Newsletter - Volume 1 Issue 5

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					           Tony Mack for Mayor
 Volume 1, Issue 5

                                    Hello again, this is Tony Mack and I wanted to share
                                    with you some of my priorities as it relates to
                                    Recreation & Entertainment within the City of Trenton.

Here are some of the reforms that you can expect from a Mack Administration:

 1. Establish a functional Youth Advisory Committee; whose purpose will be to help articulate the needs of
     young people.
 2. Prioritize grant writing and public and private partnerships in order to maintain and expand recreation
     programs within Trenton.
 3. Seek community input to improve access, affordability, and participation in our recreation programs.
 4. Conduct immediate inventories of City-owned recreation centers and parks to determine their needs.
 5. We will look to expand the Citywide Chess Program, including installing chess boards in parks throughout
     the City.
 6. We will look to expand all after school programs with a strong emphasis on reinforcing classroom
 7. One of our goals is to instill pride in young people through expanded middle school athletic programs.
 8. We will create an entertainment triangle, to attract businesses and residents which includes: Downtown, the
     Arena Improvement District, and the Waterfront Park
 9. Begin discussions with business leaders to create alternative entertainment venues such as a: Bowling Alley,
     I-Max Theater, Arcade, and Skating Rink.
 10. Provide City residents with a state of the art multipurpose facility that serves both academics and athletic
     programs, to include an indoor track and a 21st century computer and technology center.

                                 Paid for by Tony Mack for Mayor, PO BOX 317, Trenton, NJ 08602