FEBRUARY 7, 2009

PRESENT: Mary Strange, Jack Spencley, Doreen Spencley, Bonnie Black, Ted
Koehler, Wayne Black, Glena Koehler, Gail Flook, Erskine Flook, Bob Heggart,
Wilma Heggart, Norma Phillips, Bob Phillips, Ross McMullen, Mary Jane
McMullen, Amanda Austin, Barbara Braker, Joan Chapple, Barbara Gamble, Fred
Gregory, Nerina Clark, Barbara Walford-Davis, Ron Clark, Fred Chapple, Doreen
French, Jim Hopkings, Ginny Hopkings Rev Max Ward

MISSION STATEMENT: Zion United is a caring and sharing church. We welcome all
to join us in the Worship of God, in fellowship and in support of those in need.

The Annual Congregational meeting of Zion United Church was held in the Christian
Education Building on February 7, 2009 following a pot luck supper.

Call to order
Rev Max Ward welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order.

Appointment of Chair and Secretary of meeting
Moved by Barbara Walford-Davis, seconded by Ron Clark, that Erskine Flook be
appointed chair, and Doreen French be appointed secretary. Carried.

Approval of agenda
Moved by Doreen Spencley, seconded by Joan Chapple that the agenda be approved.

Rev. Max read the names on the IN MEMORIAM (PAGE 010 Annual report) and added
Helen Skelding. A moment of silence followed.

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of February 9, 2008 (PAGE 201-205)
Moved by Barbara Braker, seconded by Norma Phillips that the Minutes of Annual
Meeting of February 9, 2008 be approved as printed. Carried.

Minutes of Special Congregational Meeting October 5, 2008 (page 206)
Moved by Joan Chapple, seconded by Gail Flook that the Minutes of the Special
Congregational Meeting of October 5, 2008 be approved as printed. Carried.
Page 2

Treasurer’s Report – Erskine Flook (pages 208-209)
Erskine mentioned that we were $3100 in the black at this time.
Moved by Erskine Flook, seconded by Ted Koehler that the Treasurer’s Report be
accepted. Carried.

Review Engagement Report (page 207)
Moved by Ron Clark, seconded by Barbara Braker that the Review Engagement Report
be accepted . Carried.

Approval of the 2009 Budget (page 210) Ron Clark
Ron Clark mentioned that the fund raising this year has kept us in the black.
Some of the expenses will go down. With the sale of Twelve Mile Lake the insurance
will go down and with the purchase of a cell phone the telephone charges will be lower
Moved by Fred Chapple, seconded by Ross McMullen, that $1000 for advertising be
added to the budget. Carried.

Moved by Ron Clark, seconded by Gail Flook that the budget as amended be
approved. Carried.

Property Committee
Barbara Walford-Davis reported that the Property Committee had an energy audit done.
There are several items that need to be looked after and the committee will set up a
work project and submit it to the Council for approval.

Approval of Zion Reports (Pages 211 –220) (excluding financial statements,
budget, nominating)
Moved by Doreen Spencley, seconded by Glena Koehler, that the Zion reports be
accepted. Carried.

Nominating Committee – (page 221-222)
Changes to report:
Finance: Remove- Bob Wiltshire and Joan Chapple
Property: Add – Fred Chapple
Custodian – change to Paul Rutledge
Moved by Barbara Walford-Davis, seconded by Ted Koehler that the list of Officers and
Commitees be approved as amended. Carried.

Signing Officers for 2009
Moved by Barbara Braker, seconded by Norma Phillips that the following have signing
authority for Zion United Church general account at CIBC bank in Minden starting
February 9, 2009.
Chair – Joan Chapple
Treasurer – Erskine Flook *
Secretary – Doreen French *
Trustees Chair – Ross McMullen *
Finance Chair – Ron Clark
Note: *currently have signing authority

Erskine Flook thanked many for their help while in his term as Chair of Council.
Walter and Barbara Braker and their teams for the Turkey Pies.
Ron Clark for his efforts in arranging the Hymathon and the Men’s Dinner.
Jim Hopkings for all his efforts to keep the church up to date in fire regulations and
general upkeep.
Jim Hicks for always being available when needed.
All the council for carrying out the necessary duties to make his work easy.
Thanks to Melissa Stephens and the choir for their dedication.
The UCW for all the things they do for the church when asked and for their efforts in
fund raising.

Ross McMullen thanked Erskine for taking on the chair of Council for an extra year as
well as being Treasurer and being a big part in arranging for the sale of the Twelve Mile
Lake Property.
Standing ovation followed.
New Chair
Erskine then called on the new chair for Council Joan Chapple.
Joan explained the plans she and Fred Chapple would like to see for Zion United.

meeting was closed with prayer

Erskine Flook                                          Doreen French
Chair                                                  Secretary

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