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					Whine, Brew and Cheese
           Backbone Panini and Wine Bar
     114 West Kennewick Avenue in Kennewick, 586-1616
                Sunday, February 15, 2009
                       1:00-4:00 PM
                     $25.00 per person
   *Includes: Two glasses of beer and/or wine, beer and wine tasting,
               panini sandwiches and assorted appetizers
             *Wine and Beer will also be sold by the glass
      **Free Gourmet, Veggie Dog Treats to first 25 in attendance!!
       *Pouring spirits: Hightower Cellars and Ice Harbor Brewery
      *Raffle tickets will be sold with fabulous prizes available!!
            1. Artistic Portraits Session with 1-11x14 Heirloom Canvas Wall Portrait
                                   2. Trader Joe’s Italian Basket
                          3. Framed Mastiff Dog Print by Kim Hobbick
                               4. Golden Retriever Stuffed Animal
                        5. Starbuck’s Coffee Basket and Sweater Blanket
                              6. Women’s/Girl’s Nike Shoe Basket
                                7. Men’s/Boy’s Nike Shoe Basket
                                         8. Poker Basket
                                 9. George Foreman Grill Basket
                                  10. Outdoor/Hiking Basket

*All proceeds to benefit Pet Over Population Prevention---A non-profit organization
        that finds forever families for homeless dogs and cats, assists with
                  spaying/neutering and hosts adoption sites -----
               *Saturdays, 11-4, 524B Warehouse St. in Richland
                     *Sundays, 12-4, PetSmart in Kennewick
                              **Raffle tickets may be purchased for $1.00 each
   **Write your name and phone number on the back of each ticket and place it in the container next to the
  basket that you would like to win---you can put one ticket or twenty tickets on one basket to increase your
                                               odds of winning
                   **Drawing held at 3:30—need not be present to win—we will call you
                               **Must be 18 years old to purchase raffle tickets

                                                  Items Available
                      1.Artistic Portraits Session with 1-11x14 Heirloom Canvas Wall Portrait
                                             2.Trader Joe’s Italian Basket
                                    3.Framed Mastiff Dog Print by Kim Hobbick
                                          4.Golden Retriever Stuffed Animal
                                  5.Starbuck’s Coffee Basket and Sweater Blanket
                                         6.Women’s/Girl’s Nike Shoe Basket
                                           7.Men’s/Boy’s Nike Shoe Basket
                                                    8.Poker Basket
                                            9.George Foreman Grill Basket
                                              10. Outdoor/Hiking Basket

Pet Over Population Prevention (POPP) is a local, non-profit, no-kill, all volunteer organization dedicated to promoting
          responsible pet ownership thus preventing the needless death and suffering of companion animals.

POPP is an all breed rescue organization. We house our foster pets until they find their “forever homes.” Our policy is to
                               keep the pets for as long as it takes to find the best home.

We do not operate at a profit. The adoption fees and donations we receive in no way cover our expenses. We do not buy
and sell animals on a “consignment” basis. There are no set hours for us to be available to the public because we are all
volunteers. We fit this in with our jobs and families. The cost of housing, food, and veterinary care are supported by the
                                    generous contributions of concerned animal lovers.

                                       How can you help? Call--943-4722
                                            *Become a foster parent
                                    *Donate food, litter, treats, beds or money
                                        *Volunteer---donate your time
                                               *Attend our events
                                          *Spay and neuter your pets

                   **Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers and POPP supporters for attending!!!
         *Backbone Panini and Wine Bar*Lara and Colin Hastings *Ice Harbor Brewery*Hightower Cellars*
              *Ariel Conger *Artistic Portraits*Pamm Chambers*Chardell Sutherland*Sally Yoshida*
                           *Molli VanDorn* Toni and Mike Neidhold*Rebecca Tucker*