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					Who else can I talk to about grey water use in
my household?
Waterwise Systems specifically designed their
“™Greywater Gardener 230” system for the
recycling of household water waste for grey water         Winner of the 2006 Hunter                     GREY WATER TODAY FOR A
use.                                                   Manufacturing Innovation Award for
                                                                                                         GREENER TOMORROW…
In their usage manual for owners of the ™Greywater      Environmental Practice Initiative
Gardener 230, there’s a simple message for
preventing gardens from being adversely affected by       Tri Nature continues to show and be
cleaning products:                                      recognised for leadership in the arena of
                                                       environmental responsibility and innovation.
   “This can be avoided by using cleaning
products that are specifically manufactured for            By supporting their endeavours and
  grey water gardens. We highly recommend               introducing Tri Nature products into their
    Tri Nature (Alpha Plus) Liquid Organic
                                                       homes TODAY, Australians are turning the
Concentrate. This product has been specifically
        produced for use in the garden.                   tide in favour of a greener tomorrow.

Tri Nature also produces a washing conditioner
called Angelica, which has very low sodium             Our thanks to Dr Robert A. Patterson, Lanfax
content and is suitable for use in the garden.”          Laboratories Armidale NSW, from whose
                                                      website much of the information and references
                                                      to research results on this brochure regarding
                                                            grey water use has been sourced.

                                                                                                        Tri Nature exists for the land, oceans and
                                                                                                        waterways, which we strive to protect, and
                                                                                                       the manufacturing industry, which we strive
                                                                                                                       to transform.
Peter Shepherd-Wilson, Managing Director of                                                            The first Australian chemical company to
Waterwise Systems, spent many years researching             Your Tri Nature Distributor:               manufacture phosphate and nitrate-free
laundry products before making final selections for                                                    products, Tri Nature also shunned zeolites,
products to recommend for use with his innovative,                                                     enzymes       and     common        phosphate
patented system.                                                                                       replacements in favour of natural, renewable
      “I have no hesitation whatsoever in                                                              plant and vegetable based ingredients.
 recommending Tri-Nature Alpha Plus Organic
  Liquid Laundry Detergent to anyone reusing                                                           By reducing the environmental impact and
grey water on their garden. The cleaning results                                                       resource waste attributable to the use of
     are great and your plants will love it!”                                                          household cleaning and personal care products
     Waterwise Systems can be contacted on                                                             today, we know that Australia and the world
         (03) 9419 3777 or 1300 133 354 or                                                             can live in a greener tomorrow.
                                                        Wastewater directly from the bath or washing          How do I know what products are suitable
There are many reasons why thousands                    machine should not be directed through diversion
choose Tri Nature as their safer cleaning               devices without at least filtration.                  for use in my garden?
                                                                                                              Products that are low in sodium (less than 10gm per
alternative…                                                                                                  wash), contain little or no phosphorous (less than
                                                        What is “black water”?                                1gm per wash), have a moderate pH (no higher than
    •    No phosphates, nitrates, caustic,              Water from the septic or sewerage system; water       8 for liquids and no higher than 10.5 for powders)
         chlorine, harsh acids, alkalies or             used to rinse, soak or prepare nappies for wash.      and are of low salinity are easiest to work with.
         parabens                                       This water is unsuitable for reuse.
    •    No petrochemicals, fillers or extenders                                                              Are there any resources that show suitability
    •    Readily biodegradable, highly active           Are there any restrictions applicable to grey
         concentrates                                   water use?                                            of laundry products by brand?
                                                                                                     is an excellent resource
    •    Effective and economical performance           There are different rules for not only different
                                                                                                              for grey water applications and considerations.
         – excellent cleaning results                   states but also in different local government
                                                        areas. If you want to collect, store and treat your   The site is maintained by an organisation with no
    •    Gentle on sensitive skins and noses
                                                        grey water, you will require approval from your       agenda other than providing research results.
    •    Suitable for use in septic tanks and           local Council.                                        There are several tables regarding laundry
         waste water management applications                                                                  detergents and criteria for grey water use.
    •    Low sudsing detergent formulae
                                                                                                              Tri Nature’s Alpha Plus Organic Laundry Liquid
    •    100% Australian owned                                                                                and Alpha Plus Herbal Laundry Powder are both
    •    All products are manufactured in NSW                                                                 listed on product tables on the Lanfax site as
         using primarily Australian packaging                                                                 within suitable criteria for grey water use (click the
         that is suitable for recycling                                                                       tab for ‘Laundry’ at the top of the toolbar, then the
    •    Products contain in excess of 85%                                                                    tab ‘Greywater’).
         Australian sourced raw materials
    •    Products are guaranteed to give                                                                      How do I know how much grey water is safe
         satisfaction when used as directed                                                                   to use in my garden?
    •    No animal products used, no animal                                                                   There are some fabulous tables on the Lanfax
         testing undertaken or supported                                                                      website that offer guidelines showing how
                                                                                                              much area you can treat with the wash water
…HOWEVER one of the most important                                                                            from laundry detergents AND how you can
                                                                                                              reverse any adverse effects grey water use
reasons why Tri Nature products are a                                                                         might have on my plants. Click the tab for
responsible choice lies in the increased need for the   What are the most important considerations            ‘Gardens’ in the ‘Laundry’ section.
reuse of grey water in the household and garden,        for reuse in irrigation of gardens and lawns?
brought about by drought and water restrictions.        •   The quality of the grey water (moderate pH;       You can also see your local nursery for
                                                            low salinity and sodicity; low phosphorous)       recommendations for use.
What is “grey water”?                                   •   The plants you will irrigate with grey water
Water generated in the shower, bath, hand-              •   The soil type in your garden
basin, and laundry. It contains solids, greases         •   The soil horizons (the different layers of soil
and dissolved salts, foreign particles such as              as you dig deeper)
soil, sand, bone, soap and the minerals in the          •   The soil chemistry and soil microbiology
original water.                                         •   How often you irrigate the same area

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