings, to hold the back in place. Patented
    rotating foot takes four different kinds of inserts, Works on soft and hard

    T010A – Logan Fitting Tool

    Logan Backing Gun

    This is a dual driver fitting tool that fires either hard or flexible points into
    picture frame moulding for fast productive frame finishing. A comfortable
    handle and smooth firing action ensures solidly driven points time after
    time. The versatility of driving both hard and flexible points makes it an
    INDUSTRY BEST VALUE. Designed for those with higher volume of
    framing, the Logan Dual Drive is faster, more productive version of our
    Fitting Tool.

    T010B - Logan Backing Gun

    Freestyle 1100 Basic

    This mount cutter is designed for freehand cutting. It is ideal for use with
    pre-made designs (like those shown). It has a fixed blade and can be used
    right or left handed. It can be used for cutting conventional rectangular
    months in conjunction with a good straight edge. Uses Logan 324

    T035 – Freestyle 1100 Basic

    2000 Advanced Bevel Cutter

    This is a quality push style cutter with a retractable blade. There is a start
    and stop indicator to prevent over cuts. It is designed for use with the
    Adaptarule but can also be used with any good quality straight edge or T
    square or Logan Adaptarule. It includes the patented Logan blade slot
    which helps prevent blade flex and achieves more accurate cuts. Uses
    Logan 270 blades.

    T101 – 2000 Advanced Bevel Cutter

    Pro 3000 Bevel Cutter

    A pull style hand held cutter which Is well made and handy to use. A finger
    tip blade holder operates smoothly, guiding the blade tip through a fine
    slot in the base. The cutting tip is not visible when in use but a line etched
    into the base indicates stop and start positions. This eliminates over cuts.
    Use with Logan Adaptarule or any good straight edge. Complete with 5 x
    270 blades

    T036 – Pro 3000 Bevel Cutter

    Pro – 4000 Bevel Cutter

    The 4000 has a marker bar, to mark borders up to 14mm, other than that
    the 4000 cutter is the same as the 3000 cutter.

    T036B – Pro 4000 Bevel Cutter

                                            Mount cutting

                                                        It‟s Groovy Mouse is a new product that cuts decorative V –
                                                        grooves onto mount surface. Use it freestyle or with most Logan
                                                        mount cutting system Groovy Mouse can also cut freeform
                                                        mount openings. Featuring a unique swirl patterns and
                                                        ergonomic design, Groovy Mouse also houses a convenient
                                                        compartment for blade storage. Includes the handy Quick
                                                        Corner Marker, as well as two V-groove blades and one cut off
                                                        blade. Also available – the Groovy Mouse Blade Kit Model 326,
                                                        containing six V-Groove blades 324 and two cut-off blades
                                                        T094A – Groovy Mouse New from Logan

                                                             Logan Adaptarule

                                                             The Adaptarule is a precision made aluminium
                                                             straight edge with a difference. The rule has metric
                                                             and imperial scales and a rubberized anti slip base.
                                                             On one side there is a special channel to take
                                                             guides (the guides are included with the straight
                                                             edge not the cutters) fitted to the 3000 Pro-Am or
                                                             2000 Cutters the straight cutter, glass cutter,
                                                             Groovemaster and Groovy Mouse.
                                                             T032A – Adaptarule 61cm
                                                             T032 – Adaptarule 101cm
                                                             T032B – Adaptarule 152cm

                                              Craft & Hobby Cutter

                                              600mm cutting board provides the DIY crafter with all the tools needed to
                                              achieve professional results quickly and easily. Includes straight edge,
  Free 1 hour training with every Compact     squaring T bars, Logan 2000 advanced bevel cutting head, Logan 500
  301 Mount cutter purchase + free New        Mat Knife for straight cuts, measuring scale and a creative cutting guide.
  inavated Groovy Mouse: offer valid 2008     The Craft & Hobby cutter is the most economical board mount cutter ever

                                              T104 – Craft & Hobby Cutter

                                              Compact 301 Mount cutter

                                              This mount cutter consists of a rigid board with a spring hinged aluminium
                                              running rail. The boards comes complete with an advanced 2000 push
                                              style bevel cutting and a straight cutting which lock onto the guide rail.
                                              Measuring and marking out are made simple with a parallel adjustable
                                              back gauge with scale and lock, .An excellent machine for the smaller
                                              framer. The working length is 750mm but since there is no squaring arm
                                              you can cut larger mounts by simply sliding the board along.

                                              T037 – Compact 301

                                              450+ Intermediate Mount cutter

                                              An economical all purpose 1,2m length mount cutter system. Includes
                                              parallel guide on which you can set borders up to 1016mm wide. 90
                                              degree squaring bar and a scaled production stop. Comes complete with
                                              straight cutting head, pull style Pro-am 3000 bevel cutter and spare (code
                                              270) blades.
Free 1 hour training with every
450+Intermediate Mount cutter purchase        T105 – 450+ Intermediate Mount Cutter
+ free New inavated Groovy Mouse: offer       All mount cutters come with a free DVD
valid 2008

                                             Mount cutting

                                                      Simplex Studio Mat Cutter (Especially for photographers)

                                                      56cm board mounted mount cutting system with parallel mount
                                                      guide, flush cut squaring arm, production stop, straight and bevel
                                                      cutting heads and creative mounting instructions.
                                                                Accepts mount boards up to 50cm
                                                                Small, portable
                                                                Comes fully assembled and comes with extra blades
                                                                 (270 blades)
Free!! 1 hour training with every Simplex
studio purchase + two free mount boards and           T1181 – Studio mount cutter
10% off if you should purchase the simplex V-
GROOVER. Offer valid only for 2008                    Simplex Plus Mount cutter

                                                      This is the lowest cost multi-featured mount cutter on the market.
                                                      The 1016mm hinged running rail allows both cutting heads to run
                                                      smoothly. The bevel cut head has an ergonomic shape, the
                                                      unique Logan blade guide slot and a new feature- an anti crawl
                                                      pin to stop the cutting head moving back as the blade enters the
                                                      board. The straight cutting head has three blade depth positions
                                                      for cutting mount board and foamcore. There is a 685mm
                                                      squaring arm (with cursor) and a parallel guide with metal guide
                                                      rails which ensures accurate boarder widths. Twin adjustable
                                                      stops mean that you don‟t always have to mark mounts with
                                                      pencil before cutting.

  Free!! 1 hour training with every Simplex           T118A – Simplex Plus Mount Cutter 1016mm
  mount cutter purchase + Two mount boards:
  offer is valid + 10% off if you should puchase a    T118B – Simplex Plus Mount Cutter 1520mm
  simplex V-Groover offer valid only for 2008

                                                           Framers Edge Mountcutter

                                                           These economically priced top of the range cutters feature:
                                                                   Sturdy baseboards
                                                                   Parallel mount guides (which slide smoothly in
                                                                    aluminium channel) for border widths up to
                                                                   Teflon coated cutting bars which give smooth
                                                                    cutting and needs no lubrication. Bottom is
                                                                    serrated so board does not slip
                                                                   Fully scale 685mm squaring arm and start and
                                                                    stop indicator gauge which takes all the
                                                                    guesswork out of the line cutting
                                                                   Straight and bevel cutting on a single head with
                                                                    self lubricating Delrin bearings
                                                                   200mm moveable production stops which allow
                                                                    cutting of all four sides without re- adjusting stops
  Free!! training with every Framers Edge mount                     or marking the board. Uses (code 269) blades
  cutter purchase and extra spare blades…..yes free
  + 10% off if you should purchase a framers edge          T039A Framers Edge 1000mm
  V-Groover: offer valid only for 2008                     T039B Framers Edge 1200mm
                                                           T039C Framers Edge 1500mm

                                                           Oval Mount cutter

                                                           Cuts ovals from 85mm x 114mm to 505mm x 585mm and
                                                           circles from 1000mm to 505mm in diameter. You draw a
                                                           centering x on the board and locate the cutter on this cross
                                                           (he cutting is held in position with pins on the base). Size
                                                           required is fixed with the turn of the knob. The unique 3 step
                                                           mechanism which controls the gradual entry of the blade
                                                           onto the board ensures clean, consistent bevels. Extra
                                                           (code 324) blades are included.

                                                           T040 – Oval Cutting
                                          V Groovers

These devices cut beautiful V grooves and come complete with stops to eliminate the possibility of
over cuts. Well made machine that are designed to give you perfect V grooves time after time.

  Logan 705: Logan V-Groover                   Logan 703:Artist V-Groover                   Logan 706:Universal
                                            Designed for the Simplex line of
For use only on any Logan                   mount cutters, but can also be used        For use on most professional
professional model mount cutter,            on the 450 Intermediate + Mount            mount cutter using a 1.6m thick
including models 650, 655 and 660           cutter on the 301 S Compact using          cutting rod including Fletcher and
                                            the 303 Compact V-Groover                  C&H brand mount cutters.
        Includes six extra blades          Adapter
        Replacement blade                                                                      Includes six extra
         code(1258)                                   Includes six extra blades                 blades
                                                     Replacement blade (code                  Replacement blade
T042 – Logan Framers Edge                              1258)                                     (code 1258)

                                            T041- for Logan Compact and
                                            Intermediate Mount Cutter                  T043 – for Fletcher & C&H
                                                                                       mount cutter


                             The Groovemaster is made by The Frame Company
                             in Australia. It‟s a simpler machine than the Logan
                             version. There are no stops to prevent over cutting
                             but it comes complete with a corner gauge so that you     Franco 201 Hand Cutter
                             can accurately mark out the stop and start points. It‟s
                             easy to use with a little practice. This V groover can    Ergonomic handle which pushes
                             also be used for freehand designs. It can be used in      blade into board as you start to
                             conjunction with any good quality straight edge or T      cut. Start and stop marker gives
                             square and there is a groover in one side so that it      accurate corners. Hooks onto a
                             can be clipped onto the Logan Adaptarule, 301, 450+       straightedges or works along any
                             or Simplex boards uses SM02 blades.                       straightedge for smoothness.
                             T094 - Groovemaster                                       T559 – 201 Bevel Cutter
                                                                                       Uses Logan 270 Blade

                           Logan 1500: Foamboard Cutter

                                    Push style fixed blade cutter can be used
                                     against any suitable straight edge
                                    Reversible to cut either 90 degree straight or
                                     45 degree bevel with an adjustable blade
                                     depth up to a thickness of 10mm
                                    Includes there extra blades
                                    Replacement blade 492

                           T1134 – Foamboard Cutter
                                                                                       T5819 – T220 Fexi Driver

Glass Cutter

This cutter speeds up & simplifies glass cutter and reduces wastage. It is designed
for use the Adaptarule onto which it locks. This means that achieving even pressure
and straight lines is much easier. Comfortable handle and a hardened steel wheel
for longer life. Never go over a score line a second time since this blunts the wheel.

T057 – Glass Cutter
F0066 – Glass Wheels

Straight Cutter

This is a pull type 90 degree straight cutter with a 75mm ergonomic handle for
comfort during use. There are 3 depth settings –safety, standard mountboard and
foamcore. It is equipped with nylon guides so that it can be used in conjunction with
Logan Adaptarule. Complete with spare code 270 blades.

T047 – Straight Cutter

Logan 500 Board Knife

This handy little knife is designed to help you cut mount board to size. Positive
depth control ensures that you do not cut too deeply into the under sheet. There is a
safety setting which locks the blade out of harm‟s way when the knife is not in use.
The 500 is designed to slide along the rails of the Adaptarule edge. Uses Logan
code 270 blades.

T063 – 500 Board Knife

Dust Cover

Protects your Framers Edge mount cutter from dirt and dust that can damage parts
and decrease performance. It is made from black vinyl, is light weight and has a
cutaway to accommodate the squaring arm. Highly recommended.

T050 – Dust Cover


The Fit-n-Frame mount measuring guide is a tool for those new to mount cutting to
quickly calculate what size borders to cut according to the size of the artwork and
frame. It requires no math whatsoever and quickly speeds up the process of
perfectly centering artwork in the mount board.

T222 – Logan 262: Fit-N-Frame Border Guide


Mat Master 101 Bevel Cutter

The Mat Master 101 push style bevel cutter features a 45 degree cutting blade with a
start/stop indicator line for accurate cutting. Can be used freehand, but it is recommended
that the cutter be attached to the Adapt rule….made from precision machined aluminium
and anodized blue.

T4001 - Mat Master 101 Push Style Bevel Cutter 45 degree

Mat Master 201Bevel Cutter

The new Mat Master 201 Bevel cutter is an innovative bevel mount cutter. The Mat
Master 201 Bevel Cutter head features a new ergonomic handle for comfortable and
effortless cutting. A start and stop marker line guarantees clean corners without overcuts.
The blade is held firmly to eliminate hooks when cutting bevel mounts, and it all runs on a
polycarbonate glide strip

T4002 – Mat Master 201 Bevel Cutter
Easy Glass Cutter

The problem with many glass cutters is the person holding it ! The unique design of
Easy keeps the cutting head and wheel vertical to the glass at all times. Users
cannot press too hard, and getting it started at the beginning of the cut is a doddle.
With the pressure just right, there are no glass fragments and lubrication is not
necessary. The man from Oz who designed it says that it is so good that „anyone
can use it”. Fitted with taugsten carbide cutting wheel, guaranteed for 60kms of
cutting. Also fits Logan and Keencut guide rails

T801 –FrameCo Easy Glass Cutter


The ideal V-Nailing tool for everyone

PushMaster will insert all sizes of V-Nails into most types of timber mouldings. Used
in combination with a clamp to hold the joint firmly whilst nailing, any angle can be
joined. These simple and inexpensive tools are suitable for high quality, low volume
picture framing and joinery. There is no limit to the width of the moulding or the size
of the frame, and the PushMaster can be used in hard timbers by tapping the end of
the tool with a small hammer or mallet. The unique head design of the PushMaster
allows backing nails and flexipoints, used to secure pictures into the frame, to also
be fitted. Screw eyes can be inserted into the PushMaster for easy installation
ready for the wire or cord to be attached.

T14730 - PushMaster Kit

Steel Strap Clamp

Franco strap clamp holds frames up to 1,25 x 1,25 metre square. The precision
engineering mechanism makes the clamp quick and easy to use. A unique feature of
the Strap Clamp is that each corner has detachable Corner Wings which prevent the
corner piece from slipping off the frame corner whilst clamping. It is important that
the corners of the frame you intend to join be held firmly together before V-Nailing.
The pressure of the V-Nail entering the base of the moulding can force the joint to
open if the frame is not held securely. Glue on all the joints is also recommended for
large frames. The band is spring steel with flexible plastic corners so that the outside
edge of the frame will not be damaged. The Strap Clamp also has the advantage
that you can see the corners all together before V-Nailing and that there is no limit to
the width of the molding which can be joined. Suitable for joining 4,6,8 and 10 sided
picture frames.

T14735 – Steel Strap Clamp

Mitre Trimmer Guillotine

The mitre trimmer makes an ideal addition to any workshop. Solid, super sharp,
hollow ground blades, leave a clean smooth cut. Ideal for many trimming, squaring
and other cutting jobs in the workshop.

T14738A – Mitre Trimming Guillotine
T14738B – Mitre Trimmer Blades set

                              New! Coin Cutter
                              When framing coins or medals the hole cut in the mat board needs to have straight sides.
                              The medal can then sit neatly in the hole. Cuts circles and arcs from 2,5cm

                              Coin cutter takes type 401 oblique blades…..cuts circles from 2.5cm up to 23cm

                              T14511 – Coin Cutter 401
                              T14512 – Oblique Blades 401 x 10 Pk

                                                     Circle Cutter

                                                     Circle cutter is an innovative new tool, which utilizes many of the
                                                     existing FrameCo mount cutters. The Circle cutter arm consists
                                                     of a swivel point, calibrated scale and turning handle. The kit
                                                     includes all the fittings to attach the 201 bevel cutter, for cutting
                                                     beveled circles and arcs as below. Attachments are also
                                                     available to mount a pencil or coloured pen and the
                                                     GrooveMaster for making circular V-Grooves.

                                                     T1413 – Mat Master Circle Cutter Arm
                                                     T1414 – Mat Master Circle Cutter Arm & 201 Bevel Cutter
                                                     T1415 – Circle Cutter attachments for GrooveMaster
                                                     T1416 – Circle Cutter attachments for Pencil Holder

Mat Master Circle Cutter Arm & 201 Bevel Cuter

 T1415 Circle Cutter with GrooveMaster               Circle Cutter with Pencil Holder attached for
                                                     marking out mats

                                                    T14516 Circle Cutter Attachment for Pencil Holder
                                                    T14515 Circle Cutter Attachment for GrooveMaster


                                         A quick and easy way to mark out the mount ready for bevel cutting. Simply set the
                                         gauge to the size border required and then mark out all 4 sides. Takes most standard
                                         pencils. Other heads are available to take gold and silver pens used for mount

                                         T14418 Line Marker
                                         T14419 Metallic Pen Head

                                         Matmaster Mount Cutters

                                         Developed and made in Australia by FrameCo, this solidly built mount cutter offers
                                         exceptional value for money.
                                                 Non-wrap anodized aluminium baseboard with solid hinged lift-up cutting
                                                  guide rail, for convenient access.
                                                 Adjustable stop for accurate repeat cuts
                                                 Bevel-cut and straight-cut heads clip onto guide rail.
                                                 Border width, up to 150mm wide
                                                 Right-hand support arm, 500mm, for cutting mount board blank to size.
                                                 Now includes Mount stop and additional production stop. Mount stop is
                                                  located in channel on right-hand side and is a separate stop to the slip mount
                                                  stop. Ensures that board being cut is aligned with the running rail rather than
                                                  the support arm                                                                10
                                                 Most measures in metric
                                                 Supplied with 201 Bevel Cutter
                                        FLETCHER / KEENCUT

The F-2200 has numerous unique features:
Baseboard is made from extruded, non warping aluminium. Running rail made of hardened aluminium, with an ultra wearing
black finish. Lifting bar has an ergonomic profile with a textured finish. Cutting head runs on precision ball bearings, guided by
chromed steel shaft. The grips on the cutting heads have a soft touch coating. Blade cuts at 52 degrees. Unique removable
blade holders. The blade holders slip in and out, and the bevel blade can be pre-set to depth. Bevel cut mount and foam board
up to 10mm,straight cut up to 12mm

T3001 F-220 Mount Cutter       1500mm

Keen Artist & Artist Plus
Keencut Artist Plus all of the ARTIST, plus: unique sliding gauge pin points blade entry and exit spot for free-hand cutting
adjustable production stops eliminate marking out and dial out under-cuts and over cuts for ever 460mm squaring arm simply
lifts off and fits easily back on, with re-alignment assured.

T5440 1200mm

The ULTIMAT GOLD is tough, precise, easy to calibrate, comfortable to use and built to last.

T3642     KEENCUT ULTINAT 1500mm

                          Blades Logan, Swan Morton and Stanley

         Blades For Logan Cutters                               Swan Morton Blades

  F062 – 269 Blades          F063 – 270 blades                  All these blades will fit the Swan Morton handle.
  F064 – 324 blades          F065 – 1258 blades                 In addition SM02 fits the Groovemaster, Logan 1100,
                                                                Logan Oval Cutter Plus Alto‟s 30 cutter
  Personna Universal Mount Cutter Blades
                                                                F086A       SM02
  These fine quality blades are made in USA. They suit          F086B       SM03
  most                                                          F086C       SM01
  Mountcutter which use rectangular blades(not
  Logan)                                                        Stanley type blades
  Including Keencut Ace, Ace Plus and Ultimat, C&H,
  Keencut, Rapier, Carithers, Fletcher, Art Mac and             Reversible Stanley type blade made frome heavy duty
  Signature. Now available in two thicknesses                   polished steel. Fits most knives using this type of blade
                                                                including the trim knife 60mm long & 0.06mm thick
  F082A – 0.3mm
  F082B – 0.4mm                                                 F090 – Stanley type blades

Struggling to make a perfect decorative deckled tear? With Art Deckle, it's easy! Constructed of very thin, hardened stainless steel with
a non-repeating natural deckle edge, Art Deckle tools and accessories let you create custom embossed patterns and deckled edges
on all kinds of paper. Art Deckle is a fantastic set of tools for creative custom greeting cards, invitations, and scrapbook pages. There
is even a version big enough to deckle full sheets of watercolor paper.

                                                                PAPER CRAFTERS KIT

                                                                Everything the amateur paper crafter needs to deckle
                                                                and emboss designs into all types of paper including
                                                                scrapbook pages

                                                                Kit includes:
                                                                         12” Medium Edge Art Deckle
                                                                         6” Fine Edge Art Deckle
                                                                         Medium Stylus
                                                                         Three Mylar Embossing Templates with
                                                                          infinite creative design combinations

                                                               A1234 – Paper Craft Kit
                                                             ARTISTS COLLECTION KIT
                                                             A perfect set of tools for artist and photographers wanting
                                                             to add that extra accent of design into the edge of
                                                             watercolor paper, photographs or practically any type of

                                                             Kit includes:
                                                                      18” Bold Edge Art Deckle
                                                                      12” Medium Edge Art Deckle
                                                                      6” Fine Edge Art Deckle
                                                                      Medium Stylus
                                                                      Small Stylus
                                                             A1235 – Artists Collection Kit


      Prefer for use on smaller projects
      Ideal for custom greeting cards, wedding invitations, envelope,
       memory photo mounts and photo ”windows”


      Regarded as closest in size to the deckle that occurs naturally in
       paper manufacturing process.
      Available in medium or fine edges.


      Larger scale provides bolder detail
      Ideal for use on heavier weight paper and large projects
      Exceptional on 300 1b. watercolor paper


      Large of these tools designed specifically for full sheet watercolor
      Allows artist to put natural deckle edge on all four sides before
      Significantly better than the mechanical deckle edges

             Some examples to the left on what one
             can create using the Logan Deckle
             ripper, embossing templates and 4 way

                  A2121 Natural Sponge

                  Made from durable Mylar, Design
                  Template sets give you thousands of
                  possibilities to create embossed patterns
                  on paper. The creativity is endless using
                  combinations of the various design

                  MONARCH SET 3 A1161

                  IMPERIAL SET 3 A1162


         Using for embossing edges
         Made of high-quality stainless steel with tips that
          won’t wear or chip over time
         Dual tip with wood comfort handle


         Comfort grip, anti-roll barrel
         For paper embossing, pergamano, rub-on transfers
         Includes 4 interchangeable tips
         Store extra tips inside barrel

DAFA Hand Mount Cutter

Lightweight, inexpensive. Cuts at 45 degree and 90 degree.
Blade works in either direction. Handy for cutting Foamboard to

T650 Dafa mountcutter
T651 Dafa spare blades 5

                                                Bear And Bug Pre-cut mounts

                                                                   New!    PRE-CUT MOUNTS more sizes to follow

                                                                         Acid free
                                                                         Available packaged in clear poly bags
                                                                         Private label

Gallery mounts                                                      The Collection includes:

Code            outside        inside                                    Single mounts in both rectangular and oval
                                                                          openings (choice of 24 colors) 4 ply board
12             205x255         90x140
13             205x255         115x165
14             280x356         90x140                                    Double mounts (choice of 12 color) 4 ply board
15             280x356         115x165
16             280x356         190x240
17             410x510         190x240
                                                                         Gallery collection featuring dramatic wide
18             410x510         240x190                                    borders in white 4 ply board
19             410x510         267x343
20             257x610         267x343                                   Gallery 11 collection featuring 6 ply board and
Color White                                                               dramatic wide boarders in white

Single Oval mounts                                                       Photo collection in 4 ply white with black core

                                                                         New prestige mount folders in smooth black or

                        Code        outside     inside                   Code      outside      inside

30            130x180       76x114                                        60      240x310       146x216
31            203x254       114x165                                       61      425x340       291x206
32            280x356       190x240     T040 Oval cutter

Mat Folder

             A professional-cut 4 ply beveled mat
             Premium acid-free card stock
             Perfect for displaying photos, certificates, and
              mementos. Great for school pictures,               1015 Vanilla          875 Soft White   710 Silver Birch
              sport pictures, weddings, team-building            986 Cream Ingress     834 Maple        872 Black
              events, etc.                                        842 Cobalt Blue      954 Nightshade   984 Cameo
  Code            outside        inside
                                                                 829 Pastel Green      859 Hazelnut     877 Dawn Mist
                                                                 957 Rose              802 Cream        715 Loganberry
                                                                 833 Holly Green       831 Moorland Green 828 Granite
     40          240x310         146x216
                                                                 926 Hopsack           846 Lupin        844 Pastel Blue
     41          425x340         291x206
                                                                 809 Old Ivory         827 Metal


Code Unframed              Description
                                                                Mirrors for re-sale only …….Framers and
MA69                  Mirror 6 Piece Arch 600x900                 Art Galleryetc. not to members of the
MB 512                Mirror 6 Piece Arch 450X1200 Bevelled       public
MB 43                 Mirror Panel 450x300 Bevelled
MB 46                 Mirror Panel 450x600 Bevelled
MB 49                 Mirror Panel 450x900 Bevelled
MP 312                Mirror Panel 300x1200 Polished
MP 36                Mirror Panel 300x600 Polished
MP 39                Mirror Panel 300x900 Polished
MP 412               Mirror Panel 400x1200 Polished
MP 43                Mirror Panel 400x300 Polished
MP 46                Mirror Panel 400x600 Polished
MP 49                Mirror Panel 400x900 Polished
MP 640               Mirror Panel Oval 660x470 Polished
MP 5R                Mirror Panel Round 500 Dia Polished
MS 15                Mirror Square 150x150
MS 30                Mirror Square 300x300
MPL 3R               Mirror White Plastic Frame Round
MPL 40               Mirror White Plastic Frame Oval 430x550
MPL 5L               Mirror White Plastic Frame Rectangle 550x600

Code     Framed              Description                               1            2               3

M129LSCS              Mirror Large Scoop 1200x900 Silver
M129LSCC             Mirror Large Scoop 1200x900 Coffee Bean
M701ANG              Mirror Antique 700x1000 Gold
M701ANGS             Mirror Antique 700x 1000 German Silver
M701EMG              Mirror Emboss 700x1000 Gold
M608PICS             Mirror 600x800 Pico Silver                        4            5                   6
M451PICS             Mirror 450x1200 Pico Silver
M451EMGR             Mirror Emboss 450x1200 Gold Rope
M701EMGR             Mirror Emboss 700x1000 Gold Rope
M4035QFS             Mirror Square Flat 400x300 Silver
M403SQFG             Mirror Square Flat 400x300 Gold
M403SQFC             Mirror Square Flat 400x300 Coffee
                                                                      7                  8

Mirrors – Hardware                                                 1 Mirror Emboss 450x1200 Gold Rope
                                                                   2 Mirror Antique 700x1000 Gold
Code           Description                                         3 Mirror Square Flat 400x300 Coffee/Gold/Silver
                                                                   4 Mirror Emboss 700x1000 Gold
                                                                   5 Mirror Antique 700x1000 German Silver
CMT100      Mirror Tape 24x3x1m                                    6 Mirror Large Scoop 1200x900 Coffee Bean
CMTD100     Mirror Tape 24x24x3x12 Pieces                          7 Mirror Large Scoop 1200x900 Silver
CMTDS       Mirror Tape 12x24x1,6x24 Pieces                        8 Mirror 600x800 Pico Silver
CMTS        Mirror Tape 24x1,6x1m
CMCLIP      Mirror Clip Set of 4 Pieces

                                              At our trade counter, we stock cut sizes of good quality 2 mm picture
                                              frame glass…….. Clear / Non-Reflective.

                                              G10A 90X130 G10B 125X175           G10C 100X150
                                              G10D 150X200 G10E 200X250          G10F 240X300
                                              G10G 210X300

                                     Mitre Cutting Guillotines

Hansen Mitre Guillotine

Made in Denmark to high technical standards, these machines are very reliable and long lasting- getting even better
with use. The cutting head is moved in and out using a lever. This allows you to cut the moulding in steps.
As the blades cut into the wood or plastic, they crush it. When the pressure is removed the material springs back very
slightly out of line. So multiple cuts help achieve perfect joins. The last cut should be water thin.

T026 – Hansen Guillotine     T027 - Blades
T026B – Pneumatic Guillotine
Also available is the Morso Foot Operated Guillotine T028


Same features of foot-operated MINI 2000 except that this is hand-operated by means of a balanced lever. This
machine is standard equipmed with blades, left and right table support and Hansen measuring system sytem on
the right table. The MINI 200T must be fixed on a table top for safer and correct use.

Technical Specifications
Cutting capacity Width 65mm - height 65 mm
Cutting level‟s height               16 cm
Overall Dimensions        45 x 40 x 105 cm
Weight                                35 kg


Small sized foot – operated guillotine for cutting two 54 degree angles at the same time. Maximum capacity 65 x
105. Accurate and easy to use. Equipped with measuring system up to 150 cm. Blades and measuring bar

Technical Specifications
Cutting capacity     Width 66mm – height 105 mm
Cutting level‟s height                    80 cm
Overall Dimensions            42 x 60 x 105 cm
Weight                                   55 kg


Alfa              MINIGRAF 1/M Super                        Alfa       Alphagraf 3
       Foot Operated                                                   The     pneumatic     bench      model,
                                                                       Alphagraf 3 is made by Alfanacchine,
                                                                       the Italian manufacturer of framing
                                                                       equipment and hardware. All types of
                                                                       moulding can be accurately joined.
                                                                       These machines uses the unique
                                                                       Alfamacchine pulling power twisted
                                                                       wedges. It is supplied with blocks so
                                                                       that you can use 7mm,10mm and
                                                                       15mm wedges. 5mm and 12mm
                                                                       blocks are able as optional extras. The
                                                                       machine is equipped with a strong nail
                                                                       driver which should ensure problem
                                                                       free joining over a long period. The
                                                                       Alfagraf 3 is supplied complete with
                                                                       quick replacement magnets pressure
                                                                       pads and dual functioning foot pedal to
                                                                       control clamping and nail driving.
  The ALFA 1/M Super is quickly adjustable for                 T102E   1000 FRAMERS CANNOT BE
  different widths and heights of mouldings.The top                     WRONG.
  pressure pad is L-shaped steel with a hard felt pad,
  held in place magnetically to allow you to adjust it to              The Minigraf M3 is a bench top frame
  the ideal position relative to the moulding profile. It              assembly machine and our most popular
  has a horizontal rebate clamp to pull the moulding                   model with the Custom Framer. It is
  firmly whilst it is being joined. It uses Alfagraf PTM               compact and well constructed, build for
  “Power-Twist” wedges which draw the mouldings                        many years of trouble free operation. With
  together as they are inserted. The insertion hammer                  this machine, the framer sets the front and
  is solid steel and is guaranteed for two years. The                  back stops for V-nail insertion. The frame is
  Alfa 1/M Super takes mouldings From 6mm to 8mm                       then moved across the nail head and V-
  wide. The working surface is 1000mm from the floor.                  nails can be driven or stacked anywhere
  Support wings for moulding are available at extra                    along the frame join. The V-nail insertion is
  cost. It comes with inter- changeable blocks for 7mm,                made through the use of a pneumatic pedal
  10mm and
  15mm wedges.
  Blocks for 5mm and 12mm wedges are available at
  extra cost.
  T102 ….. Alfa 1         T102A….. Alfa 1/M Super              T102F
  T102B….. Moulding support wings set
  T102C…..Minigraf Sprung Claw
  T102D…..Minigraf Tilting Stand

                                                                       The Minigraf M4 is a bench top frame
                                                                       assembly machine designed for small
                                                                       production runs.This machine can precisely
                                                                       insert or stack v-nails into the same corner
                                                                       positions frame after frame! After the
                                                                       Framer sets the stops (up to 3 nail positions
                                                                       per corner), the v-nails are then
                                                                       automatically driven at the correct positions
                                                                       along the frame joint by simply touching the
                                                                       hand lever and stepping on the foot pedal.
  Cassese CS – Underpinner
  T1025 Cassese CS – 88
  T2138 Spare cable CS – 88

  We stock most of the spare parts for the                    T101G
  Cassese / Alpha Underpinner / Backing guns
  Guillotines (Morso and Hansen)


Alfa   T200 M/P Saw                               Alfa                T-350 D/Mitre Saw

          Manual bench disk sander,              Our Double Mitre Saw has been designed to precisely cut
          allows to recover perfectly            mitres for picture framing and woodworking applications such as
          cutting faults setting up the          windows, doors, and furniture components. This is a heavy duty
          angle at 45 degrees. It                saw built to last many years in a high production environment. It
          utilises 30 cm abrasive                has a unique pneumatic control system which totally supports
          disks. The Disk Sander                 the weight of the cutting assembly allowing a very smooth
          consistence of                         down-stroke,      precise    cuts,   and    a    quick    return.
          construction and its                   Two saw blades are fixed at 45 degree angles and vertically
          working easiness, are                  move up / down. With each stroke, the two mitres are cut from
          the safe-life for a long               the moulding with the least amount of scrap. During the cutting
          term duration. Suitable                process, the moulding cannot move as it is held firmly to the
          in different working                   work table by four pneumatic clamps
          environments: from
          handcraft to mass

                            ALF SLIP CUTTER

                                     Alpha SLIP CUTTER

                                     Hand operating cutter for mitre cuttings (45°) of small wooden and plastic

                                          Equipped with a 1000 mm measurement gauge.

                                          it has an adjustable stop that allows the exact reading of cutting

                                          Easy to install, it can be used in every working place.

                                     T00056 – Slip cutter

                                        ALFAMACCHINE Wedges (V-Nails)

                                                               Should you use hardwood or
                                                               standard wedges in your

                                                               Standard wedges are sharpened on the inside
                                                               edge of the V. Hardwood wedges are sharpened
                                                               on both sides. So standard wedges have more
                                                               flare & draw the mouldings tighter together.
                                                               Hardwood wedges will go into harder materials
Waisted Pulling Power Wedges                                   more easily. Some frames have found that
                                                               hardwood wedges work better with synthetics &
                                                               medium density fibreboard (MDF)
These patented wedges are specially designed For
Alfagraf and Minigraph machines.They are11mm wide
(most other wedges are narrower).The unique barrel shape
pulls the two lengths of moulding very tightly together. The
wedges Are bonded in sticks. Available as follows:
                                                               Power Twisted Wedges In Plastic Cartridges
F076B     5mm         F076  7mm
F076D     10mm        F076F 15mm

Universal “Power Twist” Wedges
These new patented wedges have been designed by
Alfamachine to fit most underlinners currently in use and
developed over several years to demanding technical
standards. They are made from high grade carbon steel
and have a unique shape that draws the two bits of
moulding tightly together. They are excellent quality and
cheaper. The packs are conveniently small.

(Be careful not to try and use these wedges upside down.
One face of the stick is silver- that is the blunt face. The   These are the same as Universal Power Twisted but
dark bounded face is sharp. Insert the stick into the feed     housed in plastic cartridges so that they will fit Cassese
silver face down bonded face up.)                              Underpinners. Note: Each stick contains 280 wedges.
                                                               There are no 10 sticks in a packed (2800 wedges); 40
STANDARD WEDGES                 HARDWOOD WEDGES                sticks in a box (11200 wedges) and 4 boxes in a
                                                               case(44800 wedges).
F070C       7mm                 F077C     7mm
F070D      10mm                 F077C     10mm                 STANDARD WEDGES HARDWOOD WEDGES
F070E      12mm
F070F      15mm                                                F127C      7mm            F128C        7mm
                                                               F127D      10mm           F128D        10mm
                                                               F127E      12mm
                                                               F127F      15mm

                                                               Cassese Masters A-L

                                                               These are specially made to the same high technical
                                                               standards as Masters UNI wedges, but are just a little bit
                                                               wider at 11,0mm. Designed to fit into all models of
Cassese Masters UNI                                            Alfamachine Minigraph underpinners.
Masters UNI Wedges high quality steel, superb Cassese          A-L Normal:   Grey box         Grey bonding
precision manufacturing. Made 10.5mm wide, fit most            A-L Hardwood: Black box        Black bonding
underpinners using wedges in bonded strips except
Minigraf load adhesive face up.                                T 5283     5mm     8000
                                                               T5284      7mm     8000
UNI Normal:         White box      White bonding               T5285      10mm    8000
UNI Hardwood        Red box        Red bonding                 T5286      12mm    8000
                                                               T5287      15mm    8000
T5200    5mm 8000         T5201 7mm 8000
T5202    10mm 8000        T5203 12mm 8000
T5204    15mm 8000                                                                                                20
                                        Gallery Hanging System

This hanging system is suitable for use in galleries as well as offices and homes – particularly in places where it is
difficult to attach anything to the wall or where pictures may have too be moved relatively frequently.

The basis of the system is lengths of Perlon flexible suspenders or stainless steel cable depending on your choice.

The perlon is very strong translucent and inconspicuous and can take a maximum weight of 20kg and comes in 2 meter
lengths ( We can supply other lengths - please enquire). At one end there is a fitted adaptor that slides into the new
click gallery rail (Silver or white)

The system is completed by hooks which fit onto the Perlon or steel cable. There are 8 types of hooks to choose from
4kg, 7kg, 12kg and 16kg

As rails may not or cannot be used in all rooms, Bear And Bug also has hanging solutions to hang
decorations in a sound and stylish way on, for example, partition walls.
                   Display-It Office & Home


Your customer demand an eye-catching display solution to present their message or product quickly
and neatly. For example…..the shopkeeper, who wants to display his latest special offers, or….the
restaurant owner wishing to display his daily changing menu in an innovative way.

Display-it flexible hanging display system is the ideal way to make and change your presentations.
Displaying is child’s play, as no tools are necessary!

The two spring tension rods to which the acrylic holders are fastened are a particularly eye-catching
feature. This special design is beautiful in its simplicity. Display-it‟s secret weapon however is the E-
Clip. The e-clips make it possible to hang and switch displays within seconds. Simplicity itself
:unclick….insert presentation into the frame… into place…and away you go

The E-Clips side effortlessly across the rods, making it possible to hang displays straight and at the
desired height. The E-Clips can also be hooked into each other, enabling presentations to be
displayed horizontally as well as vertically.!

As well as being extremely convenient and user-friendly, the Display-it is also extremely affordable. It
is the ideal hanging display solution for everybody. Display-it is packed in handy case and is extremely
easy to install. Ideal for home use. Just returned from holiday and want to display your fantastic
photos? No problem! Remove the old photo….pop in the new photo….hang up and….marvel at your
beautiful work of art!

                                    Touch-Up Waxes & Pens

CHARTPAK Touch-Ups                                AMACO Wax                            EDDING 40 Touch-Up Pens

Great for touching up scratches on      High quality water based markers, with chisel
frames and hiding join lines. The nib   tip. Excellent for colouring cut edge of
gives fine, medium and broad strokes.   moulding before joining. If any goes onto the
Spirit based.                           moulding surface, it can be wiped off with a
                                        damp cloth. Also, if you leave the top off for a
Different shades can be blended         little while, they won’t dry out as quickly as
together using blender M-0,503.         spirit markers. Why only two colours ? Because
Supplied as single markers or as        we think that’s all you really use save – buy a
Sets of 9 in wallet.                    pack of 5 of each Brown and Black.
                                        5701 Edding 40    5+5 in pack
                                        5702 Edding Brown 1
                                        5703 Edding Black 1
                                                                                               Softer wax in flat tins. The
                                          LIBERON Cream Waxes                                  consistency                is
                                                                                               somewhere between the
                                                                                               harder wax in our Wax
                                                                                               Filler flat tins and the
                                                                                               cream waxes. Ideal for
                                                                                               gaps and holes. Push into
                                                                                               crevice then wipe excess
                                                                                               with finger or cloth.

                                                                                                         Natural
                                                                                                         Mahogany
                                             Cream waxes ideal for re-touching frames
                 Light Oak/Maple                                                                         Ivory
                                             apply with finger, a rag or a soft brush.
                 Mahogany                                                                                Black
                                             When dry (overnight), the cream can be
                                                                                                         White
                 Dark Ok                     buffed with a soft cloth. Apply wax, allow to
                                             dry, then buff. Keep jars tightly closed. If                Dk. Walnut
                 Red Mahogany                                                                            Gray
                                             wax goes hard, warm very gently, and add
                 Light Pine                  some pure turpentine.                                       Gold
                 Medium Cherry                                                                           Dark Gold
                 Dark Cherry                 F04A - Chantilly (19th century gold)                        Silver
                 Walnut/Mahog                F048B - Compeigne (pale gold)                               Orange
                                             F048C - Trianon (gold leaf without base)                    Yellow
                 Dark Walnut                 F048D - Versilles ( gold leaf/red base)                     Turquoise
                                             F048E - Fontainbleu (copper)                                Walnut
                 Cadmium Yellow              F048F - St Germain (silver)                                 Red
                 Prussian Blue               F048G - Sceaux ( antique silver)                            Green
                                             F048H - Rambouillet (oxodised gold)                         Blue
                 Ice Blue
                                                                                                         Light Oak
                                                                                                         Blond Maple
                 Wine Red                    Bear and Bug Art Creams
                                                                                                         Dk Prov Maple
                 Grass Green                                                                             Med Maple
                                             FTUG01 – Gold
                 Everygreen                  FTUG02 – Antique Gold
                 Salmon                      FTUG03 – Yellow Gold
                 Black                       FTUS01 – Silver
                                             FTUS02 – Antique Silver
                                             FTUS03 – German Silver
                                             FTUC01 - Black

Goldfinger Past Wax

Past wax in a choice of metallic tones. Used it to fill
corners by taking a little on the end of a finger and wiping it
onto the moulding. Can also be used as gilding medium in
its own right, but it helps if you prepare a toning surface
first, using suitable coloured paint

T3181C Antique Gold                T3181B Green Gold
T3181C Sovereign Gold              T3181D Silver

                                Baroque Art Gilders Past

                                On Wrought Iron, Metal, Wood, Candles, Bisque, Picture Framers,
                                Mouldings, Resin, Brick, Stone, Plaster, Concrete, Stencilling. Mix
                                Pastes to achieve an infinite range of colours. Create stunning
                                finishes by lightly brushing metallic pastes onto base colours,
                                allowing a day or two for base coat to fully cure [e.g. German silver
                                dry brushed onto Iris Blue base coat]

                                A001 - Rich Gold                      A015 - Patina
                                A002 - Antique Gold                   A016 - Rust
                                A003 – Bronze                         A017 - Sandelwood
                                A004 – Celtic Bronze                  A018 - Violet
                                A005 – Foundry Bronze                 A019 - Pinotage
                                A006 – African Bronze                 A020 - Dawson
                                A007 – Silver                         A021 - Slate
                                A008 – Copper                         A022 - Orange
                                A009 – Black                          A023 - Apricot
                                A010 – White                           A024 – Iris Blue
                                A011 – Cream                          A025 – Canary Yellow
                                A012 - Verdigris                       A026 – Tulip Red
                                A013 – Coral Red                       A027 - Gold
                                A014 – German Silver                  A028 – Imca Gold

                                    Brush 'n Leaf Interior

                                    Decorate, renovate or create something new. Brush 'n Leaf® Interior Metallic Finishes go on
                                    easily with one application. Just brush it on almost any clean, dry surface such as metal, wood,
                                    cloth, glass plastic. The exclusive Brush 'n Leaf® formula features metallic flakes that "leaf" into a
                                    solid, shiny metallic look that dries quickly to a durable finish. Decorate picture frames, wall
                                    decorations, lamps, candle holders, craft projects, accessories, antiques....anything in any room
                                    of your home.

                                     Antique Gold - A222             Silver Leaf – B222        Gold Leaf- C222

                                    Brush 'n Leaf Exterior

                                    This semi-matte metallic paint will not dull or tarnish in winter weather or summer sun for a full
                                    two years or more! Just brush on Brush 'n Leaf® and the exclusive outdoor formula does the
                                    rest.Brush 'n Leaf® works wonders on most any dry, clean surfaces to decorate lampposts, lawn
                                    furniture, furniture pots, house numbers....anything on or around your home. It works great on
                                    metal, plastic, wood, stone, stucco, and concrete.

                                    Old Gold – A333
                                    Brass Gold –B333

       The original invisible Adhesive Plate Hanger, tested and proven over more than 30 years.

                    Disc plate hanger 30mm……… DP001
                    Disc plate hanger 50mm……… DP002
                    Disc plate hanger 75mm……….DP003
                    Disc plate hanger 100mm……...DP004
                    Disc plate hanger 150mm……...DP005

The Invisible answer to ugly plate wires. No clips or hooks. The Disc sticks to the back of the plate, holds it flat and secure against the
wall and cannot be seen. Safety Assured - The Disc gives a permanent adhesion of great strength to a glazed or an unglazed surface.
A fixing that will not "age - harden" or deteriorate with time.

It is unaffected by any normal household extremes of temperature or humidity, Suitable for all sizes of plates and plaques. Discs are
available in five sizes. EASY TO USE: First clean the plate, (even if the plate is new, as surface contamination may inhibit adhesion).
Wet the adhesive side of the disc and slowly agitate with your finger to activate the glue. When the glue becomes "tacky" apply the
disc to the back of the plate (ensure the hook is in the correct position for plate design). Press down firmly. Leave to dry overnight
before thoroughly testing strength of adhesion. Hang your plate on wall and admire! The Disc removes completely in warm water and
will not remove back stamps, glazes, or any other markings.

The following describes some of the potential uses of the Disc that customers have developed over the last 30 years, including tips
from the manufacturer of what and what not to do! All fired materials such as unglazed backs of wall tiles, terracotta, etc. Note: Plaster
of Paris is not that strong in its own right and may give way under its own weight, so even though the Disc sticks well we don't
recommend it be used. China and Porcelain Bowls These cannot be displayed by traditional wires but the 3D effect obtained by
hanging bowls using the Disc is quite stunning.

The transparency of glass items does not generally lend itself to display by Discs but some smoky, opaque, milk glass objects look

Copper, Brass and Silver Plates
Other metals may be OK but each needs to be checked by the customer. Weight is the important criteria as the diameter guide on the
header card is for china and porcelain. The weight limits are very conservative and are based on the strength and integrity of the cloth

and Dee-Rings and not the bond strength between the glue and the surface it is stuck to. Two Discs connected by strong cord or wire
may be used if heavier objects are to be displayed. (This same "picture hanging" type of approach may be adopted for hanging
awkward shaped items or orientation sensitive items).

In the case of metals any oxide formation should be removed first with a proprietary cleaner and then cleaned with neat detergent and
rinsed in clean water.

Some people hang mirrors but much depends on the "silvering" materials that are used on the back of the mirror glass. We cannot
guarantee success. We only suggest they try it and see if it works on the mirror at their own risk.

Unvarnished wooden articles and hardboard backed pictures

The Discs will stick to some varnishes but not to others (the same applies to paint). We recommend customers try it first and if it won't
stick to the varnish then remove it locally. The water soluble glue will not stick to vegetable oils. Linseed is one, so anything that has
been "oiled" will reject the glue.

Note: Some manufacturers paint the back of plates on the top of the glaze or fired surfaces. We recommend that paint be removed
locally on glass or porcelain etc, as the bond between the paint and the plate is often not good enough to suspend the weight of the

Vacuum Press Swivel….. T800

Vacuum Press Table top…T801

Tool Balancer

As we have said many times – guns designed to fire brads, flexipoints or staples usually give good service unless they are dropped.
We now have this tool balancer which is designed to take small tools. Adjustable tension allows for adjustment according to the weight
of the tool on which it is being used. This allows you to arrange matters so that the tool is raised and „parked‟ over the bench. Then it is
easy to pull down when needed after which it is automatically returned to it‟s „parked‟ position.

T092A Tool Balancer Standard         T092B Tool Balancer Super
                                                         SIMPLE Underpinning Head

                                                         V-NAILS or wedges cannot be hammered in-they must be inserted with
                                                         suitable tools. The lowest cost way to fit a SIMPLE underpinning head into
                                                         almost any standard drill stand with a 43mm opening. The four pieces of mitred
                                                         moulding need to be clamped firmly together, using a band clamp or vice. A
                                                         wedges (something called V-nail) of suitable length is placed vertically on the
                                                         end of the magnetic tip, sharp edge down. The point of the V should be on the
                                                         moulding join line. Pull the lever steadily down to insert the wedge.

                                                         T2468 Simple Head Only
                                                         T1024 Budget Drill Stand to suit

Brad nails / Flexi and hard points / blades

F009 - S 18 (F18 Nail gun)   F008 - F12(F12 Nail gun)   F094- H50 (Duetto gun) F095-F25 (Duetto gun)

F2743 - FLETCHER Super-Keen Blades     F2687 Cassese Flexis Arrowhead    F084 – Alfa flexipoints

F4476 - FLETCHER FrameMaster Ponts

                                   Framing backing guns

Elpa Guns
These have been used by framers for many years all the guns now have a devise with which the pressure can be adjusted.
This can be regulated to take account of the hardness of the wood. The air operated guns are very fast. Reliable – but not
if dropped. There are two types of brad gun. One is designed to take 12mm brads and the other 18mm brads. The brads
are not interchangeable. The Flexipoint gun takes standard universal Flexipoints.

F12 Manual – T010A          Excellent for double glass,         NEW excellent value                  Duetto flexi / hard
                              nails are easily hidden       Logan dual gun flexi/hard –T100A         Duetto Manual T055A
                             F12 (12mm) Air – T010B

F18 (18mm) Manual – T013A                F18 (18mm) Air – T013B                NEW No Compressor Needed
                                                                                  Electric Flexipoint gun T100B

F15 Fexi Point Manual Gun – T011A         F15 Fexi Point Air Gun – T011B                 New Our best seller
                                                                                     PF15 Fexi point Air gun T100C

NB: Bear and Bug makes a point in bringing the necessary spare parts for most of our machines and also provides the
technical support for repairs should our customer need it. Backup equipment is also available at a small free should the
customer need it, while equipment is in for repairs. Bear and Bug staff relies the importance of our customers business and is
ready to assist in any way we can when framing equipment goes faulty.




Frame and picture construction. Decorative works, upholstery, covering of upholstered furniture. To fix all
kinds of paper and fabric, skirting-boards, wooden profiles, for shop furnishing, preparation of stands,
interior fittings of houses, canvas, campers, woodworking.

 Rocama 10 - T004           Rocama 16 – T005                     Rocama 20 – T006

                            LKT 20 / 30


                            Frame and picture construction, Decorative works, Upholstery and upholstery furniture,
                            Stands and shop fittings, Interior fittings of canvas. Technical features – lightweight,
                            fast, powerful, body in fiberglass reinforced resin, Soft and ergonomic rubber grip,
                            Built-in rear loading. Safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing.

                            LKT 20 – T301A        LKT 30 – T301B

                            MEK 80 / 64 / 84 / MEK 4025 / MEK 90-25


                            Decorative works and wall covering, To fix plastic, leather, fine fabrics, furniture,
                            cabinet making frame and picture construction.

                            MEK 80 –T302A           MEK 64 – T302B          MEK 84 – T302C
                            MEK 4025 – T302D        MEK 90/25 – T302E

                            ME 80 /ME 30


                            Frame and picture construction. Upholstery works, furniture repair. Furniture trim and
                            moulding, window and door beading. Door and window profiles, moulding door and
                            window frames. Cable sheatings. Stand and shop fittings. Technical features- high
                            resistance body in fiberglass reinforced resins.

                            ME 80 – T303A         MEK 30 – T303B


                          Application – Frame and picture construction. Decorative works,
                          upholstery, covering of upholstered furniture. Affixing insulation
                          materials. Shop furnishing preparation of stands, interior fitting of
                          houses, caravans, campers. To fix skirting-boards, wooden profiles
                          and panels.

                          Ecotak 114B – T304A
                          Ecotak 53/14B – T304B

                      Hardware and DIY glue guns

Ro-ma GRIP 15HL – T305A       Ro-ma GRIP 18HP – T305B


Ro-ma M195 – T305C        Ro-ma M220 – T305D                Ro-ma M3350 – T305E

                                      Framing / Craft Hardware

  A          B       C      D     E             F       G                                   A            B

Strap Hangers                                                        Wall Hangers

Heavy duty hanger are used with larger pictures / mirrors. They      Wall hangers can be used in conjunction with
are screwed onto the mouldings. The hangers should be placed         strap hangers. The large wall hangers
on each side of the frame about one third from the top. Heavy duty   (F035A)have two fixing holes (and an
hangers have three holes.                                            adjustable centre channel for ease of locating
                                                                     / leveling) and are designed for use with
Mini Strap Hangers                                                   heavy duty strap hangers. The mini wall
                                                                     hangers (F035B) have one fixing hole and are
Mini Strap Hanger are the same design as the heavy duty variety      designed for use with mini strap hangers. The
but they are only 45mm long and 20mm wide and only have two          small hangers are 26mm long x15mm wide
holes                                                                and the large hangers are 50mm long x 15mm
                                                                     wide Use screws F025A
Large strap hanger F034A      Mini strap hanger     F034B
Three hole strap hanger F034C Two hole strap hanger F034D            Large wall hanger F035A
One hole strap hanger F034E Small two hole hanger F034F              Small wall hanger F035B
Small two strap hanger F034G

      a          b           c             T016 Rubber Roller                 A B C D E

D Ring
                                                                     Triangle hangers
An economical, strong, steel D ring. The edges of the
hanging hole are “flanged” so that the ring does not cut
through the cord. Lies flat but can be easily bent up to allow       F038A No 0       F038B No 1
                                                                     F038C No 2       F038D No 3
cord to be passed through. Fix to moulding using a number 4
screw or rivet through backing board. FOO7A                          F038E No 4

Standard 2 piece
Excellent quality- plated steel. Attach to back of frame with a
screw or a backing board with bifurcated rivet F007B

Mini 2 piece
Similar to the standard D rings but lighter duty and only
15mm wide (the standard D ring are about 20mm wide).
Many framers use these for hanging float frames. F007C               Fancy hanger

                                                                     F012A Large 25mm (base) x 33mm
                                                                     F012B Small 15mm (base) x 21mm

    Hinges                             A            B       C                     D                      E

F006A 16x 10mm           F006b 20x15mm      F006C 30X20MM                      F006D            F006E Kerf - cut hinge

New !!!

         F                                  G                                       FXXXXA

F006F Hinge W/ Fastening prongs 20x6mm brass-plated steel                   Self-Fix strut hinge for stand backs
F006F Hinge W/ Fastening prongs 20x6mm brass-plated steel

  A          B       C                                            A/B                    C

  Swiss style                                                Box clasps
  Swiss style clips are the traditional way of making up
  frameless frames. They are less obstructive than           Attractive brass clasps for jewellery boxes etc.
  French style clips but they are more difficult to fix to   Fixed using escutcheon pins. About 25mm in
  the frame. C has a hanger hole. The size indicates         width.
  the maximum width of sandwich that each clip will
  accommodate.                                               F004A 25mm
                                                             F004B 30mm
  F016A 7,5mm                                                F004C 25mm
  F016B 11mm
  F016C 10mm

  F0036 Hanger tag              Moulding hooks                B             A                F072 Frame Bumpers
                                F022A Large hook
  F046 Retaining clips                                       Turnbuttons & Kidney Plates
  This strong steel plated little retaining clips is         Fix kidney plates to bottom two corners of the back of the
  designed to screw into the back of the frame. It is bent   frame to form a pocket for the backing board. Use turn
  inwards and this part holds in the back – a sort of        buttons on three sides only- sides and top. These allow the
  reverse spring clip”. It is ideal for use on larger        frame back to be removed.
  pictures ( where bendy tabs and turn buttons might
  not be strong enough when you wish to periodically         F039A Turnbuttons 13mm
  remove the part from the picture. Use screws F073E,        F039B Fancy Turnbottons
F F074D ,E or F.                                             F040A Kidney plates 19mm

  F046 Retaining clips

  Slip over hangers
                                                                  Escutcheon pins                Brass Knob
  These hangers fit over the edge of the backing                                               F011A – Knob 12mm
  board & are ideal for use with ready made frames.                                            F011B – Knob 16mm
  This is a new design with a pressure spring fitted to
  the ”outside” face so that the inner face remains          These are small brass plated pins with oversized head that
  flush. Fits backing boards between 2mm & 3mm.              are used for fixing kidney plates, small hinges, hangers ect
  Black or nickel plated as available.                       to the backs of frames. Its a bit tedious to count these – so
                                                             we sell them by weight!
  F081 Slip over hanger                                      F011A – 6mm F011B – 9mm F011C – 12mm
                                                             F011D – 16mm
F071E     Mini    Sawtooth                                                  F071B Nail-it sawtooth hanger
hanger                           F071A Heavy duty sawtooth hanger
                                                                            This hanger has two small hole on either
Pin one of these hangers         Excellent strong steel plated hangers      side of the hanger so that it can be fixed
across each of the top           from the UK. Several framers have          with either escutcheon pins, Nail-it, or
corners of a smaller frame       told us that it is the strongest on the    screws, Screw –it.
(or you could try one in the     market, and they say that even though
centre of the top side on        it is a little more expensive, there is    New now available!!
very light itens) and hang-      nothing to replace it. Either screw to
flat against the wall-on two     moulding or rivet into back of frame
pins/screws. 30mm long and       using large bifurcated riverts. (50mm
8mm deep. Use escutcheon         long &8mm deep) Use screws F074D,
pins or screws F073A.            E or F
                                                                            F071C Sawtooth hanger

                                                                            This is used for the more bigger items
                                                                            placed in the centre of the top side of the
                                                                            frame using small screws FO74D, E or F
                                    F071H Sawtooth hanger
F071F Sawtooth hanger                                                       Available on special order!!
                                 Barbed legs lie along the grain of the
                                 wood, for easier insertion. Can be
No-Nail hanger have legs
                                 hammered in 42mm long, 7mm leg
have legs with barbs and
                                 (Press-In-Sawtooth hanger)
are hammered in for a
secure fixing. The magnetic                                                 F071D Self-fix Sawtooth hanger
hand tool ( for „short‟ only)                                               F071E Embedding sawtooth hanger 25
simplifies the task. 25mm                                                   x 14mm white plastic
long short leg, 7mm for hard
and softwood.                                                               52mm long, with two rosettes. Self-fix,
                                                                            with Wun-Pul machine. The machine can
                                                                            be ordered.
                                 F002A Rivets 8mm x 14 (Small)
                                 F002A Rivets 8mm x 14 (Large)

F071G Sawtooth hanger            Quick and easy and cheap way of
                                 fixing items such as D rings, strut bars
                                 etc to the back of frames. No machine
No-Nail hanger have legs         is required. Just make a hole in the
have legs with barbs and                                                    Bars and Clips
                                 backing board using a bradawl. Then
are hammered in for a            push the rivet through item to be fixed
secure fixing. The magnetic      and the hole in backing board. Spread      Traditional way of fixing stand backs to
hand tool ( for „short‟ only)    the legs apart using a screwdriver.        the back board. The blued clip is riveted
simplifies the task. 45mm        Place the domed end on the hard            onto the strut (F002A) and the zinc
long short leg, 10mm for         surface and flatten the legs with a        plated bar is riveted onto the back panel
hard and softwood.               hammer.                                    of the frame. For larger stand backs they
                                                                            can be screwed (F073B) onto the struts
                                                                            and / or backs. The top of the strut acts
                                                                            as a lock to stop it swinging back too far.

                                                                            F037A Clips
                                                                            F036A Bars

                                  Left7 right side hooks

                                 F060A Right     FO60B Left

Used to hold canvas on stretcher or other items into a frame. These are     T062 - Power Air Blower
screwed onto the frame and thus it is easy to move picture back when
required. Also good for use wher item is delicate / old / valuable since    An air blower is a useful addition to any
nothing is hammered into the back of the picture. 25mm long. Use            workshop which is equipped with a
screws F023B, F074B or C                                                    compressed air supply. Very useful for
                                                                            blowing-dust out from the backs of
F030A 28MM long       F030C 30x6mm wide          F030E 60x10mm              pictures, inaccessible corners, machinery
F030B 42mm long       F030D 50x10mm wide                                    ect.

  French Style Clips                                         Security Hanger                  FXXXX Lint free cloths
                                                             Security hanger are used as hidden fixings for pictures hung in
  French style clips work a bit like bulldog clips and are   public place- they prevent the picture from being removed from
  very easy to use. Special keys are used to prise the       the wall easily. The brackets are screwed onto the moulding,
  lips of the clips apart.                                   Brackets and / or T screw are attached to the wall. T headed
                                                             screw are turned in the slot using the hardened steel spanner.
  F013    8mm French Style Clips                             The spanner are sold singly (however we suggest that you buy
  F014    Keys                                               two. It can be embarrassing if you lose your only spanner in the
                                                             middle of an important job!)These fittings may be used in two
                                                             ways to secure picture to the wall.

                                                             First Method
                                                             Use two T screws and brackets on each picture – one on each
                                                             side about one third of an distance from the top of the frame.

                                                             Second Method
                                                             Place two brackets on the top of the frame and attach these to
                                                             the top plates which have been screwed into the wall. Place one
                                                             bracket on the bottom of the frame and attach this to a screw on
F020 J Hooks                                                 the wall.You can also use top plates on their own. They make a
                                                             good concealed fitting and the picture hangs reasonably flat
Strong brass plated steel hooks. They look attractive        against the wall.
so they can be used to hang sundry items round the
house other than pictures, mirrors and plates for            F027A T screw            F027B Bracket
which they were designed. 56mm long. Use screws              F074D Bracket screws     F025B Wall plugs
F073E,                                                       F027C Top plates         F025A 38mmx no 8 wall plug
                                                             F028   Hardened steel spanners

                                                             Or you can buy packs containing sets of fittings as follows (DO
                                                             NOT FORGET THAT YOU WILL NEED MORE THAN ONE
                                                             SET PER PICTURE- APACK OF TEN SETS WILL DO NO
                                                             MOREW THAN 5 PICTURES)

                                                             F029 – Sets of the following:
                                                             1 x T headed screw          1 x top plate
                                                             1 x bracket                 1 x bracket
T024 Draft Cleaning Pads                                     2 x bracket fixing screws  2 x bracket fixing screws
                                                             1 x plastic wall plug       1 x 38mm No 8 plated wall screw
Stockinette bag, filled with finely milled rubber            1 x plastic wall plug
powder. First stage of cleaning art work on paper-rub
the pad lightly over the surface of the print or
document in a circular motion. Rubber powder
granules come through and as they roll over the
surface of the paper, they take up dirt from the
surface of the paper. When they look dirty brush off
the granules. Safe, easy and low risk.

                                                             Traditional Plate Hangers

                                                             Wire and spring plate hangers made in the UK of white plastic
                                                             coated wire. Spring are zinc plated. Each displayed on the card.
                                                             Note max plate diameters.

                                                             D007A - No 1      D007B – No 2       D007C – No 3
                                                             D007D – No4

F3653 - 3M 700 Dispenser
F1468 – 3M 924 ATG Tape

     Adlock super glue                                      Plastibond

For use on synthetic mouldings              PVA Glue for plastic Mouldings

FXXX123                                     Specially developed for joining synthetic core mouldings formulated to
FXXX123                                     match the special characteristics of the closed-cell structure of these
                                            plastic mouldings. Water based, does not damage the moulding surface
                                            and easy to remove surplus when wet or dry. Very economical in use.
                                            Takes 3 -6 days to become fully dry, but that is not too much of a
                                            problem as the frame should always have been underpinned.

                                            F058 -200CC Plastibond Glue

Screw Eyes

High quality brass plated screw eyes
which are imported from the UK. These
are still one of the most popular ways of
hanging smaller pictures. 2 larger sizes
now available

F023A 12x0 F023B 14x1
F023C 16x1 F023D 20x2                       Daige Mounting System
F023E 25x4 F023F 30x6
                                            Daige‟s Rollataq adhesive system eliminates the need for spray
                                            adhesive, rubber cement, coated film, double sided tapes and dry
                                            mounting tissue. It is one of the most cost effective adhesive systems
                                            available. Glue is applied using either a hand held applicator or a desk
                                            top machine. There is no warm up time and it takes only seconds to
                NEW!                        apply a clear micro thin film of glue. The adhesive remains position able
                                            for about 10 minutes. After burnishing with a roller or using the Quick
F023G   Screw    rings 8mm                  mount system the glue dries to a strong permanent bond that will not
F023H   Screw   rings 10mm                  crack peel or yellow. Rollataq glue is non toxic and no fumes or odours
F023J   Screw   rings 12mm                  are emitted. Use Rollataq for mounting photographs, posters, prints etc.
F023K   Screw   rings 15mm                  It can be used on any type of paper – even cheap coated art paper
                                            (which is liable to cockle badly using other methods). It will not bleed
                                            through newsprint and other thin and fragile papers.

                                            T015 Hand Applicator

                                            The body contains a reservoir of glue. ( A convenient spout makes
                                            refilling fast 7 easy) The dimpled roller takes up a thin film of glue and
                                            lays it onto any surface that it is rolled across. Rubber wheels on each
                                            side ensure that the roller runs smoothly. There is an airtight cap which
   2 Hole Plate Ring                        covers the roller ensuring that it is always ready for use. The roller is
                                            65mm wide for use. The roller is 65mm wide and comes complete with
F999A 2 Hole Plate Ring 11mm                a small trail bottle of glue.
F999B 2 Hole Plate Ring 15mm
                                            Rollataq Glue

                                            F050A – 473ml
                                            F050B – 3,78 litres

                                              Speed of Rollataq glue machines

                                              T023A 304mm
                                              T023B 607mm
                                              T032C 911mm

 Slotted               Reverse Slotted      Standard mirror plate          Bendy tabs        Plastic Sawtooth hanger

Mirror Plates

Slotted mirror plates allow a screw head to fit through and then lock into the plate. This means that the frame
can be hung flat against the wall and can be readily removed if required. The trouble is that the plates
protrude above the edge of the frame.
F021A – 25mm mirror plate
F021B – 32mm mirror plate
F021C – 37mm mirror plate
Reverse Slotted
The slotted hole is inverted on this hanger. This means you can fit this plate in pairs to the top inside edge of
the frame pointing down. The picture is hung over two screw heads on the wall providing a hidden fixing. This
works best if the back of the picture is recessed 5mm or more below the frame rim. This is one of the best
ways of hanging something absolutely flat against a wall.
F021D – 37mm reverse slotted mirror plate standard
Standard mirror plate with three holes for those who need a smaller hanger
F021E – 19mm standard mirror plate
High quality brass plated screw eyes which are imported from the UK. These are still one of the most popular
ways of hanging smaller pictures.

Bendy Tabs

These are sort of bendable mirror plate / bell hangers – brassed metal plates which you can use for fixing box
frames onto moullding, canvas stretcher onto frames and other awkward fixing jobs, 25mm across the base.
Fix using escutcheon pins or small screws.

F068 – Bendy tabs

Plastic Embedding Sawtooth hanger

F8856 – Embedding Sawtooth hanger plastic disc


                       Clever designed hanging plate with holes and slots. Used in lots of different ways to solve fixing
                       and hanging problems. Use as a slotted picture / mirror plate, up down or sideways. Use it to
                       reinforce corner. Can be bent in a vice. 51mm x 38mm. Brass plated steel.

                       F126 - Multiplate

                                             Plate Stand
                                             This plate stand is very stylish. It is excellent not only for displaying plates
                                             but also small pictures etc. Plastic base and chrome plated steel support.
                                             D006A Packed in 10s
                                             D006B Packed in 10s

Gummed Cloth Hanger
                                                             Akapad     Cleaning Sponge
Cloth hanger folded into a wire hanger loop. Water
                                                             Unique sponges made of a block of specially formulated
activated gum on one side. Stick well to paper and
                                                             crumbly polymer foam, bonded to a blue handling block
card. Suitable for many light hanging applications.
                                                             Akapad standard Yellow) is ideal for safe, dry cleaning of
                                                             paper, card, frames, etc. To use, press and rub firmly onto
F777A Gummed cloth hanger 30mm
                                                             the surface until soiled crumbs are formed. Akapad Archival
F777B Gummed round cloth hanger 30mm
                                                             (White) has an archival- lever formulation containing no
F777C Gummed cloth hanger 40mm
                                                             sulphur or chlorine residue. So any dust left on the paper will
F776A Self-adhesive plastic hanger 40 x 30mm
                                                             cause no damage. This should always be stored closed in its
                                                             original carton. Pads are 90x67mm.

                                                             F5010 Akapad –standard
                                                             F5010 Akapad - Archival

     F123                                 F124                          F069 – Carbon steel Frame Support

  Struts – plastic
  These plastic struts are an easy way of creating stand backs for smaller frames. Just glue to the back of
  the frame or use our rivets (code F002B) for a strong fixing

  Carbon steel frame supports
  These stand backs are simple & easy to use. Just drill 2 holes in the frame 80mm apart using a gimlet
  T085 or a 3mm drill. They are suitable for use on frames up to about 400mmx300mm shortest side
  should not be less than 120mm. The moulding should be more than 15mm wide. They are strong and
  durable-made from zinc plated carbon steel-and can be used with plastic or wood. Ideal for both the
  bespoke framer needing a support for the odd frame (avoids the fiddle of making up stands backs) and
  the contract framer

  F069 – Carbon Steel Frame Support
  Stand backs                 Stand backs

  F123A - 75mm                    F124A - 75mm
  F123B - 125mm                   F124B - 125mm
  F123C - 175mm                   F124C - 175mm

                              Stand backs
                              There‟s always been a problem with stand backs. They are awkward and time
                              consuming to make. On the other hand if you opt for the ready made variety

                              F057AA    90X90             F057A     100X150
3M 810 Clear Permanent
Permanent tape with a clear polyester base. Totally invisible and a long life. For repairing paper and hinging
mount-board. Do not use on valuable artwork.

T1711 - 810 Tape 19mm x 66

3M 811 Clear Tape – Removable

Clear, mat finish, easy tear polyester tape, with a light tack, removable adhesive. Used as a masking for
mount and frame decoration. It gives a very clean edge, minimal bleeding and easy removal. Another
application is to help eliminate „blobbing‟ when ruling lines on mounts. Place pieces at an angle across the
row of marks at either end of the line when preparing a mount. Start the pen on one piece of the tape and
finish by stopping the pen on the tape at the other side.

T811 - 811 Clear Tape – Removable

Double Sided Tape
This is pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive coated onto double sided release backing paper. Good quality
adhesion 50 metres long x 12mm wide. Excellent for double mounts etc.

F101 – Double Sided Tape

Backing Tape
Self adhesive tape for backing picture – similar to ECO tape but not such good quality. On the other hand it is

F121 – Backing Tape

ECO Self Adhesive Flexible Brown Tape

ECO flexible self adhesive brown tape is ideal for sealing the back of framed pictures. It has along lasting,
non-aging adhesive. It is flexible and it sticks to itself so it is very easy to use and gives a neat professional
finish. Rolls are 50 metres long and 50mm wide

F102 – Eco Tape

Conservation Quality Tape
P90 is a long fibred acid free non aging lignin free paper tape. It is coated with acid free water based non
aging non yellowing permanently elastic acrylate adhesive. Paper and adhesive are buffered with calcium
carbonate. The tape can be removed from sturdy paper with water. 20mm x 50 metres.

F079A – P90 Tape

F079B – Archival Hinging Paper Tape

F3334 – Fixative Spray

                         Cardboard Corners White / Brown

                               T         L                          T           L

                         T1   13mm      50mm               T8      50mm         95mm
                         T2   19mm      52mm               T9      38mm         70mm
                         T3   19mm      65mm               T7      13mm         54mm
                         T4   25mm      100mm              T6      38mm        100mm
                         T5   19mm      100mm

T086 Utility Knife     T803 Cotton gloves                T235A Diamond Glass Cutter

Trim Knives

These are heavy duty Stanley type knives made from steel

T086 - Utility Knife

Cotton Gloves

To help you when handling print and photographs and special items. These gloves are made from un-
bleached stretched cotton stockinet. They are roughly in men‟s and women‟s size, but they stretch to fit. Can
be washed.

T803 - Cotton Gloves

T235 - Diamond Glass Cutter

F055A – Pneumatic oil

Glass Cutting Fluid
Cutting fluid reduces wear on the cutting wheel and axle. It aids scoring and easy breaking. It retains glass particles,
flushing then away from the wheel and axle. The fluid is water soluble and environmentally harmless. Suitable for all
glass cutters – either fill the reservoir in the middle or stand your “dry” cutter (including Logan in a container on a fluid
soaked pad. 50ml plastic bottle with a dripper top.

F054 – Glass Cutting Fluid

Telum Glass Smoothing Pads
In making frames where the edge of the glass is exposed, the edge of the glass must be smoothed and the Telum
pad is ideal for this. It can also be used for removing awkward nibs which sometime arise during glass cutting. (Also
useful round the house – try them for sharpening knives!) Telum Pads have very abrasive and hard industrial
diamond dust embedded into nickel dimples on the pads and should be wetted before use and used in a circular
motion when working along the cut edge of the glass.

T019 – Telum Pad

Vinyl Gloves
Durable disposable gloves which slip on and off easily. Handy when working with stains and polishes, or anything
Medium size. In dispenser boxes of 100.

T6563A – Vinyl Gloves/100           T6563B – Vinyl Gloves /100            T6563B – Vinyl Gloves/10

Workshop Aprons
A good tough apron made from green polycotton, with patch pocket on the front for tools, pencils, tape measure etc.
Framers and their staff are not famous for their sartorial elegance, at least while working, so these aprons present a
good image to your customers.

T1300 - Framers Workshop Apron

                F093 - Frame & Picture Cleaner

                This product removes dirt, stains and grime from oil paintings and picture frames. Apply to a
                small area using a soft cloth or bristle brush. Wipe surface with a dry clean cloth. Test on hidden
                area of the item to be cleaned first. Do not use on pastels, water colours or prints. Made by
                Lakeone in France

                We are unable to accept any liability for damage caused following the use of this cleaner.

Gold & Silver Pens

These pens help you save time when the job requires a gold or silver line. Offered in Extra Fine and tips. They fit the
penholder on the „Keencut‟ Extra Fine Point has a Tubular nib, to give a fine line with the minimum of bleeding.

F661 - Extra Fine Pen Gold
F662 - Extra Fine Pen Silver

Picture Fame Cord

You should not use cord made from natural fibres to hang pictures. Even if it is initially strong enough it is liable to not
and break over time. To allow for shock loading the item being hung should not be more than 25% of the breaking strain
show. But cord is only part of the story. Firstly make sure that it is securely knotted. Then always select anchors (D ring,
eyes etc) that are more than adequate for the job. If in doubt always use a stronger hanger. It does your reputation no
good at all to hear from a customer that a prized picture has fallen and smashed to bits on the grand piano or whatever
– and the difference is cost is small. Sold by the kilo.

F103A – 1,5mm        F103C – 2,5mm        F103E – 3,5mm
F103B – 2mm          F103D – 3mm

F104A - Chain

                                                                                   Hassle-Free Trimmer

                                                                                   Moulded plastic handle, to take almost any
                                                                                   rectangular blade. It is inset about 3mm
                                                                                   from the edge, and the moulding projects to
                                                                                   form a guide

                                                                                   F3119 Hassle-Free Paper Trimmer

Brown Paper

High quality brown imitation kraft paper. 90gsm. Fine for wrapping pictures. Use as a dust cover on frames (backing paper)

F1670 - Brown Wrapping Paper

Paper Roll Holder

A modern heavy duty counter fixing paper roll holder. Easy to use tear – off bar. Takes rolls up to 1000mm wide. Neat,
safe and professional. Fix on the wall or under counter.

F1630 – Paper Roll Holder

Bubble Wrap

Lots of little 10mm air bubbles, trapped between two layers of clear polythene film. Make an excellent wrapping for
pictures. Wraps round edges & corners, to cushion vulnerable points. Economical, as you often only need one layer, and
very light. Transparent, you can see what is inside.

F459 – Bubble Wrap 600mm
F475 – Bubble Wrap 900mm

Conservation Materials

3L Archival Mounting Corners

Self-adhesive corner pockets, made from archival quality clear polypropylene. High- strength long – life adhesive holds the
corner to the backing board. Print or photo is slipped into the pockets and held in place, with no adhesive touching it. Cut –
away style means that a minimum area of the art is covered. 32mm – 250 in a box and 75mm – 100 in a box

F3390 – 3L Corner     32mmm
F3595 - 3L Corner     75mm

Power Punch Picture Nail Applicator

For homeowners with very hard walls. Special hard steel nails are placed in the steel guide in the tool. Tool is positioned
on the wall and holds the nail firmly, vertical and safe. A few good bashes with the hammer drives the nail into the brick or
concrete. Has been tested it and it really does work.

Once the nail is inserted, a neat plastic cap pushes on the head, ready for the picture.

F655A – Power Punch
F656B – PP Nails 30mm
F659C – PP Nails Mixed


To make starting holes, hardened point

F1088 - Bradawl – Chisel Point
F1088B - Bradawl – Needle Point


Hand drilling tool for making 3mm holes in moulding for screw eyes etc.

F2900        Gimlet

l                                              Glass Cleaner

                                               Dilute with water preferably distilled and use it in a trigger spray bottle. It contains
                                               alcohol, isopropanol and detergent to dissolve grease and speed drying. It also has
                                               an anti-static agent.

                                               F107 – Glass Cleaner

Fillet & Slip Trimmer
Creative framing using frame and mount fillets and slip is becoming much more popular. Those that already it know that
whilst it can be a little fiddly, it can also be a source of significant extra kudos and profit. This bench standing trimmer has
adjustable angle alignment guides. Uses a replaceable (but not standard) blade.

F3764 – Fillet & Slip Trimmer
F3834 – Spare blades

 F786A Self Adhesive Plastic Hanger mm 40x60
 F786A Self Adhesive Plastic Hanger mm 40x60
 F794A - L Shaped screw hook mm 22x12 brass plated steel
 F794A - L Shaped screw hook mm 22x12 brass plated steel
 F794B      Shaped screw hook mm 22x12 brass plated steel
 F794C – Shaped screw hook mm 22x12 brass plated steel
 F794B - L Shaped screw hook mm 30x14 brass plated steel
 F794C – L Shaped screw hook mm 30x14 brass plated steel
 F372A – Cup screw hook mm 2 brass plated steel
 F372A – Cup screw hook mm 2 brass plated steel
 S Hook N0 1
 S Hook N0 12
 S Hook N0 23
 S Hook N0 3
 F386-051 Wooden boxes hinge small size w / screws – gold painted steel
 F386-051 Wooden boxes hinge small size w/screws – gold painted steel

F0400 Pegboard hook NO 1,2,3,4,5,6

F0401 Pegboard bracket cm 5,10,15,20

F0405 Looped pegboard bracket cm 10,15

NEW!!! Parallel Pens

                                                            Parallel Pens Inks:
                                                            PP refill ink cartridges come in 12 contemporary colours. Each contain 0,9ml of
                                                            water based ink. They push into the pen, but once inserted, cannot readily be
                                                            removed and re-inserted. This means that you may need more that one pen in a
                                                            given nib width. PP ink cartridges are available in packs of 6 of any colour or in a
                                                            mixed pack of 12.

                                                            01 Black      02 Blue Black      03 Sepia  04 Violet 05 Blue            06 Turquoise
                                                            07 Green      08 Light Green     09 Yellow 10 Orange 11 Red             12 Pink

     Developed by pilot, these amazing pens have a unique wide flat blade knib which feeds ink from the interchangeable
     cartridge in the handle very smoothly to create a broad line.

     Parallel Pens can also be used to create italic style handwriting and for freehand illustration.

     For framers, they let you rule a wide line on a mount accurately and easily. This modernizes a technique popular on mounts
     for Victorian water-colours. You can now apply a coloured line, subtle or bright, on modern mounted and framed art. This
     opens up a new range of creative possibilities. Also ideal for calligraphy. Pilot Parellel Pens come in four widths, each colour
     coded on the nib and cap.

     F6255 – 1,3mm line
     F6256 – 2,2mm line
     F6257 – 3,6mm line
     F6258 – 5,7mm line

                                          Art boxes and Easels

                                                                                    Also a small range of art
                                                                                    prints …to see some of the
                                                                                    prints available go to our


                                                                                    Get the best of your
                                                                                    machines CLEAN THEM
                                                                                    EVERY DAY

                                                                                    KEEP A SPARE PACK OF
                                                                                    EACH ESSENTIAL ITEM
                                                                                    OF HARDWARE –
                                                                                    RUNNING OUT CAN
                                                                                    HARM YOUR BUSINESS

New!!! now available

Large range of easels and art boxes ……come and see our display at our Cape Town branch.

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