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									                                                                          ‘From Farm to Plate’
                                                                          School Presentation
 The Sydney Markets ‘From Farm to Plate’ school presentations are designed for students in Year 2. A Sydney Markets
 representative will come to your school to conduct the presentation.

 The presentation content covers the different parts of a plant where fruit and vegetables comes from, how much fruit
 and vegetables students should eat each day, the difference between fruit and vegetables, and how fresh produce
 travels from the farm to your plate through the Central Markets System.

 The visit will also include an appearance by Fresh for Kids gang member ‘Bazza Banana’ (depending on availability of

 To register for the presentation, please fill in the details below and select three possible dates (Thursdays only) that
 are suitable to your class. ‘From Farm to Plate’ school visits are strictly limited, so please fax back the completed form
 as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

 Before completing the below form, please read the “From Farm to Plate – Guidelines and Requirements” enclosed.
 Bookings will only be accepted for students in Year 2 (except composite classes).

 Please provide your email address (choose the address you view on a regular basis) as our confirmation
 correspondence is via email.

 Teacher’s Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

 Teacher’s Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________
 School Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
 School Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________
 Phone Number: _____________________________________ Fax Number: _____________________________________
 No. of Sessions (max 3): _________________________ No. of Students (max 30 per session): ______________________
 Student Allergies: ____________________________________________________________________________________
 Would you like a visit from ‘Bazza Banana’ as part of your school presentation? (Please circle)           YES       NO
 NB: Two volunteers (e.g. responsible year 6 students) will need to be supplied by the school

 Please choose three possible date options for the visit (Thursdays only in three different terms)
 1st ______________________________ 2nd _______________________________ 3rd __________________________

 I have read the “From Farm to Plate – Guidelines and Requirements” and accept the terms and conditions set by
   Sydney Markets.

 Teachers Signature: ___________________________________________________________ Date: __________________

 If you have any queries, please contact Fresh for Kids via email at or fax on 02 9325 6288.

          Your Sydney Markets ‘From Farm to Plate’ school presentation will be confirmed via email
                                    on receipt of this completed form.
                     The Sydney Markets ‘From Farm to Plate’ is sponsored by Australian Bananas

                                                 Fax completed booking form to 02 9325 6288

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