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                                                 Workplace health and productivity?
                                                               By Woody Maxim

   ? A healthy worker equals a productive worker. This statement rings true in all workplaces. Many
times, office workers get caught up in their daily routine and they neglect their workspace. Cleaning up
and keeping one's workspace hygienic ranks as a low priority as compared to the preparation of
reports and proposals for which the boss has set a deadline.

The potential amount of microscopic bacteria and viruses on your dirty office desk can be frightful. In
an article on health reported November 13, 2006 by CNN, it was stated that Office toilet seats had 49
germs per square inch, he found. But desktops had almost 21,000 germs per square inch. Phones
were worse -- more than 25,000 germs per square inch.

Even though it only take a few minutes to wipe down your work area with antibacterial wipes, the
infrequent and haphazard way that it is being done by workers leaves their workspaces as breeding
grounds for nasty germs and bugs.

Many workers, myself included, dread having to lug out the office vacuum cleaner or cleaning out the
communal refrigerator when their name comes around on the cleaning roster. Time spent cleaning is
sometimes viewed as unproductive waste in the eyes of the boss.

Due to this mindset, many workers unconsciously put off cleaning up their workplace and thereby
subject themselves to increased risk of developing ailments which could drastically reduce their level of
productivity in the office.

To insure that your staff is performing at their optimal level it would be a great idea to hire a reputable
local cleaning company with trained cleaning staff to do the job. A qualified cleaning staff, one that
uses the proper cleaning supplies, will get your office clean and sanitized in short order. With the right
people and equipment for the job cleaning will be a breeze and your workers can spend more time
being more productive at work.

Your staff will be happier arriving to a clean and neat office each day. They will feel more energized
and ready to face the challenges they meet while one the job. It would also reflect that you, as an
employer, are concerned about your employees health and safety. It would certainly help build up your
reputation as a health conscious employer.

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Keeping your office clean also means that office lighting is regularly maintained. It can be very
frustrating for employees to deal with constantly flickering lights or lights that don't work at all.

With all the benefits of engaging external cleaning help for your office there is no need to hesitate.

Universal Building Maintenance provides janitorial cleaning services throughout the Orange County. To
request a proposal do visit our website at

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                       Control Stress or It Will Control Your Business
                                                                  By Dale Collie

Control Stress or It Will Control Your Business
 by: Dale Collie

When we think about stress in the workplace, we usually refer to ulcers or heart conditions, but stress
has a much broader impact. It is known that stress is linked to cancer, lung ailments, cirrhosis of the
liver, immunity to common illnesses, back problems, and many other medical problems.

It is estimated that stress is the underlying factor in 75 - 90% of all physician visits.

We see the effects of stress in workplace absenteeism, accidents, health care costs, workers comp,
quality problems, productivity, litigation, grievances, violence, customer service complaints, resistance
to change, personnel turnover, and profits.

Workplace stress is costing your business thousands of dollars per year. Is stress a line item on your
budget? Knowing how much you are spending on stress is a good place to start, but you must take
responsibility for stress control and its impact on the bottom line.

To receive a free article about the signs and symptoms of workplace stress, send a blank email to It's automatic.

If stress is such a problem, you might be asking questions such as:

++How much is stress costing our company each year?

++How can we find out the costs?

++How can we control stress to put this money back on the bottom line?

Controlling stress is beneficial on the bottom line and for employees who work hard to make the
company successful.

Dale Collie speaker, author, coach, and former US Army Ranger, corporate president, and teacher at
West Point. Selected by "Fast Company" as one of America's Fast 50 innovative leaders. Author of
"Frontline Leadership: From War Room to Boardroom," and "Winning Under Fire: Turn Stress into
Success the US Army Way," (McGraw Hill).

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