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Grans 80-day peace march


Grans 80-day peace march

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Gambaro’s Fostering a love of reading
market to
shut down                        Fostering
                                                                                                                                                      WHEN Bronwyn Sheehan
AFTER 11 years and thou-                                                                                                                              began the Pyjama Foun-
sands of kilos of prawns,                                                                                                                             dation in 2004, little did she
Gambaro’s Seafood Market                                                                                                                              know within six years it
at South Brisbane will shut                                                                                                                           would inspire 700 volun-
its doors on Sunday.                                                                                                                                  teers to make a difference in
  The Hope St building has                                                                                                                            the lives of Queensland
been in the Gambaro family                              DH188281                                                                                      children in foster care.
for decades but was sold this    Era ends: Teresa Gambaro                                                                                               Ms Sheehan began the
month to make way for low        at the market.                                                                                                       charity to improve the liter-
income housing.                                                                                                                                       acy skills of disadvantaged
  Owner John Gambaro ad-         able inner-city location.’’                                                                                          and foster children through
mitted everything happened         He said customer reaction                                                                                          a network of volunteers who
‘‘really, really quickly’’       to the sudden closure was                                                                                            are recruited, screened,
with construction due to         mixed.                                                                                                               trained and supported
start as soon as the property      ‘‘Most of them have been                                                                                           through the foundation.
is settled on March 30.          more disappointed than I                                                                                               These Pyjama Angels are
  The building will be con-      thought,’’ Mr Gambaro said.                                                                                          matched with a child in care
verted into permanent              ‘‘We’ve had customers                                                                                              and visit them once a week
apartments for Brisbane’s        who’ve been coming around                                                                                            for an hour, to read books
homeless, ‘‘rough sleepers’’     two or three times a week.                                                                                           aloud, play educational
and poor by the New York-          ‘‘I almost feel like we’ve let                                                                                     games and help them with
based organisation Com-          them down a little bit.                                                                                              their homework.
mon Ground.                        ‘‘Our customers have been                                                                                            Ms Sheehan said instilling
  The building will also offer   a joy to serve and we thank                                                                                          a love of reading in children
outreach, support and em-        them for their grace and                                                                                             greatly boosted their self-
ployment services.               humour, even at 3am on                                                                                               worth and confidence.
  ‘‘It is a very good cause      Christmas Eve.’’                                                                                                       Bulimba’s Shanelle Kropp,
and one that we’re support-        Gambaro’s Seafood Mar-                                                                                             a Pyjama Angel, reads every
ive of,’’ Mr Gambaro said of     ket will trade until Sunday                                                                                          week to children and says
the family’s decision to sell.   with all dry goods, stock,                                                                                           she has developed a special
  ‘‘We will take a bit of time   furniture and fittings up for                                                                            RW188186    bond with two children she
out to look for another suit-    sale.                              Special bond: Pyjama Angel Shanelle Kropp sorts through children’s books.         reads to on a regular basis.

4    CITY SOUTH NEWS, THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 2010                                                                          Call Classifieds on 138822

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