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					                                DMD / MBE Student Worksheet

NAME: _________________________________

Overview: 9 courses are required for the MBE degree. Of those 9, 3 are required DMD courses,
and 3 are required MBE courses. The remaining 3 are student-chosen BIOE electives.

       Course #        Title                                                Term

   1. BIOE 601         Proseminar (offered every Fall)                      ________

   2. BIOE 602         Conceptual Foundations (offered every Spring)        ________

   3. DMD 612          Local and Global Public Health                       ________

   4. DMD 712 or 812 (with additional 5-10 page essay*)                     ________

   5. DMD 685 or 785 (with additional 5-10 page essay*)                     ________

   6. BIOE 996         Final Project**                                      ________

   7. BIOE _______             _______________________________              ________

   8. BIOE _______             _______________________________              ________

   9. BIOE _______             _______________________________              ________

* These short essays are un-graded opportunities for students to begin thinking through the
ethical aspects of issues of concern to them. These should be seen as preparation for BIOE 996,
the BIOE final research project. Students will fill out a DMD712/812 or a DMB685/785 form at
the beginning of the semester in which the DMD course is taken. This form will briefly outline
the ethical issues about which the student will write and will identify a reader (to be chosen from
DMD MBE alums or current BIOE faculty/fellows) who will read and comment on the essays at
the end of the semester.

** The final project is a 15-25 page research paper on a topic of the students choice.

Checked for graduation by: _____________________________            Date: __________

DMD/MBE Student Worksheet, Updated 6/27/07