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Queensland Election 2009

07 March 2009
    Fishing for the future
    Anna Bligh’s Government is committed to improve fishing for Queensland anglers
    and those lured to our waterways from across Australia and around the world.

    We know each year more than 700,000 Queenslanders fish for recreation, taking
    home fish, crabs and prawns or they catch and release.

    We recognise the importance of recreational fishing to Queensland’s outdoor
    lifestyle, for the recreational fishing and tourism industries.

    The Bligh Government has a proud track record of improving fish stocks, safety for
    anglers and encouraging more people to enjoy fishing.

    Management of wild-caught fish stocks and regular stocking of freshwater dams, weirs
    and rivers throughout the State has significantly increased the recreational fishing

    Our promise is that a re-elected Bligh Government will:

•    Commit $10 million in grants to local Councils to construct 24 new pontoons and
     floating walkways throughout Queensland over the next three years.
•    Commit $24 million in grants to local Councils to construct or upgrade 15 new boat
     ramps by the end of 2012.
•    Build three new artificial reefs to add to the three the State Government has already
     committed to with construction to start in late 2010.

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Making Real Progress
Some of Labor’s recent achievements support the future of recreational fishing in

•   With 8% of the area of Moreton Bay Marine Park set aside as yellow conservation
    zones which are open to recreational fishers, but closed to commercial fishers with
    the exception of bait netting.

•   54% of the Moreton Bay Marine Park closed to trawling

•   Moreton Bay Marine park’s green zones have been increased from 0.5% to 16% to
    protect one of the world’s great marine environments and its fish stocks for future

•   Up to 119 commercial fishing licences bought out in the $15.1 million Moreton Bay
    Marine Park rezoning process.

•   Fifty boat ramps have been funded for construction or upgrade since 2006

•   The Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme, introduced to support the development
    of recreational fisheries throughout regional Queensland in 2000, has provided more
    than $2.9 million for fish restocking activities

•   100 free fishing clinics for more than 2000 children

•   $1.5 million has been invested in fish stocking to improve the availability of
    fingerlings for stocking activities.

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    Fishing for the Future
    A Bligh Government will:

•    Invest at least $24 million over three years to construct or upgrade at least 15 new
     boat ramps over the next three years in partnership with Queensland councils-
     creating around 187 jobs for Queenslanders.

•    Provide funds of at least $10 million over three years to Queensland councils to
     support construction of more than 24 new pontoons or floating walkways to improve
     safety and access for boaties. Walkways or pontoons beside ramps can ensure safer
     access to trailer boats and improve efficiency of access for boast to enter and leave
     the water – creating approximately 78 jobs.

•   We have already committed to three artificial reefs in the Moreton Bay Marine Park
    to increase opportunities for recreational fishing at a cost of $1 million. We have
    commenced building one reef – the Harry Atkinson reef North West of Peel Island.
    We have committed to two other artificial reefs in this package.

These three reefs are:

•   Harry Atkinson. North West of Peel Island. The first deployment of granite boulders
    has happened on this site. This is regarded as a "mums and dads" site, accessible in
    small boats in good weather.
•   A site east of Bribie Island. This site will be constructed in collaboration with the
    Queensland Gamefishing Association. It will be designed with a tall profile to attract
    pelagic fish.
•   a site North West of Moreton Island. This site will be constructed in consultation
    with the spear fishing sector.

•   We commit to a further three reef sites to increase recreational fishing
    opportunities from late 2010 at a cost of $1 million creating eight jobs. These
    sites will be selected in consultation with fishing interest groups and after
    assessment of initial outcomes of the above trial sites. Sites where reefs were once
    naturally occurring will also be considered to reinstate bay and inshore reefs to
    support these once great fishing spots as they are easier to access for small craft.

•   We will work with recreational fishers as part of this further package of artificial
    reef development to investigate a future site for an artificial reef at or near the
    Habitat Protection Zone South of the Marine National Park MP32 in the Moreton Bay
    Marine Park, adjacent to South Stradbroke Island.

•   Provide $175 000 funding to continue the very popular “Living the Queensland
    Lifestyle” Free Kids Fishing Clinics program with 100 new clinics.
    o Clinics are conducted across Queensland in coastal and inland centres
    o Children receive basic fishing tuition, an awareness of fisheries conservation
       issues and the social and ethical responsibilities of recreational fishers

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       o Children attending the clinics are also provided with rods, reels and other fishing
         equipment free of charge.
       o Co-ordination of the program is undertaken by Sunfish and local Department of
         Primary Industries & Fisheries Fishcare Volunteers

Pontoon and Walkway Sites

Site                Council           Electorate

Birdsville water-   Diamantina        Mt Isa
hole pontoon        Shire
Rosslyn Bay boat    Rockhampton       Keppel
harbour pontoon     Regional
Dungeness           Hinchinbrook      Hinchinbrook
Herbert River       Shire
floating walkway
Norman River        Carpentaria       Mt Isa
Gilbert Street      Shire
Barron River        Cairns Regional   Barron River
Stratford pontoon
Bradman Avenue      Sunshine Coast    Maroochydore
Cod Hole            Regional
floating walkway
Murlong             Gold Coast City   Currumbin
Tallebudgera Ck
floating walkway
Donald Avenue       Gold Coast City   Broadwater
Paradise Pt
floating walkway
Weinam Creek        Redland City      Redlands
boat ramp
Queen St            Bundaberg         Bundaberg
Bundaberg           Regional
Urangan Boat        Fraser Coast      Hervey Bay
Harbour             Regional
South St            Fraser Coast      Maryborough
Maryborough         Regional

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                    Council           Electorate
Port Drive          Brisbane City     Lytton
Whyte Island
Bellara             Moreton Bay       Pumicestone
Bribie Island       Regional
floating walkway
Beachmere           Moreton Bay       Pumicestone
Boat Ramp           Regional
Ningi Creek
floating walkway
Coorooman Ck        Rockhampton       Keppel
Zilzie pontoon      Regional
Meiers Rd           Brisbane City     Indooroopilly
Replace BCC
Buxton floating     Bundaberg         Burnett
walkway             Regional
Tuan floating       Fraser Coast      Maryborough
walkway             Regional
Turkey Beach        Gladstone         Burnett
floating walkway    Regional
Newell              Cairns Regional   Cook
Port Douglas
Barramundi          Burdekin Shire    Burdekin
Burdekin floating
Nelly Bay           Townsville City   Townsville
Magnetic Island
boat ramp
Coconut Point       Cassowary         Hinchinbrook
Johnstone River     Coast Regional

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Boat Ramp Sites

Site                                           Council
East Point (Pioneer River) new boat ramp.           Mackay
Negotiations underway with council and the          Regional
developer to determine year of construction.
Indooroopilly (Meiers Road) boat ramp               BCC
St George Bowen Street boat ramp widening           Balonne SC
Walkers Point boat ramp reconstruction              Bundaberg
Winfield boat ramp reconstruction                   Bundaberg
Rivers Heads (eastern side) boat ramp               Fraser Coast
reconstruction                                      RC
Shute Harbour new boat ramp                         Whitsunday
Riverview (Bundaberg) boat ramp reconstruction      Bundaberg
and upgrade. Planning and approvals underway        Regional
March 09.
Shorncliffe (Sinbad St) boat ramp reconstruction    BCC
and new pontoon.
Manly boat harbour (northern) boat ramp             BCC
Scarborough boat harbour boat ramp reconstruction Moreton Bay
and new pontoon                                   Regional
Saunders Beach boat ramp reconstruction           Townsville
                                                  City Council
Adaluma Avenue (Buddina) boat ramp                Sunshine
reconstruction                                    Coast
Pelican Waters – 2 by single lane boat ramp       Sunshine
reconstructions                                   Coast
Russell Island (Jock Kennedy Park) new boat ramp. Redland City

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