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Young player tackles rare spinal cord disorder                                                                               It’s back to school for
S      eth Lange lives and breathes football.
       As a high school defensive/offensive
                                                              10 different medications. Kristi Britten,
                                                              physical therapist, did an initial evaluation                  these employees
       tackle, the 17-year-old was used to hard               on Seth and was concerned because he                                     hree Madonna employees have been
work and meeting opponents head-on. The                       complained of pain in his calves. Tests would                            busy hitting the books to further
2008 First Team All-Conference player from                    reveal blood clots in both legs. Therapy                                 their education. Julie Kiner, 42, has
Fullerton, Neb., was blindsided when he woke                  was delayed temporarily as Seth was put on                     an undeclared major at Southeast Community
up one morning last fall and couldn’t walk.                   Coumadin, a blood thinner to reduce the                        College (SCC), but is considering becoming a
    Seth had spent the night                                                      formation of blood clots.                  registered nurse. Josiah Unger, 26, is enrolled
at a friend’s house on                                                               Nursing staff helped to                 in BryanLGH’s nursing program and will
Oct. 19, 2008, and felt                                                           wean Seth off some of his                  graduate in December. Janina Chapin, 31, just
sluggish when he returned                                                         medications and his therapy                completed coursework at SCC and is now a
home Sunday, sleeping most                                                        team devised a plan to meet                respiratory therapist.
of the day. By Monday, he                                                         his number one goal: to walk                   Julie, a 15-year
was nauseated and couldn’t                                                        again. “I just wanted to get               employee currently
stand. Local doctors                                                              back to my normal life,” said              in admissions, had
suspected Seth caught a flu                                                       Seth.                                      an opportunity to
virus. His parents, Mike and                                                          The therapists rotated his             rethink her career
Theresa, were instructed                                                          regime to keep it interesting              options after she
                                   Seth Lange masters the art of the
to push the electrolytes by                                                       for the young teen. Seth’s                 became a divorced
                                   Rev1X® hockey sled during therapy as
providing Gatorade. Seth           Kristin Luethke, CTR (left), Dawny Boutin, therapy sessions included                      empty-nester. “I                        Julie Kiner
continued to deteriorate and RA and Colleen Spellman, OTR look on.                using the Bowflex®, a                      realized I need to be
on Tueday, his concerned                                                          Rev1X® hockey sled and                     working with people,”
parents transported their son to Boone                        walking with weights in the aqua therapy pool.                 said Julie. She began
County Hospital in Albion. Doctors there                      Seth appreciated the variety of therapies and                  observing the nurses
concluded he was suffering from Guillain-                     was determined to master each one. “In his                     in action at Madonna.
Barre syndrome and transferred him to                         first two weeks, he made a lot of progress,”                   Julie has a lot of
Children’s Hospital in Omaha.                                 noted Theresa.                                                 admiration for the
    After two weeks of testing, doctors                           Seth was sidelined during Fullerton’s                      rehabilitation nurses.
determined Seth had contracted transverse                     football season. “I miss walking and playing                   “I thought ‘Wow, I’d
myelitis, a condition resulting from                          football the most,” said Seth. Full days of                                                         Joshia Unger
                                                                                                                             like to do that’ – to
inflammation of the spinal cord. Researchers                  therapy challenged #79 of the Fullerton                        make a difference in
are uncertain of the exact causes of the                      Warriors. “At times, my therapy sessions have                  someone’s life,” Julie
disorder, but believe that it often occurs when               been harder than football practice!” Seth                      shared. She plans
the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks                   shared. “I think it helps when your personality                to finish her degree
its own tissues, resulting in inflammation and                meshes with the therapist’s,”                                  within five years
injury to the insulating material that covers                 Seth added. He noticed his quads and hips                      and become part
nerve cell fibers within the                                                     getting stronger and his                    of Madonna’s
spinal cord.1 Most patients                                                      hamstrings were still tight, but            nursing team.
                                      ”I just wanted to get back to                                                                                              Janina Chapin
will only encounter one                                                          improving.                                      Josiah has been a
                                      my normal life.” —Seth Lange
episode of the disorder in                                                          Seth’s determination                     medication aide on LTACH for three years.
their lifetime. It is estimated                                                  and the caring support of                   Lacking a career focus, he joined the Nebraska
that about 1,400 new cases of transverse                      family, friends and the Madonna staff kept                     National Guard when he was 17-years-old.
myelitis are diagnosed each year in the United                his spirits bright. “Seth was a great patient to               Josiah’s military service included a tour in Iraq
States, and approximately 33,000 Americans                    work with, he always came to therapy with a                    in 2004-05. After completing his tour, Josiah
have some type of disability resulting from                   positive attitude and accepted any challenged                  has secured a full-time job and met his wife
the disorder.2                                                with a smile,” said Kristi. Colleen Spellman,                  who encouraged him to return to school. “I
    “It was kind of a shock how it all happened               occupational therapist, agreed that Seth worked                like helping people and enjoy medicine,” said
to me,” said Seth. The 245-pound linebacker                   hard, always with a smile. “Seth was especially                Josiah. He noted there is always a demand
was devastated that he’d lost 25 pounds                       motivated to learn new techniques, like                        for nurses. “Madonna has been good to me,
and was paralyzed. On Nov. 3, Seth arrived                    cooking his own steak on a George Foreman                      working with my schedule so I could get my
via ambulance to Madonna Rehabilitation                       Grill® or using the Wii Fit® to improve his                    hours in,” Josiah said.
Hospital, extremely weak and taking                           core strength and balance,” said Colleen.
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New technology restores independence to patients                                                                 Saluting Madonna’s
S      everal Madonna patients are embracing
       the Mini Relax—a cutting-edge
       technology that allows independent
operation of infrared devices.
The Mini Relax is often
                                                               The user scans through the TV (or other
                                                            device) functions such as power on/off,
                                                            channel and volume controls, and mute. The
                                                                             person selects a function by
                                                                              activating a switch when the
                                                                                                                 Certified Registered
                                                                                                                 National CRN Week
used by patients with spinal                                                  scanning light is at the desired   Jan. 19-25
cord injury, amyotrophic                                                      function. With a mere tap
lateral sclerosis and multiple                                                of the head, sip or puff on a      Sally Allamby, CRRN, Case
sclerosis, but can be used for                                                straw, a patient can change a      Management
anyone that has limited upper                                                 channel without having to hit      Kelli Anderson, CRRN, LTACH
body function.                                                                the call light for help.
    The Mini Relax is a                                                            The assistive technology      Tricia Bruha, CRRN, ARU/LTACH
scanning infrared transmitter                                                 restores functional activity       Lisa Culbertson, CRRN, VAU MDS Coord.
that controls the TV, VCR                                                     and independence to the
or any other device that                                                      patient. “After learning           Michelle Daake, CRRN, LTACH
operates using an infrared        Jeff Pulley, a Madonna patient,             how to use the Mini Relax,         Bethany Danek, CRRN, ARU
signal. The Mini Relax also       demonstrates the ease of using the          it is amazing to see how a
has X:10 capabilities, meaning Mini Relax. By nudging the switch with         person’s self-esteem begins to     Lisa Decker, CRRN, Admissions
                                  the side of his head, Jeff can control
it can turn radio frequencies                                                 grow,” said Colleen. Learning      Sharon Duffy, CRRN, ProActive
                                  the operation of his television.
into infrared frequencies to                                                  how to use the Mini Relax
operate lights, fans, etc.                                  for TV operation is like a stepping stone to         Heidi Estell, CRRN, Hospital Float Staff
    Complete with large and colorful graphics,              learning additional technology devices that          Tarasa Farlin, CRRN, ARU
it provides visual and auditory feedback and                directly impact the person’s ability to interact
features two scan modes. “It’s basically a larger           independently in other environments.                 Kristi Felix, CRRN, Risk Management
scale remote that is switch-activated,” said                                                                     Julie Francis, CRRN, Acute Rehab
Colleen Spellman, occupational therapist.
                                                                                                                 Sandy Fruhwirth, CRRN, LTACH
                                                                                                                 Jennifer Hoebelheinrich, CRRN, LTACH

Education story cont. from page 1                                                                                Lori Horner, CRRN, LTACH
                                                                                                                 Susan Klanecky, CRRN, CCM, Case Mgt.
    He expressed his gratitude for the $500               She has a long-range goal to complete a
nursing scholarship he was awarded from                   bachelor’s degree in healthcare management.            Jeff Kubik, CRRN, Nursing Administration
Madonna in Sept. of 2008. Josiah’s future                    All three employees took advantage of
                                                                                                                 Jennifer Marrison, CRRN, ARU
plans include applying to medical school and              the educational reimbursement program
exploring the anesthesiology field.                       available at Madonna to encourage continuing           Carol McNeil, CRRN, LTACH
    After graduating from high school, Janina             education. “Full-time employees (scheduled
                                                                                                                 Kim Moore, CRRN, Admissions
had a cosmetology license and was working                 for 80 hours per pay period) can access up to
long hours with no benefits. She later was                $750 per year to assist with tuition payments,”        Ruth Morrow, CRRN, LTACH
hired as a patient scheduler for TherapyPlus              said Mark Hakel, director of education                 Paul Nathenson, CRRN, Administration
ProActive. “I like interacting with people and            workforce management systems. Employees
providing a service,”                                                           scheduled for less than          Mary Olsen, CRRN/Med Surg, ARU
said Janina. After job                                                          80 hours per pay period          Deb Opfer, CRRN, Education
shadowing Jackie Kiritsy          ”An education is an investment you
                                                                                are pro-rated.
in respiratory therapy,           make in yourself—no one can take it                                            Ginn Parks, CRRN/CCM, Case Mgt.
                                                                                   An employee must
Janina found her niche.           away from you.” —Janina Chapin
                                                                                have completed 520               Mike Quicke, CRRN, ARU
“A career in respiratory                                                        paid hours from the
therapy is so versatile,” said Janina. “Madonna           most recent hire date to receive funds, but            Annette Reith, CRRN, Acute Rehab
offers good benefits, job security and, again,            application may be made during the 520-hour            Robyn Sejkora, CRRN, SAR
there’s the service factor,” she added. Janina            waiting period. Applications are available in
divides her work schedule between Madonna,                the Human Resources office. To read more               Doug Sessions, CRRN, LTACH
St. Elizabeth’s Regional Medical Center and               about the education reimbursement program,             Theresa Shada, CRRN, ARU
BryanLGH Medical Center.                                  refer to OD #380 on the Intranet.
                                                                                                                 Cathy Smith, CRRN, LTACH
                                                                                                                 Linda Stones, CRN, Administration
                                                                                                                 Sandy Stutzman, CCM, COHN-S,
        Employee Focus: Fun factoids about Shirley                                                                Employee Health
                                 1   Before my father allowed me to get my driver’s license, he                  Ev Sufficool, CRRN, LTACH
                                     insisted I learn to change a tire.                                          Kristy Taylor, CRRN, PRN Staff
                                 2   I’ve worked at Madonna for 30 years. In that time, I’ve                     Kelly Thelen, CRRN, Physician Services
                                     worked in six areas, including being part of the very first
                                     dynamic duo of medical transcriptionists along side Rose Burling.           Jan Vrtiska, Nursing Home Admin., LTACH

                                 3   My husband and I have been married for 44 years. His name is
                                                                                                                 Mei-Huey (Su) Wang, CRRN, ARU
                                     LaVerne (Ray); so yes, that makes us LaVerne and Shirley!                   Faye Weckle, Gero, ARU
  Shirley Hadley                 4   Two weeks before my wedding, I broke my arm and had                         Julie Willnerd, CRRN, VAU/SN
  Executive Secretary                to wear a cast with my wedding dress. Now that’s a
  MRH employee for 30 years          fashion statement!

Seth Lange cont. from page 1
   Seth never fell behind with his school work
                                                  Unveiling Madonna’s NEW dress code changes
thanks to help from Madonna’s Therapeutic                 adonna’s dress code has been updated for 2009. Lou Ann Manske, director of human
Learning Center (TLC). “It’s awesome to                   resources, shared several of the major changes noted below. Please refer to OD #378
have a place that keeps him on track with his             to read Madonna’s dress code in its entirety. Additional questions may be directed to the
studies,” said Theresa.                           Human Resources office at ext. 6450.
   At the end of January, Seth transitioned
to Madonna’s outpatient program and will           Previous requirement                                 Updated change
discharge in approximately two weeks. The
high school junior has perfected walking with      1. Socks/hose are required at all times.             Allow bare feet and/or legs (provided
his walker and is feeling stronger every day.                                                           appropriate foot attire is worn as outlined in
Seth is anxious to reconnect with friends at                                                            the OD).
Fullerton High School, especially the Warriors
who have rallied around their teammate.            2. Sandals are not allowed.                          Business employees are allowed to wear
                                                                                                        sandals except in prohibited areas (i.e.
                                                                                                        patient care, maintenance, food handling,
                                                                                                        environmental services, laundry and any
                                                                                                        other area as determined by the applicable
                                                                                                        manager). Sandals does NOT include
                                                                                                        athletic sandals, flip flops, and other similar
“ No act of kindness, no matter                                                                         casual footwear.

  how small, is ever wasted. ”                     3. Cat. I, III and IV employees may wear             Sweaters and fleece jackets may be be
                                                      sweaters.                                         worn. Cat. III employees may wear a scrub
                —Aesop (620 B.C.-560 B.C.)                                                              jacket. No hooded jackets, “hoodies,” or
                                                                                                        sweatshirts allowed.

                                                   4. Cat. IV employees– no athletic footwear           No athletic foot wear except clinicians
Madonna on the brain                                  allowed.                                          working in direct patient care. Closed toe
                                                                                                        shoes required.

M           adonna Rehabilitation Hospital
            is pleased to be a participating
            sponsor of “Brain: The World
Inside Your Head” exhibit at the Strategic Air
and Space Museum, Jan. 24 – May 2, 2009.
                                                   5. Separate Jeans Day vs. Casual Day                 One combined provision called Casual Day
                                                                                                        will be implemented, which, upon approval
                                                                                                        from the Chief Operating Officer, allows
                                                                                                        for jeans to be worn and/or capris/skorts.
    The brain is a fascinating and complex
organ that is essential in everything we do,
and “who” we are. But what happens when
the brain is damaged through injury or            Holiday highlights from Madonna’s
illness? Madonna’s exhibit will highlight three
different types of brain injuries and explain     Child Development Center
how rehabilitation can help people with brain
injury heal and regain their abilities.                   ongratulations to Madonna Child Development Center (CDC) Manager, Liz Helms, and all
                                                          the CDC staff on another great year! The staff goes to great lengths to provide not only a
Featured injuries:                                        safe and caring environment, but one that has a creative and educational atmosphere. The
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome                          Christmas program was a team effort that resulted in a spectacular event.
  • Brain Injury and Concussion in Youth            Thank you to Liz and the CDC staff: Jennifer Bath, Amy Bednar, Dana Brown, Brandi Earley,
  • Brain Injury and the Military                 Diann Gondolfi, Maggie Hall, Sarah Hansen, Amanda Iden, Ashley Koop, Jessica Long, Autumn
   Madonna’s accredited brain injury              Mitchell, Traci Omer, Dana Petersen, Lacey Roesler, Joslyn Shandera, Amanda Stake, Melodee
rehabilitation program includes a                 Vankekerix and Makaela Wagner for your devotion and sharing your talents with the children. You
multidisciplinary team of experts who work        make a difference every day! Happy New Year to you all.
together with the patient and family to                                                                     —Lou Ann Manske, Director Human Resources
develop a personalized program of recovery.
Through intensive therapy, people with brain
injury can “rewire” the pathways in their
brain to relearn skills and compensate for
lost abilities.
   Specialized equipment is used in brain
injury rehabilitation and technology is used
in new, therapeutic ways. For example,
Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital uses the
Wii™ gaming system to help patients with
brain injury improve balance, coordination,
cognitive and social skills. Exhibit visitors
will have the opportunity to play Wii™
games to learn how the games are used in          New Year’s Eve came early at Madonna’s                CDC students Nolynn (on Santa’s lap) and
therapeutic rehabilitation.                       Child Development Center, at noon on Dec.             Emma (with Mrs. Santa) shared their wishes
   Though a brain injury is one of the            31, to be exact. Children enjoyed a day of fun        when Santa and Mrs. Claus made a special
                                                  party games, movies, special treats, crazy            pre-Christmas visit. CDC student Nolynn
most devastating disabilities, the brain has
                                                  dancing, fun hats, blowers and noise makers           McDaniel’s parents, Cameron and Julie
a remarkable capacity for healing and with
                                                  for the parade. All this fun was done in grand        McDaniel, graciously played the roles of the
proper medical rehabilitation, dramatic
                                                  pajama party fashion!                                 Christmas duo. Cameron’s mother, Micki
improvements and outcomes can be achieved.                                                              McDaniel, sewed their beautiful costumes.

    CALENDAR                                         Angel Dog program
Feb 2           NEO
                Joiner, Session 1
                                                     receives boost from
                8 a.m.-5 p.m.
                Flanagan A/B
                                                     local company
Feb 4
                Call 6406 to register

                Effective Meetings I
                9-11 a.m.
                                                     C       hristmas came early to Volunteer
                                                             Resources this year. Members of
                                                             National Research Company (NRC)
                                                     presented Jo Ann Drueke, Madonna’s
                                                     manager of volunteer resources, with a
                Call 6550, 6406 to register          $475 contribution to Madonna’s Angel Dog
                                                     program. NRCs Community Involvement
Feb 5           Oz Principle, Part 1                 team made the donation on Thursday, Dec.
                9-11 a.m.                            18, 2008, at their home office in Lincoln.
                Sheridans                               Associates at NRC made the contributions
                Call 6406 to register                on behalf of their former coworker, Denise
                                                     Ewing, who retired from the company in              “Ali and I are proud to be part of
                Multi-Disciplinary Approach
                                                     December. Denise and her dog, Millie, are
                to Pediatric Pulmonary Care                                                              your volunteer program. I share our
                                                     active Angel Dog volunteers.
                4:30-8:30 p.m.                                                                           accomplishments and mission with many other
                                                        Jo Ann said the monies will help fund
                North Commons/Sheridans
                                                     the annual Valentine carnation delivery to          people. I am beginning to feel what those
                                                     patients/residents and provide training             veteran Angel Dog folks were telling us—how
Feb 6           Joiner, Session 2
                                                     materials for Angel Dog volunteers.                 one does get a lot out of it personally. I see
                8 a.m.-5 p.m.
                Flanagan A/B                                                                             something truly amazing every time I’m at
                                                                                                         Madonna. I feel really good to be a part of the
                                                                                                         Madonna family, even just as a volunteer. You
                                                                                                         have a truly incredible program!”

    WAY TO GOs                                                                                                                       —KT and Ali
                                                                                                                           New Angel Dog volunteers
   Way to go to Janina Chapin. You
will make a great respiratory therapist!
Congratulations on passing both your
certification and registry respiratory therapy
                                                                                                       Chapel Services
exams so quickly. We look forward to working                                                           Catholic Mass is offered Monday, Tuesday,
with you in your new capacity!                                                                         Thursday and Friday at 4 p.m., Wednesday and
       —Jim Pelton, Joe Rush and Dawn Yanks                                                            Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and Saturday at 4:30 p.m.
                               Respiratory Therapy                                                     The Worship Service is Thursday at 10:30 a.m.,
                                                                                                       Hymn/Music Program is Sunday at 3:30 p.m.
   Thank you Cory Behrens for helping at an                                                            Jan. 25 American Lutheran Praise Team
outpatient meeting to assist a patient in getting
her needs met.                                                                                         Feb. 1 St. Michael’s Praise Team
   Thank you to Linda Plummer for your               Jo Ann Drueke, (second from left) manager of      Do you belong to a group or congregation
hard work in assisting a patient with getting        volunteer resources at Madonna, is shown with     that hasn’t performed at Madonna? We
her therapy schedule straightened out.               NRC associates (L to R) Mysi Beckstead, Todd      welcome new talent. Contact Steve Werner at
   Thank you Daina Green and Michelle                Jarchow and Kristi Oltman. Kneeling in front is
                                                                                                       ext. 6831 or
                                                     Angel Dog volunteer Denise Ewing and her
Tieszen for working with a patient to make
                                                     dog, Millie.
sure her therapy needs were met.
                                  —Nancy Hall,
                       TherapyPlus Main Campus                                                         New year brings change
   Way to Go to Kristi Felix for the
leadership you provided during the recent
occurrence of infections. You are well-known
for your infection prevention expertise
                                                      Gearing up for Heart
                                                      Month and Cardiac
                                                                                                       S       t. Jane de Chantal Long Term Care
                                                                                                               Services is the new official title for the
                                                                                                               areas encompassing Extended Care
                                                                                                       North and South, St. Anthony’s, VAU/Special
                                                                                                       Needs and the Woods House. The mailing
and experience. During this outbreak, you
demonstrated exceptional commitment to                Rehab Week                                       address is 2200 So. 52nd St., Lincoln, NE
                                                                                                       68506 and the phone is (402) 483-9602.

Madonna with your flexibility of schedule in
                                                             ebruary is Heart Month, Feb. 6                St. Jane de Chantal Long Term Care
order to support and coordinate nursing staff,
                                                             is Go Red Day, and Feb. 8–14 is           Services is also a 2009 member of the
scheduling and patient care practices. The
                                                             National Cardiac Rehabilitation           Nebraska Health Care Association and the
clear and concise daily reports you provided to
                                                      Week. The hospital will be celebrating with      Nebraska Assisted Living Association. We
administration were valuable and appreciated.
                                                      fun and educational activities throughout        are proud of this affiliation with the state’s
Way to Go also to the nursing schedulers,
                                                      the month of February.                           nursing and assisted living facility association
leaders and staff for the great work in
                                                      Be on the look out for:                          and look forward to working with them to
containing this infection so well.
                                                       • Jeans day – Feb. 27                           improve and promote long term services for
                            —Davie Shutzer-Hill
                                                       • Weekly raffles                                all Nebraska.
          Director of Quality and Risk Management
                                                       • Educational posters in the Commons
                                                          and at Madonna ProActive


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