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									                                                                                                                                                 Fuel of the Future

The LPG industry has welcomed         factory-fitted LPG passenger                    Prime Minister in Melbourne on               vehicle transport emissions.”
a decision by the Federal             motor vehicles.                                 November 10.                                 LPG Autogas powered vehicles
Government to provide a larger        The doubling of the grant to $2000              “The doubling of the grant                   emit significantly fewer greenhouse
grant to private buyers of new        is part of A New Car Plan for a                 recognises the potential for LPG             gases and other pollutants than
                                                     Greener Future                   Autogas fuel systems to play a               petrol-powered equivalents,
                                                          announced                   more important role in the greener           including around 10 per cent
                                                                  by the              future of Australian-made cars,”             less CO2.
                                                                                      said LPG Australia’s industry                For factory-built vehicles, where
                                                                                        development manager Phil                   it is possible to fully integrate the
                                                                                             Westlake.                             LPG system and combine it with
                                                                                                   “Increasing the grant           other technologies, further CO2
                                                                                                     provides a larger incentive   reductions are achievable.
                                                                                                      to our three local car       Phil Westlake says LPG Autogas is
                                                                                                       makers to encourage         Australia’s most widely distributed
                                                                                                        further development        lower-carbon alternative fuel.
                                                                                                        of new LPG fuel-
                                                                                                         injection technologies    “There are LPG Autogas pumps
                                                                                                          that lower running       at around half of Australia’s 6500
                                                                                                          costs and cut            service stations including good
                                                                                                          carbon dioxide (CO2)     rural coverage,
                                                                                                          emissions.               “In addition Australia has huge
                                                                                                        “Wider adoption of         natural reserves of LPG and is a
                                                                                                        LPG Autogas will           net exporter of the gas. Greater
                                                                                                        allow Australians to       use has the potential to reduce our
                                                                                                        further reduce their       dependence on imported oil.”

A winter of record fuel prices
has further boosted the rising
fortunes of LPG Autogas, with
a big increase in vehicles being
converted to run on the
economical fuel.
Figures released by industry body
LPG Australia show that for the
year to the end of October, the
number of conversions in Australia
was 96,798 – up 18,167 or 23.8
per cent over the same period
in 2007.
Even more dramatically, in the six
months between May and October
the conversion rate rose by 44         Rising fuel prices have increased LPG Autogas conversions
per cent over the same period
last year.                            to convert to LPG has coincided                demand for the conversion of four-            “On current trends we would
“The conversion rate has been         with the greater availability of new           cylinder cars,” said Mr Westlake.             expect the conversion total to
trending up during the year in        LPG systems for a wider variety                LPG conversion rates have grown               exceed 110,000 vehicles in 2008,”
direct parallel with the rise in      of cars.                                       dramatically since the Federal                said Mr Westlake.
petrol and diesel prices,” said LPG   “Traditionally, most LPG                       Government introduced a grants                The boom is being matched by the
Australia’s industry development      conversions were for large family              scheme in August 2006.                        trend in new LPG vehicle sales to
manager, Phil Westlake.               cars and four-wheel drives, but                In 2005 34,201 private vehicles               private buyers, which are up 38.9
Mr Westlake said the increase in      I think it’s a sign of the times               were converted to run on Autogas,             per cent compared to the same
the number of consumers wanting       that we are now seeing growing                 rising to 92,489 in 2007.                     period last year.

November 2008 ISSUE 10                                                                                                                 PAGE 1
Automotive parts supplier
Repco has renewed its
commitment to running the
majority of its vehicle fleet on LPG
Autogas after rejecting diesel as a
financially viable alternative.
Repco has rolled out a fleet of
160 Mitsubishi Triton, single and
dual cab utilities, all fitted with a
state-of-the-art Impco BRC vapour
injection system.
They add to more than 600
Autogas-powered utilities and
120 large LPG sedans already
in operation.
The balance of the 1100-vehicle
fleet is made up of smaller
4-cylinder sedans and hatches.
“When it came time to replace
                                                                                                     Repco’s Mike Moffat with one of his LPG-powered Triton utes
some of our utes we looked
closely at various diesel-powered
                                        “Even allowing for the cost of      The Impco LPG conversion kit for          this system is a different world.”
models but the economics
                                        LPG conversion, over an average     the 3.5-litre V6-engined Tritons is       Mr Moffat says Repco uses its
were quite shattering,” said
                                        45,000 kilometres per year a        the same factory-endorsed system          Autogas-powered utilities for
Repco’s national fleet manager
                                        diesel-powered equivalent vehicle   applied to the Mitsubishi 380 and         the delivery of major engine
Mike Moffat.
                                        would cost an extra $2600,”         does not void the factory warranty.       components and other drivetrain
Mr Moffat based his cost analysis
                                        he said.                            Mike Moffat is enthusiastic about         parts throughout Australia.
on an average 80-cents-per-litre
differential between the price of       “I think a lot of fleet managers    the latest generation of LPG              “We simply couldn’t afford to run
Autogas and that of diesel.             are starting to realise that up     vapour injection technology.              our delivery vehicles if we weren’t
The recent price differential has       against LPG, diesel is not even     “I wasn’t a fan of the old-style          using LPG - it would change the
been well over one dollar per litre.    in the race.”                       fumigation-style gas systems, but         dynamics of our whole business.”

         STEPS ON THE GAS                                                   Chrysler Australia has begun               manager Mark Somers says the
                                                                            offering Parnell-supplied LPG              average person driving a 300C
                                                                            Autogas engine conversions on              fitted with the LPG conversion
                                                                            its 300C and Jeep Grand                    would have no idea the car was
                                                                            Cherokee models.                           running on Autogas.
                                                                            The LPG kits - for six and eight-          “Like all our kits, it drives really
                                                                            cylinder petrol models - are               well and you wouldn’t know which
                                                                            available through all                      fuel you’re operating on from a
                                                                            Chrysler dealers.                          driveability viewpoint,” he said.
                                                                            Both engines are fitted with a             “The kit places no restriction on air
                                                                            Vapour Sequential Injection (VSI)          flow in petrol-only mode so there
                                                                            system developed by Parnell LP             is no loss of power when running
                                                                            Gas Systems in Victoria, in co-            petrol - which means you can have
                                                                            operation with Chrysler Australia,         the best of both worlds.”
                                                                            and include components from                Mr Parnell said the system is
                                                                            Netherlands kit manufacturer Prins         particularly distinguished by its
                                                                            Autogassystem B.V.                         unique injectors, sourced from
                                                                            “When looking for an LPG supplier,         Japanese manufacturer, Keihin.
                                                                            we couldn’t look past Parnell,”            “For over 10 years we’ve dealt with
                                                                            says Chrysler Australia’s general
                                                                                                                       the good, bad and ugly when it
                                                                            manager of service and parts,
                                                                                                                       comes to injectors, and these
                                                                            Robert Moorecroft.
                                                                                                                       are substantially better than
                                                                            VSI is the latest generation of LPG        anything we’ve come across
                                                                            induction technology.                      - exceptional in terms of
                                                                            Parnell LP Gas Systems general             performance and longevity.”

                                                                                                                                                       November 2008 ISSUE 10

A cutting-edge LPG Autogas                    “Being cooler than petrol, liquid gas
system which promises to enhance              provides more volumetric efficiency
LPG Autogas’ fuel economy                     in the cylinder and a denser
when compared with petrol – and               charge – and this fuller combustion
combine this with better-than-
                                              translates into more power.
petrol power – is now available in
Australia for the first time.                 “For most vehicles it produces two
Australian LPG Warehouse says                 to three more kilowatts of power,
its new-generation liquid-injection           but much more is possible.”
LPG system, called JTG (Just Think            Mr Klaster said Australian LPG
Green), significantly closes the fuel         Warehouse’s basic testing of a
consumption gap between Autogas
                                              turbocharged Ford Falcon XR6
and petrol engines.
                                              yielded an 18kW power increase
“It depends on the car, but our
                                              “straight off the cuff, without
trials of the JTG system have
consistently achieved Autogas                 much tuning, so the performance
consumption of only 10 to 15 per              potential is huge”.
cent more than equivalent petrol              Australian LPG Warehouse already
systems,” said Australian LPG                 has kits for popular models,
Warehouse co-director,                        including the BA Ford Falcon and
Hilbert Klaster.
                                              VE and VZ Holden Commodore.
Mr Klaster said another key
advantage of the European-                    It is also targeting smaller capacity
developed JTG system was that it              engine vehicles and has kits
yielded additional power                      approved for the four-cylinder            Hilbert Klaster shows Australia’s first liquid injection LPG system
over petrol.                                  Toyota Camry and Corolla.

Material handling company                     Falcons travelled over one million      that its environmental advantages                  dedicated E-Gas Ford Falcons.
Crown Equipment has slashed                   kilometres combined in the              align with our corporate                           “We chose the dedicated Ford
$120,000 from its annual fleet fuel           12 months from March 2007               responsibility policies, and for                   Falcon E-Gas model because
bill and reduced its carbon dioxide           to March 2008.                          its proven economic benefits.                      it controls driver behaviour,” Ms
emissions by 60,000 kilograms                 Crown Equipment fleet manager           Together, they form a compelling                   Upsall said. “Drivers who have
through using LPG Autogas-                    Colleen Upsall calculated the           argument,” she said.                               been used to petrol will naturally
powered passenger vehicles.                   potential combined petrol bill for      “Over 90 per cent of the counter-                  favour it over Autogas. By removing
The national forklift specialist              the vehicles to be $239,000. The        balance forklifts in our forklift                  the petrol choice, you maximise
introduced an Autogas passenger               Autogas equivalent was $119,000         rental fleet are LPG-powered,                      LPG’s full potential.”
vehicle replacement policy 18                 - a 50 per cent cost reduction.         which further reduces the carbon
                                                                                                                                         Ms Upsall said that Crown
months ago.                                   “The two main reasons we are            footprint of our business.
                                                                                                                                         managed its employees’ transition
Its 35 LPG-powered E-Gas Ford                 moving our fleet to Autogas are         “Fuel is a major component of a                    to Autogas vehicles with a
                                                                                      vehicle’s whole-of-life cost, so any               strategic educational program.
                                                                                      way you can immediately reduce
 Crown’s Colleen Upsall with a new LPG-powered FG Falcon                                                                                 “Employee expectation is one
                                                                                      fuel costs benefits your long-term
                                                                                      bottom line.                                       of the biggest considerations
                                                                                                                                         to manage in the transition
                                                                                      “The cost of vehicle emissions                     to Autogas,” she said.
                                                                                      is something fleet managers will
                                                                                      need to consider in the future.                    Crown tackled the issue head-on
                                                                                      We have begun working with                         by instituting a national road show
                                                                                      state governments to formulate                     designed to dispel Autogas vehicle
                                                                                      responsible emission credit                        misconceptions and explain their
                                                                                      policies, and Autogas’ lower                       distinct advantages.
                                                                                      emission properties will be                        “It didn’t take long for the drivers
                                                                                      beneficial in that regard.”                        to adapt and now they’re quite
                                                                                      Crown Equipment has 100 petrol                     happy with it. They understand
                                                                                      passenger vehicles in its fleet and                it’s good for the business
                                                                                      is set to reap further efficiencies                and therefore, from an overall
                                                                                      when these are replaced with                       perspective, good for them.”

                                                                                                                                                  PAGE 3
An Australian project to design        The Falcon ute has been                 converted and we chose it as                     and rising, so the lower fuel cost of
and manufacture a world-class          extensively re-engineered by            the base vehicle because it was                  running on LPG will be welcome.”
hearse for the funeral industry        a team of ex-Holden and                 available with a dedicated LPG                   Mr Allison says the Allonge is
has chosen a dedicated LPG-            Ford designers to create the            engine and would cost less to                    distinguished by the rigorous
powered Ford Falcon utility as its     Allonge hearse.                         modify than a wagon or sedan,”                   design and engineering process
base vehicle.                          The Allonge is the brainchild           says Marc Allison.                               undertaken to create it.
                                       of Marc Allison from one of             Mr Allison says he was motivated                 Tim Rugendyke, former Holden
                                       Australia’s leading funeral             by the desire to create a better                 designer and now Design
                                         directors, TJ Andrews.                looking, better quality vehicle than             Director at TDI (Transport Design
                                                  “To our knowledge this       the typical hearse – at a lower                  International), styled the all-new
                                                      is the first time a      production cost to give head room                rear sections of the vehicle to
                                                           Falcon ute has      for a significant R&D investment.                create an integrated design.
                                                               been properly   “We’ve designed a vehicle that is                The extensive engineering required
                                                                               more attractive outside and in, will             to turn the Falcon ute chassis into
                                                                               be more durable, will have better                a hearse was led by Todd Lawler
                                                                               resale value and will be better value            and Simon Orton from Leslie
                                                                               for money.                                       Consulting with input from former
                                                                                  “In addition, by choosing                     senior Ford Australia engineer
                                                                                      dedicated LPG power, fuel                 Graeme Sheahan.
                                                                                        costs will be lower –                   “The Allonge has been developed
                                                                                         making the vehicle an                  by engineers using Computer Aided
                                                                                          even more attractive                  Design (CAD) tools and when you
                                                                                           business proposition to              inspect it in detail you can see the
                                                                                           funeral directors.                   difference in quality,” Mr Allison said.
                                                                                             “For example, petrol               The Allonge is undergoing final
                                                                                             for TJ Andrews’ fleet of           testing and government approval
                                                                                            vehicles costs us more              and is expected to enter service
                                                                                           than $240,000 a year                 within six months.

Surging sales of small cars            Motorist Ross Chilianis said he
and compact Sports Utility Vehicles    has enjoyed a multitude of benefits
(SUVs) have combined with rising       since having his 2007 Nissan
crude oil prices to create a new       X-TRAIL converted to Autogas
market for converting four-cylinder
                                       by Australian LPG Warehouse,
engines to Autogas, says industry
association LPG Australia.             including fuel cost savings and
                                       environmental benefits.
Official industry figures show sales
in the Small car segment were up       He said he was surprised at how
5.9 per cent in 2007 to 232,388 –      advanced the vapour sequential
making the segment the largest         injection system was compared
volume part of the new car market.     with previous LPG systems he
The compact SUV market was up          had experienced and was
19.4 per cent.                         especially pleased with the
The LPG industry has responded         system’s driveability.
by developing Autogas conversion
                                       “I can’t pick the difference in
kits for popular four-cylinder cars
such as the Nissan X-TRAIL,            performance between petrol or
Honda CRV, Toyota Corolla, Subaru      Autogas fuel. If anything, I think
Liberty and Holden Astra. “LPG         it goes a bit better on gas,” Mr
Autogas traditionally sells            Chilianis said.
for around half the price of petrol
                                       “I also like how the round LPG
so there are substantial savings to
be made, regardless of                 tank sits under the rear cargo
engine size,”said LPG Australia        floor in place of the spare wheel.
industry development manager,          You wouldn’t even know it is              Motorist Ross Chilianis with his LPG-powered X-Trail
Phil Westlake.                         there unless I showed it to you.”

                              For further infomation contact Phil Westlake             t: 02 9319 4733
                              Industry Development Manager, LPG Australia              e:

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