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									December 2005
                                                           UMA’s                                                           Volume 1, Issue 1

                          The Ultimate Life
          Welcome to the premiere edition of UMA’s newsletter, “The Ultimate Life”!! Each issue
          will contain news, highlights and announcements of upcoming events happening within
            our UMA family. This issue’s cover story highlights our founder, Sensei Don, and the
          entire story will be featured in local publications soon! Our next issue’s cover story will
          focus on Sempai Paul Rhodes. Sensei and Sempai wish everyone in their UMA family a
                    healthy and happy holiday season...and your best year ever in 2006!!

“A Closer Look” featuring… Sensei Don Monistere
          When most people think of their       ventures, Sensei Don commented, “Believe         ten percent, I assure you. If a person
local computer guy, more often than not,        it or not, the two businesses are actually       chooses to practice and live by the qualities
visions of a geeky, complexion-challenged       very similar, and they complement one            and characteristics of a champion martial
college graduate wearing a pocket-protector     another. Whether I am at Vista during the        artist, in every area of his life, including his
and high-water pants are generally what         day or UMA at night, I require the same          business world and personal life success in
come to mind. It would be in a potential        from my students and instructors as I do         every area is just around the corner”, Sen-
client’s best interest when calling Vista In-   from my employees. They must strive for          sei concluded.
formation Systems—Sensei Don’s daytime          excellence!”                                                Integrity, discipline, intensity,
work place--for computer support, how-                     Sensei goes on to say, “Martial       will, determination and humility are just
ever, not to expect the stereotypical com-      Arts practitioners are no different than a       some of the valuable character qualities
puter profes-                                   group of well-trained engineers. Both                                              emphasized
sional. The                                     groups desire EXCELLENCE! If you give                                              and taught in
President and                                   them the tools and support that empower                                            UMA’s karate
CEO of Vista is                                 them to achieve that goal, they will work                                          dojos. The
nothing less                                    harder and give more than they otherwise                                           UMA motto is
than a network                                  would. If you raise the bar and demand                                             “Train For
genius who                                      more, people will almost always rise to the                                        Life”. Those
also possesses                                  challenge. I find more personal fulfillment                                        who train in a
a right-cross                                   training the kid’s class than nearly anything                                      UMA dojo
that would                                      else I do, because I know I am making an                                           know that this
make Mike                                       investment in the future leaders of our                                            means-in
Tyson stand up                                  world, and it’s not only rewarding, it’s                                           many ways-
and take note,                                  FUN!                                                                               they can use
and just for the                                         “I started taking martial arts when I                                     their martial
record…he                                       was sixteen years old, roughly twenty years                                        arts training
doesn’t wear a pocket-protector OR high-        ago. I didn’t realize at the time how my         as a model for the way they live out the rest
waters.                                         training would prepare me for the many           of their lives. Every student is training for
          This computer business expert         ups and downs of the business world, as          life by learning valuable lessons through
also doubles as an instructor in a rare         well as my personal life. Because of the         constant focus on the qualities it takes to
mixed martial arts program called Kyo-          time, discipline and effort put forth in my      become a champion.
kubugi. This particular discipline is a com-    training, and because of the caliber of char-               So, whether you desire to learn an
bination of stand-up fighting, ground tech-     acter that is emphasized, in many ways it        ancient, time-honored art of self-defense,
nique and weapons training, rooted in tra-      helped to shape the man that I am today.         or you need help with your business net-
ditional Japanese martial arts. The right-               “Martial Arts training has its peaks,   work, Sensei Don seems to have both of
cross mentioned earlier is, without ques-       valleys and plateaus, just like life. It seems   these areas covered with an all too rare
tion, utterly devastating to an opponent.       you train and train and then you train some      talent he calls "Black Belt Excellence".
          Ultimate Martial Arts (UMA),          more. Kick after kick, punch after punch,        From his right-cross to his morning meet-
Sensei Don’s newest business venture and        and it seems you’re making little discerni-      ings with his engineering staff, Sensei has
one of the more successful martial arts pro-    ble progress. The choice is always to perse-     allowed the discipline of martial arts and
grams in Alabama, placed 6 of their 7 fight-    vere or quit. I chose to persevere. To suc-      the business world collide in a way that
ers in their very first tournament in Sep-      ceed, you must persevere, regardless of the      creates a "work product" with which he and
tember of 2005. UMA walked away with            obstacles.                                       his students and clients are extremely satis-
two first place wins in that tournament, and             “It is my proven philosophy that if a   fied. More importantly, having had the
that impressive showing occurred even           person will give just ten percent more than      unique perspective of both Vista client as
though their most seasoned fighter was out      the average person, he will be phenome-          well as a student of UMA, it is easy to rec-
sick that day.                                  nally more successful than the average           ognize there is a method to his madness,
          When asked how one man can be         person. The return for that extra ten per-       and it is more than simply gratifying to
so successful at two very different business    cent investment is far greater than a mere       witness--it is inspiring.               ~Staff Writer
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                         The ‘KIAI!’ of UMA...
                                                                                            newsletter is entitled “The ‘KIAI!’
                          The heart, the soul,   that might be. For that moment in          of UMA” and it will be dedicated
                         the spirit, or the      time, all our carefully placed masks       to the celebration of the heart, soul
                  ‘oomph’, so to speak, of       slip away, and we allow our inner          and character of our UMA
           our training is best released         spirit to reveal itself in a way that is   community in various ways.
          when we “KIAI!”. There is so           all too rare.                              Whether it features our monthly
             much to be said about allow-                  The interesting thing            focus from the kid’s class curricu-
               ing that part of a us to be set   among students, especially the             lum, an outstanding individual in
                free. Not only does a            adults, is that each individual            our UMA family, or simply a little
               person’s power increase dra-      “KIAI!” is unique…it is an expres-         encouragement to help us along the
             matically, there’s a part of the    sion of the soul, and no two are           way, this column will be devoted to
soul way down deep inside that NEEDS             exactly alike. The younger stu-            nurturing the “KIAI!” inside every
to express itself...and let’s face it: In our    dents develop their own unique cry         one of us.
society, there just aren’t that many             as they mature, even though at first                Sensei has taught us in
opportunities to really celebrate that           they typically imitate their instruc-      class that ‘focus’ is not something
part of us that longs to “KIAI!” It’s not        tor. The practice certainly helps          we’re born with, but something we
‘polite’, after all, to really cut loose and     them to burn up some of that ex-           must constantly work to attain.
YELL, after all...and people might think         cess energy, which all parents can         The goal of this feature will be to
us a little strange if we started the prac-      appreciate! Even among the adults          help us focus—if only for a moment
tice outside the dojo walls.                     the “KIAI!” continues to trans-            or two—on that part of us that
          To “KIAI!” with enthusiasm is          form as they dedicate themselves           makes us most unique, and help us
such a great way to relieve the stress of        to their own personal growth and           on our journey
life, have a little fun and simply be who        become more confident.                     towards the
we were truly created to be—whoever                        This section of the UMA          Ultimate Life. Osu!

 Sensei Don will be presenting “How To Have Your Best Year Ever In 2006” at the Oneonta
      dojo (The Gym) on Tuesday December 13th at 6 pm. Students, families and friends are
  encouraged to attend this seminar that will enable individuals to focus their talents and reach
    their fullest potential. Please plan to join us in Oneonta for an investment in your future!!

          “Training For The Ultimate Life”
Discipline, determination, will and "life lessons" that seem to be "by-products" of martial arts are actively taught at UMA Dojo's.
"Train For Life" of course has two meanings. You literally can study Karate for most, if not all of your life, but we are also train-
ing for our day-to-day life. We are learning life lessons through the study of Martial Arts. This a personal journey of self aware-
  ness, your body's limits, the acknowledgement of respect and concern for the hierarchy of the Dojo, the show of respect to
         your fellow students, and the sense of personal achievement you feel when reaching your Martial Arts goals.

          P.O. Box 43534
   Birmingham, Alabama 35243

  UMA's Mission is not only to hone the skills of self defense and martial arts, but also to use them as personal development
        tools. This endeavor will aid us in our quest for martial arts perfection and also in our daily life and careers.

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